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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The Cutie Mark Story:

-------------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 4 |-------------------------------------------------------------------------


Apple Bloom: She´s grown up and she´s a reliable teenager that wants to see the world. ------------------------------------- Sweetie Belle: She´s now in charge of the Carousel Boutique since Rarity is traveling the world. --------------------------- Scootaloo: She´s a fan of Rainbow Dash and she wants to be a Wonderbolt just like Rainbow Dash. --------------------

Episode 1: “Departing Into the Unknown”

Four years have passed since Twilight Sparkle and her friends defeated Nocturne, the being of darkness and they´ve all moved on with their lives by traveling the world. This has affected Apple Bloom a lot since she misses her sister Applejack. Her big brother, Big Macintosh, thinks she should head out on her own adventure and Apple Bloom thinks that´s a great idea. She takes her leave from Sweet Apple Acres and decides to check if Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo want to tag along. Sweetie Belle has taken over the job at Carousel Boutique since Rarity is traveling the world. Sweetie Belle decides to tag along since she needs to get away from dress making. Scootaloo is showing off her flying and scooter skills, and some colts and fillies are watching her. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle arrive and ask if she wants to tag along. Scootaloo first says no but then she realizes that she can show her skills all across the world. They head off far away to the south of Equestria and they soon end up in a town in the middle of a desert. They notice that there´s some ruins outside town so they all decide to check it out tomorrow, but for now they all head to bed in the hotel they´re staying at.

Episode 2: “Ruins of Time”

Apple Bloom and her friends decide to check out the ruins and the ponies at the entrance of the ruins looks at them all weird, like they´ve seen them from somewhere. Apple Bloom and her friends head inside and they find a room with ponies carved into the wall fighting an evil looking creature. The ponies do seem to resemble Apple Bloom and her friends. As they approach the end of the room they encounter a crystal that starts to shine and they soon disappear from the room and end up outside in a snowy forest. They encounter a pony that takes them to a camp and they encounter a familiar face, Flame Star, but he doesn´t seem to recognize them. The girls then find a house, and inside this house they meet Star Swirl the Bearded and Clover the Clever. The girls explain that they might have gotten transported through time, which both Star Swirl and Clover finds fascinating. Flame Star then comes in and informs them that they´re heading to the new land which their tribe leaders discovered. The girls decide to tag along since they might get answers how they got here in the first place.

Episode 3: “The Land of Paradise”

As they´re heading to this new land, Star Swirl and Clover start to talk about how the land they just left was changed thanks to the spiritual creatures known as Windigoes, they feed on fighting and hatred which turned this land into a snowy environment. The girls already knew about this thanks to the Hearths Warming Eve play. They soon arrive at this new land which the girls immediately recognizes in the form of Equestria expect without Ponyville and Canterlot. They also get to meet Commander Hurricane, Princess Platinum, Chancellor Puddinghead, Smart Cookie and Private Pansy. As they´re talking to each other they soon notice a lightning strike at the place where Canterlot would be. The girls rush towards that place with Clover following them. Flame Star decides to follow them to protect them from danger. When they arrive they encounter Celestia, Luna and a creature known as Accord. Accord says that fate has chosen the girls to prevent a disaster which will be arriving to the land of Equestria. The girls must seek out a power source within some ruins to the north of the mountain they´re standing on. Flame Star thinks it´s unsafe to let the girls do this but Star Swirl comes along and calms him down. Also apparently Star Swirl and Accord have met each other when Star Swirl was just a colt. The girls, gotten this mission, decides to head off to find this power source.

Episode 4: “A Quest for Harmony – Part 1”

The girls, after walking for some time finds some ruins with a barrier around it that only the ones chosen can pass through. The girls are able to pass through the barrier and they soon enter the ruins. Once inside they find some sort of bags known as “Quest Bags”, apparently these were used by some heroes a long time ago. These bags can contain an infinite amount of stuff and the size of these items doesn´t matter. The girls equip themselves with one bag each and head further into the ruins and solve a lot of puzzles along the way. They soon end up in a room with three swords glowing with the colors green, red and blue. Some text says that three heroes used these swords to stop an evil creature a thousand years ago and only the ones chosen will be able to use these swords. The girls then notice that the swords start to react towards them and Scootaloo gains the green sword, Apple Bloom the red sword and Sweetie Belle the blue sword. They can use their minds to control the swords and apparently when the swords chose them they also gained scabbard to place their swords in. They continue further into the ruins until they encounter a large door that has three slots that seems to correspond to their swords. They place their swords in these slots and the door opens, and on the other side they notice the things they´ve been searching for, the Harmony Crystals. However this seems to be too easy, there has to be something lurking within this dark room.

