This is the final part of my fanmade season. Well this is it guys, the final part. Hope you´ll enjoy it.

-------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 1 |------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 17: “ Cutie Slumber Party “

Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are playing in the schoolyard when suddenly Sweetie Belle gets this awesome idea: “ Hey I know, we could throw a slumber party tonight and invite our class. “ Applebloom says: “ Yeah we should totally throw a slumber party, we could have it at Sweet Apple Acres, I´m sure Applejack and Big Macintosh doesn´t mind having it there. “ Scootaloo says: “ I could be the Dj at the party. “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Then it´s settled then, let the Cutie Slumber Party commence tonight! “ They all tell their classmates about the slumber party and they all agree to come, after school Applebloom went to talk to Applejack and Big Macintosh and Big Macintosh says: “ Nope! “ Applebloom says: “ Why not?! “ Applejack says: “ We know how crazy things will get if you get to have a slumber party! “ Big Macintosh says: “ And using the barn is completely out of the question! “ Applebloom says: “ But we promise we´ll be careful, you can ground me for the rest of the week, but please just let us have this slumber party! “ And they both say: “ Ok then! “ Applebloom says: “ You really mean it, thank you! Applejack says: “ Just remember to not get too crazy. “ Applebloom says: “ I promise. “ Later that night everypony arrived, even Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon came. Scootaloo starts up the music but the sound goes way over the limit and the wooden columns that are holding up the barn starts to crack, Applebloom notice this but a little too late, some of the columns and bars starts to brake and one of the bars falls above Diamond Tiara, but Applebloom manages to save her and Diamond Tiara says: “ You saved me from getting crushed! “ Applebloom says: “ Of course, what are friends for. “ They both start to smile. Then Applebloom screams: “ Scootaloo turn off the music! “ And Scootaloo and the others notice the broken wooden columns and bars, they head to tell Applejack and Big Macintosh and Big Macintosh starts to say: “ Applebloom, I knew this was a bad idea, but we trusted you and all of this happened! “ Then Diamond Tiara starts to defend Applebloom and says: “ It wasn´t Appleblooms fault, it was everyponies fault, even my fault! You shouldn´t bash Applebloom like that, she´s my friend, and Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo as well! I will stand up for them! “ Then Silver Spoon says: “ So will I, Applebloom saved Diamond Tiaras life! “ Then their entire class stands up for them. Applejack says: “ I guess we shouldn´t be mean to you Applebloom, but we still have to fix up the barn again. “ Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo says: “ We´ll help! “ Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon then says: “ We´ll help too! “ Then Diamond Tiara looks at Applebloom and says: “ Cause they´re my friends! “ The entire class then helps Applejack and Big Macintosh to fix the barn. When they´re all done the class decides to have the slumber party out on the field, and they all sleep beneath stars and Diamond Tiara says to Applebloom: “ The things I said back there was all true Applebloom and you girls aren´t as bad as I thought you were, and I´m sorry that I´ve been mean to you girls all this time. I hope you can forgive me and that we can start over as real friends. “ Applebloom says: “ You´re not as bad as I thought you were either Diamond Tiara and I would actually want to begin fresh as real friends too. “ They both hoof bump and laugh and tell stories to each other throughout the night. Applebloom learned that she has to be more responsible and Diamond Tiara learned to open up for new friends and that she can actually enjoy herself with new friends.

Episode 18: “ Speed With Success “

Rainbow Dash has gotten a invitation to the Canterlot Fast Flyer competition, the Pegasus that gets to the goal first wins a prize, but for Rainbow Dash this will be the perfect opportunity to impress The Wonderbolts so she might become a Wonderbolt herself. She decides to train a little bit before the race so she can enjoy watching her competition far behind. Fluttershy and Derpy notice that Rainbow Dash is training for the race, so they decide to train for the race as well. Rainbow Dash then arrives to the competition and she says: “ This will be easy pickings, no competition at all! “ Then Fluttershy and Derpy shows up and Rainbow Dash says: “ What are you two doing here?! “ They say: “ We´re racing! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Yeah good luck with that, this race will be over before it even begins! “ Fluttershy says: “ Don´t count on that, we might beat you to the goal! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Yeah right! See you at the finish line! “ They head to their starting positions and the announcer starts to cont down: “ Three, two, one, FLY! “ And they´re off with Rainbow Dash in first place and she says: “ Like I said, easy pickings! “ But then Fluttershy comes like a bullet out of nowhere and says: “ See you at the finish line Rainbow! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ How did she get ahead?! Well it doesn´t matter, I´m still going to win! “ Rainbow Dash catches up to Fluttershy and says: “ First place is mine Fluttershy! “ Fluttershy then watches Rainbow Dash fly past her and she says: “ I´m going to win this race no matter what!! “ She gets angry and flies past Rainbow Dash with extreme force and Rainbow Dash says: “ Oh you want to do this with speed! Then I´ll show you speed, Sonic Rainboom style!! “ She then crashes in to Fluttershy so she falls off the race path, Fluttershy is unconscious while she falls to the ground really fast and Rainbow Dash notice this and yells: “ Fluttershy wake up!! “ Rainbow Dash flies as fast as she can and manages to save Fluttershy before she hits the ground. When Fluttershy finally wakes up Rainbow Dash says: “ I´m so sorry Fluttershy, I let my winner instinct and anger get to me and I almost lost my best friend! “ Fluttershy says: “ I´m sorry too, I got so caught up in this race that I forgot to have fun and I continued to pressure you to pick up your speed, I´m really sorry Rain Dash! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ It´s Ok. We´re still friends right? “ Fluttershy says: “ Yes, we´re still friends. “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Then let´s head to the finish line, together. “ Once at the finish line Derpy asks: “ Were have you been, the race has ended, you two came in last. “ Fluttershy says: “ We needed to figure out what this race was all about. “ Derpy asks: “ And what was that? “ Rainbow Dash says: “ It´s just a race and you´re suppose to have fun, and that you should enjoy the time with your friends, cause there is only one friend of that kind, and that friend is irreplaceable and nothing will ever change that. “ Then Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash hug each other and they then head back to Ponyville with more knowledge of friendship.

