My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – A World Beyond Equestria – Part 1 of 2:

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Twilight Sparkle: Mother of Twilight Star. Twilight´s husband is Sun Star. ---------------------------------------------------Rainbow Dash: Mother of Rainbow Flash. Rainbow´s husband is Soarin´. ---------------------------------------------------Applejack: Mother of Apple Kicker. Applejack´s husband is Apple Fuji. -------------------------------------------------------Rarity: Mother of Ruby Star. Rarity´s husband is Spotlight. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Pinkie Pie: Mother of Peachie Pie. Pinkie´s husband is Brown Cake. ----------------------------------------------------------Fluttershy: Mother of Lilyshy. Fluttershy´s husband is Sky Breeze. ------------------------------------------------------------Derpy: Mother of Sprinkles. Derpy´s husband is Rain Claude. -------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 1: “Harmony Beyond the Stars – Part 1“

It´s a peaceful evening in Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star has invited over Spike, Rainbow, Pinkie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Derpy and their kids for dinner. Twilight Sparkle decides that after they´ve eaten the food on the table in the dining room, they should all sit down and listen to a story that Twilight Sparkle is going to tell and Twilight Star says: But mom you never tell any interesting stories. Rainbow Flash says: Yeah you need to tell a story that is at least 20% cooler. Twilight Sparkle says: Okay tell what, I´m going tell a story about me and my friends having an adventure, does that sound better than the history stuff I´ve been talking about. The kids say yes and Twilight Sparkle starts to tell the story: Once upon a time in the magical land of Equestria seven ponies and their dragon friend lived in peaceful times in Ponyville and the seven ponies would soon be in for a big adventure. The story begins in the library of Ponyville where Twilight Sparkle and Spike are having a conversation: Spike you do know that the festival of the return of the comet that travels all around our galaxy will begin and that it will show up in the sky in about a week from now?! Plus that the festival will be held here right?! Spike says: Of course I know Twilight but do we need to rush on the preparations for the festival. Twilight says: You do know that Princess Celestia will be here right, so we must prepare as soon as possible. The others walk into the library and Rainbow says: What are you two talking about?! Twilight says: We need to prepare for the festival. Applejack says: Oh Twilight you´re just being so stressed up with all of this, just relax. Rarity says: Just like Applejack says relax, there´s no rush with the preparations. Pinkie says: Besides I´ve prepared with my party cannon and cakes, so there´s nothing to worry about. Derpy says: I´ve prepared with my brand new muffins, they will be delicious. Fluttershy says: So…um…relax Twilight. Spike says: See Twilight, even the others agree that you shouldn´t worry about this. Twilight says: I guess you´re all right. They all head outside to take a look around Ponyville to see what the others are doing, and they don´t seem to be in a hurry to get everything finished for now at least. While they are walking around in town they soon notice that a dark void opens up in the sky and out flies a Stallion Pegasus Unicorn and lands at Town hall and all the ponies in Ponyville even Twilight and her friends gather around him to listen what he has to say. The stallion says: I have come to this world because I seek the guardians of this planet and if they don´t show up then I´ll destroy this planet along with all of you ponies. Everypony starts to panic and Twilight and her friends head to the library to get the Elements of Harmony and then they head back to Town hall and the stallion says: Show yourselves guardians or this world will suffer! Twilight says: We´re here and if you want to destroy this world then you have to get through us! The stallion turns towards them and says: Ah so these are the guardians that have been protecting this world. I´m not here to have a battle with you puny foals, I came here to conquer this world and I would appreciate if you would disappear from this world forever! The Stallion then whips up a void around Twilight and her friends and they disappear in to the void. The stallion then says: Look how easy I´ve beaten your so called guardians with little to no effort. Now this world will suffer in their absent! Twilight and her friends wake up in an unrecognizable forest and Rainbow says: Okay where are we?! Applejack says: I don´t know but I´m pretty sure we´re not in Equestria anymore. They all look up towards the sky and they notice six planets above them. Twilight says: I don´t think we´re in our own world anymore, we´re in a completely different galaxy, and Spike and everypony else are in danger because of that stallion. We need to find a way to get back home and stop that stallion. They all agree and they start to walk through this forest on this unknown planet. Will Twilight and her friends be able to get back home or will it be too late to save their world? To Be Continued.

Episode 2: “Harmony Beyond the Stars – Part 2“

Twilight and her friends are walking through the forest when they suddenly reach the end of the forest and they notice a city at the distance, they decide to head there and possibly find some answers where they are. They arrive at the city and they notice some ponies that they´ve never seen before, ponies that are made out of fire, ice, water and electricity. The citizens look at Twilight and the others as well, wondering who they are. As they are walking along six ponies stops and talks to them and one of them says: You look like you´re lost, you´re not from around here are you. Twilight says: No we were teleported here from our own planet in a different galaxy. The same pony says: Ah I understand, allow me to introduce myself, I´m Blitz, and as you can see I´m a Thunder Pegasus. Somepony else says: I´m Blaze and I´m a Flame Unicorn. Another one says: Hi I´m Chilly nice to meet you, I´m an Ice Pegasus. Somepony says: Hi everypony I´m Wave and I´m an Aqua Unicorn. Then somepony else says: Hi ladies I´m Storm and I´m a Wind Pegasus. Then the last one says: Nice to meet you I´m Ivy and I´m an Earth Pony. Blitz says: We´re the guardians of this world that we have named Pony Utopia, and the planet we´re standing on right now is called the Main Sphere and up in the sky you can see the Thunder Sphere, the Pyro Sphere, the Arctic Sphere, the Hydro Sphere, the Sky Sphere and the Forest Sphere. Blaze says: We all were born on each individual Sphere. Chilly says: We all had to go through trials to become guardians of Pony Utopia. Wave says: Not everypony gets the chance to become a guardian. Storm says: It is a huge honor to be accepted as the guardians of our world. Ivy says: None of us regret becoming a guardian either. Twilight and her friends then introduce themselves and they talk about what happened to them in Equestria. Blitz says: That´s terrible, I hope you will be able to return to stop this stallion. Blaze says: In the meantime would you want us to show you around the city. They would love to. So they all that a walk around the city and Twilight spots a library but she´ll have to visit there another time, the others also found something interesting along the way. They all then stop outside a house and Chilly says that they can stay here if they want. It is enough room for all of them. Twilight and the others thank the guardians and the guardians say that if they need something they just have to come to them and they will help. They all head inside and they are all just amazed how beautiful the house is from the inside. They all begin to choose their rooms and Rainbow says: This is my room but it needs some new colors on the walls and ceiling! Applejack says: I think this room will be good enough for me. Pinkie says: Wow this is the most awesome room I´ve ever seen, it just needs some Pinkie renovation and then this will fit me just fine. Rarity says: Well I certainly think this room needs some type changes and that will suit me. Fluttershy says: I think this room will be the best choice, the only thing that is missing is some animals but I might be able to fix that. Derpy says: Well this is my room and I think it´s just perfect. Twilight says: Well I guess I´ll take this room the only thing missing is a few book shelves and it will be my personal study room. Later that day when they´ve finished with their room decorations they all sit down in the kitchen and talk about everything that has happened today and how they will get back to Equestria. Twilight says: I hope we will be able to get back home. Applejack says: Yeah me too, otherwise I will never see my family again. Rainbow says: Hey let´s all have a fun time here and figure out how to get back later okay?! Pinkie says: Yeah Dashie is right we have to stop being so worried about all of this. Rarity says: Yes it is far too early to worry about this until we´ve actually found the answers that we might find here. Fluttershy says: I hope I´ll be able to see my animal friends and of course Angel and everypony else. Derpy says: I´m sure you will Fluttershy. Then they all went to bed to wake up to a new beautiful day in this new world they´ve found themselves in, with hopes of finding any clues or help how to get back to Equestria.

