My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – A World Beyond Equestria – Part 2 of 2:

--------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 3 |-----------------------------------------------------------------


Twilight Sparkle: Mother of Twilight Star. Twilight´s husband is Sun Star. ---------------------------------------------------Rainbow Dash: Mother of Rainbow Flash. Rainbow´s husband is Soarin´. ---------------------------------------------------Applejack: Mother of Apple Kicker. Applejack´s husband is Apple Fuji. -------------------------------------------------------Rarity: Mother of Ruby Star. Rarity´s husband is Spotlight. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Pinkie Pie: Mother of Peachie Pie. Pinkie´s husband is Brown Cake. ----------------------------------------------------------Fluttershy: Mother of Lilyshy. Fluttershy´s husband is Sky Breeze. ------------------------------------------------------------Derpy: Mother of Sprinkles. Derpy´s husband is Rain Claude. -------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 14: “The Rise of Darkness“

Twilight and her friends are taking a walk through the city when they suddenly notice Black in front of them, he acts very strange, he must have something planned or something because he´s heading away from the city and Twilight and the others decides to follow him without him noticing. Black enters some ruins outside of town and Twilight and the others head inside after him. Black stops in the middle of a huge room with candles all around the room and he starts to say some words: Hear me my loyal minions, my dark army, rise once again and make this world suffer for what they did to you! Twilight and the others are hiding behind some fallen stone pillars and watches as Black says these words and suddenly the room becomes darker and the candles start to light up with purple black fire and up from the ground rises an army of shadow looking ponies, there´s probably three hundred shadow ponies in the room now and Black says: Welcome back my dark army, are you ready to serve your master once again to make this world suffer for what they did to you all! The dark army then bows down with their heads low and Black says: Then come my dark army, let the ponies know that you have made your return to Pony Utopia! Twilight and the others then appear in front of them and Rainbow says: Well you´ll all have to get past us if you want to destroy Pony Utopia! Black says: How can you still be alive, I sent you all straight into the core of the Main Sphere!? Twilight says: Well I guess you didn´t count on us having nature powers, did you now! Black says: You had to spoil my fun did you, I was so satisfied that I had finally gotten rid of you pesky ponies but no matter you will not be able to stop my dark army and this time I´ll personally make sure that you all stop meddling with my plans because you´re not leaving this place alive! A battle then begins and Twilight and the others go head to head with the dark army and they also use their elemental powers to help them as well. Twilight and her friends are winning against the dark army when suddenly Black says: Okay dark army it´s time to leave these ruins, and ladies I will not be seeing you again! Black then destroys a few pillars with his dark magic attacks and the ruins start to crumble. Black and the dark army escapes and Twilight and her friends need to do the same, they all manage to make it out just in time before the ruins falls apart and Rarity says: Well that was certainly a close call. Fluttershy says: It really was a close call and Black and the dark army got away. Applejack says: Any ideas what we should do! Derpy says: Maybe we should warn the guardians about the return of the dark army. Twilight says: That we should do Derpy, it´s an excellent idea! Pinkie says: Then what are we standing here for, let´s shake our hooves and find the guardians! They all head to find the guardians and they find them in the sanctuary and Twilight says: The dark army has returned you need to use the Elements of Nature to stop them! Blitz says: So it has begun, the army from long ago has been reawakened from their eternal slumber. Blaze says: We the guardians of Pony Utopia must stand up against them like the guardians before us did in the past. They all then head outside and the guardians are wearing the Elements of Nature and when they exit the sanctuary they see Black and the dark army at the entrance of the sanctuary and Black says: Well if it isn´t the guardians of Pony Utopia and the pesky ponies from that different world, I see the ruins didn´t become your grave after all, no matter none of you will be able to stop the dark army now, the dark army will continue what they did so long ago and destroy the elemental spheres and without the elemental spheres your Elements of Nature will lose their powers! Chilly says: We are here to prevent you from doing this! Wave says: We the guardians will seal back your dark army once again into eternal slumber! Black says: You´re welcome to try. They guardians then focus on the Elements power and they launch a huge rainbow colored beam at the dark army and it becomes a bright flash for a few seconds and when it disappears they notice that the dark army is still there. Black says: Is that all you got for us, you guardians are pathetic, you shouldn´t call yourselves guardians with that weak power. A thousand years ago the dark army was defeated by an extreme force of power beyond any power you could imagine. I say we won´t have any problems taking over and destroying Pony Utopia, but just for fun we´ll give you all a few days before we begin our assault on Pony Utopia, you all better do the last things you want to do because in a few days Pony Utopia will cease to exist! Black and the dark army then take their leave and flies to outer space and Storm says: We did everything we could, we focused on the Elements of Nature but they were not enough to seal the dark army back into eternal slumber! Twilight says: Do you all remember what we said to you, we said that even when it didn´t seem to be possible to defeat the evil on our planet we never gave up, not as long as there was still hope left, and that hope helped us to defeat many foes in the past. If you all just believe in yourselves then the Elements of Nature will reveal their true power in your darkest moment, believe me, we have all been in the same situation but when we finally started to realize that everything was possible then we never doubted in ourselves ever again. The guardians then thanks Twilight and the others and says that they need some time to think about this. They all then say goodbye to each other and Twilight and her friends wonder if the guardians will be prepared when Black and the dark army returns to destroy Pony Utopia, all they can do is wait for the right time in hopes for a miracle.

Episode 15: “Fashion Beyond Imagine“

Rarity is buying some different kinds of fabric to make her new dresses and she then runs into a cube with different kinds of colors and one of the ponies that works in the fabric store says that there´s an rumor that the cube has special powers but nopony has been able to solve the mystery behind the cube, but after it is just an rumor about these powers but Rarity still wants to buy it. Rarity then takes the fabric and the cube home to the house and starts making dresses and when she´s finished a few of them she says: I wish these could be worn by Flame Unicorns without them burning up the fabric. The cube starts to react to what Rarity said and a red flame flies out from the cube and hits the dresses that she wished could be fire proof and the shine for a few seconds and then it stops shining. Rarity of course wonders what happened and then she puts on one of the dresses and turns into her fire form and nothing happens to the dress it´s still intact and Rarity then realizes that the cube can grant you a wish and that the wishes will become true. Rarity wants to use this newfound power source to make all her dresses fire, thunder, ice, water, wind, earth proof and she does just this and she gets many different kinds of dresses, and they are all suited for everypony in Pony Utopia. She decides to head to the center of the city and she finds a perfect place to sell her dresses in the city plaza and she then says: Everypony come forth please these dresses will suit everypony here in Pony Utopia and soon a Mare Flame Unicorn comes to her and says: Are you sure this dress is fire proof. Rarity says: Of course I am, just try it on and see for yourself. The Flame Unicorn then puts on the dress and the dress doesn´t get burned up into ashes and the Flame Unicorn says: I´ll take the dress, It´s nice to know that there exists clothes for us Flame Unicorns as well. She then leaves and soon a lot of different kinds of ponies show up and wants to buy dresses and as the day comes to an end Rarity has sold every single one of her dresses and she heads home to tell the others and Twilight says: Rarity don´t you think using the cube to make your dresses suitable for all different kinds of ponies, will make things a little bit unfair. Rarity says: I don´t think I´m doing the wrong thing since I´m making dresses suitable for everypony and everypony should be allowed to look as beautiful as everypony in Equestria. Applejack says: The problem is that you´re not doing this the honest way by telling everypony how you make your dresses suitable for everypony. Rarity says: Well if you remember Applejack, I represent the Element of Generosity and YOU represent the Element of Honesty, I´m giving dresses to ponies that wants dresses. Rarity then heads up to her room to make more dresses and the next day she heads to the plaza to sell her dresses and the ponies just gathers up in a line to buy her dresses and soon all the shop store owners around the plaza gets tired of all of this and they head to Rarity and one of them says to her: Could you please tone down with your dress selling streak cause we all are becoming useless for everypony in this city, since your dresses are selling to well for us to keep up with the competition, we will all soon be out of our jobs if you keep on taking all the customers away from our stores. Rarity says: I am truly sorry, I can´t help that my dresses are selling so well. The shop keepers then walks back to their stores and try to make some money out of the few ponies that still goes to their stores. After that Rarity has sold all of her dresses she heads home to tell the news to the others and Twilight says: Rarity you can´t keep on doing this, all of those poor ponies that work in those stores won´t have any money to provide for food for their families and they will all soon have to move out of their homes because of your success with the dresses! Rarity says: How is it my fault, they should be able to find different things to sell and then maybe they will have a chance to get more customers! Applejack says: YOU are stealing all the customers away from the store owners, you need to stop with your dress selling idea or everything will just get worse, you need to be honest and tell the truth! Rarity says: Okay I´ll think about it. She then heads up to her room to make more dresses and the next day she heads to the plaza again and she notices that the shop store owners are moving all of their different fabric and other stuff into loading trucks and Rarity goes and asks what´s going on and one of them says: We can´t stay here anymore cause we are no match for your dresses, so we´re all leaving to a different city to try our luck there. Rarity then starts to think about what Twilight and Applejack said to her and she asks everypony around the plaza to come to the middle of the plaza, because Rarity has something to say and she says: I haven´t been completely honest with everypony, I´ve used a special magical source to make my dresses suitable to everypony in Pony Utopia, with in turn have made it worse for the shop store owners and I´m truly sorry for that and I will no longer be selling any dresses, I will be leaving the marketing business today to let everything return back to normal, I hope you can all forgive me for what I have done. One of the owners says: We all forgive you and we´re not mad at you, we´re just happy to know that you said the truth before it became even worse. They all return their stuff back into their stores and Rarity walks back home to tell the others and Twilight says: That was the right choice Rarity, I´m proud of you. Applejack says: I´m proud as well and I´m proud that you were honest when you said the to the store shop owners. Rarity says: Yeah that´s the first time in a long while that I´ve been honest. Rarity then goes up and gets the cube and says to Twilight: I want you to have the cube Twilight, to at least show the little generosity I have left. Twilight says: Thank Rarity I will keep it in my room if you ever want to have the cube again. Rarity says: No thanks Twilight. I think I´ve had enough with the cube the little time I´ve had to make my dresses, it´s now yours. The day then comes to an end and Rarity has learned not to let her generosity get the best of herself because it might hurt other ponies. Twilight however places the cube next to her bed and looks at it for a few seconds until she falls asleep, the cube then with a small light starts to spark but the spark disappears after a few seconds, what could this mean, could the cube have more power then what Rarity discovered when she was making her dresses, one day the cube might reveal this secret, but that will have to wait for another day.