Episode 19: “ Harmony and Chaos Collide “

Twilight and her friends are arguing about the decoration placement for the upcoming festival in Ponyville tomorrow. Twilight says: “ The flowerpots should be here next to the staircase to Town hall! “ Applejack says: “ No Twilight, they should be placed in the middle of Town hall plaza! “ Rarity says: “ You two obviously don´t know what you´re talking about, they should be placed on the porch of Town hall! “ They all continue to argue and in Canterlot the seal on Discord brakes and he´s set free again. Discord says: “ It´s great to be free again and I think I´ll go and return the favor to those ponies for setting me free, plus I´ll get some laugh as well! “ Discord then shows up in front of Twilight and her friends and he says: “ Ladies, thank you for setting me free, now I can continue with making this world in to total chaos! “ Twilight says: “ Discord, we will stop you again! “ Discord says: “ Oh sorry what was that, I wasn´t paying attention. “ Twilight says: “ We´ll use the Elements to turn you in to stone again! “ Discord says: “ Oh, you mean these Elements, I don´t think you´ll need these anymore so I´ll just take their powers away! “ Twilight yells: “ No, don´t do it! Discord says: “ Oops too late, they´re just normal jewelry now! Now if you´ll excuse me, I have to create some chaos, bye ladies! “ They start to discuss what they should do, and then Pinkie comes up with the idea: “ Hey Twilight, we could use your time spell to travel back in time and talk to Star Swirl the Bearded, maybe he can help us with the Elements of Harmony! “ Twilight says: “ That´s an excellent idea Pinkie, let´s get going right the way! “ Then Flame Star comes along and says: “ I´ll come with you guys! “ Twilight says: “ What?! “ Flame Star says: “ Maybe I could be of some kind of help, I don´t want to sit around and do nothing when Discord´s making his chaos! “ Twilight says: “ Ok then, come on everypony let´s go! “ They head back in time and they end up at the exact same time as before, and they see their self talking to Star Swirl and once they´re done they start to run, everypony hides in some bushes nearby, and Derpy was almost spotted by the other Applejack. Once they´ve all left they head to Star Swirl, Celestia and Luna. Star Swirl says: “ What, you´re already back, did you forget something?! “ Twilight says: “ No we´re from a different future, we have all the Elements of Harmony but Discord drained them of their powers! “ Star Swirl says: “ So Discord gets released again further in your time! “ Twilight says: “ Yes and…. What´s happened to Luna?! “ Celestia says: “ She´s feeling weird, Discord did some attack on her and she has this pain inside her body! “ Then suddenly Luna rises up from the ground and says: “ I thank you Discord for giving me this power, a power that I will use to destroy this land! “ She then laughs and turns in to Nightmare Moon. Star Swirl says: “ Discord has corrupted her! “ Then a voice says: “ Celestia, use the Elements of Harmony to seal her away inside the moon! “ Celestia says: “ I can´t, there must be another way, she´s my sister! “ The voice says: “ You can´t help her Celestia, only the chosen ones that will be born in the future can set her free from the corruption! “ Celestia then uses the Elements and says: “ I´m sorry little sister. “ Nightmare Moon yells: “ I will be back to get my revenge!! “ Then she gets trapped inside the moon in a deep slumber. The voice says: “ You did what was the right choice Celestia, the only thing I wish is that this could´ve been avoided somehow. “ Then a creature appears and Twilight and the others look at him. The creature says: Allow me to introduce myself, I am the creator of all harmony and you can call me Accord, I´m Discords older brother and I heard that you mentioned that my brother was free in your time. “ Twilight says: “ You´re Discords brother, does that mean you´re evil. “ Accord says: No. I, if you want to put it in an easy way, represent harmony while my brother represents chaos, and if it makes it even easier, I bestowed some of my power to Star Swirl the Bearded so he could create the Elements of Harmony. “ Flame Star says: “ Så det var så Harmonins Element kom till. ” Accord says: ” Uh What?! ” Applejack says: ” Our friend is speakin´ in Viking! “ Accord says: “ Ok then. “ Twilight says: “ We need to find a way to restore the power to the Elements of Harmony that Discord took away! “ Accord says: “ I shall restore their powers back to full. “ Twilight says: “ Thank you, now we might be able to stop Discord! “ Accord says: “ I´m coming with you to see if I can make Discord stop behaving like this! Star Swirl the Bearded, Celestia will you be fine without me here?! “ Star Swirl says: “ Yes we will, you can go Accord and hopefully stop your brother! “ Celestia says: “ Don´t be nice to him, not after what he did to Luna! “ Accord says: “ I won´t, I will make sure he feels the pain he caused! “ Flame Star says: “ Star Swirl, you said I had a purpose in the future, what purpose is that?! “ Star Swirl says: “ You need to figure this out on your own, since this is something I can´t tell you about since I don´t know the answer. “ They are all about to return to the future when Flame Star suddenly says: “ I´m not coming with you guys! “ Everypony says: “ What?! “ Flame Star says: “ I feel like my purpose is here, plus I might find my family here since Discord is turned to stone in this time! “ Twilight says: “ No, you can´t do this! “ Flame Star says: “ This is what I want to do Twilight, to find my parents. “ Twilight says: “ But…. “ Flame Star says: “ No objections, right lady. “ Twilight starts to cry, but she knows that he´s made up his mind, but she still loves him. Twilight uses the time spell and Flame Star says: “ Farewell my friends, farewell Twilight. “ And they disappear. Once back Applejack says: “ Get a hold of yourself Twilight, we need you in this battle against Discord! “ Twilight says: “ Yes, let´s get going then! “ Accord says: “ You ponies go and confront Discord, I have to notify Celestia of my return. “ They then head to confront Discord and he says: “ Oh ladies, have you seen this wonderful chaos that I´ve created! “ Twilight says: “ Yes, and it ends here Discord! “ Discord says: “ Well ladies, I hate to disappoint you, but I have an army of you small ponies which I took from the power of the Elements! “ Twilight says: “ Well we have Accord! “ Discord says: “ Acco…. “ Accord says: “ Brother, your chaos has been going on far enough now, and corrupting Luna was a low blow, even for you! “ Discord says: “ Oh please, I was just having fun, can you blame me for that! “ Accord says: “ Your actions have destroyed this world, but it returns to normal now! “ Accord uses his powers to turn everything back to normal. Accord says: “ I will continue to watch over this world to make sure you don´t try something like this again! “ Discord says: “ Fine, do what you want, you always spoil the fun! “ Then Discord leaves. Accord says: “ Little ponies, I will continue to watch over this land. Come to me if you ever need my help and I will help the best way that I can. “ Accord then flies off towards Canterlot. Everypony starts to comfort Twilight and say that they will meet Flame Star again, and then they all head home to get some rest.