Episode 3: “Ponies in Paradise“

Twilight and her friends decide to take a sightseeing through the city and they check out the different stores as well, along their they run in to the guardians and Blitz asks if they´re enjoying what this city has to offer, and Twilight and her friends says that they do, there´s so many different stuff in this city then back in Ponyville. The guardians decide to tag along with them and as they´re walking along some stallion yells at them: We don´t like outsiders in our world! Blaze looks at him and says: You´re the one to talk Black, you were new to this world as well and that was just a couple of weeks ago. Black then walks away without saying anything. Chilly says: Don´t worry about Black he´s been grumpy ever since he came to Pony Utopia. Twilight says: We all have our bad side, I´m sure he didn´t mean it. The guardians then decide to show Twilight and her friends the more beautiful places on the Main Sphere, the show them a beautiful waterfall surrounded by exotic trees, and in the lake in front of the waterfall different birds they´ve never seen gathered to sing a beautiful song. Fluttershy says: This place is so full of life and the creatures all look so graceful, I would´ve never imagined such a wonderful place in existence. Ivy says: I agree with you Fluttershy this place is breathtaking. They then head to a farm with vegetables they´ve never seen before and exotic flowers as well and Applejack says: Well I say this is probably the most impressive farm I´ve ever seen and been to, there´s so many different vegetables and flowers that I´ve never seen before, I´m just speechless how there could exist such a farm in this world. It has given me ideas for my farm back in Equestria at Sweet Apple Acres. Wave says: Well Applejack we have the best ponies working at this farm and they always try to do their best. Then they head to bakery in the city and Pinkie and Derpy notice how many different cakes and muffins there exist in this bakery. Storm says: Well it is our finest bakery on the Main Sphere. Chilly says: We always head here if we want any delicious cakes and muffins, a bakery exist on each sphere but this is still our favorite bakery. They then head to fashion dress factory with dresses beyond reality and Rarity gets all excited and says: These are the most beautiful dresses I´ve ever seen and the way they are designed and made is just breathtaking, I have to give these hard working ponies credit, these dresses are beautiful. Blaze says: I´m glad you like them Rarity, I´m also in to fashion even if my body would just burn up the dresses because of the fire surrounding my body. They then arrive to Pegasus academy for flight, skill and speed and they are all training hard with their movement, Stallions, Mares, Colts and Fillies are all trying to become better flyers and Rainbow says: Wow this must be the most awesome and coolest thing I´ve ever seen in my life, it just makes me want to practice myself to become even better. I do consider myself quite experienced with style, skill and speed so I wouldn´t have any problem to practice here. Blitz says: I really like your attitude Rainbow Dash. I think it would be an inspiration for everypony here at the academy if you showed your flight abilities. They then head to the largest library in Pony Utopia and Twilight just gets all excited, there´s so many different books here and they could have information about different galaxies and possibly their own galaxy. Rainbow however says: I think we´ll leave this for another day Twilight, because we do know how much you like to read and study books. They then head back to their house and say goodbye to the guardians and they all start to talk about what they´ve seen today, and as the day comes to an end they all decide to head to bed to wake up to a new adventure tomorrow.

