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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The Fanmade Season:

------------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 1 |--------------------------------------------------------------------------


Twilight Sparkle: She likes to study and she´s Princess Celestia´s apprentice. ------------------------------------------------- Rainbow Dash: The fastest flyer in Equestria. She wants to become a Wonderbolt to show her skills. ----------------- Rarity: She´s really into fashion, one of the best dressmakers in Equestria. -------------------------------------------------------- Applejack: A pony that works at Sweet Apple Acres, she seems to enjoy her work, most of the time. ----------------- Pinkie Pie: Pinkie´s that kind of pony that likes to party. She spreads friendship wherever she travels. ----------------- Fluttershy: She lives near Everfree Forest since she enjoys being around different kinds of animals. --------------------- Derpy: A pony that enjoys helping others ponies. She also makes delicious muffins. ------------------------------------------

Episode 1: “The Origin of Harmony – Part 1”

Ponyville gets attacked by an evil creature known as Nocturne, the being of darkness. He attempts to draw entire Equestria into darkness, so it´s up to Twilight Sparkle and her friends to stop Nocturne. They use the Elements of Harmony against him but they soon notice that it did nothing to Nocturne and they´re forced to retreat. They head to Canterlot to ask for Princess Celestia´s help and she points them in the direction of some ruins to the east of Equestria in a forest. They soon arrive at the ruins and they notice a large door which has six slots on it. They place the Elements of Harmony in these slots and the door opens. Once inside, they find an arch which happens to be a time portal. They decide to travel thousand years into the past in hopes of getting answers why their Elements won´t work against this mysterious enemy. Once through the portal they notice that they´re now standing in some sort of temple. They head out from the temple and they start to run back to Canterlot only to notice that the city is gone. They do however see Princess Celestia and Princess Luna fighting Discord and using the Elements of Harmony at him. When the battle is over Twilight and her friends decide to go and talk to them even though they don´t seem to recognize them. They then notice that Star Swirl the Bearded shows up and he says to the ponies that they need to find a seventh Element of Harmony in their time that belongs to a chosen pony. They all start to run back to the portal and along the way Applejack notice something nearby even though she doesn´t have time to think about that. They all head back through the portal in hopes of saving Equestria from Evil.

Episode 2: “The Origin of Harmony – Part 2”

Twilight and her friends notice when they return back to their time that the world is slowly starting to disappear and that the ruins also are falling apart. They decide to head back to Canterlot castle to look for the Element. Along the way they run in to Derpy that decides to tag along. They soon arrive at the castle and they start to search for the Element in the Star Swirl the Bearded Wing and when Derpy approaches the giant hourglass in the room it transforms into the seventh Element. Derpy is the chosen one of the Element of Friendship. They all head back to Ponyville to stop Nocturne and his darkness. They use their Elements of Harmony and they launch away a sphere of light with colors of the rainbow at Nocturne and they finally manage to defeat him. Equestria turns back to normal and they all get rewarded for saving Equestria from Nocturne. Twilight talks to Princess Celestia about that she hopes she gets to meet Star Swirl the Bearded again and Princess Celestia says that Twilight will probably meet him again someday in the future.

Episode 3: “A Flutter to be reckoned with”

Fluttershy wants to overcome her fear of dragons so she and Rainbow Dash head off to find some dragons. They soon end up finding a dragon with three baby dragons and Fluttershy seems to be scared of them but Rainbow says that there´s nothing to be scared about. Fluttershy calms down a bit and then they both notice that a baby dragon starts to fall off a cliff. The baby dragon´s mom does not have any wings so she can´t fly and save her child. Fluttershy then reacts and manage to save the baby dragon and the mother thanks Fluttershy by licking her. Fluttershy then realize that dragons are just like any other creature and she´s no longer afraid of them. Fluttershy and Rainbow head back to Ponyville, and Fluttershy has now become more confident than she was before this adventure. She is now able to go close to dragons without getting afraid of them.

Episode 4: “Apple Fools Day”

It´s Apple Fools Day and Rainbow wants to prank everypony in Ponyville before this day ends. As she´s fooling a lot of ponies she finds out that somepony else is already a step ahead of her and she decides to find out who this could be. She soon finds pony in suspicious clothes and she starts to chase the pony only to lose track of this pony in the process. However Rainbow soon manages to find and capture the pony and she unmasks the pony who happens to be Applejack. Applejack explains that Rainbow got fooled by everypony in Ponyville since Applejack never fooled those ponies, she did however tell them to fool Rainbow. Rainbow didn´t get the chance to fool everypony before the day was over, but next year both she and Applejack will try and fool ponies even if they´re only going to brag how many ponies they´ve fooled when the next Apple Fools Day arrives.

Episode 5: “A Golden Appletunity”

Applejack is bucking apple trees when she suddenly notices some trees with golden apples in them. She has never seen these apple trees here before but she decides to take the golden apples as well. Applejack then decides to make apple cider out of the golden apples and then she heads to Ponyville to sell some golden apple cider. The first ones to arrive are Lyra and Bon Bon, they both taste the apple cider and they soon turn into solid gold. Twilight and Derpy comes along and Twilight wonders what happened here. Applejack says that the apple cider turned them into gold. Applejack stops Derpy from drinking the cider and Twilight says that there´s only one cure for this and it´s pollen of a golden flower that exists in Everfree Forest. They head to the forest in hopes of finding the flower which they do. They then use the pollen on Lyra and Bon Bon which makes them turn back to normal again. Applejack apologies to Lyra and Bon Bon and then she says that she´s not going to take things that she don´t what it is. Applejack then heads back to Sweet Apple Acres to get some rest.

Episode 6: “A Griffin with Tricks”

Gilda shows up in Ponyville again but this time she appears to be able to use magic like Unicorns, so she´s using her magic to bully others in her path. Twilight and her friends want find out why Gilda can use magic so they decide follow her into Everfree Forest. The soon end up at a house deep within the forest and they notice that Gilda enters this building. They all sneak up the house and they can hear Gilda talking to somepony. This somepony is soon revealed to be Trixie and she wants to get her revenge on Twilight for making a fool out of her in front of everypony in Ponyville. Twilight and her friends enter the house and both Gilda and Trixie gets shocked that Twilight and her friends found this house. Gilda and Trixie promises to leave Ponyville for good and then they both disappear to a place unknown to Twilight and her friends. They head back to Ponyville knowing that this mystery has been solved and that Trixie was doing the magic part and not Gilda.

Episode 7: “Teacher with a Spark”

Cheerilee is apparently at home feeling sick so she can´t take care of the class today. Twilight says that she can take care of the class. Cheerilee being skeptical still decides to trust in Twilight´s words. Twilight heads to the school and informs the class that she´ll be their substitute teacher today. The class thinks this a joke but they soon notice that Twilight is serious and she gives the class something to work on during their time at school. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon tries to annoy Apple Bloom, but that ends badly and they are forced to stay inside while the others head outside to play in the school yard. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon decides to change the grades on Apple Bloom´s, Sweetie Belle´s and Scootaloo´s papers that they´ve been working on. And when both the rest of the class and Twilight get back into the room Twilight gives them their papers and Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo informs Twilight that there´s something wrong with their grades. Twilight then looks at Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon and says she´s going to report this to Cheerilee. At the end of the day Cheerilee drops by feeling much better and thanks Twilight for the wonderful job. Twilight says goodbye to everypony and then she heads back to the library to tell Spike that she might want to be a school teacher sometime in the future.

