This is the second part of my fanmade season. The final part will be posted after “ A Canterlot Wedding “. I hope you enjoy them.

---------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 1 |----------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 8: “ Pink in Park, Babysitter “

Mr. and Mrs. Cake have to make cakes and cupcakes for the upcoming festival in Canterlot and they don´t have time to take care of Pound and Pumpkin, so Pinkie decides to take them to a carnival that recently arrived to Ponyville. Pinkie and twins take a ride on the rollercoaster to have some fun. But Pound and Pumpkin gets rollercoaster sick and throws up after the ride. Pinkie says: “ Perhaps you need a more calm ride, I still forget that you are still young. “ The twins look at Pinkie all serious and then they point towards the freefall ride. Pinkie says: “ You want to go on that ride?! It might be too scary for you. “ The twins still wants to do it, so they jump in and the ride starts to go up to the top. Pinkie says: “ Okey guys, this ride will make us fall really fast to the ground soon so hold on tight! “ And it drops down to the ground and Pound and Pumpkin starts to cry, so Pinkie decides to take them to another ride, and Pound and Pumpkin says: “ Swing. “ They point towards the pendulum attraction. Pinkie says: “ Guys, that´s not a swing. “ But they go on the ride anyways, and the twins think it swings too fast, and when they end up upside down the twins starts to cry again. After the ride Pinkie decides to take them to calm ride. She takes them to the teacup ride and this ride suits Pound and Pumpkin really well. When the day nears its end Pinkie decides to take the twins home again. She talks to Mr. and Mrs. Cake about the day at the carnival and she also mentions that it´s probably best to wait until the twins are older to go on the more crazy rides. Mr. and Mrs. Cake agree and they thank Pinkie for taking care of the twins. Pinkie then goes to the twins room and talks to them, and she says: “ I think we´ll wait with the crazy rides until you two get older. What do you guys think about that?! “ Pound and Pumpkin agree and they start to play with their toys. Pinkie decides to join in as well, and they play with the toys until it´s time to go to bed.

Episode 9: “ Tag Flying Performance “

A performance show will be held in Canterlot tomorrow and Rainbow Dash wants to compete. This will be her big chance to make a good impression on The Wonderbolts, but there´s one problem. It´s a tag performance, meaning she needs to work together with somepony. Rainbow Dash decides to ask Fluttershy if she wants to compete in the show. Fluttershy says: “ You know I don´t like to show myself in front of an audience, don´t you?! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Of course I do, but this is my big chance to make The Wonderbolts to notice me! “ Fluttershy says that she will think about it. Rainbow Dash then decides to talk to Derpy, who actually wants to compete but isn´t really good at performances. Rainbow Dash is still up for the challenge to train Derpy, and Derpy becomes better and better and her skills improve a lot from the beginning of her training. But with only a few hours left to the performance, Rainbow Dash hurts her wings so she can´t fly. She needs to let her wings heal until she can fly again. Fluttershy sees that her friend is really sad decides to compete. Fluttershy and Derpy continue the training while an unaware Rainbow Dash needs to be in bed at the hospital. Fluttershy and Derpy then arrives at the performance show and they notice that their competition are really good, and Fluttershy starts to have second thoughts about this, but Derpy says: “ We can do this, we have to do this for our friend Rainbow Dash. “ That gives Fluttershy the courage to continue with the show, and the show they perform makes their competition, audience and judges drop their jaws. Even Rainbow Dash who´s watching the show at the hospital think it´s awesome and she´s cheering for them. Later Fluttershy and Derpy goes and visits Rainbow Dash at the hospital and they are both sorry that Rainbow Dash couldn´t perform there today. But Rainbow Dash says: “ I´ll get a new chance next year, besides I got to see your awesome show and you came in first place and will be recognized all around Equestria. “ Fluttershy realizes this and starts running to her home and Rainbow Dash and Derpy starts to laugh.

Episode 10: “ A Star Out of the Blue “

It´s a normal day in Ponyville and everypony are minding their own things when suddenly a portal opens up in the sky and a unicorn stallion falls out of it. Confused where he was he started to ask a few ponies in Ponyville, after getting information from the ponies he decided to build a house just outside Ponyville near a river. Almost finished with the house Pinkie shows up and introduces herself, and the stallion introduces himself as Flame Star. Pinkie says: “ I want to introduce you to my friends. “ Flame Star says: “ Uh…. Okey let´s go and meet your friends. “ And they are all at Sweet Apple Acres talking to each other and apparently one of their harvesters is broken. Pinkie introduces Flame Star to them and Flame Star asks: “ Is there something wrong with your harvester. “ Applejack says: “ Yeah it´s broken. “ Flame Star says: “ Let me take a look at it, maybe I can fix it. “ And Flame Star actually fixes it. Then Big Macintosh says: “ Thanks for the help. By the way do you know how to use this? It´s mostly me and my sister Applejack that work here on this farm alone, it would be nice with some new horsepower. “ Flame Star says: “ Sure I guess I can take the job, and by the way, I can operate this harvester with One hoof and the rest tied behind my back! “ Big Macintosh says: “ Prove it! “ Flame Star indeed proves it, he clears the entire field in twenty minutes. Flame Star says: “ There you go, all finished. “ Big Macintosh (with a big jaw) says: “ You´re hired! “ Flame Star says: “ Okey I´ll be back here tomorrow then. It was nice meeting you all, and Pinkie thanks for introducing me. “ Pinkie says: “ No problem. “ Then Flame Star heads back to finish his house. Twilight and the others still wonder where he came from though. Everypony heads to their home to get some, cause tomorrow will be a new and exciting day in Ponyville.