Episode 16: “Pegasi of Disaster“

The morning starts out great, Rainbow, Fluttershy and Derpy are flying with a view of the Main Sphere high up in the air when suddenly Rainbow starts to say: I think my lightning powers are awesome, I can fly faster than I´ve ever been able to do before and I create lightning storms! Fluttershy says: Well you do know that I can bring life to new trees and other plant life, and I have a stronger connection with animals now. Derpy says: I can freeze a lot of stuff, which I think is really cool. Did you see what I did there? Rainbow says: Well my lightning powers are still better than your powers! Fluttershy says: I don´t think so Rainbow, I can create new life which is so much better! Derpy says: Well I can freeze stuff, so my powers are still better than both of yours powers. Rainbow says: Okay then, let´s have a competition to see who has the best power out of us three. They then decide to have a sculpture competition as the first thing and Rainbow creates an electrical ring, Fluttershy creates a bush with cherries and Derpy creates a ice muffin as she did back on Arctic Sphere and Derpy wins the first round since the judges are Twilight, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie and they find Derpy´s ice muffin the best. The second round is a speed contest, the fastest one to reach the goal wins, they all start at the same time and Rainbow wins because she´s faster than Fluttershy and Derpy. The third round is how many animals you can get inside your ring spot marked on the ground and Rainbow manages to get two animals, Derpy manages to seven animals, while Fluttershy manages to get fifty animals and she wins the third round and Rainbow gets angry about this and tries to hit Fluttershy with her lightning attack, but Fluttershy avoids it. Derpy then shoots an ice shot at Rainbow but she avoids it without any problems at all. Fluttershy then launches some seeds at Derpy but she avoids the attack. They then start to get angry at each other and start firing their attacks randomly at each other while they´re flying around, they end up hitting trees, building and other stuff and Twilight and the others tries to stop them but almost gets hit by the attacks themselves. The three Pegasi spread destruction everywhere they fly and they are to enraged to notice all the damage to the Main Sphere but everypony else notice this and a few Pegasi flies up to them and gets their attention and one of them says: Have you even seen what you´ve done to everything around you! Rainbow, Fluttershy and Derpy looks around them and realizes what they did caused a lot of problems on the Main Sphere and Rainbow says: I´m sorry guys I didn´t mean to make this into a pure rage fight, I got so caught up in this that I didn´t notice all the damage I made. Fluttershy says: I´m sorry too, I was as much enraged as you Rainbow that I didn´t notice the damage we caused either. Derpy says: I´m sorry as well, I didn´t mean to make this into a huge fight, and the damage is also my fault. Rainbow says: Then let´s make things right again and work together to restore the Main Sphere how it was before all of this happened. Fluttershy and Derpy agrees and they start to restore everything they destroyed and it takes them all day to get finished but with good results, everypony forgives them and then they head back home and they say sorry to Twilight and the others and explains what they did and that they restored everything and Twilight says: We have already forgiven you all, we saw how much you all worked to turn the Main Sphere back to normal, but promise me this, don´t do this again. They all promise and then they hoof bump. They all head to bed and Rainbow, Fluttershy and Derpy now has a stronger bond and the bond will probably just keep on growing as time goes on, what exciting adventures waits for them tomorrow, nopony knows.

Episode 17: “Flowing Through the Wind“

Applejack and Pinkie are bored and are walking through the city to try and find something to do. They walk past a kindergarten and they notice all the colts and fillies playing around with the swing set and building stuff in the sand but they don´t seem to be all that interested in playing with these things. Pinkie then says: Hey Applejack maybe we could cheer up the colts and fillies with our water and wind powers. Applejack says: What are you saying we should do with our powers to cheer them up. Pinkie says: I don´t know, but we could probably make a water slide, using your water powers to make the slide and my wind powers to keep the colts and fillies from falling out of the slide. Applejack says: Okay let´s try it, it´s not like we have anything else to do. They then head inside kindergarten building to talk to the kindergarten teachers and they think it´s really great that someponies want to cheer up the kids, they then head outside to talk to the kids and Pinkie says: Hey kids do you want to have a little bit of fun, me and my friend are going to make something special for you all. They then start to form the water slide with their powers and one of the kids says: What is that for a kind of thing we can play with. Applejack says: It´s a water slide. One of the kids says: What´s a water slide? Pinkie says: We´ll show you, is there one of you that want to try the slide. One filly steps forward and says yes. They then help the filly up to the top of the water slide and she gets to slide down to the bottom of the slide and she says that it was fun, then everypony else wants to try and they all stay in line to get to ride the water slide, they all get to try at least two times each and then the kindergarten teachers says that it´s time for lunch and the kids head inside and Pinkie and Applejack then decides to leave but one of the kids asks if they want to come inside and eat with them but Applejack says: I´m so sorry but we need to head back home, we have some things we need to do there. The filly then shows her puppy eyes and Pinkie says: Well I guess we could stay for a little while longer. They all sit down around a table to eat some food and one of the colts ask them if they want to play with them after they´ve had their lunch and Applejack says: Okay I guess we could play with you all. After the lunch the kids wants to play with Lego and they want Applejack and Pinkie to join them. Pinkie says: So what do you want to build, a house or something. One of the colts says that they should build a tower, and make it as high as possible. They all start to build when suddenly one them decides that they should head outside again and they all just runs outside and Pinkie and Applejack looks at each other and then Applejack says: Were we really this hyper back in the day as fillies. Pinkie says: Maybe you weren´t but I sure was full of this energy as these kids. Applejack says: You still seem to be the same as you were as a filly. Pinkie says: Hey did you say something about me being too hyper. Applejack says: Nope. Pinkie says: Okey dokey lokey. They then gather up all the Lego pieces and they head outside to tell the teachers that they really need to head back home but one of the fillies asks if they want to make another water slide again and Applejack says: Okay one last water slide then me and Pinkie need to head back home since we have a lot of things to do. They then start to make the water slide when one of the kids says that they should make a bigger water slide so they can have even more fun with the water slide. Applejack and Pinkie then makes the water slide and the kids get to go on the water slide at least three times before Applejack and Pinkie says goodbye to them and the teachers and mostly the colts and fillies says goodbye to them. On their way back home Applejack says: Wow, they were pretty demanding. Pinkie says: Eh I don´t know, I´ve been taking care of Pound and Pumpkin whenever Mr. and Mrs. Cake are busy with making cakes and other stuff so I found these kids kind of similar to Pound and Pumpkin. Applejack says: Well I´m telling you this I´m not going to find a partner and get kids anytime soon. Pinkie says: Why not I would love to get married and get a kid, I would like it to be a filly then I would name her Peachie Pie. Come on Applejack if you got married what would your kids name be. Applejack says: If I would get a partner then our kids name would be Apple Kicker but I wouldn´t count on that happening anytime soon. They then make it back home and Rainbow says: Okay where have you two been. Pinkie says: We´ve been around kids all day and it was really fun. Rainbow then says: Well it´s nice to see that someponies are having fun while we´re all working here at home. Twilight says: Rainbow you don´t have to be like that, it wasn´t like there were that much to clean here anyways. By the way what were you talking about before you came inside. Applejack says: We were talking about future husbands and the name of our kids. Twilight says: Well I know what I would name my kid, and it would be a filly and her name would be Twilight Star. Rainbow says: Well the name of my kid would be Rainbow Flash because she would become as fast as me but I would still be better at making all the tricks and other stuff. Rarity says: Well if I would get married I would want to have a daughter and I would call her Ruby Star. Fluttershy says: I would want a daughter and I would name her Lilyshy. Derpy says: I would name my daughter Sprinkles. Applejack says: Well it seems like everypony wants kids but me but if I get kids I would teach them to behave a bit better than the kids at the kindergarten. Pinkie says: Well I guess all of us want kids even though Applejack is a bit skeptical with the whole kid part but she will probably get used to it when the time comes. They all decide that it´s time to go to bed since it´s almost night and tomorrow waits a new day for the seven ponies, what will be in store nopony knows.