Episode 4: “A Rainbow Strike“

Rainbow is practicing on her flight skills around their house with Twilight and the others watching. Then Blitz comes along and sees Rainbows skills and speed and asks if Rainbow wants to tag along to Thunder Sphere to train with her and the other Thunder Pegasi. Rainbow says: Wow you really mean it. That would be so totally awesome. Is it okay with you guys that I head off for some training with Blitz? Twilight says: Of course it is, we´ll see you later Rainbow. Rainbow and Blitz head of to the Thunder Sphere, they have to use a teleporter from the Main Sphere to get there and as soon as they arrive to the landscape on the Thunder Sphere Rainbow soon get impressed how it looks like. Blitz says: Well this is the Thunder Sphere, and as the name gives a hint it´s always thunder storms here. Rainbow says: That is so awesome, and I love the terrain as well. Blitz says: Yeah this is probably my favorite sphere out of all seven since it is where I was born. Now let´s fly and meet the others. They soon meet up with the other Thunder Pegasi and they all look at Rainbow and wonder who she could be. Blitz says: Okay everypony this is Rainbow Dash she is going to train with us. They all start to laugh and one of them says: How will a pony that doesn´t have lightning abilities be able to train with us. Rainbow says: Well I´m here try and that´s what I´m going to do! They all then start to train they begin with a little race from the mountain they´re standing on to the mountain in the distant. They all head to their starting positions and the race begins and Rainbow is the first one away from the starting point. She looks back to see where the others and all she sees is electricity fly past her at full speed and reach the other mountain before her. When Rainbow arrives to the mountain one of the ponies says: What took you Rainbow Dash?! Are you tired after all that flying around?! Blitz then says: That´s enough out of you, Rainbow Dash is trying to learn how to become faster. Rainbow says: And I will become faster, that I promise you all. Somepony says: Well you seem determined so we´ll give you another chance. They decide to have a race back to the other mountain they began their race and one pony says: I hope you can keep up with us Rainbow Dash otherwise you won´t have a chance to win this race. The race then starts and the others fly ahead of Rainbow and one of them says: Are you coming or not?! Rainbow then starts to fill up with energy and a lightning symbol appears on her chest and she takes off at the speed of light, her body is all covered in electricity and she flies past everypony and wins the race. Blitz says: Wow I´ve never seen such power from anypony before, your speed was the fastest I´ve seen in my entire life. Then the other Pegasi comes and congratulate her and one of them says: I´m sorry we were so hard on you, and we take everything back, you´re one of us now. Rainbow says: That was some awesome speed. Rainbow then shoots of some electricity to destroy a giant rock on the ground. Blitz says: It seems you´ve gained an extremely amount of power thanks to your determination. Rainbow says: Yeah and I think I´m going to show of these powers to my friends, I´m sure they´ll get impressed by my training. She then says goodbye to Blitz and the other Thunder Pegasi. Rainbow now has the ability to turn her body into electricity and also use really strong lightning attacks on stuff, plus she has gained some new speed as well. She shows her powers to Twilight and the others and Twilight says: Wow Rainbow that is really great and now you can indeed call yourself the fastest flyer in Pony Utopia. The others agree with Twilight, they then all head to bed since the day is pretty much over and tomorrow waits another adventure.

Episode 5: “Flutter of the Forest“

Fluttershy is taking care of some sick and hurt animals outside their house, she´s giving them medicine and taking care of their injuries as well as giving them food. Ivy walks by their house and sees how caring Fluttershy is towards the animals and she says: You´re really good with animals I see Fluttershy. Fluttershy says: Thank you Ivy, I take care of animals a lot back at home, this is something I always enjoy doing when me and my friends are not rescuing our world from disaster. Ivy asks if Fluttershy wants to come to the Forest Sphere with her since the Forest Sphere has the majority of animal life on that planet. Fluttershy says: I´d love to see all the animals and the nature on that planet. They then head towards the place where the teleporter exists to travel to the Forest Sphere, and once they arrive Fluttershy is overwhelmed by beautiful forest, she´s never seen this kind of forest back on their planet. Ivy says: Fluttershy, welcome to the Forest Sphere. Here you will find different kinds of trees and animals as well, shall we take a walk through the forest. Fluttershy is just taken away by the beauty of this forest and all the animal life as well. They come across a squirrel looking creature that´s stuck in some mud and can´t get out. Fluttershy goes and helps the squirrel and the squirrel is grateful for Fluttershy helping it and cuddles with Fluttershy. Then Fluttershy and Ivy notice that other animals are approaching them and Fluttershy says that they don´t have to be afraid of them. The animals then move closer and Fluttershy says: I know, I´ll find some food for you all. She flies off and finds some different kind of fruit in the trees and bushes. She then gives the fruit to the animals and they all thank her for the food. Ivy notice how much Fluttershy loves animals and asks: Would you like to be able to use some magical powers to sprout trees and different kind plants out of the ground. Fluttershy says that she would love to learn how to do magic. They both head to a open area in the forest and Fluttershy begins her training and Ivy shows her what Fluttershy will be able to do and sprouts a apple tree from the ground. Ivy says that Fluttershy must focus on what she wants to sprout. Fluttershy then closes her eyes and thinks of an apple tree but the only thing that happens is that she sprouts a rose from the ground. Fluttershy gets a bit disappointed but Ivy says that if she practices she will be able to grow beautiful trees eventually. Fluttershy keeps on trying over and over again until she suddenly starts to feel the nature around her and it gives her the power she needs. A tree suddenly starts to glow on her chest and she sprouts a Cherry Blossom tree and Ivy gets impressed and says: I´ve never seen this kind of tree before, is this a tree that exists in your world. Fluttershy says: Yes this is a tree that exists on our planet, I think it´s such a beautiful tree and I was focusing so I would be able to sprout this tree. Ivy says: It is truly a beautiful a tree, and I´m wondering if you could teach me how to sprout one since this is a tree I´ve never seen before. Fluttershy says that she needs to focus on the trees appearance and she will be able to sprout one. Ivy then sprouts one and Fluttershy says: You did it Ivy. You sprouted a Cherry Blossom tree. Ivy says: So it´s called Cherry Blossom tree, I think that´s a fitting name for such a beautiful tree, thank you Fluttershy for showing me this wonderful tree. Fluttershy says: I should be the one thanking you, since you taught me how to sprout trees and other plants. I thank you with all my heart. They then say goodbye to each other and Fluttershy says goodbye to the animals as well. Fluttershy shows her sprout growing powers to her friends and they all get impressed, now if they need any fruit they can just ask Fluttershy to sprout a tree with fruit, and she also now have knowledge of new trees that she´s never seen before so now she will be able to sprout those as well. The day ends and tomorrow maybe somepony else will learn how to use magical powers as Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash but that´s for tomorrow.