Episode 5: “A Quest for Harmony – Part 2”

The girls head towards the middle of the room to collect the Harmony Crystals when they suddenly sink into the sand and soon enough they get attacked by a giant centipede that seems to be angry. Scootaloo finds some sort of bug on the centipede and destroys it with her sword. Then two more bugs show up on the centipede and Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle destroy them. The centipede then calms down and digs into the ground. The girls then notice that the Harmony Crystals then returns back up from the sand. Apple Bloom puts the seven crystals in her Quest Bag and then they decide to leave. However before they even get to leave the room they notice a bright light in the middle of the room and Discord appears and thanks the girls for freeing him and then he heads off to create chaos and get his revenge on some gods. The girls returns to the mountain and Accord realizes his mistake and says that he just wanted to meet his brother Discord again. He explains that he once had a master that he betrayed and the gods spared him for this but not Discord, who got sealed up in the ruins containing the Harmony Crystals. He then asks the girls to come along with Star Swirl to some ruins to wake up the power within the Harmony Crystals. They head off and Flame Star and Clover tag along as well. Accord informs Celestia and Luna that he must face Discord and hopefully calm him down. Accord flies off as Celestia and Luna stand guard on the mountain.

Episode 6: “The Sacred Temple”

The girls, Star Swirl, Clover and Flame Star are heading towards a place known as the Sacred Temple. As they´re heading towards to temple Luna drops down to them and she tells them that Discord is attacking the camp where the pony tribes are staying at and Flame Star says that he needs to protect them. Star Swirl says that he won´t be able to stand up against Discord and Flame Star then calms down and continues to follow them. Luna flies back to Celestia to keep an eye on the camp site. Accord soon encounters Discord, and Discord gets angry because the gods spared Accord and gave him some of the gods’ powers. Discord start to launch his dark attacks while Accord avoids them while flying back to Celestia and Luna. The others soon reach the temple and they put six of the crystals in the slots on the door. The door opens and once inside Flame Star finds what appears to be a Time Crystal and he gets sent through time while the others manage to avoid it. Clover gets worried about Flame Star but Star Swirl calms her down and says that he´s probably fine. Star Swirl finds a spot where he can wake up the power and the crystals turns into orbs with some symbols which the girls seem to recognize. They all head back to the mountain to try and help the others. They do however not notice that one crystal was left behind. Once back at the mountain they can see Celestia and Luna fighting Discord and Accord comes towards them and says that Star Swirl needs to give the things that have turned into the Elements of Harmony, to Celestia and Luna. Celestia and Luna manage to stop Discord with Elements and then the girls and Clover sees Twilight Sparkle and her friends running towards the princesses and Star Swirl. They ask a few questions and then they leave. After a few seconds they come back again, however this time with Flame Star. Accord shows himself to the ponies and then he comes along with Twilight and her friends but Flame Star stays behind. Twilight uses a time spell and they disappear. The girls and Clover run towards them in hopes of getting answers about all of this.

Episode 7: “Building the Land”

Flame Star has returned from what appears to be thousand years into the future and he now knows who the girls are since he met them in the future. What the girls saw was Twilight and her friends traveling through time seeking answers. Star Swirl then remembers that he needs to find the seventh harmony crystal. He heads back to the temple while Flame Star explains that he want to build both Ponyville and Canterlot. Celestia is looking towards the sky and she hopes she´ll get to meet her sister again, since Celestia had to seal her away inside the moon since she got corrupted by Discord and turned into Nightmare Moon. The girls explain that Luna will return in the future and that Twilight and her friends set Luna free from the corruption. This gives Celestia good hope for the future. Meanwhile Flame Star is explaining for the pony tribes that he want to build both Ponyville and Canterlot, and it appears that his parents and all the ponies think this is an great idea except Princess Platinum, who doesn´t want to get her hooves dirty. Celestia, the girls and Star Swirl arrive, and Celestia convinces Platinum to help with the construction. They start by building Canterlot first and they manage to build all the buildings except for the castle which will be saved for another day. They all head to bed after some hard work in almost finishing building entire Canterlot in one day and Star Swirl found something really interesting within the temple and it appeared to be a yellow looking crystal.