Episode 18: “The Elemental Picnic“

Twilight and her friends decides that they want to have a picnic outside city in a grassy field and they all begin to fix everything for the picnic and then they head outside to head to the grassy fields outside of the city. On their way they run into the guardians and Twilight asks if they want to tag along with them to this picnic and Blitz says: What is this picnic you´re talking about. Rainbow says: We hang out with each other. We talk about stuff and eat food of course. Storm says: I don´t know about this, it could be fun but at the same time not. Pinkie says: Of course it will be fun, yours truly Pinkie Pie will be there to make sure it will be fun. Wave says: But we have to stay guard if Black and the dark army returns. Applejack says: I think you all need to relax, just take it easy for one day, that´s all we want from you all. Blaze says: That´s the thing we can´t take it easy otherwise Black and the dark army might attack without us knowing. Rarity says: Stop being such a drama queen and take it easy at least this day, please. Ivy says: But our responsibility. Fluttershy says: Just take it easy like everypony else said um… please. Chilly says: I guess we could take a break from guarding Pony Utopia at least for today. Derpy says: Yeah I that´s an excellent idea. They all then head outside of the city to a beautiful grassy plain and they all set everything up and they´re just about to eat when suddenly the guardians notice that something is moving in the bushes nearby and they are just about to attack the thing inside the bush when Fluttershy yells: Stop!! The guardians then stops and Fluttershy walks up to the bush and says that there´s no need to worry, I won´t hurt you. Out from the bush appears a squirrel and it climbs up on top of Fluttershy´s mane and Fluttershy then walks back to the others and says: No need to worry it was just one of my animal friends. They then start to eat the food but soon after they´ve started to eat the food the guardians once again start to notice someponies approaching and just as they are about to attack it reveals to be the kids from the kindergarten running up towards Applejack and Pinkie to hug them and say hello, the kids and the teachers are out taking a walk through the nature when they suddenly noticed Twilight and the others, the kids and teachers then decide to leave and one of the kids says to Applejack and Pinkie that they should come back and visit them again at the kindergarten. They then take their leave and Twilight and the others continue to eat the food they talk about a few stuff and what Twilight and her friends have been through both here in Pony Utopia and back on their home planet and then Blitz says: Well it seems you´ve all been through a lot, I hope Black and his army won´t affect you as much as it have for you in your past adventures. Twilight says: I´m sure it won´t but at the same time we can´t be sure since this is a new threat we´ve never dealt with. Blaze says: Well we´ll try our best to stop Black and the dark army because we´re not letting them destroy Pony Utopia. Rainbow says: Well we´re not just going to sit around and watch, we´re going to help you all stop the dark army. They all appreciate the help and they finish eating up the food and head back to the city and they say goodbye to each other and Twilight and her friends head back home and Twilight says: Well the picnic went quite well don´t you think. Applejack says: Well they couldn´t relax for one minute until the very end of the picnic. Rarity says: Well Applejack you shouldn´t be so harsh against them, it was their first picnic after all. Applejack says: Well I guess you´re right Rarity, but being harsh is something I´m good at. Pinkie says: Well at least they could somewhat relax with this picnic going on with I think is a huge accomplishment. Rainbow says: Well still I think they were a bit too stressed up because of the dark army situation. Derpy says: Well it didn´t go overboard to point were the picnic wasn´t fun anymore. Fluttershy says: I just hope they will be fine with everything that has happened today. They then decided to go to bed to get to be around for a new beautiful day tomorrow. Meanwhile beyond the stars on a dark looking planet Black and the dark army are preparing to invade Pony Utopia and Black says: Let the ponies sleep tonight and tomorrow we´ll unleash chaos on Pony Utopia, starting with the elemental spheres! Let´s see if the guardians and those meddling outsiders are prepared for this attack! Well it seems that Black and the dark army is preparing for the assault, will the guardians, Twilight and her friends be able to stop them before they destroy Pony Utopia or will it end in disaster.

Episode 19: “Corruption of Spheres“

Twilight and her friends wake up to an unpleasant sound, Black and the dark army are attacking the Main Sphere. They all head outside and they notice the chaos all around them, they decide to look for the guardians and when they finally find them in all this mess they notice that they´re talking to Black. They rush up to the guardians and Twilight says: What´s going on!? Blitz says: The invasion has begun Twilight and we´re here to stop Black and the dark army! Black says: I don´t think you will have enough time to stop us guardian, since we have already begun corrupting the elemental spheres! Twilight says: What are you talking about Black!? Black says: Well since you meddling ponies asked so nicely I will tell you the story you already know about! If the elemental spheres get destroyed then the Elements of Nature will lose their powers and I thank you all for this information! Rainbow says: Well we´re going to stop you! Black says: Oh will you now, I think my army disagrees with you! The army then surrounds the ponies and Twilight says: You all need to head to the elemental spheres to stop this corruption! Applejack says: But what are you going to do Twilight!? Twilight says: I´m going to protect the Main Sphere as long as I can until you all get back. Now go!! They all split up and head to each of the spheres to stop the corruption and Twilight stays behind. Black says: That was very foolish of you outsider, you´re no match for my army, you will only perish! Twilight says: Well I can at least try to stop you! In the meantime Blitz and Rainbow has reached the Thunder Sphere and they notice the corruption the dark army is causing here, they decide to look for the source of the corruption and Blitz says to Rainbow: The corruption must come from the core of the Thunder Sphere, we need to head to the sanctuary in my home town, there´s an entrance to the core from that sanctuary. They head to the sanctuary and at the same time Ivy and Fluttershy notice the corruption on the Forest Sphere and Ivy gets the same idea as Blitz and they to Ivy´s home town to the sanctuary in the town to enter the core. Blaze and Rarity arrives to the Pyro Sphere and they notice that all of the volcanoes are erupting at the same time and making the land very uninhabitable and this is probably because of the corruption. They also decide to head to the sanctuary on Pyro Sphere to head to the core of Pyro Sphere. Storm and Pinkie arrives to the Sky Sphere and they notice that the weather is very unstable and could at any time destroy the Sky Sphere they decide to head to the core of the Sky Sphere to stop the corruption. Wave and Applejack arrives to the Hydro Sphere and they notice that there´s a lot of tidal waves on the Hydro Sphere so they decide to head to Wave`s home town, there´s an sanctuary there which could lead them to the core of the Hydro Sphere. Chilly and Derpy arrives to the Arctic Sphere and they notice that the ice is melting, so they decide to head to the sanctuary of Chilly´s home town to enter the core of the Arctic Sphere to stop the corruption. While they are all doing this Twilight is defending the Main Sphere from the same corruption as the elemental spheres but she soon realizes that there are too many shadow ponies for her to handle and she begins to run away but the dark runs after her. They all soon reach the cores of the spheres and they all realize that they need to destroy the dark cloud surrounding the cores they try everything until they realize they have to use the Elements of Nature to destroy the darkness. The guardians uses the Elements of Nature and that makes a connection to each of the spheres and the guardians feel each other even though they´re on different spheres. They use the Elements and the darkness disappears. They all then head back to the Main Sphere now that the cores are stable and the spheres are saved. Twilight is however having trouble with the dark army and gets cornered against a wall and Black says: Your friends may have stopped the corruption but we´re not leaving without making our message clear what we came here to do! Then a voice says: Well you´re not doing anything to our friend! They all look towards the voice and they see the guardians and Twilights friends. Blaze says: Okay guardians let´s use the Elements of Nature! Black says: You seem more determined than you were last time, I´m not willing to take a chance that my army can take the hit so we´ll just take our leave, but remember this we´ll be back! You can enjoy this victory for now! The all then take their leave and head towards their home planet far away from Pony Utopia. Blitz says: Are you okay Twilight?! Twilight says: Yeah I´m fine, but if you would´ve not been able to make it in time then they could´ve corrupted the Main Sphere as well. Rainbow says: Well you know that we would never let our friend down, not now and not in the future as well. They all then decide to head back home to get some rest because today has been a very busy day and they all deserve some rest, they all decide to go to bed to be able to defend Pony Utopia tomorrow if Black and his army decide to attack. Meanwhile on the dark planet Black says to his army: Your master is not proud of you, if you want to continue to be a part of this world then you need to stop those guardians and those meddling ponies from stopping our plans otherwise we won´t be able to take over Pony Utopia! Black has apparently not given up on conquering Pony Utopia and he´s planning something new for the ponies to handle but what could this be and will the guardians and Twilight and her friends be able to stop this plan before it gets out of control?

