My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Fillies on Adventure:

---------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 2 |---------------------------------------------------------------- Starring:

Twilight Star: Daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Rainbow Flash: Daughter of Rainbow Dash and Soarin´. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Apple Kicker: Daughter of Applejack and Apple Fuji. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Peachie Pie: Daughter of Pinkie Pie and Brown Cake. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Ruby Star: Daughter of Rarity and Spotlight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lilyshy: Daughter of Fluttershy and Sky Breeze. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sprinkles: Daughter of Derpy and Rain Claude.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 1: “ The Chosen of Harmony, Part 1 “

Twilight Sparkle and her friends decided to move back to Ponyville so their daughters could meet each other more often. They´ve been living in Ponyville for half a year now and they all enjoy it here especially Twilight Star and her friends cause this is we´re Twilight Sparkle made friends with all of her pony friends. Twilight Star is on her way to school when she gets accompanied by her friends and Peachie Pie says that they´re going on a field trip today, and Lilyshy says I wonder where we´re going, Rainbow Flash says that it´s probably somewhere awesome, I for one Ruby Star says hope it will be a place with a lot of fashion clothes, Apple Kicker says that it´s probably just going to be some boring field trip as usual, and Sprinkles says as long as it´s somewhere interesting I will totally agree. Once the fillies arrive at school they get notified by their teacher Diamond Tiara that they´re going to Canterlot as a field trip, and the class, especially Twilight Star and her friends get all excited and they´re soon on their way to Canterlot and they use the train as transportation. When they finally arrive at Canterlot their teacher Diamond Tiara informs them that they need to stay close to her and not wander off alone. They all promise and they start the tour of the castle, Twilight Star and her friends decides to take their own tour and Twilight Star mentions that her moms brother Shining Armor might be here so they decide to find him, while they´re doing this they´re enjoying the artwork and they soon find a window that has glass with some ponies fighting a creature, Twilight Star notice a resemblance to one of ponies and she thinks she looks like her mother Twilight Sparkle, the others also takes a look and they find it weird that the other ponies looks like their parents as well. They all start to wonder why this glass has ponies similar to their parents as they all start to walk again, they soon find themselves outside the castle and Twilight Star notice a tower to their left, they decide to check it out and they find it that the door to the tower has their parents Cutie Marks and that makes them even more curious to know what´s going on, they all head inside and they see yet again windows with ponies that look like their parents. Twilight Star says there must be some reason behind these ponies, and as they approach the end of the room the door at the end starts to shine. The fillies get scared but they don´t run away, they want answers. The door opens and the fillies see some kind of stone orbs inside, they all head up to the door and they all notice that these orbs have their parents Cutie Marks. They all decide to touch one orb each and then suddenly the orbs start to flash, the orbs transforms into jewelry. What happened they all said as they all have their jewelry on themselves after the flash, they notice that the jewelry now has their Cutie Marks and they all get scared, what could this mean, what could these jewelry have for purpose, why were their parents Cutie Marks on the orbs and have the jewelry chosen them for a reason?

Episode 2: “ The Chosen of Harmony, Part 2 “

The fillies in chock looks at their jewelry and Twilight Star wonders what happened, then a voice says: I can tell you what has happened. The fillies takes a look towards the front door of the tower and they see Princess Celestia, Princess Celestia recognizes them as Twilight Sparkle and her friends children and she mentions that Twilight Sparkle and her friends used to have a connection to these jewelry known as the Elements of Harmony, and Twilight Star says: So our parents used to have connection to these, but what could be so special about these jewelry. Princess Celestia mentions that Twilight Sparkle and her friends used the Elements of Harmony to save Equestria from evil and that the Elements of Harmony chose them as they´ve chosen Twilight Star and her friends. Ruby Star can see why her mother loves jewelry but she doesn´t get what the Elements of Harmony has to do with Ruby Star and her friends. Princess Celestia says that there might be an evil being making a return to Equestria so it is the Elements time to return to fight this evil, and that Twilight Star and her friends have been chosen. Rainbow Flash wonders why their parents never told them anything about the Elements of Harmony. Princess Celestia says that it´s probably just to keep you safe but she also says that it is too late now, the Elements of Harmony have chosen Twilight Star and her friends and they must stop this evil even if they still are just fillies. Twilight Star understands the responsibility and she and her friends promise to keep Equestria safe from this evil. Twilight Star then mentions that they´re here on a school field trip and Princess Celestia thinks it´s a great idea to head back to the rest of the class and their teacher is probably worried. They soon find their class and teacher, Diamond Tiara says: Where have you fillies been I´ve been so worried for you. Princess Celestia then says: They have been with me and I´ve shown them around the castle. Diamond Tiara says: Princess Celestia, your highness. I didn´t know they were with you, I hope they haven´t been any problems. Princess Celestia says that they´ve been really nice and she let them have the jewelry as thanks for their visit. Diamond Tiara understands and they all head back to the train, Princess Celestia waves them off at the station and she wonders if this was a good decision to let them have the Elements of Harmony if evil is truly going to return to Equestria. Meanwhile in the train their class thinks the Elements of Harmony looks cool, and the fillies agree. Once back in Ponyville Diamond Tiara says that the field trip is now over and they can all head back to their homes, Twilight Star and her friends decide to talk to their parents about the Elements of Harmony, Twilight Star returns home and when she enters Twilight Sparkle says: How was the field trip pumpkin. Twilight Star responds: How come you never told me about the Elements of Harmony? Twilight Sparkle gets shocked about her daughters question and she notice that Twilight Star has the same tiara she used to have, Twilight Sparkle explains that she didn´t want her to get involved in this matter but she soon realizes that Equestria is once again in danger and that the Elements of Harmony have chosen Twilight Star and her friends as the wielders of the Elements. Twilight Sparkle and her friends decide to hide the Elements of Harmony away from the kids, if the world needs their help, then, and only then will they be allowed to be involved with Elements of Harmony. Their parents want them to have a normal life up until the point when Equestria will need the help from their kids. Twilight Star and her friends understand and they will continue their lives as normal for now at least. Twilight Star and her friends wonder what evil they will encounter and when this will happen.