Episode 20: “ A Cake and Muffin Surprise “

It´s no ordinary day in Ponyville, it´s actually Twilights birthday and her friends are preparing for the birthday party. Twilight however has been so caught up in her studies that she doesn´t know it´s her birthday. While Twilight is reading a book somepony knocks on her front door. Twilight goes and opens the door and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are standing outside, and at the same time Spike walks down the stairs and says: “ Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, you´re here. “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Yeah, are you ready for that walk we talked about yesterday. “ Spike says: “ Yeah let´s get going, but maybe you want to come along as well Twilight! “ Twilight says: “ I have to study Spike, sorry. You three can go though. “ Spike says: “ Twilight you´ve studied all night, come along It´ll be refreshing for you, the books will still be here when we get back! “ Fluttershy says: “ We can take a short walk through the forest, It´ll be fun Twilight. “ Twilight says: “ Ok then we´ll go on a short walk I guess, I am kind of exhausted from reading these books. “ They head outside and Spike gives the others a sign that everything is clear. Rarity says: “ Ok let´s head inside and make this party for Twilight. “ Pinkie says: “ Ok Derpy, you and I will start making the cake and muffins. “ Derpy says: Yeah let´s do this! “ Applejack says: “ We´ll start making the apple cider and put up the decorations! “ Rarity says: “ Yes, let´s all get started! “ Meanwhile the others are taking Twilight to the forest outside Ponyville to keep her away from the library until everything is ready. They come across some flowers in the forest and Fluttershy says: “ Look at these pretty flowers Twilight, aren´t they just the most beautiful things you´ve seen, at least to me they are (Squee) ! “ Twilight says: “ They´re nice Fluttershy but I really need to head back. “ Rainbow Dash says: “ NO… I mean we could take a quick stop by the river near Sweet Apple Acres (Awkward smile) ! “ Twilight says: “ Ok, Just a quick stop then. “ Meanwhile in the library, Rarity says: “ I hope they´ll be able to keep Twilight away from here, Applejack and I are almost finished with the decorations and the apple cider. “ Derpy says: “ The cake is finished, we´re just waiting for the muffins in the oven. “ Back to Twilight, they´ve reached the river and Fluttershy says: “ This river is so beautiful, I bet a lot of animals live here nearby. “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Yeah I´m sure there´s many different kinds of fish in this river! “ Twilight says: “ Rainbow, since when did you start to enjoy animal life! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ I wanted to learn more about animal life ever since Tank became my pet (Squee) ! “ Twilight says: “ You´re all hiding something from me, aren´t you! “ Spike says: “ What are you talking about Twilight?! We´re not hiding anything from you (Awkward smile) ! “ Twilight says: “ I know you´re hiding something from me and I bet it´s back at the library! “ Twilight starts to run back to the library and Rainbow Dash says: “ I´ll fly and warn the others, you two stall her! “ Rainbow Dash flies and warns them, and she finds out that they´re almost finished with everything. Spike and Fluttershy tries to stall Twilight, but she makes it back to the library, and when she opens the door everypony shouts: “ SURPRISE!! “ They managed to finish everything and Twilight says: “ Huh, What? “ Pinkie says: “ It´s your birthday Twilight! You silly! “ Rarity says: “ We had to keep you away from here otherwise it wouldn´t have been a surprise! “ Applejack says: “ The decorations and apple cider took a little while though! “ Derpy says: “ Don´t forget the cake and muffins, they took some time as well! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ I hope you´re not mad at us Twilight. “ Twilight says: “ How could I be mad, you all went through all of this to throw a party for me, and the fact that I forgot my birthday is not like me at all! “ Spike says: “ Well you did study all night Twilight and I guess that could be the reason. “ Twilight says: “ I guess you´re right Spike, and I want to thank you all for making this surprise party! “ Fluttershy says: “ I´m glad you liked it. “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Ok everypony let´s dig in on the cake and muffins, cause I´m starving! “ They all sat down and ate some cake and muffins and Twilight got a one of the kind Light Crystal from her friends, it´s said to bring luck to the owner of the crystal. Twilight will always remember this birthday as one of her most special birthdays of all time. They continue to have fun, playing some games until nighttime. For Twilight, this was her best birthday ever.

Episode 21: “ Locust Invasion “

Applejack and Big Macintosh are working at Sweet Apple Acres when they find out by Rainbow Dash that there is a locust swarm heading this way and the swarm just entered the other side of Everfree Forest. Applejack says: “ You´re sure about this Rainbow Dash! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Yeah, the swarm is on its way here! “ Big Macintosh says: “ Ok, we need to protect Sweet Apple Acres at all cost! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ I´ll fly and get the others! I´ll be back soon! “ Applejack and Big Macintosh start to prepare for the invasion. Rainbow Dash soon arrives with the others and Twilight says: “ Ok, we´re here to help! “ Applejack says: “ You can help us by putting up this wall of wooden planks around Sweet Apple Acres! “ Twilight says: “ Will do! Rainbow, you, Fluttershy and Derpy scout ahead to find the location of the swarm! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Were on it! Ok guys let´s find that swarm! “ They fly off in to Everfree Forest and they eventually find the swarm and Derpy flies back to inform Twilight and the others while Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy stays locked on to the swarm. After some time the swarm reaches the edge of Everfree Forest and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flies back and warn the others. Rainbow Dash says: “ They´re almost here! “ Then Granny Smith comes out of the house and says: “ Who´s almost here?! “ Twilight says: “ A swarm of locust, we´re trying to keep them away from Sweet Apple Acres! “ Granny Smith says: “ Oh you kids and your overreacting behavior. “ Granny Smith goes back inside again to get something. Meanwhile Rainbow Dash sees the swarm and says they´re here. They´re slowly but surely getting through the wooden planks and just when everything seems to be lost Granny Smith comes out again with a stereo and puts in a tape with classical music. The swarm starts to react to the music and flees for their lives, apparently they don´t like classic music and Granny Smith says: “ You kids need to think more clear about the situation. It was lucky that I still had this tape with in my drawer. “ Applejack says: “ But how did you know about the solution?! “ Granny Smith says: “ We had trouble with locust swarms when I was a kid and I did the same thing as you kids did, I started to panic, but my mother started playing this music to make the locust swarm leave us alone! “ Big Macintosh says: “ How come we never got to know about this?! “ Granny Smith says: “ You never asked! “ They all start to laugh and Applejack says: “ Well now we know, and we can now keep the locust swarm away from Sweet Apple Acres! “ Twilight says: “ Well I guess that solves one problem, now we only have to take down all the wooden planks again! “ After the work with taking down the wooden planks they all head back to their homes and they all learned to not panic and stay calm. The most important thing though is to ask their elders about problems. Cause they might have the better knowledge than anypony else.