Episode 20: “Main Sphere Shopping“

Twilight and her friends decides to take the transportation system to a different city on the Main Sphere, there´s apparently a shopping mall there and they want to look around to see if they can find something they like in the stores of that mall. As soon as they get off of the transportation system they decide to find this shopping mall and after a while of walking they soon find the shopping mall and Rainbow says: This is going to be so awesome, hope I´ll be able to find stuff for my room back in the other city! Rarity says: I´m certainly going to look for the dress stores and possibly get some inspiration from these dresses. Fluttershy says: I´m going to find the pet stores, I want to see all the different animals they might have for sale. Pinkie says: Well me and Derpy are going to look for some cake and muffin stores. Derpy says: Yeah I hope we´ll be able to find some though. Applejack says: I´m going to find a seed store and hope that I can find some new seeds that I can use in the garden at home. Twilight says: Well I´m going to find some book stores and see if I can buy some new ones that I don´t have yet. They all decide to split up and they´ll all meet back here when they´re finished with what they want to do. As they are all walking away up above in the roof window Black and his army watches as they split up and orders some of his minions to follow them and take care of them. Rainbow heads to a store that sells painting and posters and she notices in the back of the store a poster with The Wonderbolts and she does a fan girl squeal. Rainbow says: This is definitely a poster I need to get! As she´s about to head to pay for the poster she notices some shadow ponies from the dark army and she hurries to pay for the poster and she heads back outside but a few more shadow ponies are outside and she has to fight them. Rarity finds a store with different dresses and she finds one that she wants to buy so she takes it to store owners to pay for the dress and after that she notice the dark army at the entrance of the store. Rarity tries to run past them but is forced to fight them with no choice of escape. Fluttershy finds a pet store and she takes a look at all them and as she´s watching the animals she notices the dark army at the entrance of the store. Fluttershy tries to run for it but is also forced to fight the dark army with her powers. Pinkie and Derpy finds a cake, cupcake and muffin store all in the same place and they both get some ideas for future cakes, cupcakes and muffins but they are however spotted by the dark army and they are forced to fight them. Applejack finds a seed store and buys many different kinds of seeds and when she´s about to leave the store the dark army spots her and she´s forced to fight them with her water powers. Twilight finds a book store and she finds some really interesting books in the back of the store that she wants to buy. She heads to the book store owner to pay for the books and when she turns around she sees Black, she walks up to him and he says: It seems you like to get more knowledge of this world, I can understand that a pony like you want to have knowledge considering you don´t have any elemental powers like your friends. Twilight says: Well at least I´m not trying to destroy this world, I try to live along side with this world unlike you Black. Black says: If I may ask you, Twilight was it? Would you like to know how to learn how to use an elemental power like your friends can do with their powers? Twilight says: Why should I trust you! Black says: Because I´m being honest about this and if you want to learn how to use an elemental power, I can teach you how to do this. Twilight says: I don´t know if I can trust you but I do really want to learn how to use an elemental power. Black says: I´ll give you some time to think about this, you should probably meet back with your friends at the entrance of the shopping mall. Twilight then runs off to the entrance and she meets up with the others and Rainbow says: Twilight where have you been?! The dark army is in the shopping mall! Twilight says: I know I ran into some trouble with them on my way here. The others say that they also had some problems with the dark army. Then suddenly the entire dark army and Black show up. The army surrounds them and Black says: Well ladies this is certainly an interesting place you´ve chose to have your battle against me and my dark army but I think you´re all outnumbered! Twilight says: Then let´s not fight, I thought about what you said Black and I want to learn how to use an elemental power. Applejack says: Twilight what the hay are you talking about?! Twilight says: It´s okay everypony I´ve come to an agreement with Black and I hope you will leave my friends alone if I come along with you! Black says: Cross my heart. Twilight says: I´ll see you all later everypony. Rainbow says: We´re not letting you go to that evil pony, Black is evil! Twilight says: I´ve already decided and I´m going with Black. Twilight then walks up to Black and he says: I´m glad you made your choice Twilight. He then traps Twilight in a dark bubble that he creates and he says: A very foolish choice may I add! Oh and by the way I don´t even have a heart since my heart was lost a thousand years ago, could you imagine that about me! Rainbow says: Let her go or we´ll use our powers to get her out! Black says: Oh I wouldn´t do that if I were you, if you hit this bubble with your attacks then you can might as well say goodbye to your friend since the attacks will just continue through the bubble and hit your friend! Applejack says: We´ll find a way to stop you Black, you and your dark army! Black says: I highly doubt that, but anyway I must take my leave now and I´ll be taking Twilight with me! He then leaves the shopping mall by going through the roof and the dark army as well, he also takes Twilight along with him to the dark planet to teach her that elemental power he spoke of. Twilights friends just look at Black as he gets away with their friend and they decide to head back to tell the guardians about this. On the dark planet Black welcomes Twilight to this place and he says: Welcome to the Dark Sphere, I´ve been hiding here for thousands of years to finally be able to wake up my army again, and thanks to you I have been reunited with them again and I want to repay you with bestowing you the power to use our dark magic attacks. Twilight says: What happens if I choose to refuse your offer! Black says: My dear Twilight you have already accepted the darkness as soon as you started to trust me. The darkness already exists inside of your body and I will now fill you with pure dark energy. Black then starts to send the Dark Spheres energy into Twilights body and soon she becomes corrupted which in turn makes her evil. After she´s gained enough darkness she gets released from the bubble and Black says: Are you now ready to serve the darkness. Twilight says: Yes master. Black says: Very well my minion, I have big plans for you to get working on but first I would like you to train a bit with your powers before we execute this plan. Twilight says: Yes master I´ll do just that, now if you´ll excuse me I must train to prepare for the assault on Pony Utopia. Twilight then walks away to train and Black says: I´ll soon begin my new plan and with one of the meddling ponies on my side the guardians and her friends won´t even lay a hoof on her, because they don´t want to hurt their friend, but my minion will try to hurt them! How will this end, Twilight is now corrupted and the group is now one pony short. Can they save Twilight before Black uses her in his plan to take over Pony Utopia or will Twilight be lost for all eternity and possibly be the biggest threat they ever had to face, up to this point at least? Twilights friends hope for a miracle, and that tomorrow they will be able to get their friend back once again.