Episode 8: “Pink in Park, Babysitter”

Pinkie Pie takes Pound and Pumpkin to a carnival while Mr. and Mrs. Cake prepare with cakes and cupcakes for an upcoming festival in Canterlot. Pinkie and the twins go on many different rides this including: A rollercoaster ride, a freefall ride and a pendulum. These three rides however are a bit too much for the twins, so they either end up throwing up or start crying in the process. Pinkie realizes that Pound and Pumpkin may need a calmer ride so she takes them to the teacup ride which suits the twins perfectly. And when night starts to fall Pinkie takes them back home and she says that it´s probably better if they ride the crazy rides when they get older. Pinkie and the twins’ play with the toys until it´s time to go to bed.

Episode 9: “Tag Flying Performance”

Rainbow is practicing for a performance show in Canterlot, since this will be her biggest chance to make a good impression on The Wonderbolts. There is only one problem, it´s a tag performance. She asks both Fluttershy and Derpy if they want to compete but only Derpy wants to compete. Rainbow and Derpy begins practicing and during the practice Rainbow crashes into a tree and her wings are now broken. Rainbow ends up at the hospital and Fluttershy watched the whole thing and she decides compete to make Rainbow proud. Fluttershy and Derpy put on the most spectacular performance and manage to win the whole competition. Rainbow watched everything on TV at the hospital, and she´s very proud. Fluttershy and Derpy drops by at the hospital and they say that it´s too bad that Rainbow didn´t get to compete, but Rainbow says that she´ll get a new chance next year.

Episode 10: “A Star Out of the Blue”

A stallion Unicorn falls out of a portal in the sky and he wonders where he could be. The Unicorn ends up meeting Pinkie and he introduces himself as Flame Star. They both head to Sweet Apple Acres to meet the others and Flame Star gets introduced to everypony. Flame Star helps repairing a harvester and Big Macintosh asks if Flame Star knows how to use a harvester and Flame Star says yes. A clears an entire field with wheat and everypony gets really impressed by his skills with the harvester. Big Macintosh and Applejack hires him to work at Sweet Apple Acres. However Twilight and the others still wonder where he came from but perhaps they´ll get to know some other day.

Episode 11: “Filly with Flight”

Scootaloo wants to be able to fly so she asks Rainbow for help. They soon begin the training and as Scootaloo is training very hard to learn how to fly she soon manage to pull it off even if her flying abilities are that great yet. But if she keeps on practicing she´ll probably become as good as Rainbow in both flying and skill. Scootaloo thanks Rainbow Dash and then she flies to show Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle her flying skills, and Sweetie belle says that she can´t really call Scootaloo a dodo anymore since she can actually fly now. They then say that they should continue to try and get their Cutie Marks tomorrow since the day is pretty much over.

Episode 12: “A Rare Chance to Scale High”

Spike still want to make Rarity notice him and when he finds out that Rarity is out of gems for her dresses he immediately sets off to find some gems. He heads off far away from Ponyville and he soon finds a dragon with a lot of gems. Spike intends to steal them but the dragon notice Spike and Spike starts to shake in fear. The dragon however tells Spike that he can have the gems if he wants. Spike says yes and asks the dragon if he can help him get the gems back to Ponyville. The dragon agrees to help him and Spike jumps on his back and they both fly back to Ponyville with the gems. Once back in Ponyville Rarity notice that a lot of gems are outside of the Carousel Boutique and she heads outside and Spike says if he did something right and Rarity kisses him on his cheek and says that he did something really amazing, but he didn´t have to do that to make her happy. Spike did it anyways because he likes Rarity.

Episode 13: “A Christmas Special”

Everypony in Ponyville are preparing for Christmas and Twilight and her friends are going to celebrate Christmas together. However Twilight thinks it´s sad that Flame Star has to celebrate the holiday alone so she heads over to Flame Star´s house and knocks on his door. Flame Star opens the door and Twilight asks if he wants to join them for Christmas but Flame Star says that he doesn´t want to interfere with their plans to spend the holiday together. Twilight says that she and her friends want Flame Star to celebrate Christmas together with them. After some minor issues Flame Star decides to join them and they all have a fun time together. And this is the first Christmas he´s spending without his family and he realizes that Twilight and the others are like his new family.

Episode 14: “When Nature Calls”

Fluttershy wakes up hearing some loud noises outside her house and she notices that some bulldozers are tearing down the forest around her house. She heads outside in an attempt to stop them but one of the workers says that they´re going to build a shopping mall here. Fluttershy walks back to her house all sad but Angel cheers her up and he gives her the courage to head outside again to stop this, because she can´t let her animal friends down. She confronts the workers with her stare and the workers say that they could possibly find another place for the shopping mall and then they leave. All the animals head over to Fluttershy to thank her. Fluttershy then heads back to her house to get some rest since it´s getting night already. She now knows that the forest is safe and it will remain safe as long as Fluttershy protects it.

Episode 15: “My Little Pets”

Twilight and her friends decide to have a picnic on the fields next to Ponyville and they brought their pets as well. As they are about to take out the food from the picnic basket an eagle comes and swoops it. The eagle flies to a mountain near the fields and Angel wants to get the food back. Angel and the other animals manages to track down the food and they all work together to get the food back. They all manage to escape from the eagle and also return the food to Twilight and the others. Angel has now learned to accept that he can truly trust his friends since they did work really well together against the eagle.

Episode 16: “Mastering the Art of Time”

Twilight is trying to perfect her time spell when Flame Star comes along and helps her with that. They both travel back in time and they encounter a young Twilight with her parents. They traveled back when Twilight got to become Princess Celestia´s apprentice and also when Spike was born. Flame Star starts to talk about his parents’ disappearance a thousand years ago when Discord was spreading chaos in Equestria and Twilight gets shocked that Flame Star´s from the past. Flame Star then asks if they can head into the future because he needs to think about what he told to Twilight. Twilight understands and they both head back into the future and then Flame Star heads back to his house while Twilight feels sad about Flame Star´s parents’ disappearance.

Episode 17: “Cutie Slumber Party”

Apple Bloom and her friends want to have a slumber party and they decide to invite their entire class. The slumber party takes place in the barn at Sweet Apple Acres. Big Macintosh and Applejack thinks it´s a bad idea but they still let the kids have their slumber party. As they´re playing loud music in the barn Apple Bloom soon notices that the columns that are holding up the barn starts to crack and one of the bars start to fall over Diamond Tiara but Apple Bloom saves her. And Diamond Tiara´s confused why Apple Bloom did this. Apple Bloom and her friends head over to the house to get Big Macintosh and Applejack. They start to yell at Apple Bloom but Diamond Tiara starts to defend Apple Bloom and she says it´s everyponies fault. Even Silver Spoon defends Apple Bloom. After the barn is fixed the kids decide to have the slumber party outside and Diamond Tiara says that she wants to start over and be true friends with Apple Bloom and her friends and Apple Bloom thinks that´s a great idea.