Episode 8: “A Lovely Picnic”

The girls are helping with the construction of Canterlot castle when Clover comes and talks to them. She says that she has a crush on Flame Star but she´s too afraid to tell him. She asks the girls if they can help with this situation and the girls agree to help Clover. The girls head off to prepare for a picnic while Clover asks Flame Star if he wants to join her on this picnic. The girls manage to prepare for the picnic before Clover and Flame Star and they wish them good luck with the picnic. The girls hide behind some bushes to make sure everything works. The picnic doesn´t seem to make Flame Star more interested in Clover, so the girls decide to go for plan B: The tunnel of love. Scootaloo floats above Clover and informs her about the tunnel of love down the river. Clover and Flame Star heads towards the attraction and they jump into the boat which start to head through the tunnel. Clover tries her best to make Flame Star notice her, but Flame Star seems to be more interested in getting back to work. Clover soon gets angry at him as they´re leaving the tunnel and heading towards a waterfall. The girls realizing that they did yet another mistake watches as the boat falls over the waterfall with Clover and Flame Star. Flame Star however uses his magic to lift the boat, Clover and himself to save ground. The girls are sorry for what almost went really bad and promise to do anything to make up for what they did. Flame Star and Clover agree on that the girls need to work non-stop this entire day with the construction of Canterlot castle. When they day comes to an end, the girls head back to their house to get some rest.

Episode 9: “City of Dreams”

Star Swirl is organizing house by placing all of his spell books on the book shelves when suddenly the yellow crystal that he found in the temple starts to shine and a voice from within says that it´s known as a Light Crystal and holds great power. The crystal also mentions that a pony exists in this time line that has a connection to this crystal and if this pony chooses to merge with the crystal, then this pony will gain the power of light but only when the pony is set free into the world again. The crystal stops to shine and Star Swirl looks all confused by the information. Meanwhile, Flame Star and the other ponies have finally finished the construction of Canterlot and Flame Star thanks everypony for helping this dream to become reality and he tells them that they all deserve a good rest after finishing this project. Flame Star then decides to head down to the fields to create the blueprints for Ponyville when suddenly Clover joins him and she notices that he seems to be depressed. Flame Star wishes he knew what his purpose could be in this world and Clover gives him the advice to talk to Star Swirl. Flame Star heads to Star Swirl and he explains how he feels and he talks about the future as well. The Light Crystal starts to react towards Flame Star which then Star Swirl realizes that the Light Crystal might be Flame Star´s answer. Star Swirl tells him all about the crystal and Flame Star thinks this might be his chance to be useful. Later that night Flame Star tells everypony what he´s planning to do and they realize that this is what Flame Star wants. Flame Star then merges with the Light Crystal and everypony feels sad about this moment. Clover starts to cry because she never got to tell him about her feelings towards him. Clover gets the responsibility to watch over the Light Crystal and to keep it safe until the day Flame Star is needed in the world.

Episode 10: “A Dark Vision”

Apple Bloom and her friends decide to visit Star Swirl and he just happened to get a vision from Accord in the future. A world is possibly under attack and the girls are the only ones that can stop this disaster. They are given a map from Star Swirl that points them towards a mountain far to the east. The girls head out towards the mountain that they soon discover that it looks like a spiral stone tower that goes far up beyond the clouds. When the girls have finally reached the top they notice some sort of temple with a barrier similar to the one in the forest. They head through the barrier and they head inside the temple. Once inside they battle their way through different kinds of beasts and solving puzzles until they come across some equipment: A Sacred Bow and Seeker Bombs. Sweetie Belle gains the bow while Scootaloo gains the bombs. They use the equipment to get further into the temple until they reach yet another large door with three slots. They place their swords in these slots and the door opens up. On the other side they get welcomed by giant floating head and his floating arms. He´s known as Ghodra, the guardian of the Sky Temple, and he realizes that the girls are seeking the power source that exists in Equestria. Before he tells them the location he wish to test them if they´re truly the chosen ones. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo use their newly gotten equipment to get through this battle. Once Ghodra sees their potential he marks the spot where they might find the power source. The girls then returns back to Star Swirl to show him the map and he realizes that the girls are in for a huge adventure.