Episode 11: “ Filly With Flight “

It´s a beautiful day in Ponyville and Scootaloo is taking a walk in town when she suddenly notice some pegasi colts and fillies flying above her head. Scootaloo says: “ I wish I could fly like them cause that´s what my wings are for. I´ve made up my mind and I´m going to learn how to fly, and I´m not going to give up for anything or anypony. “ She tries to flap her wings but it doesn´t work, she tries flapping them when she jumps of a hill but it still doesn´t work, she´s just about to give up when she sees Rainbow Dash, maybe she can help Scootaloo learn how to fly. Scootaloo shouts: “ Rainbow Dash can you come here for a second. “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Sure, what is it kid. “ Scootaloo asks: “ Can you teach me how to fly?! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ You want to learn how to fly? “ Scootaloo (with a puppy face) says: “ Yes, can you please teach me?! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ I will be tough training kid, you´re sure you want to do this?! “ Scootaloo says: “ I´m ready for anything you got! “ And they begin a really hard and frustrating training and Scootaloo is fully determined to be able to fly. Towards the end of the training Rainbow Dash wants to see Scootaloo flap her wings to take off to the sky. Scootaloo flaps her wings and Rainbow Dash yells: “ You call that flapping!! You need to flap with more power! “ Scootaloo starts to flap harder with her wings and she finally takes off into the sky, although a bit uncontrollable, but she continues to flap her wings and she becomes better with her flying abilities. Rainbow Dash says: “ Well I think we can finally say that you are able to fly, great job kid. “ Scootaloo says: “ Thank you so much, I´m finally able to fly, and I think I´m going to fly to my friends and show them that I can finally fly. “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Yeah I think that´s a great idea. See you in the air kid! “ As Rainbow Dash flies away Scootaloo flies to her friends to show them her new self. Applebloom says: “ Wow it must be really great for you to be able to fly. “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Guess I can´t call you a dodo anymore since dodos can´t fly. “ Scootaloo says: “ Nope cause now I can fly. Anyways tomorrow, are we going to try to get our Cutie Marks. “ Applebloom says: “ Of course! “ Sweetie Belle says: “ We wouldn´t be the Cutie Mark Crusaders otherwise! “ They all start to laugh as they head off into the sunset.

Episode 12: “ A Rare Chance to Scale High “

Rarity is working hard with making new dresses for a fashion show in Canterlot, she will be one of the few designers to make dresses for this special occasion. Spike drops by to see what Rarity is up to and he notice that Rarity doesn´t have that many gems left to use for her dresses. Spike says: “ I´ll get you some new gems Rarity so don´t you worry about them. “ Rarity however is so focused that she doesn´t even notice Spike. Spike says: “ Now where can I find these gems? “ Spike then gets an idea: “ Aha I got it. I´ll try to find a dragon and take some of the dragons gems. “ Spike travels to the outskirts of Equestria, to volcanic region that is. Spike soon finds a dragon with gems, but the gems are well guarded by the dragon. He throws a rock to draw the dragons attention to the entrance of the cave. Spike tries to sneak up to the gems to take some but the dragon notice him. Spike says: “ Um… Hi, is it okey if I take some of your gems, my friend needs them to make dresses. “ The dragon answers Spike: “ You can take them if you want. I was getting tired of them anyway. “ Spike says: “ But I thought dragons enjoyed collecting different stuff and gems? “ The dragon says: “ You enjoy it in the beginning but after awhile it gets tiresome, so you can take all my gems if you want! “ Spike says: “ Okey, could I also ask a favor of you, can you fly all of these gems back to my home in Ponyville. “ The dragon says: “ Sure, I don´t see any reason not to since I will be getting rid of these gems faster this way! “ They fly back with Spike on his back and the gems between his arms. Rarity runs out of the Carousel Boutique and sees Spike landing with a dragon holding a lot of gems. Spike says: “ What do you think Rarity? This dragon let me have all of his gems that he was tired of. “ The dragon flies away and they thank him. Rarity then gives Spike a kiss. Spike says: “ So I guess I did something good? “ Rarity says: “ Of course you did. You brought back all of these gems. And I´m sorry that I didn´t talk to you, I was about to respond just as you left. “ Spike says: “ That´s ok, I´m just happy that everything is over. “ Then Spike went back to the library and told Twilight about his adventure, and after that he went to bed.