Episode 18: “Speed with Success”

Rainbow has gotten an invitation to a Fast Flyer Competition in Canterlot. She decides to compete in this and Fluttershy and Derpy decide to compete as well. Rainbow and Fluttershy tries to out fly each other since they´re at first and second place. Rainbow soon gets so annoyed that she uses her Sonic Rainboom and accidently hits Fluttershy so she falls unconscious to the ground. Rainbow manages to save her and when Fluttershy wakes up, Rainbow apologizes to Fluttershy and Fluttershy does the same to Rainbow. They both then fly to the finish line where Derpy is waiting and she wonders what happened to them. They both say to Derpy that this is just a game and you´re suppose to have fun. They fly back to Ponyville and Rainbow´s and Fluttershy´s bond has grown even more thanks to this race.

Episode 19: “Harmony and Chaos Collide”

Through an argument between Twilight and her friends, Discord once again is set free into the world. Twilight and her friends are about to use their Elements on Discord but he drains the power within the Elements. Twilight and her friends decide to travel back in time to perhaps get some help from Star Swirl the Bearded, and Flame Star comes along as well. They end up meeting Star Swirl, Celestia and Luna. Luna has gotten hurt by Discord before he got turned into stone so Celestia is forced to seal her sister away inside the moon. Then a creature appears, who´s Discord´s brother known as Accord. He restores the power to the Elements and then he learns about Discords rampage in the future and decides to help Twilight and her friends. Flame Star decides to stay in the past to try and find his parents and his purpose. Twilight gets sad as they head back into the future to stop Discord. Accord confronts Discord and says that as long as he´s around he won´t let Discord cause anymore chaos. Discord disappears and Accord says goodbye to the ponies for now. Twilight is still sad that Flame Star chose to stay in the past because she kind of loved him.

Episode 20: “A Cake and Muffin Surprise”

It´s Twilight´s birthday and her friends are planning a surprise party. Rainbow and Fluttershy are going to try and make Twilight stay away from the library while the others work on the party. However Twilight soon gets suspicious towards Rainbow and Fluttershy and starts to run back to the library. When she arrives back at the library she notices that the others have prepared for the party and congratulates Twilight on her birthday. They all sit down and eat the cake and muffins. Twilight then gets a present and it´s something that is called a Light Crystal, it is said to bring luck to the owner of the crystal. Twilight will remember this as her best birthday ever since her friends went through all this trouble to make the surprise party.

Episode 21: “Locust Invasion”

A locust swarm is on its way to Sweet Apple Acres and Applejack and Big Macintosh need to protect their farm. Twilight and the others tries to help them protect Sweet Apple acres but it seems like nothing´s working until Granny Smith comes out and plays some classic music on stereo. The locust swarm draws back in fear because of the music and she tells everypony that she did encounter a locust swarm when she was just a filly and that her mom used classic music to scare away a locust swarm back then as well. Applejack and Big Macintosh looks at her all annoyed and says why Granny Smith didn´t tell them about this earlier and Granny Smith replies that they never asked her about this locust situation before. Everypony starts to laugh and now they know that they can ask their elders about problems they don´t know how to handle themselves.

Episode 22: “Hooves Are Made for Fashion”

Rarity´s walking around Ponyville to find inspiration for new dresses and when she gets back home she discovers that Derpy is making a dress and she shows the dress to Rarity and Rarity thinks it looks absolutely fabulous. Derpy´s dresses soon become a great success all around Ponyville and everypony seems to want to buy them. Rarity however gets jealous and decides to destroy some of the dresses which make everypony hate Derpy´s dresses. Derpy gets really sad and Rarity feels guilty and tells the truth to Derpy. They both decide to work together with this since Rarity having new inspiration thanks to Derpy´s dresses. Derpy decides to advertise Rarity´s dresses all around Ponyville and at the end of the day, Rarity´s and Derpy´s bond have increased immensely thanks to this event that happened today.

Episode 23: “Marks of Friendship”

Apple Bloom is helping out Big Macintosh by fixing the barn until her Cutie Mark appears and she realizes what her talent is and decides to show her friends. Sweetie Belle is performing a song in front of Rarity and her Cutie Mark then appears and she realizes her talent. Sweetie Belle decides to show her Cutie Mark to her friends. Scootaloo is practicing on her flying skills while Rainbow is watching her. During the training she gains her Cutie Mark and realizes her true talent. She decides to show her Cutie Mark to her friends as well. They soon meet up and they´re all amazed that they´ve all discovered their true talents. However this doesn´t change the fact that they can´t be friends just because they got their Cutie Marks. They hoof bump and say that they´re going to be best friends forever even after growing up.

Episode 24: “The Miracle of Light”

Nocturne returns, and more powerful than ever. The Elements won´t have any effect on him so Twilight and her friends head to Canterlot to get some advice from Accord since he´s there. And he says that there might be a way to stop Nocturne but he requires the Light Crystal which was given to Twilight on her birthday. Twilight agrees to give him the crystal and Accord then teleports the Light Crystal to their location and then he attempts to awaken a power inside the crystal. The Light Crystal starts to shine and a light pillar shoots up into the sky and out from the light pillar comes a pony with a white coat and a yellow mane and introduces himself as Sun Star. Twilight immediately recognizes his voice and runs towards him and says: Flame Star I´ve missed you so much. Flame Star or rather Sun Star says that he´s missed both Twilight and the others and that he´s here to help them stop Nocturne. They all head off to confront Nocturne with the aid of Sun Star.

Episode 25: “Friends to the End – Part 1”

They encounter Nocturne once again and Sun Star uses the power of the Element of Light to try and stop Nocturne but with no success. So they are once again forced to retreat back to ask for help once again. When they arrive they notice that Discord is here and he´s upset that Nocturne is destroying the world which means Discord won´t be able to create chaos. Twilight and her friends convince both Accord and Discord to help them in a final attempt to stop Nocturne.

Episode 26: “Friends to the End – Part 2”

They confront Nocturne once again but their power is still not enough to stop him and everypony are starting to doubt that they can save Equestria from the darkness. However Sun Star is not willing to give up not as long as his parents are counting on him in the past. Soon Twilight and the others realize that everypony in Ponyville and even Equestria are cheering for them and they soon feel a new power inside them and they launch away an huge blast filled with pure light at Nocturne which is finally able to defeat him. Equestria turns back to normal once again and Accord and Discord disappears to some where far away and Twilight and her friends notice that their Elements revert back into their orb forms and Celestia and Luna comes along and says that the Elements of Harmony are now waiting for the new chosen ones of the Elements. The Princesses takes the Elements back to Canterlot and Twilight and her friends decide that they want to see the world and Twilight want to spend her life with Sun Star and Sun Star wants to do the same. Twilight also tells Spike that he´s no longer her assistant but in fact her little brother. She wants Spike to be happy and perhaps find a girl. Spike then leaves with a promise to return to Twilight´s and Sun Star´s wedding. Twilight and her friends then go separate ways knowing that they´ll meet each other someday in the future.