Episode 6: “Fashion With a Burning Passion“

Rarity is working on some dresses in their living room when she suddenly notice that she doesn´t have any gems to decorate her dresses, all her gems are still back in Equestria. As she is panicking about her gem problem Blaze comes inside and asks Rarity what she is doing. Rarity says that she needs to find some gems so she can continue making her dresses. Blaze says that Rarity might be able to find gems on Pyro Sphere. Rarity says: Okay let´s head there right the way Blaze. Rarity and Blaze takes the teleporter to Pyro Sphere and when they arrive, Rarity notice that the terrain is composed of lava and sand. Blaze says: Welcome to my home Rarity, this planet is a very dry and dangerous place thanks to the heat that has a presence on Pyro Sphere but you should be fine until we find some gems for you. Blaze mentions that every Flame Unicorn is protected from both heat and lava, they can literally walk in and under the lava surface with full eye vision so they don´t get lost when they are searching for stuff underneath the lava. As they are walking along Rarity starts to feel the heat getting to her and she is almost about to collapse when Blaze says: Should we turn back Rarity because you don´t seem to be feeling alright. Rarity says: No I have to find these gems that you spoke of, I´m not turning back! Blaze sees how determined Rarity is and says: Rarity I will teach you how to use our fire powers because that will protect you from this heat. They then stop and Blaze says that Rarity need to focus on the heat around and let it flow through her. Rarity then start to focus and almost collapsing and she says: No I have to stay focused! Rarity then starts to feel something new in her body and a flame appears and starts to glow on her chest, her body then transforms into fire and she starts to use her fire powers and regains full control of herself again. She then tries to use her fire powers and she uses them to be able to shoot fire streams across the ground and she also flies through the air using her fire powers as a rocket to propel herself off the ground, she flies around for a little bit and then she lands next to Blaze and Blaze says: I´m assuming you´re feeling better now. Rarity says: Of course, thank you for teaching me something that I didn´t know I had the ability to do. Blaze says: No problem, by the way you´re the first Flame Unicorn to use your powers to fly through the air, and me myself haven´t even thought about using my powers to fly at all. Rarity says: Well now you know it´s possible to do this, and what do you say should we find those gems now. Blaze says: Yeah I think we should. They both head down underneath the lava with Rarity being skeptical in the beginning to find gems and Rarity ends up finding tons of gems and she uses her Unicorn powers to carry them. They then head towards the surface but on their way a rock falls and lands on Blaze and she gets stuck underneath it. Rarity sees this and uses her fire powers to shoot the block away with a smaller fire shot. They then head up to the surface and Blaze says: Hey Rarity thanks for helping me, if you would´ve not been around I would still be stuck under that and probably nopony would find me. Rarity says: Don´t mention it, generosity is technically my middle name if you want to call me something like that. Rarity then says goodbye to Blaze and head back to the others to show them her fire powers and Rainbow says: Well if we want a forest fire then we can always count on you. Everypony says: Rainbow! Rainbow says: What?! I wasn´t serious guys, you all need to be able to take a joke sometimes. Rarity says: I hope you can take a joke Rainbow because I might paint your room with fire. Rainbow says: Well you might get some electricity problems if you´re not careful. Then they both start laugh and this day comes to an end as well. It seems as if all of them are gaining new powers who´s it going to be next time, maybe they will find out tomorrow.

Episode 7: “Pink As the Wind“

Pinkie is walking around town and talking to everypony and trying to make new friends with them as Pinkie usually always does, only that this time there´re a lot more ponies than just one new pony, but they don´t really seem to care about her appearance in town. Storm walks up to Pinkie and asks: Who´s it going with making new friends Pinkie?! Pinkie says: Well I thought they would be happy to see me, but they just keep on walking past me without saying anything to me. Storm says: I´m guessing they´re not used to see a different pony kind in Pony Utopia. Pinkie says: I just wanted to have fun and meet new friends. Storm then says: I know where we could go. We could head to the Sky Sphere, I´m pretty sure the other Wind Pegasus will love you for the way you are. Pinkie says: Okey dokey lokey! They both head to the teleporter that leads to the Sky Sphere and when they arrive, Pinkie just looks at all the clouds around her, they look like cotton candy. Storm says: Welcome to the Sky Sphere, my home world. Shall we go and meet the other Wind Pegasi. Pinkie says: Okay. They then head to meet up with a few other Wind Pegasi and they start to ask Storm why there´s an Earth Pony here. Storm says: She´s my friend and we´ve come here so she can make new friends. One of the Pegasi says: If she wants to make friends with ponies then she should probably make friends with Earth Ponies, because if you haven´t noticed Storm she´s just a normal Earth Pony with no powers and we´re Wind Pegasi, she can´t possibly think that she can make friends with which pony she ever wants. Storm says: Her friends are all Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi back on her world. The same pony says: Well I´m still keeping to what I said, but if she in some way learns how to fly, which I doubt, then we might consider becoming friends with her. Pinkie says: Well consider that already done! Uh how am I, suppose to be able to fly without wings. Storm says: I´ll teach Pinkie Pie. They then head off to train without any interference from other Wind Pegasi. Storm then tells Pinkie that she needs to focus on the wind that is blowing around her. She needs to feel the presence of the wind. Pinkie closes her eyes and starts to focus on feeling the wind around her and she then opens her eyes and notices that she has taken off from the ground. She gets a bit too excited and falls back to the ground again and Storm says: You need to stay focused Pinkie otherwise you won´t be able to fly. Pinkie then focuses again but with open eyes and she soon starts to feel wind inside her body and a cloud appears on her chest and it´s glowing as well. Pinkie turns into a Wind Earth Pony and she uses her powers to be able to fly like any normal Pegasus, she is also able to shoot powerful wind attacks that can cut right through trees and make them fall, and she´s basically as fast as the wind now, not that she wasn´t fast to begin with while running on the ground. Storm gets impressed and says: Well Pinkie you´re the first official Wind Earth Pony. What do you say should we fly and show the other Wind Pegasi your flight ability? Pinkie says: Yeah let´s do this. They fly back to the other Wind Pegasi and one of them says: Well it seems you´ve learned how to fly but do you know how to use your wind attacks. Pinkie then launches a huge hurricane towards some trees on the ground and makes them all fall in one hit. The Wind Pegasi looks at the trees speechless until one of them says: Okay we´re sorry we treated you this way Pinkie and we would want to be your friends. Everypony else agrees with the Wind Pegasus. The same one says: You must have some really strong wind power cause we´ve never been able to chop down trees with our powers. Pinkie says: Practice makes perfect. Storm says: I have to say Pinkie you impressed me and the others, even my powers aren´t as strong as yours. Pinkie says: If you all just keep practicing you will become stronger, that´s what I learned from my time here. Pinkie then says goodbye to Storm and the other Wind Pegasi and head back to show the other her wind powers and Applejack says: Well I hope you don´t start a hurricane with your powers Pinkie because otherwise we would all get blown away. Pinkie says: I promise to use my powers for good reasons if I ever need to. The day comes to an end and they all go to bed in hopes of both a beautiful weather and a new adventure tomorrow.