Episode 3: “ Changeling Her Mind “

In the outskirts of Equestria Queen Chrysalis and her army of Changelings have been hiding since their defeat in Canterlot, this was six years ago and she now wants revenge on the ponies that did this to her. She takes notice of one of her minions that have red eyes and says to him: You minion find the ones chosen by the Elements of Harmony and bring me back these Elements, with them I might get enough power to take over Canterlot and then entire Equestria. The minion understands and the queen wants him to spy on these ponies to get the information to be able to find the Elements of Harmony. He then heads to Ponyville to find the information and he passes by the school when suddenly hears that some fillies are talking about the Elements of Harmony, he lands and hides behind some bushes and notice that the fillies that are talking about the Elements are Twilight Star and her friends, they´re playing at the swing set when suddenly Twilight Star notice somepony in the bushes, the changeling acts fast and transforms in to a colt. Twilight Star comes up and takes notice of him and asks for his name, the changeling says: My names Red. She asks Red if he wants to play with her and the others and he says yes. The changeling is one step closer of knowing the location of the Elements of Harmony and the girls wants him to give them a push on the swings and he does just this. Then they ask if he wants to try but he doesn´t want to. Peachie Pie says that it´ll be fun, so he jumps on the swing and Peachie Pie gives him a push, the changeling doesn´t seem amused about going back and forth on the swing and decides to jump off at the peak of the swings motion, the girls gets impressed to see him being able to jump that far. They ask if he wants to do jump the rope and they all get to jump and when Red decides to jump he makes really high jumps which make the girls even more impressed by him. When the girls have to back inside to the school Red decides to follow them, and he enters the same classroom as them and takes a seat at the back of the room their teacher Diamond Tiara notice him and asks if he´s new here and he says yes. The teacher then gives him papers about some math problems and one of them are like: 2 + 2 = . He just yawns and finishes all the math problems in twenty seconds. Twilight Star notice that he finished all of them and she´s really impressed by him finishing all of them that fast. After school Twilight Star asks if he wants to come home to her house and play, and Red says yes. They say good bye to the others and they head to Twilight Stars house, she introduces her new friend to Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star and they say that it´s nice to see their daughter getting more friends. They head up to Twilight Stars room and they start to play with toys, Red then decides to reveal his identity and Twilight Star gets both shocked and happy at the same time. She wants to show him to her parents but Red thinks that´s a bad idea so he decides to leave, he transforms back into the colt form again and heads down stairs and says to Twilight Stars parents: I´ll see you some other time, I have to head back home now. They both understand and says good bye to him. He walks outside and Twilight Star then suddenly runs up to him from behind and says: Did I say something wrong? I still want to be your friend if that is okay with you. Red says: It wasn´t you Twilight Star, I´m not used to be playing with other ponies that´s all. Twilight Star says that she still wants to meet him and she wants to introduce the real Red to her friends. He says that he´ll think about it and talk to them about this tomorrow. They both say good bye to each other and Twilight Star gives him a kiss on his cheek. Red walks away knowing that he´s closer to knowing the location of the Elements of Harmony and he didn´t really care about that kiss at all, he just wants to make Queen Chrysalis happy and she´ll probably give him a higher rank post. He heads off in to the sunset as Twilight Star waves good bye to him.

Episode 4: “ Picnic With a Summer Breeze “

Twilight Star and her friends are heading to a beach nearby Ponyville to have a picnic and play and have fun in the water, on their way to the beach they meet Red and Twilight Star asks if he wants to come along, he says that he has other things to do but Rainbow Flash says: Oh come on, it can´t be that important. Ruby Star says: At least come along and eat with us we´re having picnic. Lilyshy says: If you don´t mind that is (Squee). He decides to come along and when they arrive to the beach they find it completely empty, everypony are probably working to day so they can´t come to the beach at least not now that is. They all sit down in the sand and have their picnic and they talk about Reds real form and he shows them that he can transform in to their parents, he also jokes around with his transformations like when he´s Applejack: What the hay is this for kind of language Apple Kicker. The fillies start to laugh and say that they really like his transformations. They then decide to go for a swim in the ocean and Red decides to return to Ponyville, they all wave good bye to him and then the fillies head out in to the ocean. While they´re playing around Twilight Star notice that it starts to rain on the water surface, the fillies are all in the water and doesn´t notice that a giant wave is approaching, when the wave comes closer only Rainbow Flash, Lilyshy and Sprinkles notice it and they fly up in to the air and warns the others: Look out it´s a tidal wave. Twilight Star, Ruby Star, Apple Kicker and Peachie Pie notice this but a little too late, the wave runs them over and takes them further out in to the ocean and they´re unconscious as well. Rainbow Flash, Lilyshy and Sprinkles start to panic and tries to find them but with no success, Rainbow Flash decides to find Red maybe he can help. Lilyshy and Sprinkles stay behind to try to find them. Rainbow Flash finds Red and he´s almost back in Ponyville, she says that the others have been swept out in to the ocean by a tidal wave and Lilyshy and Sprinkles are trying to find them. Red then says: Show me their location Rainbow Flash, and let´s hope it´s not too late. Red then transforms into Rainbow Dash to gain her speed and they both head to the beach. They meet up with Lilyshy and Sprinkles and the fillies are first surprised to see Rainbow Dash but soon realize that it is Red. Red says to them: Stay here, I´m going to try and find them. He heads out in to the ocean with only one thought he can´t let them die otherwise he´ll not be able to find the Elements of Harmony. As he´s flying through the thunder storm he notices something down by the waves, it´s the fillies and their still unconscious. He flies down and grabs them and then he flies back to the shore. Rainbow Flash, Lilyshy and Sprinkles are still worrying about them and Sprinkles says: I hope Red finds them before it´s too late. They then spot a Pegasus out in the sea and it´s Red and he has everypony with him. They all head back to safe ground far away from the waves and the fillies soon wakes up and wonders how they got back here again. Lilyshy says: You can thank Red he was the one who saved you all and Rainbow Flash flew and got him back here to search for you. Red says: I think it´s a good idea to stay away from the sea when it starts to rain, you were all lucky that I found you all before it was too late. They all thank Red by hugging him and they´re grateful that he came back. They all head back to Ponyville and Red transforms in to his colt transformation to avoid being spotted by the wrong ponies. The fillies now know that it´s not a good idea to swim in the ocean when it starts to rain, they all return to their homes without telling their parents about this event. Red however decides to inform Queen Chrysalis about this, she´s happy to know that the fillies didn´t die cause she still needs that information about the Elements of Harmony. Red understands and heads back to Ponyville to continue his operation of getting that information.