Episode 27: “The Family Reunion”

Five years have passed since Twilight saw her friends so Twilight, Sun Star and their daughter Twilight Star are heading to the reunion in Ponyville to meet the others. They all soon meet up in Ponyville and start to talk about their lives and jobs far away from Ponyville and Twilight Star gets to become friends with the other kids: Rainbow Flash, Ruby Star, Apple Kicker, Peachie Pie, Lilyshy and Sprinkles. Even Spike comes along with his girlfriend Buffy. However when it´s time to go separate ways again Twilight Star and her friends says that they want to continue to play with each other. Their parents agree that they should meet more often and says that they´ll see each other each weekend and the kids get happy. As Twilight, Sun Star and Twilight Star are heading back home they pass by Canterlot and Twilight Star starts to feel a connection with the Element of Magic inside the castle. Could Twilight Star be chosen by an Element and could she be in for a huge adventure in the future? That will be revealed in the next season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

The End

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Fillies on Adventure:

--------------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 2 |------------------------------------------------------------------------


Twilight Star: Daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rainbow Flash: Daughter of Rainbow Dash and Soarin´. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apple Kicker: Daughter of Applejack and Apple Fuji. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Peachie Pie: Daughter of Pinkie Pie and Brown Cake. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ruby Star: Daughter of Rarity and Spotlight. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lilyshy: Daughter of Fluttershy and Sky Breeze. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sprinkles: Daughter of Derpy and Rain Claude. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 1: “The Chosen of Harmony – Part 1”

Twilight Sparkle and her friends decided to move back to Ponyville so that their daughters could meet each other more often and it has been almost six years since Twilight Sparkle and her friends defeated Nocturne, the being of darkness. Twilight Star and her friends are at school and they get information from their teacher Diamond Tiara that they´re going on a school trip to Canterlot castle. As soon as they arrive at the castle the tour begins. However, Twilight Star and her friends decide to wander off on their own and they end up in a room with stained glass that has ponies on them that resembles their parents. As they head further into the room they soon come across seven orbs that start to shine. Once the light has gone away they notice that they´re wearing jewelry which they are unaware what they could be.

Episode 2: “The Chosen of Harmony – Part 2”

Twilight Star and her friends came across some jewelry within one of the castle´s towers. As they´re wondering what they could be, Princess Celestia comes along and she recognizes them as Twilight Sparkle and her friends´ daughters. Celestia explains that their parents used to save Equestria but after saving the land from Nocturne, the being of darkness, and that they lost the connection to the jewelry known as the Elements of Harmony. Celestia sees a lot of potential in Twilight Star and her friends and entrusts them with the Elements of Harmony since the Elements did choose them for some reason. As they head back to Diamond Tiara and their classmates, Celestia explains that the fillies have been with her. Diamond Tiara, at first being both worried and angry at the fillies calms down and they all head back to the train station and Celestia waves them goodbye. When Twilight Star gets back home she says to her mother why she didn´t tell the truth about the Elements of Harmony and Twilight Sparkle says that she wanted to protect her daughter from danger. Twilight Sparkle and her friends decide to hide away the Elements from the fillies so they can continue to live a normal life.

Episode 3: “Changeling Her Mind”

Queen Chrysalis is hiding in the outskirts of Equestria after her defeat at Canterlot six years ago and she decides that she wants to absorb the power of the Elements of Harmony to gain enough power to conquer Equestria. She sends a spy, a Changeling with red eyes, to Ponyville to find the Elements. The Changeling comes across Twilight Star and her friends at the school yard and he hears that they´re talking about the Elements. He transforms into a colt and hides in a bush. Twilight Star hears something from the bush and he finds the Changeling in the disguise and asks what´s his name. He says that his name is Red. Twilight Star introduces Red to the others and then they start to play on the swing set. When it´s time to head back inside school Diamond Tiara notice him and says if he´s new here and he says yes. When school is over Twilight Star asks if he wants to play with her at her house. He agrees to this and they head to her house, while they´re playing Red decides to reveal his true self and Twilight Star first gets shocked and then she says how cool Red is when he transforms into her friends. Twilight Star wants to show Red´s real form, but Red refuses and decides to leave. Twilight Star stops him outside and asks if she said something. He says that she didn´t and he promises that they´ll meet again tomorrow. Red then leaves after getting a kiss on the cheek from Twilight Star. Red might be able to find the Elements of Harmony if he stinks close to the fillies so he decides to continue the act of being their friend.

Episode 4: “Picnic with a Summer Breeze”

Twilight Star and her friends decide to head to the beach and their new friend Red decides to tag along to get information about the Elements. Red soon finds their picnic and swimming around in the ocean a waste of time and decides to head back to Ponyville. The fillies decide to swim around in the ocean unaware that a tidal wave is approaching. Rainbow Flash, Lilyshy and Sprinkles manage to get away from the wave but the others get swept out into the ocean. Rainbow Flash decides to fly and get some help, she happened to find Red while flying towards Ponyville. She explains the situation and Red realizes that he won´t be able to find the Elements if the fillies drown in the ocean. He changes into Rainbow Dash to gain speed and he flies into storm in hopes of finding the fillies. He manage to find them and he takes them back to the beach and tells them to stay away from the beach when it´s storming outside. They all head back to Ponyville with better understandings of the sea.

Episode 5: “Foaling Around with Fillies”

A carnival recently arrived to Ponyville and the fillies and Red decide to go on some rides. While they´re there, they soon encounter some filly and colt bullies and Red transforms into his Changeling form and scares them away. However the bullies return with their parents and they start to chase Red. Red comes across Twilight Star´s parents and they start to protect Red from the angry parents and manage to make them leave. Twilight Star and her friends says thank you to Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star. Red decides to leave the carnival and says goodbye to the fillies. Red says to himself that he needs to find the Elements before Queen Chrysalis gets angry at him. He heads back to Ponyville to plan for the day tomorrow in finding the Elements.

Episode 6: “Mother for a Change”

Twilight Star has been getting bad grades in school so Diamond Tiara wants to speak with her mom about this situation. Twilight Star realizing that her mom would flip if she knew about her bad grades. She asks Red to come to the meeting as her mom and Red first refuses but he soon gives in. She also tells the others that they need to keep her mom away from school, and they all agree to help Twilight Star. Twilight Star heads home to tell her mom about this meeting. The next day after school Red transforms into Twilight Sparkle and he and Twilight Star heads to the meeting. Twilight Star´s friends tries to make it so Twilight Sparkle is late for the meeting and when she enters the classroom she notices Red in her form. Red transforms back to his real form and flies out the window. Diamond Tiara being both shocked and scared gets calmed down and then the meeting continues. After the meeting Twilight Star´s mom says that she´s not angry at her daughter but she still wants her to study really hard from now on, and then Twilight Sparkle starts to think that Queen Chrysalis might be back. Twilight Star then later encounters Red and says that he was an excellent mom and kisses him on the cheek once again. Red then walks away still with no information about the Elements.

