This is the first part of my fanmade season. The second part will be posted in a few days. Now, the episodes are not real they are just my own creation that I made and has nothing to do with the actual series. Some of you may have already seen these episodes before and some of you haven´t. These are the full versions of the episodes and I hope you enjoy them.

----------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 1 |---------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 1: “ The Origin of Harmony, Part 1 “

It´s a normal day in Ponyville and everypony are cheerful and happy and minding their own things, until suddenly the sky turns dark. A mysterious character appears from the sky and introduces himself as Nocturne, the being of darkness. He intends to engulf Equestria in complete darkness. But Twilight and her friends won´t allow this to happen so they head to Twilights library where she has hidden the Elements of Harmony in the same book as Discord did to them in the past. They head to confront Nocturne and they use the Elements of Harmony on him, but it doesn´t work. Nocturne laughs and then he says: “ Your Elements won´t have any effect on me. You won´t be able to defeat me. “ They head to Canterlot to speak with Princess Celestia and she gives them directions to some ruins outside Canterlot in the nearby forest. They find a temple within the ruins and the temple has a door that has slots for each of the Elements to be put in. They put the Elements in the slots and the door opens. Inside they find a portal that can be used to travel trough time. Twilight sets the portal to 1000 years in the past cause they might be able to find their answers there. Once through the portal they head to Canterlot and when they arrive there´s no town or castle there but they do however find Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They are fighting Discord and they are using the Elements of Harmony to turn him into stone. While Discord is being turned into stone he starts laughing like he´s already won. Twilight and the others runs up to the princesses and the princesses are shocked to see them with the Elements of Harmony and since this is the past, that means the princesses doesn´t know who Twilight and her friends are. And then a voice speaks to them: “ I´m guessing they found and used my time portal. “ Then Twilight and the others looked towards the voice and they see Star Swirl the Bearded. Star Swirl says: Allow me to introduce myself I´m….. “ Twilight finishes the sentence: “ Star Swirl the Bearded. “ Star Swirl says: “ It seems that you already know about me, which means you must be from the future. “ Twilight says: “ Yes we´re from the future and we need help, a creature with the name Nocturne is trying to cast Equestria in complete darkness and we tried to use the Elements of Harmony on him but it didn´t work. “ Star Swirl says: “ I see. I am the creator of the Elements of Harmony and you will need to find the 7th Element of Harmony in order to be able to defeat this creature. “ Twilight says: “ Where can we find this Element. “ Star Swirl says: “ I have yet been able to create the 7th element but if can go back to your time and find somepony that has a connection to the 7th Element then you might have your change to defeat this creature Nocturne. “ Twilight and the others say thanks to Star Swirl the Bearded and they say goodbye to them. They rush back to the portal in hopes of finding the Element in their time. Will they be able to find the 7th Element, who could this chosen pony be and can they stop Nocturne and save Equestria before it´s too late? To be continued.