Episode 21: “House Cleaning Day“

Twilights friends are feeling sad about Twilights absence and they are all frustrated that she got taken away by Black and the dark army since now they also have to come up with a way to rescue Twilight and at the same time worry for a new attack from the dark army. Rarity however comes up with an idea they could do while they wait for the dark army to appear in Pony Utopia again and she says: Hey everypony, we could clean the house, so we have at least something else to think about, because all of this frustration won´t help to get Twilight back. Rainbow says: Why should we do this! This is something I could picture Twilight doing in her free time… Wow this is really something Twilight would do. Rarity says: Yes it is and I think it´s a nice way to show our appreciation towards Twilight. Rainbow says: You can count me in on this Rarity, if this would please Twilight then I´m willing to help with cleaning up the house! Applejack says: I´m also doing this for Twilight, where ever she is right now! Pinkie says: Count me in Rarity! Fluttershy says: I want to help as much as I can so I´m in on this as well! Derpy says: I´m doing this for Twilight as well! Rarity says: Well then, let´s all get started with operation: Clean up the house! They all then started to clean up the house, starting with their rooms and when Rainbow walks into her room she says: Wow this is a total mess, if Twilight lived in my room then she would´ve started cleaning up all of this at once without any delay! Rainbow then starts to clean up her room and at the same time Applejack walks into her room and notice that all her tools for their garden are just scattered all around the room and she decides to make her room look at least a little bit more clean than before just to make Twilight happy. Pinkie walks into her room and she says: Wow this is a total mess! Oh well let´s clean up this room and make Twilight a bit happier. Fluttershy walks into her room and she says: Wow all the animals I´ve been helping to get better have really messed up my room, but that´s no big worry I´ll just clean all of this up in no time at all. Derpy enters her room and she notices all the muffin recipe books that are all around on her floor and she decides to clean it up. Rarity enters her room and she sees all of the fabric she bought back when she made dresses for all the ponies in Pony Utopia. Rarity says: This certainly needs to get organized straight the way. Rarity then cleans up her room and then they all meet back downstairs and Rarity says: Is there anypony that wants to clean the rest of the house with me? They all want to help Rarity to clean up the rest of the house, they all split up, Pinkie and Derpy cleans up in the kitchen, Rainbow and Fluttershy cleans up the living room and Rarity and Applejack cleans up in the basement and when they´re all finished Rarity says: We have only one room left to clean and that´s Twilights room. They all head up to Twilights room and Rarity opens the door and they notice how clean it is and Rainbow says: Wow Twilight must be cleaning her room every day. Fluttershy says: Yes I do believe she does clean her room every day, because she cleaned the room two days ago, at least that was what it looked like. Applejack says: I´ve never realized how much Twilight keeps her stuff clean. Pinkie says: She is probably the most organized pony I know in all Equestria and even here on Pony Utopia. Derpy says: She has so many books as well, I can´t believe none of them have any dust on them at all. Rarity says: This is indeed our Twilight, the Twilight that we all love. Rainbow then finds a letter and she notice that the letter is for Princess Celestia, she tells everypony to listen to her when she reads this letter, and the letter says: “ Dear Princess Celestia, I hope everything is well in Equestria and that you have defeated that evil pony that wanted to destroy Equestria. I have something I wanted to say to you even though I know you won´t be able to read this letter since Spike isn´t here on Pony Utopia, but I wanted to tell you that I´m kind of jealous because my friends all have elemental powers but I don´t. It feels so weird to see them use magic that me myself won´t be able to learn just like they did, but I don´t want to tell them about this because that would cause a lot of conflict between me and my friends. I hope you can understand my wish Princess Celestia, I really wish I could use the same magic as my friends. I don´t know if I can learn anything from this, but I´m always willing to wait for my opportunity. This has been your faithful student Twilight Sparkle writing you a letter far away from Equestria. “ Applejack says: I didn´t know Twilight was jealous because she didn´t have her own elemental powers. Pinkie says: That was a surprise for me as well. Derpy says: I didn´t mean to make her jealous with my ice powers. That was never my intention. Rainbow says: I don´t think anypony wanted to make Twilight jealous Derpy. Fluttershy says: She never said anything about her wanting to learn her own elemental power to any of us, at least not to me. Rarity says: This was probably the reason she trusted Black, because she thought Black was actually telling the truth to her and that he was going to teach her how to get her own elemental power. If only we knew this before it was too late! Rarity then sees the cube that she gave to Twilight after Rarity said that she wouldn´t use it to make dresses for ponies here in Pony Utopia anymore. Rarity says: I wish this cube could help us get Twilight back here again, but I know the cube doesn´t have that much amount of power to do that. The others also wished the cube could get her back to them. Rarity then puts back the cube to its place where it stood before she used her magic to pick it up. They all then leave Twilights room and Rarity closes the door with her magic, and as soon as they all leave the cube starts to react and starts to send out small sparks of each elemental power, maybe the cube did react to their wish and it then sends a small elemental sphere out of the window and into the sky, it travels far out in the space until it finally reaches the Dark Sphere and it heads towards Twilight and pops in front of her and she hear the voices of her friends and they´re all sorry and they all miss her but the message gets interrupted by Black who uses his dark magic and says to Twilight: Those ponies are trying to confuse you Twilight, everything you heard from that message is a lie. Twilight says: I know master, but I still wonder why they tried something like this. Black says: Don´t you worry about that Twilight, just head off and practice with your dark magic, because tomorrow I´ll give you the mission I´ve been talking about. Twilight says: Yes master, I´ll make sure to practice for this mission. Twilight then walks away and Black says: It seems the ponies are trying to restore their friend back to normal but such simple attempt will not get past me or my dark army for that matter, and tomorrow I´ll initiate my plan to make chaos among the guardians and her friends. Nothing will be able to stop my brilliant plan! Will the guardians and Twilights friends be prepared for this assault on Pony Utopia and what could this plan have to do with Twilight?

Episode 22: “A Spark of Seasons“

On the Dark Sphere, Black is instructing Twilight of her mission and he says: Twilight I want you to steal something from the ponies that tried to trick you yesterday. I want you to steal the things called the Elements of Harmony. Those are the power source of these ponies which I need to fulfill our plan to take over Pony Utopia. Twilight says: What about the ponies, they will suspect my presence on Pony Utopia. Black says: Just act like you know them, and pretend to be their friend, and when you get the chance to steal the Elements of Harmony return them to me and we will begin phase two of the plan. Twilight says: Understood master, I´ll try to blend in with the other ponies and steal the Elements of Harmony when they´re not watching. Black says: Good, now go Twilight and fulfill this mission. Twilight says: Yes master. Twilight then gets teleported to the Main Sphere just outside of the city where her friends live. She walks through the city for a little bit until her friends notice her and Rainbow says: Twilight how did you escape from Black and his dark army!? Twilight says: I managed to sneak out of the prison on this place called the Dark Sphere, it´s apparently their headquarter for their evil plans and Black has been hiding there for thousands of years to finally be able to reawake his dark army. Applejack says: That´s interesting to know Twilight but you didn´t say how you escaped from this Dark Sphere without being noticed by the guards or Black?! Twilight says: No one was around so there was no problem to escape the prison and I eventually found a teleporter that I used to get back here to the Main Sphere. Fluttershy says: Well we´re all happy that you´re back Twilight, maybe we should take you back home to the house so you can get some rest because you seem very tired Twilight. Twilight says: Yeah I think that´s a good idea since I am pretty tired from all of this. Rarity and Applejack walk a little bit behind the others and Applejack whispers to Rarity and says: I´ve never heard Twilight say no one before, do you think Black might have done something to her. Rarity whispers: I don´t know Applejack, we´ll just have to keep an eye on Twilight. They all then head back to the house and Rarity and Applejack gives signs to others about Twilights sudden return and they all understand and will also keep an eye on Twilight. Twilight says: Wow it´s so good to be back home again, it feels like I haven´t been here forever. Derpy says: To us as well Twilight, if you want I could make you drink, how about chocolate milk? Twilight says: Yes please that sounds tasty. Pinkie and Rainbow head up stairs to do something, they soon return back down stairs and at the same time Derpy finishes the chocolate milk for Twilight and gives it to her. Twilight drinks the chocolate milk and she spits it out again and says: You call this a drink, I hate chocolate milk! Pinkie says: Huh, but Twilight you love chocolate milk. Twilight says: I do?? Of course I do, silly me I always keep forgetting what I like and don´t like, I´m sorry for the drink everyone I´ll clean this up straight the way. Derpy says: No let me clean up this mess Twilight, you need your rest. You could go outside and relax in the garden with the others while I´ll clean this up. Twilight says: If you´re fine with that then I´ll head outside. Twilight and the others then sits down in the garden and Twilight looks at the flowers and says: What are those flowers suppose to be, they have a sharp stem and a beautiful red flower on the top. Applejack says: Uh Twilight that´s a rose, you do know the name of the flower right?! Twilight says: Of course I do, I was just joking with you of course I know the flowers name. Rarity says: Twilight maybe you should head up to your room and get some rest and possibly read a book. Twilight says: I think that´s a great idea and I´ll do just that. Twilight heads up stairs and she says to herself: Finally I´m alone without those annoying ponies around me, maybe now I will be able to find the Elements of Harmony without being interrupted! Twilight walks into her room and when she´s about to search for the Elements the door to her room opens up and Rarity says: Are you perhaps looking for the Elements of Harmony, we moved then to a different location since we knew we couldn´t trust you Twilight! Twilight says: What gave it away that I couldn´t be trusted?! Applejack says: You said no one and everyone. That was one of the few things that gave you away! Derpy says: You also said that you didn´t like chocolate milk, which is a lie Twilight, since we all know you like chocolate milk! Rainbow says: And the fact that you´ve been acting weird ever since you came back from this Dark Sphere planet! Pinkie says: Nopony should be able to escape that easily from a prison that is guarded by both the dark army and Black! Rarity says: Those are the things we noticed about you! Fluttershy says: Now give us back our real friend, you fake Twilight Sparkle! Twilight starts to laugh and then she says: Do you really think I will tell you where your friend is, just face it she´s gone forever and there´s nothing you can do to get her back! Twilight then uses her dark beam attack and fires it across the room and then she jumps out of the window and starts to run. The others run after her and they soon see Black and the dark army standing and waiting for Twilight and Black says to Twilight: Hurry back to the Dark Sphere, I´ll come as soon as I can! Twilight says: Yes master! Twilight then gets teleported back to the Dark Sphere and Black says to Twilights friends: It seems that my minion didn´t fool you after all, maybe I misjudged you ponies for not being so clever, it seems like it´s the other way around. Rainbow says: What have you done to the real Twilight! Black says: It would seem that you haven´t figured that one out yet, that was your Twilight but she is now under my command and you were all to blind to see it! Applejack says: How could that be Twilight, this Twilight used dark magic against us and… oh no! Black says: I guess you figured it out didn´t you. I bestowed Twilight the Dark Spheres energy so she would be able to use her own elemental power, the side effect however made her evil, which for me was a good thing and for you it was a bad thing. Pinkie says: You better turn her back to normal or I will get really angry! Black says: Will you now, but I have so many plans for your friend Twilight so I don´t really feel like doing that. Now if you´ll excuse me ladies I have to plan for our next attack, see you around. Black and the dark army then teleports back to the Dark Sphere and Rarity says: We need to inform the guardians that Twilight has become corrupted thanks to Black! They all head to tell the guardians about this and they need to plan what to do next if they want to get Twilight back to them, otherwise Twilight might be lost forever. Will they be able to save Twilight from her corrupted form before she becomes permanent evil? Only time will tell.