Episode 7: “Changeling in Maredor Land”

The fillies and Red are taking walk through Everfree Forest when they suddenly get ambushed by three ponies that are calling themselves Team Equestria. They capture Red in a net and then they run off towards a facility in a desert called Maredor. The fillies run after them and they soon encounter a fortress which seems to be the facility. They start to dig into the sand to enter the fortress from underneath. Meanwhile Team Equestria are doing experiments on Red and both Red and Team Equestria soon notice that the fillies then brakes through the wooden planks in the ground. Team Equestria came prepared and traps the fillies inside a cage. Red seeing this gets angry and he blasts off a Plasma Beam which sends Team Equestria flying out from the fortress and into the air. Red then uses his Plasma Beam to set the fillies free and they all hug him. Red then realizes that he gained a new power thanks to the fillies and with that in mind they all head back to Ponyville to get some rest.

Episode 8: “Souls Lost in Hollow Scream”

It´s Halloween in Ponyville and as Twilight Star and her friends are running around trick or treating they notice a couple of fillies and colts are behaving as if their souls have left their bodies. They decide to find out why they´re acting this way. They soon end up at factory with blue lightning coming out from the rooftop. They enter the factory and they soon find out that this factory is indeed haunted and they get chased around by some zombie ponies. As they´re running around they also manage to find some clues which could lead to that there might not be zombie ponies in the factory after all. They soon find a room with a mad doctor called Dr. Scream. He´s created these mechanical zombies to scare away everypony from Ponyville. However Red destroys the machine that is keeping the robots from getting destroyed and then Dr. Scream gets arrested. Peace returns to Ponyville once more as Halloween continues.

Episode 9: “A Play with a Twist”

The Fillies are preparing for a school play and their parents will be the audience. The play is about a pony that takes from rich and gives to the poor. However this play gets interrupted by an unexpected visit of Team Equestria that wants the power that exists inside Red. Red however uses his Plasma Beam and sends them flying. Their parents and their teacher Diamond are unaware that Team Equestria was evil and still gives the play best grade possible.

Episode 10: “Changeling Your Friends Apart”

Queen Chrysalis is getting impatient with her spy and sends seven Changelings to finish the job. This would eventually make the fillies angry at each other because of the Changelings presence. Red realizes that something must be wrong and he manage to get the fillies to stop arguing with each other and they soon confront the Changelings, however he soon gets confused who is who until he remembers that he can see through the Changelings appearances. He soon seeks out the Changelings and sends them flying with his Plasma Beam. The fillies ask why there´s more of them than just Red. Red replies that they´re his “brothers” and they like to play pranks on others. Red says that his “brothers” are not allowed to prank his new friends. The fillies then heads back home and Red realizes that he need to find Elements but at the same time he´s actually started to like the fillies for being nice towards him. What should Red do about this situation?

Episode 11: “Meet the Ponies”

It´s Christmas and the fillies want to introduce the real Red to their parents. Red still thinks this is a bad idea but agrees to it anyway. Their parents start freak out and says that the fillies need to step away from Red so they can send Red flying. The fillies however protect Red and say that he´s helped a lot in the past. Their parents then calm down and when the fillies are finally in bed, Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star decides to show Red the Elements of Harmony and Red swears not to tell anypony about the location. Red then heads back up to the fillies to get some rest and while he´s lying on his bed he thinks about all of this and what he should do to the Elements of Harmony.

Episode 12: “The Day of Harmony – Part 1”

The fillies and Red decide to head to places where they had the best memories of Red, they head to the swing set at school, and they head to the ocean and some other places as well. They all have great memories with their days with Red and Red feels really happy about these memories as well. Then they all say goodnight to each other and Twilight Star and Red heads back home to Twilight Star´s house. Red says goodnight to Twilight Star and she kisses him on the cheek yet again. Red then flies back to Queen Chrysalis lair and tells her about the location of the Elements and she orders her Changeling minions to retrieve the Elements of Harmony and also capture fillies while they´re at it. The Changelings soon returns with both the Elements and fillies. Twilight Star and her friends get shocked that Red has been a spy this entire time. The fillies get locked up in a cage above lava and Chrysalis laughs as she can finally absorb the power of the Elements of Harmony. Will the fillies be able to stop Chrysalis even after Red betrayed them?

Episode 13: “The Day of Harmony – Part 2”

Chrysalis is slowly absorbing the power of the Elements when suddenly Team Equestria shows up takes them away from her. While Chrysalis and her minions are distracted Red sets the fillies free and says that he´s on their side. Red shoots his Plasma Beam at Team Equestria which both sends then flying and also drops the Elements. The fillies equip themselves with the Elements and Chrysalis launches a beam at Red which makes him fall to the ground. The fillies seeing this launches their “Shining Rainbow Sphere” at Chrysalis and defeats her. The lair is however collapsing and Red tells them to leave him behind. Twilight Star gets sad as they´re running towards the exit. They all manage to make it outside but the danger is yet over since Chrysalis managed to survive thanks to her being able to absorb some of the Elements power. The fillies feeling like it´s all over, soon sees Red coming out from the debris of the lair. Red says that his new friends have taught him what love truly is and then an armor chest plate appears on Red and he says it´s the Element of Love. They all launch their attacks at Chrysalis and finally defeat her, however after beating the queen they notice that Red starts to disappear. Red says good bye to fillies and they start to cry as they head back home. Their parents are grateful that they managed to make it back safely. A few months later everything is back to normal and Twilight Star and her friends know that Red is watching over them from the sky.

The End

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – A World beyond Equestria:

-------------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 3 |-------------------------------------------------------------------------


Twilight Sparkle: Twilight, still after getting a daughter, enjoys studying and learning new magic spells. --------------- Rainbow Dash: Rainbow is finally living her dream of being a Wonderbolt. She even lets her daughter fly with her. - Applejack: She´s teaching her daughter all she needs to know about taking care of Sweet Apple Acres. -------------- Rarity: Her daughter gets to learn how to design dresses and they even go to fashion shows together. ------------------ Pinkie Pie: Pinkie´s started her own bakery store, along with her husband. Their daughter helps them sometimes. Fluttershy: Fluttershy has opened a animal care center and both her husband and daughter helps her with this. ---- Derpy:  Derpy has opened up a muffin store in Ponyville and things seems to go really great for her. ---------------------

Episode 1: “Harmony beyond the Stars – Part 1”

It´s a peaceful evening in Ponyville and Twilight Sparkle has invited her friends and their kids for dinner. After the dinner, Twilight decides to tell a story to the fillies and her friends. The story begins with Twilight and Spike arguing about the upcoming festival in Ponyville. However the others arrive and calm her down and they all head outside to take a walk. They soon notice a dark void in the sky and out flies a stallion Unicorn Pegasus and wishes to face the Guardians of Equestria otherwise he´ll destroy this world. Twilight and her friends equip themselves with the Elements of Harmony and confront the pony. The pony however sends them through a dark void and they wake up in a forest they´ve never seen before, and there´s apparently six planets above their heads. They start to explore this place in hopes of finding a way back to Equestria.

Episode 2: “Harmony beyond the Stars – Part 2”

Twilight and her friends manage to find their way out of the forest and they spot a city in the distance. As they walk through the city they encounter ponies’ they´ve never seen before. Six ponies walk towards them and introduce themselves, they´re called Blitz, Blaze, Chilly, Wave, Storm and Ivy. They´re what they like to call elemental ponies in which they can control: thunder, fire, ice, water, wind and earth. They´re also the guardians of the seven planets called: Main Sphere, Thunder Sphere, Pyro Sphere, Arctic Sphere, Hydro Sphere, Sky Sphere and the Forest Sphere. Twilight explains their situation, and the guardians understand. They head on a tour through the city and then they head towards a house which Twilight and her friends can stay in while they´re on the world known as Pony Utopia. Will Twilight and friends be able to get back to Equestria and stop that mysterious pony or is Equestria doomed.