Episode 8: “Learning the Hard Wave“

Applejack is in the garden outside their house planting some seeds, and when she´s done planting the seeds she looks up to the sky if she can find any rain could but there´s no rain cloud in sight. Applejack says: If wish it could start to rain so my seeds that I brought with me can grow a bit faster. Wave comes along and sees Applejacks work and asks: HI Applejack what are you doing. Applejack says: I´ve planted these seeds from my home world and I wish they could grow faster and I don´t see any rain in the sky. Wave says: Would you like to be able to use water powers like us Aqua Unicorns, you will be able to grow your seeds in an instant but we will have to head to my home world, the Hydro Sphere. Applejack says: Well why didn´t you tell me about that from the start, let´s head to your home planet. They then head to the teleporter that leads to the Hydro Sphere planet and when they arrive, Applejack notice the large amount of water masses around Hydro Sphere. Wave says: Welcome to the Hydro Sphere, my home. Come let me introduce you to my friends here on Hydro Sphere. They then head to meet Waves friends and Wave introduces Applejack and one of them says: An Earth Pony. Is this one the new ponies that arrived to the Main Sphere a few days ago. Wave says: Yes she is, and she´s my friend. One of the Aqua ponies says: Well if you´re friends with Wave then you´re our friend as well, nice to meet you Applejack. Everypony else says hello to Applejack and Applejack says: Nice to meet you all everypony. Wave says: I´m going to teach Applejack how to become an Aqua Unicorn. The others think that´s an excellent idea. They then begins with Applejacks training and they start of by saying that she needs to learn how to breath under water so she jumps in and takes a dive under water and notice a city underneath the water surface, she tries to swim to the city but soon starts to feel that she´s running out of air and she has to return to the surface. Wave asks: How did it go Applejack?! Applejack says: I couldn´t breathe under water and I had to return back to the surface. One of the Aqua Unicorns says: You need to focus when you go under water otherwise you won´t be able to stay in it at all. Applejack then dives back into the water and she starts to focus but she soon feels that she´s running out of air again and tries to swim up again but falls to water floor unconscious. Up at the surface Wave and the other Aqua Unicorns are starting to get worried for her and Wave is just about to jump in when they suddenly see a water current rise up towards the surface, it then shoots up into the air and starts flying around in the air as well. It´s Applejack and she´s learned how to breathe under water and she has a glowing water wave on her chest, she lands next to Wave and Applejack says: Well this is definitely different I feel like I´m made out of water now. Her body has changed into the form of an Aqua Unicorn and Wave says: Applejack you´ve learned how to use your water powers and you´ve used them in a way that we´ve never thought was possible. You used your water powers to fly through the air like a water stream. None of us have been able to do that. Applejack says: Oh chucks. I don´t think that was really all that special, I´m pretty sure all of you can learn how to do the same thing as I did. Wave says: I´m pretty sure we will, at least some day. Applejack then launches a stream of water to take down a tree with full force, and they all get impressed and Wave says: Just remember Applejack, don´t use that much amount of water on your seeds otherwise you will just destroy your garden instead. Applejack promise and says goodbye to Wave and the other Aqua Unicorns, Applejack will have to explore that under water city some other time. She heads back to show the others and uses her water powers to make the seeds grow instantly and Pinkie says: Wow that´s awesome, and now if I want to take a shower I can just ask you to use your water attacks. Applejack then launches a tiny stream of water on Pinkie and she gets all wet and says: Maybe I´ll just stick to an actual shower that doesn´t like to have that much of an amount of water pouring on my face. They all then start to laugh and the day ends and tomorrow´s another adventure in Pony Utopia.

Episode 9: “Chillin´ in the Blue“

Derpy is on top of a mountain next to the city they´re living in and she has the most beautiful view over the Main Sphere. Chilly sees Derpy on the mountain and decides to fly and talk to Derpy and she says: Hey Derpy, what are you doing?! Derpy says: I´m watching out over the Main Sphere, this is such a beautiful view in my opinion. Chilly says: Yeah I think this is a beautiful view as well, I enjoy looking out from tall mountains on my home planet the Arctic Sphere. Hey Derpy would you like to see how the Arctic Sphere looks like. Derpy says: Sure why not. They then head to the teleporter that leads to the Arctic Sphere and when they arrive, Derpy feels how cold it is here and all the tall mountains as well. Chilly says: Well this is the Arctic Sphere, my home. If you´re not used to cold Derpy then I might have to teach you how to become an Ice Pegasus. They then start to fly and after a little while Derpy starts to feel even more frozen than before and Chilly says: Maybe I need to teach you how to become an Ice Pegasus earlier than I thought I had to. They then stop and land on the ground and Chilly says to Derpy that she need to focus on the cold around her but Derpy is getting worse by the minute, but Chilly says: You need to stay focused Derpy otherwise the cold will get you! Derpy then tries to focus on the cold but instead she starts to pass out. Chilly says: No Derpy you need to stay focused. Derpy then starts to feel something inside her body and she soon regain consciousness and a snow flake appears on her chest glowing and she then transforms into an Ice Pegasus and Chilly says: How are you feeling Derpy!? Derpy says: I´m feeling much better now, it feels like my body has been turned into ice. Her body is indeed made out of ice and they both then fly to the tallest mountain on the Arctic Sphere and Chilly says: This is my favorite spot to meditate and watch the beautiful view over the landscape. Derpy agrees that this is really beautiful. Derpy then with no intention launches a blast of ice towards to sky and Chilly gets impressed by Derpy´s huge amount of ice powers, since she made a huge ice blast fly towards the sky. Chilly says: Hey I know let´s make some ice sculptures. They head to the bottom the mountain and the start making ice sculptures. Chilly makes an ice cube while Derpy makes an ice muffin and Chilly says: Wow that´s an impressive sculpture Derpy, I´ve never seen any Ice Pegasus, make something that is as well designed as that muffin. Derpy says: Well I did help Rarity that one time to make dresses back on our home world, so I guess I may have gotten talent from there. Derpy then says goodbye to Chilly and flies back to the teleporter and take it back to the Main Sphere to show her friends that she can now use ice powers to make different things, although the ice will probably melt because of the sun on the Main Sphere. When she gets back to the others Fluttershy says: I hope you don´t use those ice powers to freeze trees and my animal friends that I´ve met here. Derpy says: You don´t have to worry Fluttershy, I won´t use my ice powers unless I need to. It seems that all of them have gotten their own powers except for Twilight, maybe she´ll get her powers tomorrow, nopony really knows. The day is nearing its end and they all head inside to get some good night sleep, because tomorrow begins a new wonderful day in Pony Utopia.