Episode 22: “ Hooves Are Made for Fashion “

Rarity is trying to find some inspiration for new fabulous dresses while she´s taking a walk through Ponyville but with no success, so she decides to head back to the Carousel Boutique and when she enters her dress making room she finds Derpy. Derpy is making a dress and Rarity says: “ What are you doing Derpy?! “ Derpy says: “ Oh, hi Rarity. I´m making a dress, do you like it? “ Rarity comes over and takes a look at the dress and she says: “ This dress is absolutely fabulous, I´ve been trying to find inspiration all day and here I find this really beautiful dress, it´s perfect Derpy! “ Derpy says: “ Wow thanks Rarity, I did know I had some talent but not this much! “ Rarity says: “ I would like you to continue making dresses, I bet they would sell really well! “ Derpy says: “ You´re sure about all of this?! “ Rarity says: “ Yes, I just know they´ll love your dresses! “ So Derpy starts making more dresses and they start to sell with an high amount of confident towards Derpy, this however starts to make Rarity jealous cause Derpys clothes are selling better than Raritys clothes. Derpy says: “ Wow I never thought so many ponies wanted to buy my dresses, I hope I´m not making you mad Rarity. “ Rarity says: “ Don´t worry, I´m not angry at all! “ She then walks out of the room as a angry bee. Rarity says: “ I have to make Derpys dresses look as repulsive as possible otherwise she´ll be taking the spotlight away from me! “ Rarity starts to ruin Derpys dresses and the customers that wants to buy the dresses leaves without second thought. Derpy says: “ I just don´t know what went wrong, everypony liked my dresses, but now they don´t! “ She then starts to cry and Rarity starts feeling really bad about this, she tells Derpy about all of this. Derpy says: “ You were jealous because my clothes were better. Why didn´t you say anything at the beginning Rarity?! “ Rarity says: “ I didn´t want to ruin your fun with making the dresses and I got jealous after a few successful dresses bought by a few ponies! “ Derpy says: “ I was getting tired of making dresses and since you´ve told me about this, I don´t want to stand in the way of your dream from becoming true. To become a well known fashion designer! “ Rarity says: “ But what about you Derpy, sure I´ve gotten inspiration from your dresses, but it doesn´t seem right towards you! “ Derpy says: “ I could make some advertising about your dresses, cause I want to keep our friendship intact! We´re still friends right? “ Rarity says: “ Of course we are Derpy, and I really appreciate that you want to advertise my dresses, thank you so much! “ Derpy says: “ No problem, let´s get started then! “ So they both learned to work together, Rarity making dresses and Derpy advertising. It all ends with the two celebrating their success and that their friendship stays intact.

Episode 23: “ Marks of Friendship “

Applebloom is helping Big Macintosh to repair some broken chairs and a table when she realizes that this is really fun and suddenly her Cutie Mark appears and she says: “ Hey look big brother I got my Cutie Mark, it´s a hammer with a wooden plank! “ Big Macintosh says: “ Congratulations Applebloom, maybe you should show it to your sister and your friends! “ Applebloom says: “ Yeah, that´s a great idea big brother, thanks! “ Meanwhile at the Carousel Boutique Sweetie Belle is having a song performance with Rarity as audience, and afterwards Rarity says: “ That was a really beautiful song Sweetie Belle, you have a real talent! “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Thank you Rarity, I thought this was really fun, performing in front of an audience that is! “ Then her Cutie Mark appears and she says: “ Hey Rarity look, I got my Cutie Mark, it´s a microphone with three stars around it! “ Rarity says: “ I´m so happy for you, Sweetie Belle. Maybe you should show your friends your Cutie Mark! “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Yeah, I´ll do just that, thank you Rarity! “ Meanwhile Scootaloo is practicing on some new flying tricks and Rainbow Dash is watching. Scootaloo does really fast turns, loops and other tricks and Rainbow Dash says: “ Hey kid if you keep this up you´ll become as good as me! “ Scootaloo says: “ You think I´m going to become as good as you Rainbow Dash?! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Yeah if you just keep practicing you will, you have a real talent kid! “ Scootaloo says: “ You think so! Thank you Rainbow Dash! “ Then her Cutie Mark appears and she says: “ Hey I got my Cutie Mark, it´s a scooter with a cloud underneath it! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ I knew you had a talent and I think you should show your friends your Cutie Mark! “ Scootaloo says: “ Yeah they probably want to see it. See you around Rainbow Dash! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ See you around kid! “ Then they all happen to meet up in front Town hall and Applebloom says: “ Hey look girls I got my Cutie Mark, it´s a hammer with a wooden plank! “ Sweetie Belle says: “ That´s so cool, I got mine as well, it´s a microphone with three stars around it! “ Scootaloo says: “ Me also, it´s a scooter with a cloud underneath it! “ Applebloom says: “ So we all got our Cutie Marks. “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Yeah it seems so. “ Scootaloo says: “ What are we going to do now when we now actually have our Cutie Marks! “ Applebloom says: “ I don´t know! “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Me neither! “ Scootaloo says: “ Maybe we could talk to Applejack, maybe she has an idea! “ Applebloom says: “ Ok let´s go! “ They head to Sweet Apple Acres to talk to Applejack and she says: “ What do you mean, just because you have your Cutie Marks doesn´t mean you still can´t have fun! “ Applebloom says: “ I guess you´re right Applejack! “ They decide to go and talk to Rarity and she says: “ You can still come up with things that you want to do, it doesn´t change even if you´ve gotten your Cutie Marks! “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Ok Rarity, we´ll think about this, thank you so very much! “ They head to talk to Rainbow Dash as well and she says: “ What?! You can still have fun even if you have your Cutie Marks, It didn´t change me, Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy or Derpy, we´re all still best friends, you shouldn´t worry about that! “ Scootaloo says: “ Ok, thank you Rainbow Dash! “ Then they head to the clubhouse and start talking about these things that they got to know. Applebloom says: “ Well I guess we shouldn´t worry. “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Yeah, we are all still friends. “ Scootaloo says: “ Even though we have Cutie Marks. “ Applebloom says: “ But we can´t really call ourselves the Cutie Mark Crusaders anymore since we´re not trying to get our Cutie Marks anymore! “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Then what should we call ourselves then?! “ Scootaloo says: “ It has to be something that represents us! “ Applebloom says: “ How about the Cutie Mark Friends! “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Yeah, that´s a great idea! “ Scootaloo says: “ Yeah, I like the name! “ Applebloom says: “ Then it´s settled, we shall now call ourselves the Cutie Mark Friends! “ Sweetie Belle says: “ Play and have fun! “ Scootaloo says: “ And always be friends, even if we´ve found our true talents! “ They all say: “ Friends Forever!! “ Then they all start to laugh while they head outside to look at the beautiful sunset.