Episode 3: “Ponies in Paradise”

Twilight and her friends decide to check out the stores in the city and they soon bump into the guardians asking if they´re enjoying what Pony Utopia has to offer, and they all say yes. Then a pony walks up to them and says that he doesn´t like outsiders despite actually just arriving to Pony Utopia a couple weeks ago himself. Chilly says that they shouldn´t worry about Black since he´s just a bit grumpy. The guardians show Twilight and her friends what exists all around the Main Sphere which they all seem to enjoy. The guardians seeing their passion towards the things they seem to enjoy decides that they should give them some special training to be able to fit in better with everypony else on Pony Utopia, but that training is for another day. They say goodbye to guardians and head back home to get some sleep.

Episode 4: “A Rainbow Strike”

Rainbow is practicing on her skills outside their house when Blitz comes along and asks if Rainbow wants to come along to the Thunder Sphere (Blitz home planet) for some special training. Rainbow accepts the offer and they both use a teleporter to get to the Thunder Sphere. They begin their training with other Thunder Pegasi who seems to be mocking Rainbow. They all decide to have a race from one mountain to a mountain in the distance. Rainbow flies as fast as she can but is soon in last place and the Thunder Pegasi continues to mock her. Blitz tells her not to give up just because they´re mocking her. They have yet another race and during the race Rainbow turns into a Thunder Pegasi and flies faster than any other Thunder Pegasi. After the race the other Pegasi realizes she´s a cool Pegasus and apologizes. Rainbow then says goodbye and head back to the others to show her Lightning form and they all get really impressed by Rainbow. They all decide to head to bed so they can wake up to a new adventure tomorrow.

Episode 5: “Flutter of the Forest”

Fluttershy is taking care of some injured animals outside their house when Ivy comes along and sees Fluttershy´s passion to help animals. Ivy takes Fluttershy to her home planet, the Forest Sphere, for some training. Ivy wants to teach Fluttershy how to control the nature around her. Fluttershy´s first attempt fails when she tries to sprout a bush, but Ivy encourages Fluttershy to try again. Fluttershy turns into a tree looking pony and she manages to sprout a Cherry blossom tree from the ground. Ivy being really impressed wants to try and create this tree that she´s never seen before. Ivy soon manages to sprout a Cherry blossom tree as well. Fluttershy thanks Ivy for the training and Ivy thanks Fluttershy for showing her a new tree kind she´s never seen before. Fluttershy returns to her friends to show off both her Earth form and her sprouting skills. They all get impressed by Fluttershy´s amazing abilities. They all decide that it´s time to go to bed.

Episode 6: “Fashion with a Burning Passion”

Rarity´s making new dresses in their living room but she seems to be running out of gems. Blaze then walks in and sees Rarity´s beautiful dresses and asks if she wants to join her to the Pyro Sphere is she might be able to find gems there. Rarity decides to tag along and they soon arrive to the Pyro Sphere which seems to be a bit too hot for Rarity to handle. Rarity is almost about to collapse when she suddenly turns into a Flame Unicorn. She´s now able to withstand the heat on Pyro Sphere, so she and Blaze dive into a magma pool and Rarity eventually finds gems underneath the surface of the magma. Rarity then thanks Blaze and then heads back home to show her Fire form to the others and also continue making her dresses. The day comes to an end and they all head to bed.

Episode 7: “Pink as the Wind”

Pinkie is walking around town and trying to get some new friends, but they all seem to ignore her. Storm then comes along and says that there might be a way for her to fit in better. Storm takes Pinkie to the Sky Sphere for some training. They soon encounter the other Wind Pegasi and they think it´s weird that an Earth Pony without powers is here. They mock Pinkie for not being a Wind Pegasi and they don´t want to be her friends. Storm then takes Pinkie to some place for training. Pinkie tries really hard to learn how to become a Wind pony until she finally manages to transform into a Wind pony. Storm and Pinkie heads back to the other Wind Pegasi to show both her form and her wind skills. Pinkie manages to run down a lot of trees with her wind powers and both Storm and the other Wind Pegasi get impressed by her skills. The Wind Pegasi apologizes and says that they actually want to be Pinkie´s friends. Pinkie says goodbye to everypony and she heads back to the others to show her Wind form and her wind skills. Then they all decide to go to bed.

Episode 8: “Learning the Hard Wave”

Applejack is planting some seeds that she bought from a store and she wants them to grow faster. Wave comes along and tells Applejack that there´s a way to make seeds grow faster if she´s able to use the power of the Aqua Unicorns. Wave takes Applejack to the Hydro Sphere for some training. They begin their training with Applejack diving as far into water. Wave soon gets nervous since Applejack has been gone down there for too long. As Wave is about to dive down she sees a beam of water shooting up towards the sky. Applejack has managed to become Aqua pony and she shows off her skills and Wave gets really impressed by her talents. Applejack says goodbye to Wave and heads back to the others to show her Water form and to also make her seeds grow faster. Now both Fluttershy and Applejack can make food for everypony. Fluttershy can create all kinds of fruit and Applejack can grow seeds a lot faster. When the day is over they all decide to go to bed.

Episode 9: “Chillin’ in the Blue”

Derpy´s sitting on a mountain watching the beautiful view of the Main Sphere, when suddenly Chilly joins her and says that there´s a lot of tall mountains on her home planet, the Arctic Sphere. Chilly decides to take Derpy to the Arctic Sphere and Derpy gets really impressed by the landscape of the Arctic Sphere. However Derpy soon gets a bit cold and Chilly decides to train Derpy to survive on the Arctic Sphere. Derpy tries to focus on the cold weather around her and she soon transforms into a Ice Pegasus. Chilly then takes Derpy to the tallest mountain on the Arctic Sphere and the both sit down to watch the view of Arctic Sphere. Derpy then decides to head back to the others so she says goodbye to Chilly. Derpy shows both her Ice form and her ice powers. Then they all decide to head to bed for yet another adventure tomorrow.

Episode 10: “Elements of Two Worlds”

Twilight and her friends are sitting in their garden talking about all the stuff they´ve seen on Pony Utopia when suddenly the guardians come along and joins them. The guardians start to talk about where Twilight´s friends might have gotten their powers from and Twilight and her friends shows the guardians the Elements of Harmony. The guardians then realize that the power is similar to the power that exists on the Main Sphere. They all head towards a sanctuary that is built outside the city. Once inside the sanctuary the guardians show them the Elements of Nature which has a strong resemblance to Twilight´s Element of Magic. The guardians start to talk about that the nature elements gain their power from the sphere corresponding to the Element that is connected to that sphere. Would the elemental sphere ever get destroyed which means the power within the Elements of Nature would be lost forever. Outside the sanctuary, a pony was listening to what they were talking about and then the pony walks away with an evil grin. Twilight and her friends say goodbye to the guardians and then they head back home to get some rest.