Episode 11: “The Forest Ruins”

The girls head out to their first location which is located within Everfree Forest. They soon end up finding another temple with a barrier around it. The girls enter this temple as well and they notice that it´s really overgrown by plants. They head through the temple, battling reptile looking creatures along the way. They eventually find more equipment known as: The Power Necklace and the Blazing Boomerang. Apple Bloom gains the necklace and Scootaloo gains the boomerang. Their new equipment is soon used to progress through the temple until they end up in front of large door which they open up with their swords. Once inside they´re faced against a giant spider which has these weird bugs on it like the centipede had back in the Harmony Crystal ruins. They manage to destroy the bugs and spider calms down and introduce herself as Ghomina, the guardian of the Forest Root Temple. She explains that her masters created her to guard this temple from evil, but somehow she got corrupted by a creature in the shadows and she never saw this creatures face. She also says that what the girls are seeking exists in the Sacred Temple but it can only be acquired if the girls gather the power sources from three individual temples, and one of them is here within this temple. The girls head through a door behind Ghomina and inside they find a green flame which flies into Scootaloo´s sword and makes it change appearance and also get a darker color of green. Scootaloo can now shoot a sword beam by raising the sword skyward and then swing away. The girls then returns to Star Swirl to tell him that they found the first key of unlocking the power within the Sacred Temple. What power could exist within the Sacred Temple and will they be able to save the world that is under attack by an unknown evil force.

Episode 12: “Melody from the Past”

The girls, Clover and Star Swirl are walking towards the Sacred Temple and upon arriving there they encounter the centipede again and he introduces itself as Moldorma, former guardian of the Harmony Temple. His masters, gods that holds great power, created him to guard the prison of Discord and also the Harmony Crystals. Moldorma however stands without anything to guard so the girls asks if he wishes to guard the Sacred Temple while the girls are traveling to the different temples across Equestria. Moldorma gladly takes on the role of guarding the Sacred Temple. While Moldorma is standing guard they all head inside to use Scootaloo´s sword, the first key, to unlock the path to the power within this temple. When Scootaloo places her sword in the green slot within the temple a text appears with song written on it. Sweetie Belle, since she has the best song voice out of them, sings the song and they get sent to the girls’ timeline and both Star Swirl and Clover gets really impressed how beautiful the future truly is. They then decide to travel back in time once again and they walk outside the Sacred Temple and Moldorma says that the song he heard was indeed the Aria of Time. He mentions that this song is needed to access the remaining temples across this land and if they come across large blocks with an hourglass symbol on them then sing the Aria of Time in front of them and they´ll disappear. Also Moldorma has a vague memory of the previous three guardians that used the same swords as the girls are equipped with. He however remembers their Cutie Marks and they were: A lyre, an hourglass, and three blue stars. The girls thanks Moldorma for the information and they head back to Canterlot to figure out where they should head to next.

Episode 13: “Festival of Origins”

Everypony are preparing for a festival to celebrate the construction of Canterlot and they all help in any possible way they can. The festival is soon on its way and they all seem to enjoy the festival. Scootaloo has been teaching Hurricane how to use the Sonic Rainboom just like Rainbow Dash, so she puts on an incredible show when she performs the Sonic Rainboom. However outside Canterlot, a creature is standing a looking at the festival and he says that he´ll soon be able to break the seal on his masters’ prison and when that time comes his master will show his wrath just like he did a thousand years ago against the Guardians of Origin. The creature walks away to prepare for his masters return.