Episode 5: “ Foaling Around With Fillies “

A carnival recently arrived to Ponyville and Twilight Star and her friends decides to head to this carnival, Red is already there and enjoying himself with the rollercoaster track, and as soon as he leaves the rollercoaster Twilight Star and the others notice him and asks if he wants to hang around with them, and he´s fine with that choice cause he might get information about the Elements of Harmony that way. They head to the ghost ride since the fillies doesn´t seem to be afraid of that ride but while inside they start to scream because they think it´s scary, Twilight Star gets closer to Red because she gets scared. Red really doesn´t seem to be affected at all by this ride, and he looks at Twilight Star and realizes that this is probably not the best ride to go on, so they head to the next ride which is the flumride and Red seems to enjoy himself but not the fillies, they get sea sick and throw up, Red just looks at them all confused what happened. They then decides to take a ride on the freefall ride, the fillies starts to scream when it falls down, and Red just sits there and enjoys it. When they all get off the ride some colts take notice of Red in his colt form and says: Are you having fun with your girlfriends little foal. Red looks at them angry and he just wants punch them. One of the colts says: Oh did we make you angry little foal, you want to go and cry to mommy. Red takes a few steps towards them but Twilight Star runs in front of him and stops him. Red however just walks around Twilight Star and walks up to the colts and he says: It will be you who will be crying for mommy. He then turns back to his Changeling form and scares them away. Twilight Star wonders why he did that. Red says that they deserved it, he then turns back in to the colt form and as they´re going to the next ride the colts come back with their parents who knows that Red is a changeling, the parents starts to chase Red and he tries to hide and change in to different ponies but it doesn´t work. He turns back to his colt form cause he realizes it´s too late to escape when suddenly Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star sees him and they run towards him and stand in the way of the parents that says that he scared their kids and that he´s a Changeling, Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star starts to look at him but they realize that he can´t be a Changeling, he´s been nice to their daughter and her friends so they both tell the parents to calm down and walk away. The parents then walks away and Red thanks Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star. Twilight Star and her friends arrive and wonder if everything is okay and Twilight Stars parents says that it is. The parents then leave to go on a few rides, and Twilight Star and her friends are happy that everything went well. Red decides to leave and says good bye to the others. Red says as he´s leaving the carnival: Well I didn´t get any information about the Elements of Harmony which will probably not be that popular with Queen Chrysalis. He is however happy that his cover wasn´t blown because of this mess. He walks back to Ponyville to plan for the next day in hopes of finding the Elements of Harmony.

Episode 6: “ Mother For a Change “

Twilight Star and the others are in school and they´re waiting for their results on their homework, when their teacher Diamond Tiara then says that school day is over she asks Twilight Star to stay after class. Twilight Star wonders what could be so important, Diamond Tiara then says: Twilight Star I´ve noticed on your latest homeworks that you´ve had some bad grades like D and E, is there something that´s wrong at home Twilight Star. Twilight Star says that there is nothing wrong, but Diamond Tiara thinks it is so she wants to have a meeting with her mother Twilight Sparkle and she wants Twilight Star to be here as well. Twilight Star understands and she´ll be here with her mother tomorrow after class. Twilight Star doesn´t know what to do with this so she starts to walk home and she runs in to her friends and they´re talking about their grades and Twilight Star says that she needs to bring her mom to school for a meeting because she´s had bad grades lately. Rainbow Flash says: Oh how bad can it be Twilight Star, it´s not like your mother will go crazy about it. Twilight Star says that is just the thing her mother will do, since her mother was this A grade student all the time, she won´t accept my bad grades. Red then says: Well just find a way to get better with your grades or find a different solution. She then looks at Red and comes up with this awesome idea that he could be her mother and come to the meeting and Red thinks this is a bad idea, but Twilight Star begs him to do this, and Red then gives in. Twilight Star says that after school tomorrow her friends needs to keep her mother away from school at all cost cause their teacher has probably informed her about this meeting. They all agree to help in this but they all think this is a bad idea. Next day after school Red transforms in to Twilight Sparkle and enters the school, Diamond Tiara welcomes Red which she thinks is Twilight Sparkle, they both enter the classroom were Twilight Star is waiting and Red says: Hi pumpkin how has school been. Twilight Star says that it´s been great she´s wondering if this is Red or not cause he´s not giving any indications at all. Meanwhile the others are trying to stall Twilight Sparkle so she doesn´t make it to the school in time. She says to the fillies that she´s in a hurry to get to a school meeting but the kids wants to know about some information about some books and Twilight Sparkle has to stop and give them this information so they will leave her alone. In the school however Diamond Tiara goes over Twilight Stars grades and Red replies: But how could my daughter not have good grades this has never happened before, there has to be some kind of mistake here. Diamond Tiara says that this is unfortunately true her grades are bad. Red then says: Then we´ll just have to work harder on this cause my daughter´s not going to have bad grades like this. Twilight Star says: Are you my mother or not. Red looks at Twilight Star and says: Of course I am, Twilight Star, are you feeling okay. Twilight Star just keeps getting more confused. Then the real Twilight Sparkle enters the room and says: Sorry I´m late I was caught up in some work and I…. Diamond Tiara says: Two Twilight Sparkle, what´s going on here. Red then transforms back in to his Changeling form and Twilight Sparkle yells: You stay away from my daughter Changeling. Red then jumps out of a open window and flies away. Diamond Tiara is all confused but Twilight Sparkle calms her down and says what´s this meeting all about. Twilight Sparkle finds out about her daughters grades but she´s not angry she just says that Twilight Star just has to try harder but she doesn´t have to have A grades like herself. After the meeting Twilight Star says: Did you actually mean all of that you said mommy. Twilight Sparkle says that she did and then she starts to think about that Changeling and that perhaps Queen Chrysalis is back, but she doesn´t tell her daughter they just head back home. Later that night Red drops by Twilight Stars window and wonders how everything went and Twilight Star says that her mother took it better than expected. Twilight Star was also surprised how well Red acted as her mom, Twilight Star didn´t know if it was her mother or not. Red then says that she should get some rest because tomorrow is school again, Twilight Star kisses him on the cheek and says: Thanks for being an awesome and convincing mom today. Red says no problem and says good bye to Twilight Star and she waves good bye to him. Red thinks that this was a fun day but now Twilight Stars parents and probably their friends are aware of his existence, Red now needs to be more cautious if he´s going to get that information from Twilight Star and her friends.