Episode 11: “Favor with No Trust”

Twilight and her friends are walking through the city when they suddenly bump into Black, the pony that didn´t like outsiders. He apologizes for his earlier behavior and asks a favor to deliver a letter to his mother that lives within the forest outside of town. They accept the task and they head off into forest. They eventually find the house and they head inside since it seems to be empty. They head down to the basement when suddenly they all get trapped inside a cage and both Twilight and Rarity can´t seem to destroy with their magic. They soon notice Black coming out from the shadows and say that with Twilight and her friends out of the way he´ll finally be able to continue with his plan. He then opens up the ground underneath them and the cage starts to fall into the core of the Main Sphere where they will all end up burning to crisps. They all work together with their special powers and manage to escape from Black´s trap and then they to warn the guardians about his plan and then they decide to head back home to get some rest.

Episode 12: “Library of Knowledge”

Twilight and her friends decide to head to the largest library in Pony Utopia and Twilight is probably the most excited out of them all. Once inside they find a lot of interesting books, there´s even a book about Equestria. However Twilight soon discovers a book with information about a dark army that created chaos on Pony Utopia. This army was however stopped by six ponies using the Elements of Nature to imprison the dark army in deep slumber and the leader of the dark army fled from Pony Utopia and was never seen ever again. Twilight soon realizes that this leader must be Black and he´s probably trying to resurrect his army again. Twilight and her friends decide to inform the guardians about this information because apparently only the Elements of Nature can stop this army. They then decide to head back home to get some rest.

Episode 13: “Season Holidays Collide”

Everypony across Pony Utopia are planning to celebrate the holidays, but they´re actually not celebrating the same holiday together with other elemental ponies. Twilight and her friends decide to create their own celebration and they also invite the guardians and some of the elemental ponies that want to see what this celebration is all about. The celebration consists of: Christmas, Halloween and Easter. The celebration doesn´t start that good since the elemental ponies really don´t seem to like the fusion of the holidays. However as time went on they started to like it and apparently everypony across Pony Utopia decides to come as well. Rainbow basically ends the holiday with her special “The Lighting Rainboom” which she´s been practicing on. Rainbow changes into her Lightning form and performs a Sonic Rainboom with electricity surrounding the rainbow. The guardians ask Twilight what they should call this celebration and she replies: The Season Holiday.

Episode 14: “The Rise of Darkness”

Twilight and her friends are walking through the city when they suddenly notice Black heading out from the city. They all follow him and Black soon enters some ruins with reasons unknown. Once inside they notice that Black is resurrecting his dark army. The dark army rises up from the floor and Twilight and her friends confront both Black and the army. Twilight and her friends are forced to battle the army and they seem to be winning over the army when suddenly Black calls them back and they retreat. Twilight and her friends have to rush out from the ruins since it´s crumbling down. They manage to make it out and they head to warn the guardians and they equip themselves with the Elements of Nature and they soon find Black and the dark army. The guardians use the Elements on the army but it doesn´t seem to affect them. Black and the army flies out into space promising to return and create chaos on Pony Utopia. The guardians seem to be confused why they couldn´t seal away the army but Twilight replies that they shouldn´t give up and the guardians thank her. Twilight and her friends head back to their house to get some rest.

Episode 15: “Fashion beyond Imagine”

Rarity is buying some fabric for her dresses when she notice some sort of cube with different colors. She decides to buy the cube as well and then she heads back to the house to make some more dresses. While she´s making dresses she wishes that the dresses could be worn by Flame Unicorns. The cube responds and makes her dresses fire proof, so Rarity decides to make more dresses for the other elemental ponies. She then heads to the plaza to sell her dresses and everypony seems to like them, and at the end of the day she´s all out of dresses so she heads back home. She continues to make more dresses again and the others think that Rarity should be honest towards the other ponies and tell them about the cube, but Rarity refuses. The next day she heads back to the plaza and her dresses seem to sell with success just like yesterday. However the store owners around the plaza gets angry because Rarity´s taking all the attention away from their stores. Rarity, at the end of the day heads back to make more dresses even if her friends’ doesn´t like her selling tactics. Rarity then returns to the plaza next morning and she notices that the store owners are moving away from the plaza. Rarity feeling guilty tells the truth to everypony and promises to not make more dresses without telling the truth. When everything is solved she heads back home and the others are proud of her. Rarity decides to entrust the cube to Twilight, and Twilight accept the cube. They then decide it´s time to head to bed.

Episode 16: “Pegasi of Disaster”

Rainbow, Fluttershy and Derpy are arguing who´s power´s the best, and they start to have a competition who´s the best power. This competition doesn´t end that well and they all get angry at each other and start to attack each other with their powers and unfortunately the city gets all messed up because of their anger. Twilight and the others manage to calm them down and they soon realize what they´ve done. They decide to work together to restore the city how it used to look like and at the end of the day they apologize to everypony in the city and their bond has increased even more. They all then decide to head to bed.

Episode 17: “Flowing Through the Wind”

Applejack and Pinkie are bored so they´re trying to find something to do. They walk past a kindergarten and the colts and fillies’ don´t seem to enjoy the swing set and building stuff with sand. Applejack and Pinkie head inside to talk to the kindergarten teachers and they say it´s a really nice thing they´re doing for the kids. They head out to the colts and fillies and start to create a waterslide with their water and wind powers. The kids seem to enjoy it but then one of the kids say that they want a bigger slide, so Applejack and Pinkie makes the slide larger. When it´s lunch time Applejack and Pinkie decide to leave when one of the kids say that they could come inside and eat with them. Applejack and Pinkie first says no but then they decide to head inside anyways. After the meal the kids want to play with Lego and Applejack and Pinkie joins them. However the kids soon get bored and decide to head outside again and Applejack and Pinkie decide to clean up the Lego. Once outside again, the kids ask them to make a waterslide again. The kids get to go on the waterslide again and as the day come to an end and Applejack and Pinkie decides to head home. The kids want them to come back some other day. They both head back home and Applejack seems to be having second regrets of getting kids herself but Pinkie seems to want kids someday. They head to bed to wake up to a new morning in Pony Utopia.

Episode 18: “The Elemental Picnic”

Twilight and her friends are heading for a picnic outside the city when they run into the guardians and ask them if they want to come along. They guardians being confused what a picnic could be still decides to join them. A squirrel then joins them and Fluttershy´s overjoyed about this, since the squirrel seems to like Fluttershy. Applejack and Pinkie soon see the kids from the kindergarten and they wave hi to them and their teachers as they pass by their picnic spot. Twilight start to talk about their adventures back in Equestria and Blitz says that it´s incredible that they´ve been able to beat the many foes they´ve met. They guardians then says that Black and his dark army is their problem but Twilight and her friends still want help them stop this threat. The guardians appreciate the help and as they finish eating up the food they say goodbye to Twilight and her friends. Twilight then says that she hopes the guardians will be prepared when Black and the army decides to strike again. They then pack up their things and then they head back to get some rest.