Episode 14: “Darkness in Paradise – Part 1”

Everypony have started to build Ponyville with Clover in charge of the construction. Apple Bloom and her friends soon find out that they´re running low on wood so the girls to cut down some trees in Everfree Forest. As they´re cutting down trees they notice something walking further into the forest and they decide to follow the creature. They soon end up in a cave and they can hear the creature talking about his masters’ return and that destruction will begin as soon as he´s set free into the world again. The girls confront the creature and they recognize him as Nocturne, the being of darkness. Nocturne does not recognize them but he remembers seeing the original Guardians of Origin using similar weapons. The girls inform Nocturne about his defeat thousand years into the future which he finds pretty unfortunate. Nocturne opens up rift and sends the girls through this rift in which they find themselves in a twisted parallel world of Equestria. The girls head to Canterlot, in which seems to look as twisted as everything else in this world. They find Twilight and her friends and they seem to be frozen in time. Sweetie Belle sings the Aria of Time and Twilight and the others start to move again. Twilight informs the girls that they need to head to a temple far to the south of Canterlot and put the Time and Space stones back on their pedestals otherwise Equestria will never return back to its former state. The effect of the Aria of Time stops to work and Twilight and the others stop moving once again. The girls head off to restore this parallel Equestria back to normal.

Episode 15: “Darkness in Paradise – Part 2”

The girls eventually find the temple which appears to be a golden temple. They head inside and they´re soon encountered by some shadow looking ponies. The girls manage to defeat all of them and they soon start to search for the stones. They eventually find the Time and Space stones and they restore both Time and Space again. They then notice that a text appeared on one of the walls and it´s a new song known as the Aria of Space which lets them travel between worlds parallel to each other. Sweetie Belle memories the song and then they head back to Canterlot and along the way they notice that the world is slowly returning back to normal again. Once back Canterlot everypony congratulates them for restoring Equestria. The girls get to meet their parallel counterparts and Apple Bloom decides to hug Applejack since she hasn´t seen her in four years. Applejack at first surprised listens to what Apple Bloom has to say and she understands and hugs Apple Bloom as well. Sweetie Belle then sings the Aria of Space and a rift opens up and they head through to return to the other Equestria in the past. They encounter Nocturne again and they realize that he has been corrupting the guardians within each temple by using his rifts to bypass the barriers around the temples. Nocturne being impressed by the girls ability to realize how he corrupted the guardians decides to let them be for the time being but he will return sometime in the future. The girls head back with some wood to Clover and the others and Clover wonders where they´ve been all this time. The girls promise to tell them all this when they head back to Canterlot.

Episode 16: “The Blazing Crater”

The girls head towards their next destination which is a volcano south east corner of Equestria. They eventually find temple deep within the crater of this volcano and they head inside. At the entrance they find some earrings called the Flame Earrings, they´ll protect their wielders from extreme heat within this temple. The girls put on the earrings and they soon encounter a lot of fire based beasts within this temple and also two more equipment for their journey: The Iron Boots and the Pegasus Boots. Apple Bloom takes the Iron Boots and Scootaloo takes the Pegasus Boots since she likes speed. They both use the equipment to get further into the temple. They soon run into a block with an hourglass and Sweetie Belle remembered that the Aria of Time is needed. She sings the song which makes the block disappear and a new path is opened up. They soon end up in front of a large door which they place their swords in three slots and the door opens up. In the next room they encounter a dragon that rises up from the magma and this dragon seems to be corrupted like the previous guardians. They manage to restore the dragon back to normal and he introduces himself as Volvagos, the guardian of the Flame Core Temple. The girls explain their situation and Volvagos grants them access to the key in the next room. The girls head through the door behind Volvagos and they encounter a red flame which merges itself with Apple Bloom´s sword and changes its form and the sword gains a darker red color. Apple Bloom can use a sword beam just like Scootaloo. They girls then head back to Canterlot to inform Star Swirl about all of this and to figure out where the next temple lies.