Episode 7: “ Changeling in Maredor Land “

Twilight Star and her friends are taking a walk in Everfree Forest when suddenly some hunters appear in front of them and says: Prepare for trouble let´s make it a double, to protect Equestria from Changelings and all its kind from destruction and pain, I´m Tess and I´m Jamie. Team Equestria, stand against us and prepare to fight, nopony can beat us so don´t even try. Mark, that´s right! The ponies are hunting a changeling that is said to be in Ponyville and Red starts to react to this and tries to run away, the hunters realize that Red is a changeling and they capture him in a net. They caught Red and they are planning to take him to a research facility out in a desert that is called Maredor, they want to do experiments on Red to find out the changelings secret how to change in to different creatures. The fillies tries to stop them but they get knocked back and Red says: Don´t worry about me girls I´ll be fine. Twilight Star and the others watch as the hunters run off with Red. Twilight Star says: I´m not going to watch as our friend gets taken prisoner like that. The others agree and Rainbow Flash says: Okay let´s get rocking! Nopony understands. Rainbow Flash says: Let´s get going! Then they all get it and they´re on their way to this desert, they soon enter the desert and it´s extremely hot there, they should´ve picked up some water back in Everfree Forest. They soon however find this facility in the desert and they come across an old pony who´s sitting in the sun and relaxing and he says: Are you planning to head to that facility, it´s very dangerous you know. Twilight Star says: We need to rescue our friend that is inside the facility. The old pony says: One does not simply walk in to Maredor! Rainbow Flash says: So what are we going to do, fly in to Maredor! Twilight Star says: No dig in to it. They start to dig in the sand and meanwhile Team Equestria is making these experiments on Red while he´s inside a glass cage, they´ve weakened Red with some electrical shocks to be able to scan his body for useful information, and at the same time Twilight Star and the others appear out of the floor, the floor is made of wooden planks. Team Equestria notice this and Jamie says: I knew we should´ve fortified the floor with something different than just planks and sand! Tess says: Well look who it is, it´s the brats from before. Twilight Star says: Release our friend now! Lilyshy says: If you don´t mind that is. Team Equestria laughs and Mark says: You´re not in the demanding spot little fillies. Jamie then presses a button and a cage falls down on the fillies and the floor underneath them gets fortified with stone floor instead. Red notice that Twilight Star and her friends are here after he wakes up from the last few electrical shocks and he wonders why they came to this place. He looks at them and he notice that they really want to rescue him but gotten themselves trapped as well. Red starts to feel something inside his body, he feels something in his heart, a new feeling that he´s never felt before. It gives him new power and he uses this energy to break free from the glass cage. Team Equestria notice this but a little too late and Tess says: How did you break free from the cage! Jamie says: You should be all worn out! Mark says: Yeah what gives! Red says as he charges up his power again: These fillies have given me new power and I´m going to use it to stop you! Team Equestria laughs and says: Try your best! Red says: Oh I will! He fires a Plasma Red looking beam towards them and it explodes, Team Equestria flies out off the facility and Tess says: That was some intense power! Jamie says: It sure was! Mark says: We will gain that changelings power one day, but until then… Everypony says: Team Equestria is blasting off towards stars!!! Red uses his new powers and fires a beam to destroy the cage that the fillies are in. They hug Red and Twilight Star says: How did you gain that power. He says that it came from Twilight Star and the others, they gave him this power. They all start to head back to Ponyville and Red says that it could´ve been dangerous for them to come to Maredor but he´s glad that they did otherwise he would´ve still been trapped there. They all return to their homes and Red realizes that he has a new feeling inside of him, what could this be and will this hinder him from completing his task that Queen Chrysalis gave him.