Episode 10: “Elements of Two Worlds“

Twilight and her friends are sitting in the garden and talking about their powers and different stuff and while they´re talking the guardians of Pony Utopia shows up outside their garden and Blitz says: Hello everypony do mind if we come and take a seat with you all. Twilight says: No of course not, come and take a seat. You want to eat any of our fruit and vegetables while you´re here. They all say thank you to the food and Blaze says: We didn´t just come here to eat, we have all been thinking and we want to show you all something in a sanctuary outside this city. Chilly says: It has something to do why you all got your powers. Wave says: Yes I think you need to see this. Storm says: It might be clearer why you got your powers to begin with. Ivy says: So if you don´t mind, could we show you all the power source of our world. Rainbow says: Sure I´d love to see this power source it seems to feel like our Elements of Harmony! Blitz says: You have a power source as well?! Twilight says: Yes we have a power source and I can go and get them if you want. Blaze says: Okay, please do Twilight. Twilight goes and gets the Elements and says: This is the Elements of Harmony, they hold a huge amount of power that we´ve used to protect our world from evil. Chilly says: Wow I didn´t think there existed any more power sources in the galaxy. Apparently I was wrong about that. Wave says: You say you´ve used these Elements to protect your world from evil. Storm says: We have never encountered evil in our time being the Guardians of Pony Utopia but perhaps our ancestors had to face evil in the past. Ivy says: You see we have always been in peace and have never really had to use our power source to protect Pony Utopia. Rarity says: Well it is a tough job and we´ve been close to being defeated every time, but we never gave up, that was what gained us the power to win against evil. Blitz says: Then we are all certain that you need to see this. They all head of towards the sanctuary and behind them a pony was listening to their conversation and decides to follow them. They all then arrive to the sanctuary and they see different drawings on the wall and at the end of the huge room an altar with a lock that only the guardians have access to. They open the lock with their powers combined and up from the altar rises six tiaras that resembles Twilights Element of Magic tiara. Pinkie says: Wow they look like Twilights Element of Magic. Chilly says: These are the power source of Pony Utopia. Wave says: They all gain their powers from the six elemental sphere planets, our home worlds. Storm says: We´ve given these tiaras of power the name, the Elements of Nature. Ivy says: If anything were to happen to the different elemental spheres, and eco system gets destroyed, the Elements of Nature would lose their powers and if evil would show up we would not be able to use them to stop this evil from destroying Pony Utopia. Outside the sanctuary the pony that listened to their conversation before heard everything they said in the sanctuary and says: This is indeed sad, it would be bad if somepony would find out about this information and use it to their advantage. The pony then walks away with an evil grin on his face and inside the sanctuary Twilight says: You don´t have to worry as long as we´re still here nothing will happen to Pony Utopia. Blitz says: I thank you Twilight Sparkle, I thank you all. I hope this day won´t have to come since we know how much you have to work to keep your world safe. Rainbow says: We´re all used to it. Applejack says: But we still have that problem back in Equestria with that Unicorn Pegasus that wants to destroy our world. Blaze says: I hope you will be able to get back to stop this evil pony. Derpy says: I pretty sure we´ll get back in some way to save our world, we´ll just have to wait for it to happen. Then they all start to walk towards the exit of the sanctuary when suddenly the Elements of Nature starts to react towards Rainbow, Fluttershy, Pinkie, Rarity, Applejack and Derpy. Their symbols appear again on their chests and Chilly says: The Elements of Nature are reacting towards you all. Wave says: You must have a connection to the Elements of Nature as well. Storm says: That´s probably why you were able to gain your new powers and new forms. Ivy says: It seems you can also wield these Elements. After a little while the Elements stop to react and their symbols on their chests disappears and they all head outside, they say goodbye to each other and they walk back home. Twilight is wondering why the Elements of Nature reacted towards her friends and not her, isn´t Twilight apart of the Elements or is it something else, maybe she´ll find out some other day. They all walk back in the beautiful sunset and new adventures waits tomorrow.