Episode 24: “ The Miracle of Light “

Twilight and her friends are taking a walk through Ponyville when suddenly the sky turns dark. They realize that something must be wrong and they were right, Nocturne, the being of darkness appears in front of them from the shadows and says: “ Are you surprised to see me, I just wanted to let you know, I was never defeated I just disappeared to restore my powers and I´ve successfully been able to do just that. I´ve also been following you in the shadows and I´ve laughed at your misery and misfortunes, and now I´m back to get my revenge on you small foals! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Well your stay will be short cause we´re not letting you destroy Equestria! “ Twilight says: “ We´ll stop you with the Elements of Harmony! “ Nocturne says: “ Oh, your small toys won´t have any effect on me anymore since I´ve gained more power since the last time we met! “ Twilight says: “ Well we can still try! “ They head to the library to get the Elements and uses them on Nocturne but the attack just bounces off of him. Nocturne says: “ See it doesn´t work , you´ve lost this time ponies! “ He then summons some shadow creatures and Twilight says: “ Wait a moment did you just…. “ Nocturne interrupts: “ Yes, I summoned them all at the same time. Stop asking! “ Twilight says: “ I was just wondering that´s all. “ Nocturne says: “ Now my minions, attack these weak foals! “ Applejack says: “ Uh, Twilight I think it´s a good idea to retreat now! “ Twilight says: “ Yeah, let´s retreat. At least for now! “ They all start to run away and Nocturne says: “ Yes flee you weak foals, you´re no match for me! Now, let darkness overtake this land and all ponies shall perish before me and I shall become the ruler of this world! Meanwhile Twilight and the others are running away from Ponyville and Twilight says: “ Maybe we should head to Canterlot since Accord is there, maybe he knows something, cause we can´t just sit around and watch Nocturne destroy Equestria! “ They all head to talk to Accord and he says: “ This is certainly not good, if Nocturne continues in this way, then this world and all of us will stop to exist! “ Twilight says: “ Is there any way you could help us?! “ Accord says: “ I might be able to help you but I require a special item from you Twilight Sparkle! “ Twilight says: “ What´s that? “ Accord says: “ Your Light Crystal! It isn´t an normal crystal ball, it contains a strong force of power! “ Twilight says: “ If it is needed to save Equestria then you have my permission to use it. “ Accord then teleports the Light Crystal to their location and he begins to say: “ Oh Light Crystal from years of millennium grant these ponies your power! “ The Light Crystal starts to react and a huge light pillar shoots up to the sky and clears the darkness around it and from the light pillar a pony appears. The pony is all shining and has a yellow coat with a white mane. The pony says: “ We meet again, ladies. “ Twilight says: “ That voice, Flame Star is that you! “ The pony says: “ Flame Star was once my name, I´m now called Sun Star, the pony of light. “ Twilight runs over to him crying and says: “ I´ve missed you so much, I thought I´d never see you again! “ Sun Star says: “ It´s great to see you again too Twilight, and all of you as well! And don´t worry I´m here to stay and I won´t leave you again! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Did you meet your parents?! “ Sun Star says: “ Yes I did actually meet them again, and I told them that I had something important to do in the future and they wished me good luck. I then went to Star Swirl the Bearded and he said that this Light Crystal is my destiny so I got transferred in to the crystal and I basically waited for the day of my return to Equestria! “ Twilight says: “ And you´re now here to help us?! “ Sun Star says: “ Yes, the time for me has finally come. “ Then the Light Crystal starts to react and transforms in to a chest plate. Sun Star says: “ This is the Element of Light and with its power, darkness can´t stand up to this energy of pure light! “ Will the aid of Sun Star be enough to stop Nocturne and save Equestria? Find out in the next episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. To Be Continued.

Episode 25: “ Friends to the End, Part 1 “

Twilight and her friends got reunited with Flame Star, or rather Sun Star and they now head to confront Nocturne again and Sun Star uses his “ Shining Nova “ attack on the shadow creatures and they get destroyed, he then says: “ Hey Nocturne, pick on somepony your own size, mainly me! “ Nocturne then turns towards Sun Star and says: “ Hah, I thought you ponies ran away but instead you brought another pony with you, does it look like I´m scared! “ Sun Star says: “ No but you will be! Shining Nova!! “ Sun Star launches away rays of light towards Nocturne and hits him. Nocturne says: “ You call that an attack, this is an attack! “ Then Nocturne shoots out a shockwave of dark energy. Nocturne says: “ That is how you do an attack! “ Then they all use their special attacks “ Shining Rainbow Sphere “ and “ Shining Nova “ on him, but it still doesn´t work. Nocturne laughs and says: “ Oh just give up already, you can´t defeat me even how much you wanted to! “ They all decide to leave and head to Canterlot, they don´t have that many options left, so their best bet is if they ask Accord to help them defeat Nocturne. Once at the castle they see that Accord and Discord are arguing with each other, while Princess Celestia tries to calm them down. Twilight asks: “ What´s going on here?! “ Discord says: “ You again, if you´re wondering we´re arguing about this darkness! “ Accord says: “ If something isn´t done soon, then Equestria will be lost forever! “ Discord says: “ I don´t really care about Equestrias fate, I´m angry towards Nocturne, he´s taking away all the fun that could have been had if it weren´t for him! “ Sun Star says: “ Then do something about this, we came here to ask if you two could bury the hatchet and actually help us defeat Nocturne, we weren´t strong enough to defeat him! “ Accord says: “ That is an excellent idea but I don´t think my brother agrees! “ Discord says: “ Of course I don´t agree, why should I help these ponies! “ Twilight says: “ Well, if you don´t, there will be no world for you to spread your chaos! “ Discord says: “ You might be on to something! “ Sun Star says: “ Then will you help us! “ Discord says: “ (Sigh) Fine, I´ll help, but remember this, when all of this is over, our alliance will end and I´ll continue with my chaos, you got all of that! “ Twilight says: “ Sure, now let´s go, we don´t have much time left before this world stops to exist! “ Princess Celestia says: “ I wish you all good luck and I hope you all return safely! “ Discord says: “ Oh spare me your emotional moment Celestia, it makes me sick! “ Twilight says: “ Discord! “ Discord says: “ What?! “ Twilight says: “ Thank you Princess Celestia, we´ll return when we´ve stopped Nocturne. Now, come on everypony let´s go! “ And so they head out to make an final attempt to stop Nocturne before he makes the entire world disappear. Will they be able to stop Nocturne and save Equestria before it´s too late? Find out next time on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. To Be Continued.