Episode 13: “ A Christmas Special “

Snow has come to Ponyville and everypony are buying Christmas gifts and preparing for Christmas day. Christmas is a day when you spend time with your family and friends, and Twilight and her friends are preparing to celebrate Christmas together. Pinkie and Derpy will be making the special Christmas cupcakes, Rarity and Fluttershy will be putting up the decorations and Applejack and Rainbow Dash will be in charge for the apple cider which will be served with the cupcakes. Applejack notice something is wrong with Twilight and she asks: “ What´s the matter Twilight. “ Twilight says: “ I´m thinking about Flame Star, he´ll be spending Christmas all alone. “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Then invite him over. “ Twilight says: “ Is that ok with all of you? “ Everypony says: “ Yes. “ Spike says: “ Could you tell him to bring Christmas gifts to me. “ Everypony looks at Spike and says: “ Spike! “ Spike says: “ Sorry. “ Twilight heads over to Flame Stars house and knocks on his door, and he opens the door and says: “ Twilight, what are you doing here? Shouldn´t you be spending Christmas with your friends. “ Twilight says: “ I came to ask if you wanted to join us for Christmas, it can´t be fun spending Christmas alone. “ Flame Star says: “ This is the first Christmas I´m spending alone without my family. “ Twilight asks: “ What happened to them? “ Flame Star says: “ I´ll talk about that some other time Twilight, as for the invitation, I can´t accept it. You probably want to spend Christmas with your friends and I don´t want to interfere. “ Twilight says: “ They all agreed with me to invite you, your more than welcome to spend Christmas with us. “ Flame Star says: “ You´re sure about this? “ Twilight says: “ Yes. “ They had to the library to meet the others and they all sit down to eat cupcakes and drink apple cider, and they play a few games before they hit the hay. Flame Star says: “ Merry Christmas everypony. “ Everypony says: “ Merry Christmas Flame Star. “ Then they all go to sleep to wake up to a wonderful Christmas morning. This will be Flame Stars first Christmas that he´ll be spending with his new friends.

Episode 14: “ When Nature Calls “

Fluttershy is sleeping in her bed when she suddenly wakes up to a loud noise. She goes over to her window to see what´s going on. Some ponies are taking down trees nearby her house. She won´t tolerate this, since all of her animal friends live in that forest. She goes and talks to the ponies in the bulldozers and she says: “ You can´t take down that forest, all of my animal friends live there! “ One of the ponies says: “ Sorry lady, but we´re making room for a shopping mall, and we got the orders to take down these trees, we´re sorry for your animal friends, maybe they can move somewhere else. “ Fluttershy walks away while the ponies continue to take down the trees. Fluttershy talks to Angel and says: “ What should I do Angel, all the animals will be homeless. “ Angel basically tells her to not give up. “ Fluttershy says: “ You´re right Angel, I can´t just give up, not when my animal friends need my help! “ Fluttershy heads and talks to the ponies again and one of them says: “ Lady we already told you that we can´t change this. “ Then Fluttershy (using the stare) says: “ You will not continue to destroy this forest, you will leave this place and find somewhere else to build your shopping mall. You got that!! “ One of the ponies (with a scared voice) says: “ I´m pretty sure we can convince our boss to build the shopping mall somewhere else. “ Fluttershy says: “ Good!! “ The ponies leave with their bulldozers and all of Fluttershys animal friends thank her. Later that day Fluttershy talks to Angel and says: “ Thank you for convincing me to help my animal friends Angel. “ Angel is like, you´re welcome. Fluttershy says: This is something that I should tell Twilight and the others, but I´ll wait until tomorrow. Good night Angel, I´m going to bed. “ Angel is like, yeah whatever. Fluttershy goes to bed knowing that her animal friends are safe and that they can continue to live in the forest under Fluttershys protection.