Episode 8: “ Souls Lost in Hollow Scream “

It´s Halloween and everyponies trick or treating, Twilight Star and her friends have all dressed out in creepy costumes and Red hasn´t even disguised himself because he´ll fit in perfectly with all the creepy stuff going on in Ponyville. The girls and Red heads from house to house trick or treating for candy and they manage to get a big haul of candy which they all share with each other. While they´re eating the candy they notice that some colts and fillies look weird, like they´ve been turned in to zombies. They all find this very strange and decides to go and ask one of the fillies and the filly just looks at them with weird eyes. Rainbow Flash says: Okay this is officially weird and creepy. We need to find the reason behind this event so let´s all split up and look for clues, Ruby Star and I will go together, Twilight Star, you and Peachie Pie look for clues nearby the school, Apple Kicker, you and Sprinkles look for clues around Town hall and Lilyshy and Red look for clues in Everfree Forest. Okay let´s all meet back at the library in one hour. They all split up and Lilyshy and Red heads off into Everfree Forest, Lilyshy tries to stay close to Red since she´s afraid if something would happen. They find a factory in Everfree forest and they see some crazy blue lightning going on inside the building, Lilyshy gets scared and takes cover behind Red, and Red says: There´s nothing to be scared about Lilyshy, let´s go back and get the others. They all soon arrive at the factory and they enter it, once inside they see this weird machinery and they wonder what this could be all about. Then a weird looking pony appears growling and Lilyshy screams: Zombie! Rainbow Flash says: Lilyshy there´s no such thing as zombies and I´ll prove it, it´s just..a..mask?! Rainbow Flash screams: Zombie! Run!! They all run away from the pony zombie and manage to get away from it, Rainbow Flash says that there must be a reason for all of this, it can´t be a pony zombie that chased them away. They decide to look for clues in the factory and they split up in the same team again. Lilyshy and Red heads for the factory control room and they find something interesting, a remote of some sorts but they don´t know what it´s for. Out of nowhere the pony zombie appears again and starts to chase them. Somewhere else in the factory Apple Kicker and Sprinkles finds some miniature cogs laying around on a table and without a warning the pony zombie comes and chases them away from the room, and somewhere else in the basement of the factory Twilight Star and Peachie Pie finds some wires and light bulbs, they can´t tell what these things have been used for. The pony zombie appears behind them and starts to chase them out of the basement. Rainbow Flash and Ruby Star look for clues near the machinery they saw when they entered the factory and they find some bolts and metal pieces, Rainbow Flash says: What could these have been used for. The pony zombie appears and starts to chase them. Then they all meet up again where they split of and Lilyshy says: We´ve been chased by the pony zombie. Sprinkles says: So have we. Peachie Pie says: The same with us. Rainbow Flash says: This is really weird how can there be more than one pony zombie, they show each other their findings and they get even more confused, then the blue lighting turns on again and it´s coming from the top of the factory. They all head up to the top of the factory and they hear a voice: Everything is going according to my plan, soon my robotic pony zombies will scare away everypony from Ponyville and I will be the one in charge of that town, nothing and nopony can stop my plan from succeeding. Then Twilight Star and her friends walk in and Rainbow Flash says: Okay the party is over, time for you to face justice! The pony then turns towards them and says: Oh it´s just some brats and the changeling I´ve been hearing about, don´t you know who I am, I´m the great scientist Dr. Scream and with this machine I shall take over Ponyville and then Equestria. Rainbow Flash says: Well you picked the wrong town to take over. Red then fires his Plasma beam at the machine and destroys it. Dr. Scream says: What have you done! Now all my robotic pony zombies will blow up! The pony zombies all blow up around Ponyville and in the factory as well. Rainbow Flash says: Time to take you to the police to let them decide what to do with you! Dr. Scream says: I would´ve gotten away with it all if it weren´t for you meddling foals and that dumb changeling! Dr. Scream then gets arrested for trying to conquer Equestria, and the fillies and Red feel accomplished, they solved this mystery and stopped a mad scientist from taking over Equestria. They all head back to their homes to get some rest for school tomorrow.

Episode 9: “ A Play With a Twist “

Twilight Star and her friends are preparing for a school play and the audience will be their parents and other ponies as well. They´re all practicing their roles for the play and Red is not all that happy with his role, he´s going to play the hero that will help the poor ponies to get their money back. While they´re practicing their teacher Diamond Tiara says that the play will start in Twenty minutes and that the class needs to get everything going until then. From a roof window above the class three ponies are watching them and one of them says: Seems like they´re having a school play. Some other pony says: And look who it is, it´s the fillies again. The third one says: This won´t end the same way as before. Meanwhile the class are heading to their positions for the play and first out is Lilyshy and a colt earth pony, they´re playing husband and wife. The two are having an argument about that they´ve almost run out of money. Then Rainbow Flash walks in to their house and says: Do you have the money you need to pay for the rent of this house. And they have just enough money to pay the rent. Rainbow Flash says: I want the money for the new rent tomorrow so you better get have that ready. Rainbow Flash is the sheriff of Coltingham and she´s a very greedy filly. While the sheriff is traveling back to Coltingham a mysterious figure appears out of nowhere and takes the money away from the sheriff, he introduces himself as Robin Hoof, the character is played by Red and he says: I´ll be taking that money sheriff that you stole from the ponies you visited. The sheriff says: Curse you Robin Hoof! Robin Hoof then returns the money to their rightful owners and they all thank him. He then returns to his secret hideout in the woods were his band of thieves, he says that everything went well and he returned the money to the poor ponies, cause that´s what they do, they take from the rich and give to the poor. Apple Kicker plays a character called Little Filly but is actually an adult pony and she says: Don´t you think Princess Jane will get angry about this. Robin Hoof says: Oh I´m pretty sure she will be, but that´s her problem and not ours. Meanwhile in Coltingham Princess Jane that is play by Ruby Star gets angry about these news from the sheriff and says: Who is this Robin Hoof, we´ve never had any problems with thieves before! The sheriff says: This Robin Hoof must be some kind of ghost. Princess Jane says: Ghost or Not! I want Robin Hoof here so I can personally see him get executed myself. The sheriff says: Yes your highness, I´m on my way. The sheriff then leaves and Mary comes in played by Twilight Star, you could say she has a crush on Robin Hoof, they´ve known each other since they were both foals. Mary says to Princess Jane: What is so important with this Robin Hoof your highness. Princess Jane says: Important! Important!! This pony has stolen money that is rightfully mine! Then a friar enters by the name Buck and is played by Peachie Pie and says: Are we going to have a party?! Cause I´ve already started with preparations! Princess Jane says: No we´re not friar now go away! Princess Jane summons her loyal Captain of her guards Mark of Woodsley who is played by Sprinkles and orders her to find this Robin Hoof and bring him here. And Mark of Woodsley heads out to hunt for Robin Hoof. The play is then interrupted by some smoke that shows up on the stage and three ponies appear out of the smoke and says: Prepare for trouble let´s make it a double, to protect Equestria from Changelings and all its kind from destruction and pain, I´m Tess and I´m Jamie. Team Equestria, stand against us and prepare to fight, nopony can beat us so don´t even try. Mark, that´s right! Twilight Star says: Not you three again. Jamie says: Well we wanted to drop by and possibly capture this changeling we´ve been searching for. Tess says: Yeah and we´re not leaving empty hoofed either. Mark says: So where´s this changeling. Red says: No changelings here just us foals and you evil ponies. Jamie says: Okay enough with being nice! Tell us where the changeling is or we´ll turn this filly in to fast food. Jamie takes up Twilight Star with his magic and Red says: Leave Twilight Star alone!! Red then charges up his Plasma beam and fires it at Team Equestria and sends them flying through the roof. Mark says: Well we found changeling. Tess says: But just a bit too late. Jamie says: We´ll be back, but until then… Everypony says: It looks like Team Equestria is blasting off again!!! Red captures Twilight Star as she falls to the ground and their parents start to applaud for the wonderful acting, they didn´t think this was real at all but they still liked it. Twilight Star kisses Red and says: Thank you for rescuing me Red, but you could´ve done that a little bit earlier. Red says: Well excuse me princess! They both start to laugh. Afterwards they all talk about the play and that it didn´t go as expected but their teacher Diamond Tiara says: That was the best play I´ve seen in ages, and you brought in other ponies to act as well, I thought that was brilliant. She then walks away and the fillies and Red starts to laugh, they´re glad everything turned out great in the end and that nopony got hurt, except Team Equestria.