Episode 26: “ Friends to the End, Part 2 “

Twilight and her friends accompanied with Accord and Discord head to confront Nocturne and while they´re running they notice that the darkness is starting to swallow Equestria and that they need to hurry before it´s too late. They once again encounter Nocturne, this time on a grass field and he says: “ You still won´t give up even after all of these attempts to defeat me. I guess I must commend you for still wanting to fight me even though it´s hopeless! “ Twilight says: “ There´s always hope and we´re not willing to give up yet! “ Nocturne says: “ Well I guess I could stop the darkness for now and spend some of my precious time destroying you weak creatures and then continue on with the darkness that will destroy this world! “ He stops the darkness for and they all focus on their powers and use them to hit him at the same time. Nocturne says: “ I think you need to try a little bit more than that, I hardly felt a thing! “ Applejack says: “ What should we do Twilight, we used our strongest attacks and it still didn´t work! “ Twilight says: “ I know, it seems that everything is hopeless! “ Sun Star says: “ That´s not the Twilight I know, she would never give up, not when there´s still time! “ Twilight says: “ But Sun Star, we can´t even put a scratch on Nocturne, we´ve lost! “ Sun Star says: “ Just to let you know Twilight, I haven´t given up, and I won´t give up, my family are cheering for me through time and space and I´m not letting them down! You should be doing this for all your friends that you´ve met along your adventures, cause they´re all cheering for you! Don´t give up Twilight, entire Equestria believes in us! “ Twilight says: “ You´re right Sun Star, I shouldn´t give up cause my family and my friends are cheering for me! “ Pinkie says: “ I can´t let anypony down not when my family, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Pound and Pumpkin all believe in me! “ Applejack says: “ My family and relatives are cheering for me, I can´t let them down! “ Rarity says: “ I´m not ready to give up. My family and friends believe in me! “ Fluttershy says: “ I´m not letting down my animal friends or anypony for that matter, cause I haven´t given up! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ I won´t give up, no matter what happens, cause I still believe, all my friends believe in me! “ Derpy says: “ I´m not going to let my friends down cause they all believe in me! “ Accord says: “ I won´t let anything happen to this world, entire Equestria believes in us! “ Discord says: “ Oh what the heck! I won´t give up since everypony still believe in us! “ Then they all shout: “ We´re not giving up! “ Suddenly spheres of light appears all over the dark sky, there´s probably millions of them and Twilight says: “ This must be all the prayers in Equestria, they haven´t given up hope on us, not yet! “ Nocturne yells: “ How could this be possible!! “ Twilight says: “ We all have a strong bond with each other and none of us are giving up! “ The light spheres starts to gather around Twilight and the others, and the spheres enters their bodies, and they all become golden colored, they are now filled with the light and souls of all their friends and Twilight says: “ You´re not just fighting us anymore Nocturne, you´re fighting entire Equestria and nopony is willing to give up! “ Nocturne yells: “ This can´t be happening!! “ Then they all start to focus on their new powers and then they all shout: “ Solar Light Impact!! “ A sphere fifty times the size of the ponies filled with pure light and their friends souls hits Nocturne and he yells: “ I was unbeatable!! This can´t end this way!! “ Nocturne then disappears for good and everything turns back to normal. They all watch the beautiful sunlight appearing through the darkness. Then Twilight kisses Sun Star and says: “ You never gave up hope on me even after all of this and I wanted to tell you this for a very long time that I love you! “ Sun Star says: “ And I love you Twilight! I want to spend my life with you, I want to make you really happy and always be there for you! Do you want to marry me Twilight Sparkle?! “ Twilight says: “ Yes, Yes I want to marry you! “ They both kiss and Discord says: “ Ok this is getting a bit awkward, so if you´ll excuse me I´ll go and make some chaos now! “ Accord says: “ I don´t think so little brother, not when I´m around! “ Discord says: “ Oh you always have to spoil the fun Accord, well I´m out of here then, bye! “ Accord says: “ Well ponies I think you all deserve some good rest, as for me, I´ll keep my brother away from his chaos behavior, I´ll see you around little ponies! “ When Accord flies off, Spike comes along and says: “ Great going Twilight I knew you could beat Nocturne! “ Twilight says: “ Spike I´ve been thinking for quite some time now, and I think it´s time for you to finally get to do what you want to do yourself. “ Spike says: “ Huh what do you mean Twilight?! “ Twilight says: “ You don´t have to my assistant anymore, but I don´t really look at you as my assistant, you´re more like my little brother and I want you to be happy and find somepony, maybe even a dragon girl that you can spend your life with. “ Spike says: “ I don´t know what to say, but thank you Twilight, I mean big sister Twilight! “ Twilight says: “ I still want you to come to my and Sun Stars wedding, it wouldn´t be the same without you Spike. I want you all to come to this wedding cause you´re all my friends! “ He then hugs Twilight and afterwards he says: “ I wouldn´t want to miss this wedding for anything in the world, plus I hope I´ll get to make the bachelorette party cause my sister deserves the best! “ Twilight says: “ Of course you´ll be in charge of the party, I love you little brother! “ Spike says: “ And I love you big sister! “ Spike then takes his leave and they all wave good bye to him. Sun Star says: “ This must have been a tough decision for you Twilight! “ Twilight says: “ Yes it was, but I know he´ll be happier this way. “ Then suddenly Spitfire and Soarin´ comes along and Spitfire asks: “ Hey Rainbow Dash, do want to be a part of The Wonderbolts. We saw your will to continue to fight and we wonder if you wanted to be a Wonderbolt! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Would I! But then that means I´ll be leaving my friends! “ Twilight says: “ You should do this Rainbow, it´s been your dream for so long and I don´t think you should give up on this offer! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ But what about you guys? “ Everypony says: “ We´ll be fine, this is a one in the life chance, don´t say no to this! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Ok I´ll accept the offering Spitfire! “ Spitfire says: “ Ok then, if you need time with your friends don´t worry about The Wonderbolts for now. “ Then Spitfire and Soarin´ takes their leave. Rarity says: “ I´ll probably be leaving as well, I want to show my fashion elsewhere in Equestria. “ Pinkie says: “ I want to make the best cakes and cupcakes in the world, and that requires traveling! “ Fluttershy says: “ I want to become a pet nurse since I enjoy helping animals, and I can take care of our pets as well! “ Applejack says: “ I want to present the world with my apple cider, so I will not be staying in Ponyville! “ Derpy says: “ I want to make the best muffins in the world! “ Twilight says: “ I guess this means we´re all going separate ways. “ Everypony says: “ Yes. “ Twilight says: “ I want to spend time with Sun Star, so we´ll probably be leaving Ponyville as well, but you´re all still welcome to our wedding, and I think I know what we can do! We could have a reunion here in Ponyville when everything has settled down for all of us! “ Everypony says: “ That´s a great idea Twilight! “ Then suddenly the Elements of Harmony revert back to their orb forms. Twilight says: “ What happened?! “ Then Princess Celestia and Princess Luna comes along and Princess Luna says: “ You´re no longer connected to the Elements of Harmony. “ Princess Celestia says: “ The same thing happened to me a thousand years ago, the Elements of Harmony are now waiting for the new chosen ones to arrive and then they will regain their true forms again. We also heard that you had your own plans, is it something special? “ Twilight says: “ Yes, most of us want to see the world and spend time together with the ones we love. “ Princess Luna says: “ Then we wish you all good luck on your new adventures! And don´t worry about the Elements of Harmony, we´ll keep them safe until the chosen ones appear. “ Twilight says: “ Thank you, both of you. “ Then the princesses leave with the Elements of Harmony back to Canterlot. Twilight then says: “ Ok everypony let´s all meet again in the future! “ They all promise and they all hoof bump and say: “ Friends Forever! “ Then they all head different paths, still knowing that they will meet again, and with a beautiful sunset over Ponyville. This marks the end of a long adventure, with friendship between different kinds of ponies, but who knows there might still be an adventure around the corner, only Twilight and her friends know.