Episode 2: “ The Origin of Harmony, Part 2 “

Twilight and her friends are rushing back to the portal when suddenly Applejack notice somepony with a yellow mane in a bush nearby but she doesn´t have time to think about that. Once back at the portal they all go through back to their own time and once through the portal they notice that the temple is falling apart. They manage to make it out in the nick of time. Twilight then says: “ The Element must be in the Star Swirl the Bearded Wing. “ So they head back to the castle. On their way to the castle they run into Derpy and she decides to tag along and help. Once at the castle Princess Celestia welcomes them back but the ponies are in a rush to get to the Star Swirl the Bearded Wing. Once there they start to search for the Element and as Derpy approaches the hourglass in the middle of the room it begins to shine. The hourglass transforms into the orb form of the 7th Element. Derpy is chosen by the Element but in order to gain it´s power she needs to realize what she represents. And Derpy starts saying: “ I enjoy being around other ponies, I always care for them and I´m always willing to help my friends. “ Then everypony starts to feel eachothers heart beats. Their hearts are beating with synchronized heart beats, they can feel eachothers love. The Element starts to react and forms into a necklace. Derpy now represents the Element of Friendship. They head to confront Nocturne again and he says: “ What this again, don´t make me laugh. You still think you can defeat me. “ Everypony says: “ We don´t think we can defeat you, we know we can defeat you, with the power of friendship. “ They start to focus on the Elements power and they become golden colored. Nocturne says: “ So what, you can become golden colored and I´m suppose to get scared! “ And everypony yells: “ Shining Rainbow Sphere!! “ And a big sphere filled with pure light with the colors of the rainbow shoots up in the air and seeks towards Nocturne and hits him. Nocturne yells: “ How could this happen, how did you gain so much power?! “ Everypony says: “ Our friendship is strong and will always triumph over evil. “ Nocturne slowly fades away into nothingness. And with Nocturne gone everything was turned back to normal again. They all got rewarded for saving Equestria. Afterwards Twilight spoke to Princess Celestia about her adventure and that she hopes she gets to meet Star Swirl the Bearded again. And Princess Celestia says: “ I´m sure you will meet again in the future. “ Twilight says: “ What are you talking about Princess Celestia. “ Princess Celestia says: “ Oh look at the time, I have to head to Manehattan, they have some problems with parasprites, I´ll talk to you later Twilight, bye! “ Twilight: “ ??? “

Episode 3: “ A Flutter to be Reckoned With “

Fluttershy is out taking a walk in the forest when she suddenly sees a dragon above her head. She hides in a bush until the dragon has disappeared but she soon realizes that this is something that needs to be changed, she can´t stay afraid of dragons her entire life. Fluttershy goes and talks to Rainbow Dash about the dragon situation. Rainbow Dash says: “ YOU want to meet dragons. You´re joking right?! “ Fluttershy looks at Rainbow Dash all serious, she really means it. Rainbow Dash says: “ Okey I believe you then! “ Fluttershy says: “ I want you to come along as well. “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Okey let´s get going then. “ And so Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash sets out, they traveled far until they finally reached a potential place for dragons. They search around a little bit until they eventually find a dragon with baby dragons near a cliff. This dragon is apparently a mother of three dragon infants. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash hides behind some rocks nearby and watch the dragons. Rainbow Dash says: “ See Fluttershy, they are just like any other creature in Equestria and you don´t have to be afraid of dragons, they´re friendly! “ Fluttershy says: Yeah I guess you´re right, the dragons seem to be really friendly, at least in this way. “ Then they see one of the baby dragons approaching the cliff without its mother knowing. It falls off the cliff and yells for its mother. But the mother has no wings, so she can´t fly to rescue the baby dragon. Fluttershy says: “ No, I won´t let this happen to that poor dragon baby. “ Fluttershy flies after the baby dragon and manages to rescue the baby before it hits the ground. The mother notice this and she thanks Fluttershy by licking her. Rainbow Dash says: “ See, the mother likes you Fluttershy. “ Fluttershy says: “ I guess she does like me and it feels better now, I´m not afraid of dragons anymore. “ They say goodbye to the dragons and head back to Ponyville. Fluttershy has gained new friends, friends that she never thought she´d meet in the form of dragons. Rainbow Dash and a newly confident Fluttershy heads back to Ponyville to tell the others.