Episode 10: “ Changeling Your Friends Apart “

Queen Chrysalis grows impatient with her changeling spy and says: You, my seven minions head to Ponyville and finish the task that I´ve given to my other minion, he´s taken far too long to get the information about the Elements of Harmony. The seven changelings head to Ponyville and start to make a mess between the fillies. Red has been away for a day and when he comes back he notices that the fillies are arguing and he asks what´s going on. Twilight Star says: Me and Peachie Pie were playing in my room when she suddenly destroyed one of my dolls. Peachie Pie says: I did not you destroyed my cake wakeup clock in my room. They all have their reasons behind their anger and Red finds it weird that none of them have been with each other today. He decides to take a look around Ponyville for any clues why they´re acting like this, and he soon finds Twilight Star at the other end of town he goes and talks to Twilight Star and says: Wow Twilight Star you were fast to get to this place when you were speaking with the others. Twilight Star says: Yeah I don´t get what´s their problem. They just destroy my toys and pretend to be my friends. Red says: Uh… Twilight Star, why are you acting like this. Twilight Star says: We all have our bad side kid. She then walks away. Red wonders what´s going on here, he heads and talks to the others as well and they say pretty much the same thing about each other. Red stops and thinks for a second, he then realizes that Queen Chrysalis has sent some changelings here because Red has taken far too much time to get the Elements of Harmony. He then tries to find the other changelings and he runs in to Apple Kicker and says: You need to stop with this nonsense now. Apple Kicker says: What are you talking about Red? Red says: You said Red. Apple Kicker says: Of course I did, are you okay?! Red then Realizes that he needs to find the others and ask them if they know his name. He runs into Sprinkles and says: It´s a nice day am I right Sprinkles. Sprinkles says: Why do you care about that kid?! Red then says: Okay changeling if Queen Chrysalis has sent you here you better just return back now, I´ll get that information, I promise. Sprinkles then turns back in to a changeling and says: You´ve had your time and you failed the queen, this is now our job. The other six changelings then appears. Red says: If you´re not going to leave I´ll make you all leave. One changeling says: You can try but you can´t beat us. Red then decides to find the others and he says that there are evil changelings in town that have been causing this conflict between them. They all understand and they all try to find them. They spot them near Everfree Forest and Red says: Okay changelings I´ve just about enough about you guys! The Twilight Star in the other group says: What are you talking about Red, and why are there more of us here. Red gets confused now he has no idea who´s the real fillies. He then remembers that he has a vision to be able to see through changeling disguises and he finds the changelings and holds them off with his magic while Twilight Star and the others join his side then he charges up his Plasma beam and shoots at the changelings and makes them fly far away. Twilight Star then says: Why were there more changelings like you Red. Red says: They´re my brothers, they enjoy playing pranks on ponies but now they´re gone. Apple Kicker says: So that´s why you acted so crazy about me being a changeling. Red says: Yes, and I did it for the right thing. My brothers are not allowed to bully my friends like that. They all head back to Ponyville and Red realizes that he needs to start to find the Elements of Harmony but he doesn´t want to betray his new friends, this will be tough decision for Red.

Episode 11: “ Meet the Ponies “

It´s Christmas and Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star has invited over their friends for Christmas, The first once to arrive are Pinkie Pie, Brown Cake and Peachie Pie. They thank for the invitation, then everypony else arrives, Applejack, Apple Fuji , Apple Kicker, Rainbow Dash, Soarin´, Rainbow Flash, Fluttershy, Sky Breeze, Lilyshy, Rarity, Spotlight, Ruby Star, Derpy, Rain Claude and Sprinkles. They as well thanks for the invitation. The fillies all decide to go up to Twilight Stars room to play while the grownups have their talk about work and other stuff. While the fillies are playing Red drops by and knocks on the door and Twilight Star runs down and opens the door and She says: Red you´re here! Red says: Yeah you sent me the invitation Twilight Star. Twilight Star says: Of course I did and I want you to spend Christmas with us. Red doesn´t think this is a good idea but he comes in anyways. They both head up to the others and Twilight Star says that they should introduce Red to their parents, Red is a bit skeptical towards that and says: Twilight Star don´t you remember what happened when your mother saw me, she wasn´t all that happy to see a changeling next to her daughter. Twilight Star says that it´s probably different now so they all head down and Twilight Star says to the parents: Everypony we want to introduce you all to our friend Red. They´re all looking at Twilight Star like “ We already know Red “ face. Red then turns back to his changeling form and their parents start to freak out. Twilight Sparkle says: Get away from that changeling girls!! Rainbow Dash says: I´ll turn into dust you red eyed monster! The fillies stands in the way of them so they can´t hurt Red and Apple Kicker says: No he´s our friend, he´s been helping us a lot in the past. Rainbow Flash says: And we´re not going to let you hurt him! Lilyshy says: Yeah that´s right! Peachie Pie says: Noponies laying a single scratch on Red! Ruby Star says: I´m not usually the one to protect somepony but I will! Sprinkles says: Red is our friend, wither you like it or not! Twilight Star says: We all have agreed on this mom and dad, mom don´t you remember that meeting at school that was Red I didn´t want to let you down with my bad grades so I asked Red to come to the meeting, cause he really cares about us, he saved us when we were drowning out in the sea and he´s helped us trough a lot of situations. The parents then finally understand that Red is very important to them when Twilight Star had explained everything and the parents forgives Red. Red then says: I´m happy that I don´t have to be in hiding anymore, that I can finally talk to you all without being careful about it. They all then sit down to eat the Christmas food and they sing different Christmas songs and play games. Then it was finally time to go to bed and wake up for Christmas day and be able to open the Christmas presents in the morning. The fillies and Red sleeps in Twilight Stars room when Twilight Stars parents opens the door to her room and Red notices this, they want to talk to Red about something. Red asks: What is it? Twilight Sparkle says: We both wanted to say how sorry we are for all of this misunderstanding. Sun Star says: We were just protecting our daughter for danger. Red says: I understand, I too want to protect them, I feel like a sort of guardian to them. Twilight Sparkle says: We´re grateful for that and we want to show something. They head downstairs to a bookshelf in the living room and Twilight Sparkle takes out the largest of the books and opens it and inside is the Elements of Harmony. Twilight Sparkle says: This is the Elements of Harmony, our daughter and her friends are chosen by them and we wanted to share this secret with you since you are their guardian. Sun Star says: But you have to promise to not tell anypony about their location, you understand. Red says: Yes, I won´t tell anypony, I promise. Twilight Sparkle says: Well I think we can officially say that you´re a part of this family now. Sun Star says: Just remember we still have our eyes on you so you don´t try anything. Red promises and then he goes back up to Twilight Stars room and he thinks for himself: What should I do, I don´t want to betray my new friends but I still have the task that I need to finish and now that I know the location of the Elements of Harmony I can finally put this to an end. Will Red betray his new friends or will he actually say no to reveal the secret to Queen Chrysalis.