Episode 23: “Trials of Nature“

It is a peaceful day on the Main Sphere and Rainbow is flying around above the city when she suddenly sees the same beam that teleported Twilight back to the Dark Sphere and Rainbow knows that it´s the dark army again so she flies back to the house to get the others. They all then head towards the direction of where Rainbow saw this beam and they soon realizes that the dark army are heading to the sanctuary to steal the Elements of Nature. When they arrive to the sanctuary they notice that the guardians have been taken out and that they´re unconscious from some dark energy, they all head inside and they notice that Twilight is in the sanctuary and Rarity says: Twilight, you did this to the guardians outside of the sanctuary?! Twilight says: Well they were in my way so I had to, and now I will be taking the Elements of Nature! They all run up to her and then Twilight traps them in a dark bubble and says: You all fell for my trap, and that will cost you! Twilight drains them of their elemental powers and then she says: I would say that´s a fair trade, since you didn´t want to give me the Elements of Harmony yesterday! Applejack says: What have you done to us Twilight?! Twilight says: Well I have absorbed your elemental powers and now I´m in control of your powers! Twilight then makes six different colored spheres show up around her body as a sort of ring and she uses all of their powers to show them that she´s not lying. Twilight then says: I will now release you from this dark bubble and I want you to play a little game with me! Rainbow says: What kind of game is that?! Twilight says: I call it “ Find the Elements of Nature “ game, and the rules are simple, all you have to do is find the Elements of Nature that I will be hiding away on the elemental spheres, that sounds easy right! Derpy says: Do we have a choice?! Twilight says: Well if you don´t try to find them then I´ll be taking them to my master! They all then split up to try and find the Elements of Nature, Rainbow arrives to the Thunder Sphere and she starts flying around and trying to find the Element of Thunder. Fluttershy tries to find the Element of Earth on the Forest Sphere, Rarity tries to find the Element of Fire on Pyro Sphere, Pinkie tries to find the Element of Wind on the Sky Sphere, Applejack tries to find the Element of Water on the Hydro Sphere and Derpy tries to find the Element of Ice on the Arctic Sphere. They all soon realize from a while back that the Elements of Nature reacted when they approached them the first time in the sanctuary and that the guardians did say that they also had a connection to the Elements of Nature. They all start to focus on the location of the Elements of Nature and Rainbow sees the Element of Thunder deep inside the tallest mountain on the Thunder Sphere, Fluttershy sees the Element of Earth underneath the tallest tree on the Forest Sphere, Rarity sees the Element of Fire deep inside a volcano on Pyro Sphere, Pinkie sees the Element of Wind near the core of the Sky Sphere, Applejack sees the Element of Water in an underwater cave on the Hydro Sphere and Derpy sees the Element of Ice deep inside a crystal cave on the Arctic Sphere. Rainbow finds the tallest mountain and finds the cave entrance to where the Element of Thunder is hidden and she heads in. After a little bit of walking she soon notice the Element of Thunder on a stone pedestal and as she´s about to take the Element she gets attacked by some shadow ponies which Black had sent after her and she is forced to fight them. Fluttershy finds the tallest tree and finds a entrance at the bottom of the tree between some roots and she heads inside. She walks through this cave underneath the tree and soon she finds the Element of Earth on a pedestal but she gets attacked by some shadow ponies just like Rainbow and is also forced to fight them. Rarity finds the volcano that the Element is in and she carefully descends into the volcano and at the bottom she finds the Element of Fire on a pedestal but she also gets attacked by some shadow ponies and she needs to take care of them of them. Pinkie descends to the core of the Sky Sphere and she soon finds the Element of Wind on a pedestal and she also gets attacked by some shadow ponies. Applejack dives down to this underwater cave where the Element is located and she soon finds the Element of Water on a pedestal but she gets attacked by shadow ponies as well. Derpy finds this crystal cave and she walks for a while until she finally finds the Element of Ice on a pedestal and she also gets attacked by shadow ponies. They all get cornered up against a wall and they all say: I´m not giving, no matter what happens, I won´t let the darkness win, not now, not ever. The Elements of Nature starts to react towards their will to continue fighting and flies and lands on their heads and restores their elemental powers and they can all feel the powers back in their bodies again and they fight off the shadow ponies and the all use the Elements of Nature to teleport back to the Main Sphere and they soon meet up and Rainbow says: Wow we all have tiaras as Twilights Element of Magic! Applejack says: I guess the Elements of Nature have accepted us as their wielders just like the guardians! Rarity says: Speaking of the guardians we should probably head back to the sanctuary to check if they´re awake yet! They all run towards the sanctuary and they notice that the guardians are now awake and Blitz says: I thought the Elements of Nature were gone forever since Twilight came to the sanctuary to steal them! Rarity says: No need to worry, we got them back again! Blaze says: Well that´s good news I guess, but where´s Twilight! Pinkie says: She must have gotten away! Chilly says: Well it seems that the Elements of Nature have chosen you like they did to us! Rainbow says: Yeah it seems like it, and they also restored our powers that Twilight stole from us! Wave says: So Twilight can use your elemental powers now. That will make her an even bigger threat than before! Fluttershy says: But she´s still our friend and we want to restore back to normal! Storm says: I understand what you´re saying Fluttershy but Twilight is now a big threat if she decides to use your elemental powers! Applejack says: That doesn´t matter, we´re going to get her back to normal, no matter what! Ivy says: If you don´t succeed, will you then be prepared to face her in a real battle. Because if you´re not prepared she will destroy Pony Utopia! Derpy says: We will restore her back to normal. We still have hope for that she can be saved from the darkness inside of her! Blitz says: But if you don´t succeed then we´ll have to use the Elements of Nature to destroy Twilight before she causes more damage! The guardians then puts the Elements of Nature back in the sanctuary and Rarity and the others walk back home thinking about that they might have to fight Twilight in a real battle and possibly destroy her. Will Rarity and the others be prepared to sacrifice their friend to save Pony Utopia or is there still a way to save Twilight? The answers might come sooner than expected.

Episode 24: “A Dark Confrontation“

On the Dark Sphere, Black is preparing a new plan to take over Pony Utopia when suddenly a dark void opens up in front of Black and Twilight, and Black says: Master I was not expecting your visit, if I would´ve known of your retu… The pony says: Silence! You have failed me too many times general and I will now give the general post to this pony, which I can sense, a powerful force inside of! Twilight says: Who might you be, I´ve never seen you here before! Black says: Twilight this is my master and you need to pay more respect towar… The pony says: Silence Black! I´ve had just about enough of you and your failures! Black says: I´m sorry master, it won´t happen again. The pony says: Now then, Twilight was it. Will you serve me as your new master?! You will get a higher post than my former general Black. Twilight says: I never liked Black anyway so I´m willing to serve you master! The pony says: Good! Now my general prepare for some guests that will be arriving to the Dark Sphere very shortly! Twilight says: Yes master! Twilight then walks away and Black says: But what about me, master?! The pony says: You will be the one to give the message to the guardians of Pony Utopia! Now get out of my sight! Black says: Yes master, right the way! Black then shoots a teleportation beam towards Pony Utopia and he steps inside of it, he then lands outside the city where the guardians and Twilights friends are talking about some stuff and Black walks up to them and Rainbow says: What do you want Black!? You want to make us feel more miserable than we already feel because of you! Black says: I came here with an invitation. Me, your friend and the dark army want to finish this once and for all, and the best place to finish this is on the Dark Sphere! Applejack says: What if we say no! Black says: Then we´ll make full out attack on Pony Utopia, don´t be late! Black then returns to the teleporter and Rarity says: This will be a trap, everypony knows this! Pinkie says: But this will be our way to possibly make Twilight normal again! Blitz says: Don´t count on it to be that easy, since the dark army will probably stand in the way! Derpy says: But we still need to try and get her back, this is our big chance to do so! Blaze says: Very well then, we´ll get the Elements of Nature and then it´s off to the Dark Sphere! Rarity says: Could you drop by our house first, we have something that we want to show you all! Chilly says: Okay then, we´ll drop by after we´ve gotten the Elements of Nature from the sanctuary! The guardians then shows up at their house and Rarity show them the cube that Rarity gave to Twilight and Blitz says: The Cube of Seasons, where did you find this! Fluttershy says: Rarity found the cube in a fabric store and she bought it! Pinkie says: The cube has magical powers apparently! Blaze says: We thought the Cube of Seasons was lost when our ancestors used its power to create the Elements of Nature a thousand of years ago to defend Pony Utopia from the dark army! Applejack says: Wait just gosh darn second, the Elements of Nature were created from this cube! Wave says: Yes, the cube was given to our ancestors by somepony named Star Swirl the Bearded, this Star Swirl left a message with the cube and the voice said: “ Use this cube known as the Cube of Seasons to prevail even in the darkest of times “ Storm says: Our ancestors then used the cubes power to create the Elements of Nature! Rainbow says: We´ve met Star Swirl before, he created the Elements of Harmony, we traveled back in time and we got to meet him and we also got to know about the 7th Element of Harmony, he told us that there would exist a pony in our own time with a connection to this Element, and that pony was Derpy! Ivy says: So you´ve all met Star Swirl the one that created the Elements of Harmony. He probably found the Cube of Seasons and sent it to Pony Utopia! Rarity says: That is a possibility, but we need to hurry, let´s get the Elements of Harmony and let´s also take the Cube of Seasons as well, maybe it could be useful in some way! They all then head to the dark teleporter and they all step inside of it and when they arrive they notice that the Dark Sphere is purely composed of darkness. They look at the distant of where they are standing and they see a tall building surrounded by a dark barrier they all decide to run towards it and half way there somepony shoots a dark beam attack on the ground in front of them and they all stop and look up towards where the beam came from and they see Twilight. Twilight jumps down to the ground in front of them and she says: I won´t let you stop my master´s plan, and besides you won´t be able to get through the barrier with your magic attacks! Only beings with dark magic can pass through the barrier! Rarity says: We´re your friends Twilight, please understand?! Twilight says: Oh I understand alright, I understand that you´re all trying to fool me, but that won´t work against me! Blitz says: Everypony stand aside, we´re going to use the Elements of Nature to destroy her! Applejack says: NO you´re not, and we´re not going to fight you Twilight because you´re our friend! Twilight says: You would all just stand there and let me finish you all off!? Rainbow says: Yeah that´s exactly what we´re going to do, because we´re not going to hurt you Twilight! Pinkie says: Yeah Rainbow is right. I´m not going to do anything either! Derpy says: Nopony´s going to hurt you Twilight. Fluttershy says: Because you´ll always be our friend. Then they all just stand there and look at Twilight and Twilight says: Well if you´re not going to do anything then I will do something about you ponies instead! Twilight starts to charge up her dark beam while she´s looking at them and she soon gets flashbacks of when she first arrived to Ponyville and met her friends and she starts to cry because she remembers all the wonderful things they´ve been through together and then she says with quiet and sad voice: My friends. Twilight then turns around and shoots the barrier and makes it disappear and then she says to them: Everypony you need to hurry and stop the dark army before it´s too late! Rarity says: Twilight you´re back!! Twilight says: Yes, but I don´t know for how long. Rainbow says: Isn´t there a way to get the dark energy out of her body! Pinkie says: We could use the Elements of Harmony to purify her, but I don´t think Twilights Element would accept her in this state! Blitz says: Maybe our Elements of Nature could purify her! The guardians then start to focus on the Elements power and they shoot out a healing wave of light that surrounds Twilight. The dark energy leaves her body and her friends runs to hug her and Twilight says: It´s good to see you all again, I guess you´ve all missed me. Rarity says: We and probably two other things have missed you as well. Twilight says: The Element of Magic and the cube you gave me Rarity! Rarity says: The cube is called the Cube of Seasons, it created the Elements of Nature and Star Swirl found the Cube of Seasons. Twilight says: Wow I didn´t know Star Swirl could teleport things so far away from Equestria and that he found this Cube of Seasons. Pinkie says: Twilight, do you still have the elemental powers that the evil you absorbed from us. Twilight focuses and the spheres appear around her body. And she says: Yes it seems that I do have the powers still Pinkie. Rainbow says: Twilight, are you ready to face Black and end this battle against him and his dark army! Twilight says: I´m ready, come on everypony let´s stop Black and the dark army once and for all! Twilight puts on the Element of Magic and they all head off to confront Black and the dark army. With Twilight back they might have a chance to stop Black and the dark army, but are they prepared for Black`s master though?