Episode 4: “ Apple Fools Day “

It´s Apple Fools Day and it´s the one day of the year when ponies gets trick and prank each other. Rainbow Dash is set to prank as many ponies as she can before the day ends. Everypony are trying their best to fool each other, especially Applejack, being honest and all doesn´t seem to be helping her at all. Rainbow Dash starts out with pranking her friends and then she continues to prank other ponies. But she soon finds out that somepony else has already pranked everypony in Ponyville. Rainbow Dash says: “ There´s no way one pony can prank entire Ponyville that fast, and I´m going to get to the bottom of this! “ And Rainbow Dash tries to find some clues to who this pony could be but it ends with no real results. Then she notice somepony dressed in suspicious clothes. Rainbow Dash says: “ That has got to be this mysterious pony! “ Rainbow Dash flies after and the pony starts to run away from her. The pony manages to escape from Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash says: “ Where did that pony disappear to, I followed the pony here but the pony is gone. That pony can´t just disappear like that?! “ Rainbow Dash runs into the pony again and she manages to catch the pony and unmask the pony as well. Rainbow Dash says: “ Now I got you…. Applejack it was you all along?! “ Applejack says: “ Well I´m not to take all credit. It was the other ponies in Ponyville that tricked you, I only told them that they should fool you when you came to talk to them. Since I know you very well I planned ahead and I think it worked quite well don´t you think. I managed to keep you from fooling somepony else the rest of the day, it´s not Apple Fools Day anymore. Rainbow Dash says: “ Huh? But I? “ Then Rainbow Dash starts to laugh. Rainbow Dash says: “ I guess you DO know how to fool ponies, but in your own way Applejack, and that you used the other ponies to fool me was genius. But remember, next year you´ll be fooled in the same way. “ Applejack says: “ You can try, but I will do better. “ They both start to laugh and they walk into the sunrise.

Episode 5: “ A Golden Appletunity “

Applejack is gathering up all the apples in the trees when she spots a tree with golden apples. Applejack says: “ What the hay, I´ve never noticed this here tree here before. “ Applejack decides to take down the golden apples as well, later that day she comes up with an idea that she should make cider out of these golden apples. Applejack says: “ I could make this into the best cider in all Equestria. “ She starts making cider out off every single golden apple. She then takes the cider to Ponyville so some ponies can taste it. Lyra and Bon Bon are the first ones who gets to drink the cider. It was delicious but after a few seconds they start to turn into solid gold. Applejack says: “ What, this wasn´t suppose to happen. “ Then Twilight and Derpy comes along and notice that Lyra and Bon Bon have been turned into golden statues. Twilight says: “ What happened here?! “ Applejack says: “ They drank some of my golden apple cider. “ Twilight says: “ Golden apples?! Those apples are not something you should use to make apple cider but there is a cure. If you can find a golden flower which gold dust exists on it and use this gold dust on Lyra and Bon Bon they will be turned back to normal. “ Derpy wants to drink some apple cider but Applejack and Twilight says no. They head out to find a golden flower that is said to exist in the Everfree Forest. And after a little while Derpy finds the flower. They head back to Ponyville and Applejack uses the flowers gold dust on them and they turn back to normal. Applejack apologies to Lyra and Bon Bon and they understand and forgive her. Applejack says: “ I´m never going to use golden apples to make cider ever again. “ Twilight says: “ Sounds like you learned a lesson. “ Applejack says: “ I sure did, never take something you don´t know what it is cause it might be something bad. “ And the day comes to an end and Applejack goes to sleep.