Episode 11: “Favor With No Trust“

Twilight and her friends are talking a walk through the city and enjoying stores and the other ponies that are actually saying hello to them now, they´ve probably gotten used to them by now. As they are walking along they run into the stallion that said he didn´t like outsiders and he´s arguing with the mail pony about a letter and Twilight says: Is there a problem here?! The stallion turns towards them and says: Oh it´s you, I´m sorry for what I said before. I was a bit grumpy that day. I´m sorry I haven´t introduced myself, I´m Black and I live here in town and my mother lives the woods next to this town and I wanted the mail pony to bring this letter to my mother but he said he was busy, and I have to get back to work. Twilight says: We can deliver your letter if you want. Black says: Would you do that for me after what I did to you?! Rainbow says: Forget the bad things you said, that´s in the past. Pinkie says: Yeah we´re going to help you. Black says: Okay then, I´ve already said where my mother lives, just come and see me when you´re done and I´ll reward you all for all the work you´ve done. They then head off to the forest and deep inside they find a house and Derpy says: Could this be the place where Blacks mother lives? Applejack says: I don´t know, let´s check it out. They all head to the house and Twilight knocks on the door and says: Hello is anypony home!? Twilight opens the door and they walk inside and Rarity says: Wow this place is worse than your room Rainbow Dash, this has got to be the most unclean and unhealthy house in existence. Rainbow says: Hey my room isn´t that bad you should see Pinkies room, it´s a total mess with everything that she keeps throwing on the floor. They start to look around in the house but they don´t find anypony so they head down to the basement and when they get to the center of a big room down some steel bars comes up from the ground and they get trapped in a cage, Twilight and Rarity tries to use their Unicorn magic to bend the bars but it doesn´t work. Then they hear a laugher coming from one of the dark corners of the room and Black appears and says: I see you fell for my trap, I thought you ponies were smarter than this, but apparently I was wrong, you didn´t see through my façade and that will cost you. Twilight says: What are you talking about Black!? Black says: I´m talking about that I want to get rid of you meddling ponies, ever since you came here I had to stay in the shadows until today when I finally got the information I needed and that is all I can thank you for and now I have no more need of your services. Rainbow says: Okay what are you talking about!? What is this information! Black says: Well I guess I can tell. It´s how I´ll be able to take away the power of the Elements of Nature, and all I need to do is to destroy the elemental spheres and their powers will be gone and the guardians will be powerless against me. Rarity says: What are you going to do to us! Black says: That´s a simple answer my dear. I´m going to drop this cage with you inside into the core of the Main Sphere where you will all burn into crisps. Twilight says: You won´t get away with this the guardians will… Black says: WRONG!! Black then pushes a button and the ground opens up and the cage starts fall into the core of the Main Sphere. Black says: Well that´s one less problem in this world. He then walks away. Twilight says: We have to think of something! Derpy can you freeze the area underneath us so we don´t continue falling down to the core! Derpy changes to her ice form and freezes everything underneath them. Twilight says: Rarity could you use your fire to melt the bars! Rarity changes to her fire form and starts to shoot fire at the bars and they begin to melt. Derpy then says: I can´t keep on doing this forever, I need help or the cage will fall again. Twilight says: Applejack use your water attacks to help Derpy make it easier for her to freeze the ice! Applejack changes to her water form and starts to shoot water all around the ice to make it easier for Derpy to freeze everything underneath them. Twilight says: Fluttershy you need to grow some vines out of the wall so we can climb up them! Fluttershy changes to tree form and makes roots come out of the wall and they start to climb while Rainbow, Fluttershy and Derpy flies along side with the others, and as they look down they noticed that the ice cracks and the cage continues to fall down into the core. As they are climbing Rarity loses her grip and falls and Twilight says: Pinkie use your wind powers to save Rarity and make it so we fly up to the house again. Pinkie changes to her wind form and uses a strong wind gust to make them all fly really fast up to the house again, and when they end up back at the house they notice that Black has put up an electrical force field around the hole in the basement and the switch to turn it off is on the wall outside of the force field. Twilight says: Rainbow you´re the only one who can interact with the electricity you have to destroy that switch! Rainbow changes to her lightning form and walks through the field and destroys the switch. They all head outside and Twilight says: We have to warn the guardians about Black! They head to warn the guardians, and they get really angry about this. What could Black be planning, all they know is that it isn´t something that will make Pony Utopia a better place.

Episode 12: “Library of Knowledge“

Twilight and her friends are heading to the Library of Knowledge and it´s in a different city on the Main Sphere and Twilight is probably most excited out of all of them. Twilight says: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! We´re almost there! Rainbow says: Jeez Twilight, you need to calm down it´s just a library, just like the one you live in back in Ponyville. Twilight says: Rainbow, this isn´t just a normal library it´s the largest library in this galaxy, it has more books than the library in Ponyville! Rainbow says: Well I still think you need to take it easy! Rarity says: Yes like Rainbow Dash said you need take it easy and stay calm. Twilight says: But I´m so excited that I can´t help it! They then arrive to the library and they notice the size of the building, it´s enormous. They head inside and Twilight starts to freak out by the amount of books, but a librarian tells her to keep it down while she´s in the library. They then head to a section that might have information about their home planet and they actually do find one book with information about their world. It is about Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and how they used the Elements of Harmony to defeat Discord. It seems nopony has read any books in this section in probably thousands of years since the book about Equestria is completely dusty. Pinkie finds a book and reads it and says: Hey everypony this book is about some creatures called humans and they live along side with animals and even ponies. Applejack says: Yeah that really sounds interesting Pinkie. Pinkie says: You really mean that. Applejack says: Nope, I just wanted to make you feel better. Rarity says: Hey be nice to Pinkie, if she finds a book that she thinks is interesting then you shouldn´t be mean to her. Applejack says: I´m sorry Pinkie. Pinkie says: It´s okay, no offense taken. You on the other hoof! Pinkie finds a Twilight book and says: How dare you take the name of my friend! Twilight however sees a book at the end of the library that she finds interesting and she approaches it and says: I wonder why this book is locked inside this glass cover. She uses her magic to open the lock and starts to read the book and she then tells the others to come over to her. Twilight says: I´ve found an interesting book that I think you all want to hear what it´s all about. Twilight then starts to read the book and it says: “ A thousand years ago an dark army were creating chaos on Pony Utopia when suddenly six ponies used the Elements of Nature to imprison the dark army in deep slumber, and the leader of the dark army fled away from Pony Utopia and was never seen ever again “ Twilight says: Do you know what this means! Derpy says: Uh peace on Pony Utopia? Twilight says: Yes you´re right Derpy and that there was an evil presence here back in the day, but it hasn´t shown its face here until now. Black wants to destroy Pony Utopia, he must be this leader spoken in this book and he probably wants to reawake his army from the deep slumber, and he´s going to use his army to destroy Pony Utopia. Twilight puts the book back in the glass cover and locks it again and Applejack says: What are we going to do about this Twilight?! Twilight says: We have to tell the guardians about the dark army and what Black might be planning to do with them. Rainbow says: Or we could just take care of it ourselves! Twilight says: No that won´t work I read that only the Elements of Nature can seal the dark army away again. We will need the guardians in order to defeat them, plus we don´t even know the whereabouts of Black so the only thing we can do is to wait until Black shows up and then stop him. They then head back home to tell the guardians and they appreciate the information and they now know what they might have to face in the future. Twilight and her friends head back to their house to think about everything they´ve gotten to know this day and that they have to stop Black before he reawakes his army from the deep slumber.