Episode 27: “ The Family Reunion “

Five years have passed since Twilight and her friends saw each other, and that was the wedding. Twilight and Sun Star have gotten married and they have a lovely daughter. Twilight´s preparing a few letters to her friends, she wants the gang to meet up again with their kids. However not everything is perfect in Twilight and Sun Star life, it has its positive and negative sides. Twilight says: “ Sun Star have you seen the quill, I need to make the letters for the reunion! “ Sun Star says: “ I´m sorry honey but I haven´t, have you checked in the drawers! “ Twilight says: “ I found it, it was in the laundry! “ Sun Star says: “ Who could´ve put it in…. Twilight Star. “ Twilight Star says: “ Yes daddy. “ Sun Star says: “ Did you put mommies quill in the laundry. “ Twilight Star says: “ Yes I did daddy, I thought the quill seemed a little icky so I put it there. “ Sun Star says: “ …. Twilight Star before you do something like that, ask mommy and daddy first. “ Twilight Star says: “ Yes daddy. “ Sun Star says: “ Now go outside and play in the garden while I go and talk to mommy. “ Twilight Star says: “ Ok daddy. “ Twilight says: “ Is it hard being a daddy, Sun Star! “ Sun Star says: “ Not really honey, I think my company that I created is more challenging, since I have to make at least a thousand pony cars each year. “ Twilight says: “ Yeah, that´s probably more challenging. “ Sun Star says: “ Yeah, and I think a little vacation from making pony cars will be refreshing for me. This will probably be a good change for Twilight Star as well, I think a change of scenery will be great for her! “ Twilight says: “ Yeah, I think so too, by the way I´ve finished the letters, could you post them for me. “ Sun Star says: “ Sure thing honey! “ Twilight says: “ In a few days we´ll be heading back to Ponyville! “ Sun Star says: “ Yeah, I can´t wait. We haven´t been there in five years! “ A few days later. Twilight Star says: “ How much further to Ponyville daddy! I want to stretch my legs! “ Sun Star says: “ We´re almost there pumpkin. “ Twilight says: “ Are you getting tired Sun Star! “ Sun Star says: I´ve gotten used to this after these couple of hours of driving! “ They soon arrive to Ponyville and Twilight and Sun Star soon gets flashbacks of their time here. They stop outside Town hall and Sun Star says: “ Well we´re finally here. Ponyville, were we met honey! “ Twilight says: “ I can´t believe it´s been five years since we last were here, and everything still looks the same, just like I remembered it. “ Then somepony says to them: “ Twilight, Sun Star! You´re here! “ They look towards the voice and Twilight says: “ Fluttershy?! It´s so great to see you again, how you been?! “ Fluttershy says: “ It´s been great I´ve been taking care of sick animals together with my husband! “ The pony says: Hi I´m Sky Breeze, nice to meet you. Fluttershy has told me so much about you two, by the way this is our daughter Lilyshy, say hello Lilyshy. “ Lilyshy says: “ Um…. Hi. “ Sky Breeze says: “ She´s very shy! “ Sun Star says: “ Sounds like somepony we know! “ Then Twilight and Sun Star looks at Fluttershy and they all start to laugh. Twilight says: “ Oh you haven´t met our daughter yet, this is Twili…. Now where did she go?! “ Twilight Star says: “ Mommy, daddy, I´m up here! “ Sun Star says: “ Come down from that tree this instant young filly! “ She then teleports down from the tree and Twilight says: “ Now Twilight Star go and play with Lilyshy while we grownups have a talk. “ Twilight Star says: “ Ok mommy. “ The two fillies start to play with each other. Then all of the sudden a filly with a rainbow mane flies above them and somepony says: “ Hey be careful were you´re flying so you don´t hurt yourself! “ Twilight says: “ Rainbow Dash?! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Twilight, Sun Star, you made it to Ponyville I see, it´s great to see you guys again! Hey Rainbow Flash say hello to my friends! “ Rainbow Flash says: “ Hi guys! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Soarin´ couldn´t make it, he´s training with the other Wonderbolts, by the way you´re looking at the new captain of The Wonderbolts! “ Twilight says: “ Wow that´s great Rainbow Dash! “ Sun Star says: “ Yeah congratulations to the captain position! “ Rainbow Dash says: “ Yeah thanks guys! “ Then two pony cars arrive and Applejack and Rarity comes out of both of them and they´re both surprised to see everypony here! Twilight says: “ Applejack, Rarity how´s it been?! “ Rarity says: “ Well I´ve been making dresses that my husband Spotlight have been using for his fashion model shows! “ Spotlight says: “ Hi everypony, nice to meet Raritys friends! This is our lovely daughter Ruby Star, say hello princess. “ Ruby Star says: “ Hello, it´s a pleasure to meet you all. “ Applejack says: “ Well I myself have been traveling and making apple cider when on my journey I met