Episode 17: “Town of Memories”

Everypony have finally managed to build Ponyville in a few days work however Apple Bloom still wants to build Sweet Apple Acres, so she, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo start to build the farm themselves. They are soon joined by Clover, Hurricane, Platinum, Smart Cookie, Puddinghead and Pansy. They decide to help them with this construction and soon enough when the day is almost over they manage to finish everything. They all sit down and relax only to encounter Nocturne soon after. In an attempt to make them all disappear into eternal darkness Clover and the others start to glow and soon enough the Elements of Harmony appears on them. They launch off their Harmony Blaster but Nocturne manages to dodge the attack and retreats into the Everfree Forest. It seems like Clover and the others have been chosen by the Elements and probably for a good reason as well. They all head back to Canterlot to inform both Celestia and Star Swirl about this. Star Swirl also informs the girls that Accord gave him yet another vision and it appears that the girls won´t be able to reach the final temple unless they head to a place called: Ice Crystal Caverns. This place lies far to the north of Equestria. The girls now have a new task and they´ll be heading to this place tomorrow morning.

Episode 18: “Darkness Within”

The girls head towards the Ice Crystal Caverns with the knowledge that they may encounter illusions within the cave that may fool them if they´re not careful. They soon find the cave and they head inside to encounter a lot illusions and almost falling for them. They soon end up in a long hallway with mirrors made out ice on the walls, as they´re walking through this hallway the notice a rift opening up and Nocturne comes out of it. The girls at first not falling for an illusion of Nocturne soon realize that it is him. Nocturne sends a green, red and blue flame from the girls’ swords into one of the walls and the girls soon notice that their reflections start to walk out from the mirror and Nocturne introduces them to their evil counterparts who seem to want to prove that they´re superior to their original selves. A fight between the twins begins and Nocturne soon notices that the clones are getting overwhelmed, so he and the clones escape through a rift. Apple Bloom and her friends soon realize that they now have to face clones of themselves. They continue further into the cave and they soon find what they´ve been searching for and it´s the Aqua Earrings. With these they´ll be able to travel underwater without running out of air. Now they have two set of earrings, the Flame and Aqua Earrings, and with the Aqua Earrings they can finally reach the last temple. They head back home to get some rest before heading to the final temple.

Episode 19: “The Coral Ocean”

The girls are heading to the far west of Equestria where the final temple lies at the bottom of the ocean. The girls dive down to the bottom and they´re soon able to find the temple. Once inside they face many aquatic beasts and they find yet two more equipment which is: Ball n´ Chain and the Thunder Whip. Apple Bloom takes the Ball n´ Chain while Sweetie Belle takes the Thunder Whip. They use their new equipment get further into the temple. They soon enter a large room and rift opens up and out comes their evil twins. The twins still want to prove that they´re superior than the girls so a fight begins once again and the clones soon realize that they need more power to win so evil Sweetie Belle opens up a rift the Aria of Space and they retreat into the parallel world. They girls then continue further into the temple until they reach a large door with three slots on it. The girls open up the door and once inside a massive room they notice that there´s no path to continue anywhere. Sweetie Belle then sings the Aria of Space and they head to the parallel version of this room and they encounter a giant eel which is indeed corrupted like the other guardians were. The girls manage to free the eel from the corruption and he introduces himself as Morphellis, the guardian of the Coral Reef Temple. He mentions that the girls are holding the sacred God Swords which was given to the original Guardians of Origin a thousand years ago. He also lets them pass to the next room where the final key lies. They enter the next room and Sweetie Belle´s God Sword soon absorbs a blue flame which changes her sword´s appearance and it gains a dark blue color, as well as the ability to use a sword beam like her friends. They all return back to Canterlot to inform Star Swirl that they have all the keys and that tomorrow they´ll head to the Sacred Temple to retrieve the power which will help a world far away from Equestria.