Episode 13: “Season Holidays Collide“

Everypony across Pony Utopia are preparing to celebrate different kinds of holidays at the same time but they only choose one of the three holidays that they´ve chosen this year and that is: Christmas, Halloween and Easter. Twilight and her friends are also preparing but they don´t know which one they should pick. Everypony keeps arguing about to choose when Twilight comes up with this idea that they should celebrate all three at the same time and combine them altogether into one holiday celebration. They all think that´s an excellent idea and Pinkie says: Hey maybe we could invite everypony across entire Pony Utopia, maybe they want to celebrate with us. Twilight says: Okay I´ll make the letters, I mean how many ponies could there be in Pony Utopia! Applejack says: Probably more than a thousand ponies, perhaps even more. Twilight says: Never mind, let´s just invite as many ponies as we can and see if we can get them to get along with each other! They then head to ask everypony, Rainbow heads to Thunder Sphere to ask Blitz and the other Thunder Pegasi and only a few of them and Blitz wanted to come. Fluttershy heads to Forest Sphere to ask Ivy and the other Earth Pegasi and only Ivy and two Earth Ponies wanted to come. Rarity heads to Pyro Sphere to ask Blaze and the other Flame Unicorns but only Blaze and a few Flame Unicorns wanted to come. Pinkie heads to Sky Sphere to ask Storm and the other Wind Pegasi but only Storm and five Wind Pegasi wanted to come. Applejack heads to Hydro Sphere to ask Wave and the other Aqua Unicorns but only Wave and three Aqua Unicorns wanted to come. Derpy heads to Arctic Sphere to ask Chilly and the other Ice Pegasi but only two Ice Pegasi and Chilly wanted to come. Twilight stayed on the Main Sphere to ask ponies and she only managed to get ten different kinds of ponies to come to the celebration. They all then meet up back at the house saying that they didn´t get as many as expected but the few that accepted the invitation will arrive tonight so they all start to prepare with the decorations, food and drinks for the guests and as night comes the few that got invited arrive and Blitz says: Uh Twilight do think this is a good idea, I don´t think everypony will get along. Twilight says: Oh just you wait and see we have a lot of things prepared and Pinkie will be the host for all the fun stuff that will happen here tonight. Storm says: That´s what I´m afraid of, maybe not everypony will like the fun stuff that Pinkie likes to give to everypony else. But the guardians are still willing to give this a shot and so are the other ponies. Pinkie tells a few jokes while she´s standing on the stage that they made for the celebration, but the ponies don´t seem to get Pinkies humor. They all then head to the food and drink section and Applejack and Derpy says that they´ve made all the food and drinks here. One Ice Pegasus asks what the drink is made out of and Applejack says: It´s made out of my finest apples and they came straight out of our garden. The Ice Pegasus says that this is the most delicious he´s ever tasted and everypony agrees with the Ice Pegasus. Then one Flame Unicorn asks what could be inside these muffins and Derpy says: It´s actually chocolate, I use it all the time when I make muffins. The Flame Unicorn says that this is the most delicious thing she´s ever eaten and she´s never heard about this chocolate before and everypony else can agree that it tastes good. Fluttershy then leads a few birds to make a beautiful song and everypony just stand still and listens to music, they all think it´s really beautiful they´ve never seen anypony use birds to make music and they all get impressed and even Ivy herself in hopes of being able to that herself. As Fluttershy is leading the birds with music more ponies arrive, they must have all changed their minds and soon everypony arrives to the Main Sphere to listen to the music. Pinkie starts to tell jokes again and this time it goes better, everypony starts to laugh. Now everypony are here celebrating the holiday with even if it´s a bit weird with both: Christmas, Halloween and Easter at the same time but nopony seems to care about that they think it´s really fun with this celebration. Blitz then says to Twilight: Well I shouldn´t have doubted you. You all knew what you were doing all the time, I´m guessing you have all done this a lot of times on your home world. Twilight says: Yeah we have and I think it´s time for the special performance. Rainbow says: And that would be me, I´ve been practicing on this for a very long time, so I´m all pumped up. Twilight says: Okay everypony can I have your attention please! My friend Rainbow Dash is going to perform a special thing that she´s been practicing with! Rainbow says: And I call it, The Lightning Rain Boom! Rainbow then flies up into the air and turns into her lightning form and performs a Sonic Rain Boom with electricity surrounding the rainbow that she creates and everypony starts to applaud for the wonderful performance, they all think it´s beautiful, even Twilight and the others are impressed by Rainbows new Sonic Rain Boom. The ponies keep the applauds coming and thanks Twilight and the others as well. Wave asks Twilight what they should call this holiday and she says: Why not call it, The Season Holiday. The guardians think that´s an excellent name. They all continued to party until the night was over and then they all went home to get some rest and Twilight and her friends deserve this well deserved rest as well after their success with this celebration.

Some fact about these episodes:

Where to begin, well I got re inspired to make episodes and I came up with this new idea and that pretty much gave me a re boost to actually want to continue making My Little Pony episodes, now let´s take a look at what was the goal with these episodes. I wanted to keep these episodes as close as possible to the actual MLP: FiM series even though Twilight and her friends being on a different planet would probably not happen, but who knows maybe they will make something similar in the future. I really enjoyed making these episodes it felt like a new approach for Twilight and the others and the reason I chose to make this into story book in the beginning of the first Episode is because I wanted Twilight to tell a story to their kids which in turn would end up being a good way for me to bring back Twilight Sparkle and the others again. Now let´s get to probably the only bad thing about these thirteen episodes, the fact that I made the episodes where they get their new magic powers all after each other, which I know for some people could get repetitive since it´s the same kind of plot in all of those episodes, but the thing is I wanted to make those episodes like that so I could focus on making a story plot line for the rest of the episodes. The second half will have more story plot line than the first half. Also the first half was just an introduction to their new powers that will be used for the second half as well.

I hope you all enjoyed the episodes and leave a comment if you liked it.