Episode 6: “ A Griffon With Tricks “

Pinkie and Rarity are taking a walk through Ponyville when they suddenly notice Gilda. Gilda´s being mean to some ponies as usual. Pinkie goes up to Gilda and says: “ Why are you being mean to ponies again Gilda. “ Gilda turns around and says: “ It´s you again! What was your name, Pinkie Pie?! “ Pinkie says: “ Yes that´s my name. Why are you being mean to those ponies! “ Gilda says: “ You must have a really short memory! “ Rarity says: “ You don´t have to be mean to ponies if you want attention. “ Gilda says: “ If I wanted to draw more attention I would´ve used my magic instead! “ And Gilda uses magic to lift a basket with fruit. Pinkie and Rarity runs to Twilights library to speak with Twilight. They explain that Gilda is back in town and that she can use magic. Twilight finds this really weird, she shouldn´t be able to use magic. Twilight, Pinkie and Rarity decide to meet up with their friends to be able to find out how Gilda has learned how to use magic. They follow Gilda without her noticing to the Everfree Forest. Gilda enters a house deep within the forest. And everypony tries to listen in on the conversation between Gilda and somepony. Gilda says: “ You did well with your magic trick and if I recall you wanted revenge on that Twilight pony and her friends. “ Somepony says: “ Of course I want revenge on those ponies, especially Twilight. She made me look like a fool. But with you and my magic tricks, I, The Great and Powerful Trixie shall return to humiliate Twilight. “ Everypony walks into the house and Twilight says: “ Seems you haven´t changed Trixie. “ Trixie says: “ You heard what we were talking about? “ Everypony says: “ Yes! “ Trixie says: “ I think it´s time for me to leave Equestria. “ Gilda says: “ I´ll leave Ponyville for now but I will be back! “ Twilight says: “ And we´ll be waiting if any of you two return to Ponyville. “ And Gilda and Trixie leaves. To where, nopony knows but they will not cause any more problems in Ponyville that´s for sure.

Episode 7: “ Teacher With a Spark “

Twilight is talking to Applejack while she and Big Macintosh are repairing some broken wooden columns that are holding the barn in one piece. Applebloom arrives to barn and says: “ Miss Cheerilee is sick today so can I go and play with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo since we don´t have to go to school today, plleeassee (with her puppy eyes)?! “ Twilight says: “ Applebloom go to school and gather your classmates while I go and talk to Cheerilee. “ Applebloom with a sigh voice: “ Okey Twilight. “ Twilight talks to Cheerilee and says that she can take care of the class while Cheerilee gets some rest. Cheerilee says: “ You´re sure you can handle this Twilight?! “ Twilight says: “ I´m sure. “ Twilight heads to the school and informs the class that she will be their substitute teacher. And the class thinks that this will be a day that they can just take it easy and relax, but Twilight actually behaves like a real teacher. This is something that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are not that specifically fond of, so they decide to throw paper at Applebloom just to annoy her. Twilight says: “ Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, what are you two doing?! “ Diamond Tiara says (with a puppy face): “ Nothing Miss Twilight. “ But they still continue which ending up in them getting detention while the others go out and play in the schoolyard. They decide to mess up with some by making it say “ F “ on Appleblooms, Sweetie Belles and Scootaloos papers that they made before everypony went outside. Twilight is outside with the others so she doesn´t notice it. When everypony comes back in, Twilight hands out the papers to the class and Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo notice the bad grades and tells Twilight. And Twilight looks at Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon and says: “ I will inform this to Miss Cheerilee just so you know! “ And at the end of the day Cheerilee drops by and says that she´s feeling better. Twilight explains that two certain fillies have been a little bit on the edge today. Cheerilee understands and thanks Twilight for the excellent job. Twilight then says goodbye to the class and Cheerilee and heads home to the library to write a letter to Princess Celestia about her exciting day as a school teacher. Twilight says to Spike: “ Maybe I should become a teacher Spike. What do you think about that? “ Spike says: “ Just stick to the books Twilight. “ And then Twilight hits him with a book and then she starts laughing. Spike says: “ Did I say something wrong?! “ Twilight just continues to laugh. Spike says: I guess I´ll never understand you girls, you´re always so random. “

Some random facts about the episodes:

Episode 1: Almost an unaltered episode with some minor changes and added sentences.

Episode 2: The same as episode 1.

Episode 3: An episode with Fluttershy overcoming here fears, almost a “ Dragonshy “ episode.

Episode 4: April Fools Day episode with a reference towards “ The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well “

Episode 5: An episode with cider. I think you know which I´m thinking of, otherwise not the same episode in my opinion.

Episode 6: The return of antagonists, pretty self explaining episode.

Episode 7: A normal day at school with bullies and a substitute teacher.

There might have been other things I didn´t notice but I´m pretty sure that you guys will let me know about that otherwise I think that´s it.

Hope you enjoyed the episodes and stay tuned for part 2 in a few days.