Episode 15: “ My Little Pets “

Twilight and her friends decide to have a picnic outside Ponyville and they all brought their animal pets as well. When they are about to take out the food from the picnic basket an eagle comes and swoops it. He flies away to a mountain nearby them. Rainbow Dash insists on getting it back but Fluttershy says that Angel wants to get it back. They all decide that all of their animals should go and Angel is like, meh. Angel says to the other animals while they´re heading to the mountain: “ Ok if this is going to work, then we need to work together. “ Angel looks back and sees Tank way back at the beginning of the forest. Angel says: “ Hurry up Tank! “ Tank says: “ I´m going as fast as I can. “ Angel says: “ Yeah, I can see that! Owloysius, Peewee go and carry Tank please?! Otherwise this will take a full two days. “ They finally reach the mountain top and they see the eagle sitting in a tree with the picnic basket. Angel says: “ Ok Gummy tackle that tree. “ But he only makes a squeaky sound when he hits the tree. The eagle notice him and scares Gummy away. Angel says: “ Winona, Opalescence you two distract him while we´ll get the picnic basket. “ Winona says: “ Hey bird brain why don´t you come down here so I can take a bite out of you! “ Opalescence says: “ If you´re not a chicken! “ The eagle gets angry and starts to chase them. Angel says: “ Ok here´s our chance! “ They manage to get the picnic basket with the help of Owloysius and a full grown Peewee. They all start to run with the eagle behind them. Angel notices a log that´s near the edge of the cliff. Everyone jumps on and they slide down the mountain, they slide into the forest at the base of the mountain and the eagle crashes in to one of the trees. Angel says: “ Yeah, we lost the eagle! “ They all head back to the ponies and Angel says: “ I think we were a really good team back there and I don´t regret that any of you came along. “ Everyone agrees with Angel. Once back Fluttershy asks Angel: “ Did you run into any problems Angel? “ Angel is like, nope. He then looks at his animal friends knowing that he really have good friends that stand up for him and helps him whenever he needs help. Then Derpy says: “ Hey look everypony I found a pet, a chameleon. I think I´m going to call him Kecly. They all laugh and they start to eat the food inside the picnic basket. Then the day comes to an end with Angel actually enjoying to be around the other animal pets and Derpy getting her own pet, Kecly.

Episode 16: “ Mastering the Art of Time “

Twilight is trying to learn how to use her time spell with better success, she tries really hard but can´t maintain in the destination she focuses on. Flame Star comes along and sees that Twilight is frustrated, Flame Star asks: “ Are you having some problems Twilight. “ Twilight notices Flame Star and says: “ I´m trying to learn how to control this time spell but it´s not working! “ Flame Star says: “ Maybe I can help, I have quite the experience with different spells. “ Twilight says: “ You can teach me to control this spell? “ Flame Star says: “ Yes! “ So Twilight starts to practice and Flame Star says: “ Stay calm and take a deep breath, then focus on the magic spell and focus on the destination you want to go to! “ Twilight focuses and they both get sent back in time when Twilight became Princess Celestias apprentice. Twilight says: “ That´s me as a filly when Princess Celestia made me her apprentice. “ Flame Star says: “ I´m assuming that´s your mother and father next to you and Princess Celestia. “ Twilight says: “ Yes they´re my parents. “ Flame Star says: “ They must be really proud of you. “ Twilight says: “ Yeah I´m pretty sure they are proud of me. “ Flame Star says: “ You look like your mother and well you don´t have your fathers eyes however, no harm intended. “ Twilight says: “ Don´t worry I´m not offended, and yeah I kind of do look like my mother, my father´s eye color was not inherit though. “ Flame Star says: “ I´m happy that you have a family but for me, my family disappeared and I never saw them again. “ Twilight asks: “ What happened to them? “ Flame Star says: “ (sigh) My family disappeared during Discords reign a thousand years ago. “ Twilight says: “ You´re from the past?! “ Flame Star says: “ Yes I´m from the past and after my family disappeared I began to search for them, I searched for months but with no luck. I came across a wizard known as Star Swirl the Bearded and he told me that I had a purpose in the future, so he used his time spell to send me into the future. “ Twilight says: “ So that´s how you ended up in our time. “ Flame Star says: “ Yes that´s the whole story. Uh, Twilight would you mind if we go back to your time, I need to think about some things and be alone for a little while. “ Twilight understands and they go back to the future. Flame Star says: “ I´ll see you around Twilight. “ Flame Star then walks back to his house. Twilight feels a bit sad for Flame Star losing his family as she´s walking back to the library and she hopes everything gets better for Flame Star.

Some random facts about the episodes:

Episode 8: Pinkie as a babysitter while enjoying herself in the carnival.

Episode 9: Performance show, reference to “ Read It and Weep “

Episode 10: The pony in town getting along with main characters of the series.

Episode 11: Scootaloo episode, learning how to fly.

Episode 12: Spike and Rarity episode, Spike wants to impress Rarity.

Episode 13: The obligatory snow episode and Christmas holiday.

Episode 14: Fluttershy standing up for her animal friends, the title of the episode is a reference.

Episode 15: An adventure when Pokémon gets separated from their trainers with Pikachu (Angel) as the leader of the group. This episode got a complete overhaul with both story and name. The original name was “ Pet Gathering Day “

Episode 16: Twilight, Flame Star and back story.

Hope you enjoyed the episodes and stay tuned for the final part after “ A Canterlot Wedding “ two part episodes.