Episode 19: “Corruption of Spheres”

Twilight and her friends wake up to an unpleasant sound of the dark army and they then decides to find the guardians who explains that the army have corrupted the core of the elemental spheres. They decide to split up in six teams and head to each one of the spheres to restore them once again otherwise the Elements of Nature will lose their powers. Twilight decides to defend the Main Sphere from danger while the others attempt to restore the spheres. They all manage to restore the spheres even though they run into problems on the way. They all manage to make it back to Twilight and aid her and Black realizes that his plan has failed so he retreats with his army. Black and his army head back to their headquarters, the Dark Sphere, to come up with a new plan.

Episode 20: “Main Sphere Shopping”

Twilight and her friends decide to visit a shopping mall in a different city on the Main Sphere. They all end up finding stuff they enjoy but they also run into trouble with the dark army. Twilight however encounters Black and he tells her that he´s noticed that she doesn´t have her own elemental powers and he says that he can help her with that. Twilight being confused with all of this regroups with others and they´re soon surrounded by the dark army. Black then comes along and asks Twilight if she´s made her decision and she decides to head over to him only to fall for a trap. Black then takes Twilight back to the Dark Sphere and fills her with dark energy drawn from the Dark Sphere and she gets corrupted. After the process she turns evil and Black has big plans for her. Twilight´s friends are confused what happened but the thing they know is that they need to save their friend.

Episode 21: “House Cleaning Day”

The others being worried about Twilight decides to clean the house since that´s pretty much what Twilight seems to enjoy doing. As they´re cleaning up the house they all enter Twilight´s room and they notice how clean it is and they also notice a diary which Twilight has written in. Twilight wishes that she also could use elemental powers and the other feel kind of bad about this. They all say that they miss her and they would do anything to get her back. The cube in Twilight´s room reacts towards them and basically sends a message bubble to Twilight and she reacts towards their feelings but Black interrupts the message and says that the ponies are only trying to fool her with their charade. Twilight then walks away, to continue her training with her dark powers. Black says that her friends attempt to restore her is pointless and then start to say that the plan to use Twilight against her friends will soon begin.

Episode 22: “A Spark of Seasons”

Black sends Twilight to her friends in an attempt to steal the Elements of Harmony. Her friends being happy that she´s back, reacts towards her sudden return and also reacts how she´s behaving. Twilight then heads to her room to find the Elements when the others walk inside and start to say that she´s not the real Twilight. Twilight decides that this is a bust and fires a dark beam towards the others and she jumps out the window. They run after Twilight only to encounter Black and the dark army. Black orders Twilight to teleport back to the Dark Sphere and then he says to the others that the Twilight they saw was the real her. He explains that he corrupted her and she´s going to help him take over Pony Utopia. He and the army then take their leave back to the Dark Sphere leaving Twilight´s friends confused about this situation. Will they be able to turn Twilight back to normal or will she be lost forever?

Episode 23: “Trials of Nature”

Rainbow is flying above the city when she suddenly notices Twilight down on the ground and she´s heading towards the sanctuary where the Elements of Nature are being held at. Rainbow informs the others and they all head to the sanctuary only to notice that Twilight has knocked out the guardians and taken the Elements. The others try to stop her only to get trapped inside a dark bubble and getting their elemental powers drained from them. Twilight then forms six elemental spheres around her and she is now able to use their powers. Twilight then decides to play a game of finding the Elements of Nature on their corresponding sphere. They all decide to play this game and they head off to retrieve the Elements. Although encountering natural hindrances and the dark army they still manage to find the Elements which also restore their powers again. When they all return to the sanctuary they notice that Twilight has disappeared with their former elemental powers and the guardians have awakened again. The guardians being upset with this decides that they have to stop Twilight or she´ll become as big of a threat as the dark army and Black. Twilight´s friends being confused about the guardians’ decision heads back home to get some rest.

Episode 24: “A Dark Confrontation”

Black is planning on his next attack when suddenly a dark void opens up and Black says: Master, You´ve returned! His master however is not satisfied with Black´s attempts to destroy Pony Utopia so he decides to make Twilight the general of the dark army. Black is then heads to the Main Sphere to inform the guardians and Twilight´s friends that he wishes to see them on the Dark Sphere. They all decide to equip themselves with their Elements and Twilight´s friends show the guardians the cube which is apparently known as the Cube of Seasons. It was apparently given to the former guardians by a pony known as Star Swirl the Bearded, and Twilight´s friends react towards this since they´ve actually met him when they had to travel back in time. The guardians find their story interesting that Star Swirl created the Elements of Harmony. They decide to take the Cube of Seasons and the Element of Magic in case they need them. They soon take the beam that leads to the Dark Sphere and also encounters Twilight who´s standing in their way to reach Black and the army. However Twilight´s friends’ don´t want to fight Twilight. Twilight however start to charge up her dark beam when she suddenly gets flashbacks of when she met her friends. She starts to cry and then she turns towards the barrier where Black and the army is inside and she destroys the barrier. The others being relieved that she´s back also still realize that she´s still corrupted. The Elements of Nature purifies her and she still has the power to use her friends’ elemental powers. She learns about the Cube of Seasons and then they head off to face Black and the dark army in one final battle.

Episode 25: “The Golden Hope – Part 1”

Twilight and her friends soon encounter Black only to encounter his master as well. Black´s master is revealed to be that pony that wanted to destroy Equestria. His name is Emperor Void and he fuses Black with the dark army and then Emperor Void takes his leave to continue to corrupt Equestria. Twilight and her friends launch their Shining Rainbow Sphere at Black and the guardians use their Nature Beam at him. The attacks fail but they´re still not willing to give up. The Cube of Seasons transforms into an Element and places itself around Twilight´s neck. The Element is known as the Element of Season. They try once again and they´re able to defeat Black. They all then return back to the Main Sphere to find a way to get back to Equestria. The guardians remember that there were seven slots on a wall in the sanctuary. They all place the seven Elements of Nature there and a pathway opens up to a teleporter room, and one of the teleporters lead back to Equestria. The guardians take care of the Elements of Nature and they wish Twilight and her friends’ good luck. They all get transported back to Equestria to stop Emperor Void and the corruption.

Episode 26: “The Golden Hope – Part 2”

Twilight and her friends soon return back to Equestria and they notice the corruption around them. They start to run back to Ponyville and along the way they meet up with Spike and Flame Star who informs them that Celestia and Luna failed to stop Emperor Void. They all then confront Void and they use the Elements of Harmony on him with no success. Even if it seems like all hope is lost, Twilight and her friends still won´t give up. Then all of a sudden the Elements of Nature arrive from space and they equip themselves with them. They launch off an attack known as the “Nature Harmony Blaster”, and this attack gives off purifying power that restores Equestria and defeats Emperor Void. Equestria is once again saved thanks to Twilight and her friends. The Elements of Nature returns back to Pony Utopia and that ends the story. The kids seemed to like the story and Apple Kicker asks who this Flame Star pony was and Twilight replies that not all ponies in this story are real. The fillies then heads to bed not knowing that everything Twilight told them was real. They decide that they´re going to tell the kids that all of this was real and that they can still use their elemental powers.

The End


I know that a lot of you don´t enjoy reading texts so I decided to make short versions of my seasons. I hope you´ll enjoy these short versions and you can expect shorter versions of future seasons as well.

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