Episode 20: “The Artifact of Wishes”

The girls and Star Swirl are heading to the Sacred Temple to uncover the secret about this mysterious power source. The girls places their swords in the corresponding slots and a pathway opens up and reveals a staircase leading down to a room containing a cube of some sorts. Star Swirl believes that this may be the Cube of Seasons, the artifact that make wishes come true for those with pure hearts. The girls realize that the story Twilight Sparkle told them when they were fillies might be true and they also realize that it must be Pony Utopia that is in danger. They all head back to the portal within the temple and they eventually find the location of Pony Utopia. The girls’ teleports to Pony Utopia and soon enough they end up in a room with a lot of portals. Once they head upstairs they find themselves in some sort of sanctuary. They head outside and they can truly confirm that they´ve arrived to Pony Utopia. They also manage to find the guardians of Pony Utopia who happens to have the same names as the ones Twilight and her friends met. The girls explain the situation and the guardians’ replies that no evil has shown up at all. However, Nocturne and the clones’ shows up and thank them for leading them to Pony Utopia. Nocturne shoots a dark beam into the sky and it travels far. They soon notice that Emperor Void and his army arrive and start to create chaos on Pony Utopia. How will this end? The girls and the guardians will have to face both Nocturne and Emperor Void. Will they be able to defeat them or will this be the end of Pony Utopia?

Episode 21: “Battle for Utopia”

The girls head off to try and stop Emperor Void and his army while the guardians try to figure out how the Cube of Seasons works. The girls soon encounters Void and a battle against the dark army begins. The girls seem to be in a disadvantage but out of nowhere their clones shows up to give them a helping hoof. The clones say that they want to be the ones that defeat them and not the dark army. When the army has fallen to the ground the clones decide to retreat which leaves the girls to face Emperor Void alone. However the guardians soon show up with tiaras on their heads which appears to be the Elements of Nature. Thanks to the Cube of Seasons they were able to summon forth the Elements. They use the Elements of Nature to seal away the dark army and Emperor Void makes his escape. The guardians thanks the girls for giving them the power to stop this evil and they promise to take good care of the Elements and the Cube of Seasons. The girls then realize that Nocturne is still here in Pony Utopia and he´s probably trying to find some sort of power to set his master free into the world again. The guardians seem to know what the girls are talking about and direct them to a teleporter in the middle of the city which will lead them to a sacred place beyond Pony Utopia. The girls soon find the teleporter and they get transported to a place which is unknown to them.

Episode 22: “The Sphere of Light”

The girls soon find themselves on this sacred world filled with light and many different kinds of temples. However the girls head towards the largest temple on this sacred place. As they enter the building the notice stained glass windows with three ponies wielding three golden swords. Sweetie Belle recognizes them and she now knows the identity of the Guardians of Origin. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo gets annoyed because they can´t seem to recognize them. When they enter a large circular room they notice that there´s nothing here. Sweetie Belle sings the Aria of Space and they head to the parallel version of this room and they encounter three beings known as the Gods of Origin, their masters created them to guard over the sacred power which was used a thousand years ago by the Guardians of Origin to defeat a demon lord. The Gods of Origin realize that the time has come for the Elements of Origin to once again stop an evil force which resides in Equestria. The gods bestows Apple Bloom the Element of Power, Sweetie Belle the Element of Wisdom and Scootaloo the Element of Courage. Their swords are now more powerful and they´re also golden colored. However Nocturne and the clones appear out of nowhere and the clones absorbs the power as well. Nocturne thanks the girls for leading him to the power which will be able resurrect his master. They then take their leave back to Equestria and the girls have to do the same. The girls are about to enter the teleporter when the guardians drop by to give them a spell book that might come in handy in the future. The girls then says good bye to the guardians and they head back to Equestria to stop Nocturne and their clones.

Episode 23: “Daemon of Darkness”

The girls safely return back to Equestria and they notice how the sky is turning dark. Moldorma informs them that they need to head to the spiral mountain because it´s there the demon lord is sealed away. The girls start to run towards the spiral mountain and in the meantime Nocturne orders the clones to use the Elements of Origin to free his master from his prison. They launch an attack at the spiral mountain which makes it collapse within seconds. A pillar of dark energy shoots up into sky and a creature appears from this dark energy pillar. Daemon Prime has returned and he attempts to destroy Equestria just like he did a thousand years ago. He sees the clones and he senses the power of the Elements of Origin, he attempts to absorb them so he can gain the power within their bodies. However Apple Bloom and her friends stop Daemon´s attack thanks to their swords which are now filled with pure light thanks to their Elements of Origin. The clones seeing that the girls want to defend them, even after they released possibly the most evil monster in existence, start to feel something different inside of them. A light appears around the clones, and when the light disappears they all notice that the clones have changed color and they now have their own Cutie Marks. Apparently the Elements of Origin have purified them and they´re basically the girls “twin sisters” Apple Bloom and her friends decide to give them their own names, Apple Flower, Sweetie Pie and Scoota Blue, which they seem to like. They then look towards Daemon and they´re ready to face him in a battle. Daemon then remembers that the clones of the first Guardians of Origin were defeated, but this time these clones have joined the new Guardians of Origin to fight against him. Daemon wishes to face the six guardians in a battle, he makes a beam of dark energy appear and then he enters this place while Nocturne disappears to a place unknown. Well it seems like Equestria is safe for now, but they are now against a new threat. Will they be able to defeat Daemon Prime and what could Nocturne be planning?