Episode 25: “The Golden Hope – Part 1“

Twilight and her friends head inside of the tall building and when they reach a large room the way out gets blocked by a dark barrier and a voice says: Welcome to the Dark Sphere guardians, this will be your final resting places! The pony then comes forth out of the shadows and Twilight and her friends recognize him and Rainbow says: Hey, you´re that Pegasus Unicorn that came to our world and sent us to Pony Utopia! The pony says: How right you are little pony. Allow me to introduce myself since I didn´t get the chance last time I saw you small ponies, I´m Emperor Void, the leader and master of the dark army and my former general Black! Black have failed me too many times, but now I´m here to make sure that none of you survive not even you Twilight, you betrayed me and returned back to your friends and that is going to cost you! Twilight says: I don´t think so Void, we´re here to stop your evil plans! Void says: Well Twilight my plans are going on just fine, don´t you remember your home planet, while you´ve been away from your planet unable to protect it, I´ve started to corrupt it, and soon it will become as corrupted as the Dark Sphere, and there´s nothing you or the ponies on your home planet can do to stop the corruption! Applejack says: What makes you so sure about that! Void says: Well for the fact that you can´t get back to your home planet, I´d say my plan is going on without any problems! There has been a few ponies and a dragon, that has tried to stop the corruption, but one of the ponies and the dragon ran away in fear, the other two ponies kept on fighting however and I decided to seal them inside of two dark bubbles to get some annoyances out of the way! Twilight says: Well we´re still going to stop you and your evil plan! Void says: I highly doubt! Now Black I will give you one final chance to prove yourself and don´t fail this time! Black says: I promise I´ll not fail you again master! Void then sends all of his dark army minions into Blacks body and Black grows in size and gains more power and Void says: Now don´t fail me again Black, I will now head back to make sure that the corruption continues while you destroy these meddling ponies! Emperor Void then opens up a dark void and heads back to Equestria and Black says: This is the end of the line for you ponies because now I will destroy you all! Twilight says: I don´t think so Black! They all start to focus on their Elements and Twilight and her friends launches a Shining Rainbow Sphere at Black while the guardians launches their Nature Beam at Black, both attacks hit Black at the same time but it doesn´t work and Blitz says: It didn´t work, he´s too strong for our Elements to be able to take him out! Twilight says: Remember what we said to you all, back when you used the Elements of Nature for the first time, we said that you should never give up no matter if it seems impossible, because there´s still hope, and I´m not willing to give up and neither is my friends, that´s why you should never give up! Blitz says: You´re right Twilight, we shouldn´t give up! Blaze says: Not as long as there is still hope! Chilly says: We need to believe, because everypony in Pony Utopia believes in us! Wave says: None of us are willing to give up on everypony in Pony Utopia! Storm says: We´re going to fight until we succeed! Ivy says: And darkness will never win because we all believe! Everypony says: We all believe! The Cube of Seasons starts to react and start floats in front of Twilight and Twilight then hears a voice coming from it and it says: “ Use this cube known as the Cube of Seasons to prevail even in the darkest of times “ Twilight then wishes for a power to be able to stop Black, Void and the corruption of their home planet. The Cube of Seasons then transforms into a necklace and places itself around Twilights neck and the voice says one final thing: “ Use the Element of Season to rid of all darkness that exists to once again return peace to the world “ Twilight says: Let´s all try this again everypony , this time with more power! They all start to focus on the Elements and Twilights friends shoot a Harmony Beam and the guardians shoots their Nature Beam at Black. Twilight focuses on both the Element of Magic and the Element of Season and she launches her attack called: Season of Magic Blast. All three attacks hit Black and he slowly starts to disappear but he does say one last thing before he disappears and that is: You may have defeated me but you will never stop my master or save your world! Black laughs as he disappears and Twilight says: We need to find a way to get back to Equestria. Otherwise Void will turn our world into a new Dark Sphere! Wave says: I studied some things in the sanctuary yesterday and I think it could be some lead how you can get back to your world! Rainbow says: Then what are we waiting here for, let´s get going before it´s too late! They all arrive at the sanctuary and Wave shows seven different slots in the wall at the back of the sanctuary and Twilight gets the idea that they should put the Elements of Nature in these slots and something might happen. They all place the Elements in each slot and the altar where the Elements of Nature are usually placed on moves to the side and reveal some stairs underneath it. They all head down the stairs and they soon find themselves in a large room with different looking arches and Twilight remembers that she´s seen these types of arches before, it was when they traveled back in time to meet Star Swirl and Accord but this time around they´re teleporters and Pinkie finds one that is connected to their world and Blitz says: Well it seems you will be able to get home after all. Rainbow says: Yeah it looks like it, and we can take care of that corruption and stop Void as well! Blaze says: I hope you will succeed to defeat Void. Rarity says: I´m sure we will be able to stop him. Chilly says: Good luck on your home world everypony! Derpy says: Thank you Chilly, we will do the best we can to stop Void and the corruption! Wave says: Hey Applejack, I want you to have these seeds as a souvenir, and something to remember us by! Applejack says: Thank you Wave, I´ll take good care of these seeds, I can promise you that! Storm says: Well it´s time to say goodbye. It seems like you almost arrived to Pony Utopia! Pinkie says: Oh don´t be sad we´ll come and visit you when we´ve dealt with this problem! Ivy says: I´ve learned so much from you´re ways of treating animals Fluttershy, and I will always remember you and everypony else! Fluttershy says: I will remember you as well Ivy, thank you for teaching me how to create trees and I will spread the trees you have here and make them grow in our world! Blitz says: We will tell stories to everypony in Pony Utopia about all of you and how you all helped us save Pony Utopia! Twilight says: And we will tell stories to everypony in Equestria about our adventures and the day we met you all! Twilight and her friends then heads over to the teleporter and Twilight and her friends says: Goodbye Guardians of Pony Utopia. Blitz and the others say: Goodbye Guardians of Equestria. Then Blitz starts up the teleporter and Twilight and her friends get teleported back to Equestria, but Twilight manages to say one more thing before they disappear and that is: Take good care of the Elements of Nature! The guardians promise to take good care of them and then Twilight and her friends get teleported back. What will be waiting for them back in Equestria and will they be able to stop Void and also stop the corruption from destroying their world before it´s too late? To Be Continued.