my partner here! “ Somepony says: “ Hi I´m Apple Fuji, and this is our daughter Apple Kicker. “ Apple Kicker says: “ Sup everypony! “ Then another pony car arrives and out comes Pinkie and somepony, they´re arguing, Pinkie says: “ Next time I´m driving Brown Cake! “ Brown Cake says: “ We both know how you behave in traffic! “ Pinkie says: “ Hey, what´s that suppose to mean! “ Twilight says: “ Pinkie! “ Pinkie says: “ Huh…. Twilight, Sun Star, everypony. You´re all here! “ Twilight says: “ Of course we are, don´t you remember the reunion?! “ Pinkie says: “ Of course I did, and by the way this is my husband Brown Cake! “ Brown Cake says: “ Hi everypony. “ Pinkie says: “ This is our daughter Peachie Pie, say hello. “ Peachie Pie says: “ I´m here to party, not to talk! “ Pinkie says: “ That´s my girl! “ Then somepony says: “ Did somepony say a party! “ Twilight says: “ Derpy! “ Derpy says: “ Hi everypony, I´m here to party and I brought muffins! “ Twilight says: “ The same old Derpy. “ Derpy says: “ Not entirely Twilight, here´s my husband Rain Claude! “ Rain Claude says: “ Hi everypony! “ Derpy says: “ This her is our daughter Sprinkles, say hello Sprinkles. “ Sprinkles says: “ Hi everypony, I like muffins! “ Fluttershy says: “ I guess we´re all here now! Should we go and meet up with our animal pets?! “ Twilight says: “ Wait, not everypony is here, where´s Spike?! “ Then a voice says: “ I´m here Twilight! “ Twilight says: “ Spike, you made it! “ Spike says: “ Of course I did, I didn´t miss out on my sisters wedding and I´m not planning to miss this for anything in the world, and by the way this is my girlfriend Buffy! “ Buffy says: “ Hi everypony, nice to finally meet Spikes friends! “ Twilight says: “ Nice to meet you too Buffy, I see you found a girlfriend Spike, I´m so happy for you and you´re also a teenager now! “ Spike says: “ Well time passes Twilight, and we grow older! “ Well with the gang assembled they head to Fluttershys house to meet up with their animal pets and they all have a good time, they tell stories from their past and the kids are playing and having fun with each other, and when the day comes to an end they all decide it´s time to leave and Twilight Star says: “ I don´t want to leave, I want to stay and play with my friends! “ The other kids agree, they don´t want to leave either. Then Twilight says: “ We can come back here and visit them again sometime. “ Twilight Star says: “ And when will that be! “ Twilight says: “ Eh…. “ Sun Star says: “ We´ll meet each other each weekend, that way none of us should have any problems with the time that is needed for our jobs! “ Everypony agrees, they think it´s a great idea. The kids get happy and they make a big group hug with each other. Twilight says: “ Ok then, let´s all meet here again in Ponyville and this time let´s make it less far away from each other, cause I think five years is a little bit too long! “ Then they all say goodbye to each other and Twilight, Sun Star and Twilight Star head back home, and leaving Ponyville. Twilight says: “ I think this went really well and the idea of meeting them again each weekend will be a good chance for Twilight Star to really get to know the other kids better! “ Sun Star says: “ Yeah I think so too, she will probably become best friends with them! “ Twilight Star watches through the back window as Ponyville slowly disappears behind her and she says: “ I´ll get to meet my new friends again next weekend, and we´re going to have so much fun! “ Then suddenly when they drive pass Canterlot, Twilight Star starts to feel something inside of her. Meanwhile in the castle one of the Elements of Harmony starts to slowly react, but when Twilight Star gets further away it stops to react. What could this mean? Is there a chance that Twilight Star is chosen by an Element of Harmony or is it something else? Nopony knows. But a new adventure might unfold due to this event, but what will it be and what could be in store if Twilight Star is indeed chosen by the Element. This is something that will be shown in a distant future.

One adventure ends and a new adventure unfolds.

Some random facts about the episodes:

Episode 17: A slumber party and possible new friendship.

Episode 18: A race between good friends with some twists.

Episode 19: Thor vs. Loki.

Episode 20: Twilights birthday.

Episode 21: Locust problems, protecting Sweet Apple Acres.

Episode 22: Derpy making dresses and a jealous Rarity.

Episode 23: The Cutie Mark Crusaders gets their Cutie Marks.

Episode 24: Nocturne returns, plus the aid of a pony in yellow shining coat and a white mane.

Episode 25: The teamwork with Accord and Discord.

Episode 26: The final battle against Nocturne.

Episode 27: The reunion of friends.

Ok guys this is the end and I don´t know if I´ll continue the story or not, we´ll see. Hope you enjoyed this project, it took me almost a month to finish. Leave a comment if you liked it.