Episode 12: “ The Day of Harmony, Part 1 “

Twilight Star and Red are sitting in kitchen eating breakfast while Twilight Stars parents are away and working, Red is basically babysitting Twilight Star and she says: I think it´s really great that you don´t have to hide anymore and that my parents know about you now. Red says: Yeah it feels great to be able to walk freely around the house, so do you want to do something while your parents are working. Twilight Star says that they could go and meet up with others at the schoolyard and play. Red thinks it´s an excellent idea. They meet up with the others in the schoolyard and they head over to the swing set and Twilight Star says: It was from here that I saw you in the bushes over there Red. Red says: Yeah, time goes by so fast but we still remember everything. Rainbow Flash says: Back then we didn´t know you were a changeling. Apple Kicker says: Well it was shock for all of us to see your true self as well. Lilyshy says: I got scared of you when you transformed in to your true form, I cried at least for ten minutes. Ruby Star says: The fact that you could change in to any pony was absolutely breathtaking, at least for me. Peachie Pie says: I wanted to throw a party when you showed your true self, and you all know that I´m a party animal. Sprinkles says: Yep we know Peachie Pie and I´m happy that we got to know Red, without him our time here in school would´ve been boring. They decide to go and get something to eat and they all choose a sandwich with vegetables, and they all drink chocolate milk as well. Then they all decided to head to the ocean just to watch the beautiful sea and talk about a few things and Twilight Star says to Red: Have you ever heard about the Elements of Harmony, Red. Red says: Yes, a little bit at least. Twilight Star says: We have been chosen by the Elements of Harmony to protect Equestria from danger, but we´re only allowed to use them if this danger arrives. Red says: Then I´m sure you will be able to protect Equestria. Twilight Star says: Our parents were chosen by the Elements of Harmony and used the Elements power to defeat evil and now it´s our turn to do the same. Red says: I understand, you all have a great responsibility, and I´m glad to know that you want to do this. Rainbow Flash says: It´s not like that. Apple Kicker says: It feels like we´re being forced to do this. Ruby Star says: We´re really not that confident that we can use the Elements at all. Lilyshy says: And I´m kind of afraid of the evil that we might get to meet. Peachie Pie says: There´s nothing to be afraid of, as long as we stay together we can defeat this evil. Sprinkles says: Yeah and I´m not going to back away when Equestria needs my help. They all decide to head back to their homes and Twilight Star and Red head back to Twilight Stars home. When they arrive they notice that Twilight Stars parents are home and Twilight Sparkle ask: What have you two been doing pumpkin. Twilight Star says: We´ve been playing with the others. Sun Star says: Well that´s nice pumpkin. Red says: See you tomorrow Twilight Star I´m heading back to my home. Twilight Star says: Okay see you tomorrow and she kisses him on his cheek. Once Red has left he starts to say: Maybe it´s time for Queen Chrysalis to know about the Elements of Harmony. Red then heads back to Queen Chrysalis lair and he tells her about the Elements of Harmony and she says: That is the most wonderful news I´ve heard all the day and you´re sure about the location of the Elements of Harmony. Red says: I´ve seen them with my own eyes. Queen Chrysalis: Excellent, then I´ll have my minions get the Elements of Harmony and these fillies as well if something should be wrong with the Elements of Harmony and they only work when the fillies are nearby. Then an army of changelings flies to Ponyville and takes both the Elements of Harmony and the fillies. When the changelings get back they deliver the Elements to Queen Chrysalis and Twilight Star says: The Elements of Harmony doesn´t belong to you! Queen Chrysalis: They do now you puny foal, I would like to introduce you all to my spy, come forth minion. Red then appears from the shadows. Twilight Star says: Red you´ve been a spy all this time, how could you do this to us, I thought you were our friend! Red says: That is a thing you need to learn in life Twilight Star, don´t trust anypony until you´re completely sure that this pony will not betray you. Queen Chrysalis says: Well enough of this chat, put them in the cage over the lava. The fillies look at Red with serious faces, they all got betrayed and now Queen Chrysalis will finally be able to absorb the power of the Elements of Harmony. How will this end for Twilight Star and her friends, will they be able to escape and possibly be able to get the Elements back to stop Queen Chrysalis? Find out next time. To Be Continued.