Episode 26: “The Golden Hope – Part 2“

Twilight and her friends arrive back in Ponyville and they notice how everything has changed, the sky is all red, the buildings around look almost like the buildings on the Dark Sphere and the mountains all around them have almost entirely been changed into the same kind of structure they found on the Dark Sphere. They soon hear a familiar voice that says: Where have you all been?! They look towards the voice and they see both Flame Star and Spike. Flame Star and Spike runs up to them and Spike says: Twilight where have you been all this time?! Twilight says: It´s a long story Spike. Flame Star says: I don´t think you have any time to tell the story right now Twilight, you all need to stop this pony called Emperor Void, he´s trying to destroy Equestria! Applejack says: Yes we know about him Flame Star and we´re going to stop him and this corruption right now! As they are running along Twilight says: Have Princess Celestia and Princess Luna been able to stop Void during his attack! Spike says: No they both got captured in these dark bubble things! Twilight says: Then it´s up to us to stop Void! They soon find Void near Town hall where Twilight and her friends first saw Void and he says to Twilight and the others: Well I wasn´t expecting to see you back here again, here I thought that Black would´ve finished you off but I was apparently wrong about that! Rainbow says: Yeah we beat Black and now we´re here to beat you! Pinkie says: We won´t let you destroy our world! Rarity says: We are the Guardians of Equestria and we won´t let any darkness slip by our hooves! Derpy says: So you better prepare for defeat! Fluttershy says: No more hiding around Void it is time for you to face us in a real battle! Void says: Very well then, if the guardians of this world want to fight, then I won´t say no to that! I do also feel that you´ve all become more powerful since the last time we met, so this should be an interesting fight! Twilight and her friends focus on the Elements of Harmony and they shoot their Shining Rainbow Sphere at Void but he just blocks with his dark magic and says: Can´t you do better than that, that was hardly an attack. This however is an attack! He shoots a huge dark beam at them and they all fall to the ground and Void laughs and then he says: If you so called guardians can´t defeat me, then what use are you for this world! They all then start to stand up and Twilight says: Even how many times you hit us, we´re still not going to give up, because we still believe we can defeat you Void! Void says: Well your little speech really made it into my heart Twilight! Oh wait I don´t have a heart, so I can´t feel any emotion! Twilight says: Well we have emotion and we also have hope. A golden hope of a better future, and we are working towards this future because we still haven´t given up! Void says: Well you should give up since it´s hopeless, you won´t be able to win! Twilight says: That´s where you are wrong Void, we always triumph over evil because…. Everypony says: We´ve not given up! Back on the Main Sphere the Elements of Nature starts to react towards their call and starts to fly off towards Equestria and the guardians watches as this happens and Blitz says: Looks like Void will get some big trouble with Twilight and her friends! Blaze says: Yeah it looks like it! Chilly says: I know they will be able to beat Void, I just know they will! Wave says: There´s no way they will lose! Storm says: They will never lose because they have a strong will, and they´re always prepared to help other ponies! Ivy says: Just like they taught us to believe in ourselves! They all say: Good luck Guardians of Equestria! Back in Ponyville Void says: Was that your final attempt to scare me!? Twilight says: No we´ve just begun. Now comes the fun part! They all look up towards the sky and they all see the Elements of Nature coming down to them and Twilight and her friends put them on and then Derpy says: Ice! Applejack says: Water! Pinkie says: Wind! Rarity says: Fire! Fluttershy says: Earth! Rainbow says: Thunder! Twilight says: Season! They all turn into different colors, Derpy´s coat turns into white. Applejack´s coat turns into blue. Pinkie´s coat turns into gray. Rarity´s coat turns into red. Fluttershy´s coat turns into brown. Rainbow´s coat turns into yellow and Twilight´s coat turns into a rainbow colored coat. Then they all shout: Nature Harmony Blaster! A huge wave of purifying power from both the Elements of Harmony and the Elements of Nature shoots out from the ponies and purifies their world and it slowly makes Void disappear and he says: If I would´ve known about your special little trick then I would´ve won against you! Twilight says: That is something you can´t predict, but know this Void, good will always triumph over evil! Void says: Well you may have defeated me but there will be others that will cross your path and make your world suffer once again! Twilight says: Then we will be waiting for their appearance, and so will the guardians that will take over our spot in the future! Void then disappears and everything gets turned back to normal. The Elements of Nature flies back to the Main Sphere and the guardians of Pony Utopia know that the battle is finally over. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna thanks Twilight and her friends for their help and they both fly back to Canterlot to inform everypony that the crisis is over. Flame Star says: I really don´t know what just happened when you fought Void, but I was glad that it happened! Twilight says: We´re all happy that this happened, Flame Star, and I think Equestria and we as well deserve a good rest after all of this. Everypony returned back to their homes to get some rest. Equestria is once again saved and peace returned to the land once more. The End. Twilight Star says: That was a really cool story mom! Rainbow Flash says: Yeah Miss Sparkle that was a 20% cooler story than all the history stuff you usually talk about! Spike says: I can´t believe you left me out of the story! Twilight says: Well Spike you did have an important role in Equestria. Spike says: Yeah I guess you´re right Twilight and I´ll probably tell my girlfriend this story when I get back home. Apple Kicker says: I just want to know who this Flame Star pony was, and where is he now!? Twilight looks at Sun Star and then she says: Apple Kicker you need to remember that some of the ponies in this story aren´t real. Sun Star says: I think it´s time for every filly to go to bed, because remember you have school tomorrow. Ruby Star says: Okay Sun Star. Sprinkles says: I want to sleep on the water bed! Lilyshy says: I´ll sleep wherever there´s room for me. Peachie Pie says: Well I´m going to party for a little bit before I go to bed. Pinkie says: No Peachie Pie, you have to go to bed right now! Peachie Pie says: Okay mommy. When the fillies are finally in bed Rainbow starts to say: Well that was a close one! Rarity says: When do you all think it´s a good time to tell them that all of this was real?! Applejack says: We should probably tell them about this when they get older! Derpy says: Yeah that sound like a great idea since Sprinkles is probably already curious about all of the things Twilight said and I don´t really want to make her more hyper then she already is. Fluttershy says: Well Lilyshy would probably just get scared because of how Twilight got evil! Twilight says: You don´t have to remind me about that Fluttershy, I still have nightmares about that! Pinkie says: Yeah Twilight we all have nightmares about you being evil. Twilight then decides to take the food to the kitchen and the others ask if they could help with something but Twilight says that she can take all of it at once. She uses the wind element to carry the food to the kitchen and Rarity says: I guess it´s the same with our elemental powers?! Applejack says: Yep, I think they could get to know our secret when they get older, maybe adults or am I going a bit too far with this! Pinkie says: Nah, I´d say that´s a pretty good time to tell them. Rainbow says: Well I´d like to see the look on Rainbow Flash´s face when I change to my lightning form, she´d probably freak out! Fluttershy says: I don´t think that´s very nice of you Rainbow. Derpy says: Yeah I agree with Fluttershy on this one. Rainbow says: Relax everypony, I was just joking! Twilight comes back into the living room and says: Joking or not Rainbow, I think they should get to know sooner than what you all were talking about since we got to learn all kinds of weird stuff one after another. They all agree on this and they´re going to tell the fillies about all of this next weekend, but for now they all head to bed, and tomorrow might bring a new adventure, but there´s really nopony that can tell if there´s going to be another adventure or not, except the pony that makes the stories him or herself.

The End

Some fact about these episodes:

The second half of the episodes I wanted to focus on the story, focus a little bit more on the villains and also include some back story about the origin of the Elements of Nature. This might come to annoy people but making Twilight evil was a thing I planned from the beginning, I wanted her to have this jealousy towards the others since Twilight didn´t have her own elemental powers and that would be a great opportunity for the villains to “ help “ Twilight with her problems. So the whole Twilight becoming evil was in my opinion the highlight of these episodes. As the episodes from the first part I wanted this to take place elsewhere than being in Equestria, so I thought of making it a world in a different galaxy. This would give me a chance to introduce some new pony types that does not exist in Equestria or anywhere else on their planet. The whole thing would be a story told by Twilight Sparkle while their kids are listening to her. The thing with them getting to use both the Elements of Harmony and the Elements of Nature was to give them all tiaras and necklaces. The story telling was a good way for me to re introduce Twilight and her friends as the main cast again. If you want to have an exact time when this adventure occurs I´d put it after they´ve met Flame Star in “ The Origin of Harmony “ saga. I don´t think there really was any bad parts with these episodes unlike the first 13 episodes but who knows I might´ve missed something, but other than that I don´t think there´s anything else.

I hope you all enjoyed the episodes and leave a comment if you liked it.