Episode 13: “ The Day of Harmony, Part 2 “

Queen Chrysalis has finally been able to obtain the Elements of Harmony and she also captured Twilight Star and her friends, this is all thanks to Red who betrayed the fillies. Now Queen Chrysalis will be able to absorb the power of the Elements of Harmony and gain enough power to take over Canterlot and then entire Equestria. The fillies are angry and frustrated at Red and Twilight Star tries to teleport out of the cage but it´s pony proof so they´re all stuck there and Red just stares at them. Queen Chrysalis is absorbing the power of the Elements when suddenly somepony comes in and takes it and lands next to two other ponies and they say: Prepare for trouble let´s make it a double, to protect Equestria from Changelings and all its kind from destruction and pain, I´m Tess and I´m Jamie. Team Equestria, stand against us and prepare to fight, nopony can beat us so don´t even try. Mark, that´s right! Red says: You three ever give up! Tess says: Well that depends on you, are you willing to share your powers with us! Jamie says: Cause we do have a new power source, the Elements of Harmony! Mark says: But we always welcome more power! Queen Chrysalis says: Who are you three fools!? Jamie says: Well you obviously have trouble paying attention! While they are arguing Red sneaks up to the cage and says to Twilight Star: Wither you believe me or not, I´m still your guardian and you need to grab the Elements of Harmony, cause your time has come Twilight Star, you need to use the Elements of Harmony to stop Queen Chrysalis! Twilight Star says: And if we don´t believe you! Red then destroys the bars of the cage and says: You don´t have to believe me, just get the Elements of Harmony! Red shoots his Plasma beam at Team Equestria so they drop the Elements of Harmony so Twilight Star and her friends can grab them, Red also sends Team Equestria flying and Tess says: Hey no fair we were having a discussion! Jamie says: Well always expect the unexpected Tess! Mark says: We had the most powerful magic in Equestria but now…. Everypony says: It looks like Team Equestria is blasting off again!!! Queen Chrysalis says: Well some fools less in this chamber, the only thing I´m disappointed with is you my minion! Red says: If you want to conquer Equestria then you´ll have to get past me first! Queen Chrysalis shoots a beam at Red and he falls to the ground and Queen Chrysalis says: Don´t forget I created you my minion and I´m stronger than you! Twilight Star says: Leave him alone, if you don´t we´ll use the Elements of Harmony! Queen Chrysalis says: Oh please you foals don´t know how to use those things! Twilight Star says: Oh yeah we´ll just have to see about that! They start to say: Use the power, Elements of Harmony! Queen Chrysalis says: Is that your attempt to attack me! Red then says: You need to focus on the Elements power, find the power deep inside yourselves! The fillies start to do this and it finally begins to work the turn golden colored! Queen Chrysalis says: This shouldn´t be happening! The fillies then shouts: Shining Rainbow Sphere!! The sphere filled with pure light hits Queen Chrysalis with full force and she then disappears. Twilight Star and the others head over to Red and he says: I knew you could do it, you now control the Elements of Harmony to their fullest. Twilight Star says: We need to get you out of here Red, this place is falling apart! Red says: No you need to go, I´ve protected you all this time but now you will be able to do this on your own! The fillies then starts to run towards the exit of the lair while Twilight Star looks at Red while she´s running. They all manage to make it outside and Twilight Star yells: Red!!! Apple Kicker says: He´s gone Twilight Star. Then a voice says: And so will you fillies as well! They look up towards the sky and they see Queen Chrysalis return back in to existence. Twilight Star says: But how we used the Elements of Harmony!? Queen Chrysalis says: Well if you remember I did absorb some of the Elements of Harmonies power, that´s the reason I survived! Then a voice says: Well you didn´t absorb all the Elements power! Twilight Star and the others look towards the debris of the lair and they see Red. Twilight Star says: Red!? Red says: Ladies I´m back and I´m here to tell you all that there´s a eighth Element of Harmony, an Element that all of you didn´t realized existed. Red then suddenly starts to shine, and in Canterlot castle in the Star Swirl the Bearded Wing an Element starts to react and teleports to Red. Red then says: This is the final Element, the Element of Love. These ponies have shown me that love is always important and they´ve opened up a new side of me! The orb then transforms into a chest plate with a heart on it. Red then joins Twilight Star and the others and says: Together we´ll be able to stop you Chrysalis! They all start to focus on their Elements and they all turn golden colored and the fillies shouts: Shining Rainbow Sphere!! Red shouts: Shining Love beam!! The attacks both hits Chrysalis and she yells: No I won´t be defeated this way, I´m the strongest creature in Equestria!! Chrysalis then disappears for good and a bright light appears. After the light disappears they notice that Red is glowing, they´re noticing that he´s disappearing and Twilight Star says: What´s happening to you Red!? Red says: With Queen Chrysalis gone, me and other changelings are disappearing. Twilight Star says: No you can´t disappear you´re my friend! Red says: Twilight Star look behind you, you have the most wonderful friends and I wouldn´t want any other friends than them and I think you feel the same! Twilight Star says: But… Red says: No objections, right lady. Twilight Star starts to cry, and Red then starts to disappear and he says: I´ll be watching over you, and be there for you all, watching over you in your dreams. Red then disappears and they all start to cry but they know that this was going to happen when Red told them. They all head back home and their parents are relieved that they´re all back. And a few month later everything is back to normal, the fillies are in school and Twilight Star looks up towards the sky and she sees a cloud that looks like Red and she says: Thank you so very much, Red. Without you we wouldn´t have been alive today. She then heads back in to school. This marks the end of this series, Twilight Star and her friends continued to save Equestria as they grew older and then they passed on the torch to their kids who would be the chosen of the Elements of Harmony, new adventures will be in store for them but that´s for another time.

The End

Fact about this story:

In the beginning I had a lot of ideas for this series but I ran out of ideas after episode 6 and it basically just became a series I wanted to finish earlier than originally was intended. So this series became a thirteen episode season for my lack of creativity. It´s as they say: You can´t beat your original work cause it will most of the time turn out to be better than the second one.

I hope you all enjoyed this rushed series and there won´t be any continuation of this since I basically grew tired of making episodes. Anyways thanks for reading and leave a comment.