Episode 24: “Dawn of the New Future – Part 1”

The girls with their twin sisters head into the beam of dark energy and they end up in a dimension which Daemon mentions is the Sacred Realm and the temple behind Daemon is known as the Temple of Light. He mentions that he had to guard over the Elements of Origin in this realm but he eventually just wanted the power for himself. However a god much like Daemon created the Gods of Origin which fled with Elements of Origin to Equestria and hid them away from Daemon. Soon enough the Guardians of Origin confronted him with the Elements and sealed him away. Now Daemon seeks revenge on anyone that stands in his way of getting the Elements of Origin. Daemon summons forth a sword and a fierce sword fight begins. The girls trying to find out how to stop him soon realize that their sword beams might be able to stun him. The six ponies use their sword beams and then they´re finally able to seal away Daemon Prime into his prison again. When the battle is over they soon enough get transported back to Equestria and they´re welcomed by Clover and the others, even the Gods of Origin are there and the gods explains that their quest is now over and they can now head back home. However, just like the guardians before them they have to leave their equipment behind. Their equipment is placed within the room where they found the Cube of Seasons, this of course means that Sweetie Belle won´t be able to use the Aria of Time or the Aria of Space. The gods however informs them that they´ve built a temple honoring their bravery and this temple exists where their journey began. The girls realizing what they´re talking about says good bye to everypony and they also give Clover the spell book they got from the Guardians of Pony Utopia and they tell her that it might come in handy in the future. They then get transported to this temple thanks to the Gods of Origin.

Episode 25: “Dawn of the New Future – Part 2”

The girls gets transported to a large temple which has a sign outside that says “In honor of the Guardians of Origin, we the Gods of Origin have built this sacred place known as the Temple of Time” They all enter the temple and they see stained glass windows with all of them holding their golden swords. They soon find a familiar room with carvings on the wall of them fighting Daemon Prime and they also find a Time Crystal which transports them back to their time. They soon find themselves in the ruins in the desert and they head outside and they realize that this place is the Temple of Time but it´s now beneath the desert. They all then head back north and they soon end up in Equestria again. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo introduces their twin sisters to Big Macintosh and Granny Smith which were first shocked and then really happy that the girls now have twin sisters. A few days go by and the girls soon get an invitation to Twilight Sparkle´s and Sun Star´s wedding. The girls begin planning for how their dresses are going to look like since the wedding will be held in Manehattan in a few weeks.

Episode 26: “A Wedding Paradox”

The girls are on their way to the wedding and as soon as they arrive, Apple Bloom notice Applejack and runs over towards her and giving her a hug. She explains that she´s missed her big sister and Applejack understands. The girls explains that they´ve been through an awesome adventure and that they now have twin sisters. Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow, Pinkie, Fluttershy and Derpy thinks that´s awesome. They all then head inside the church and the wedding begins, however the room starts to turn dark and out from a wall appears Nocturne. Twilight and her friends are confused how he´s still alive since they defeated him four years ago. He explains that he copied himself before he traveled through time, and since the girls explained that he would be defeated in the future, he decided to prepare for the future with his copy being defeated by Twilight and her friends. Apple Bloom and her friends confront Nocturne and he starts to laugh since they don´t have their equipment anymore. However a light surrounds the girls and their golden swords appear in front of them. It seems like the connection to their swords are so strong that they traveled through time to aid them. Nocturne realizing this, escapes from the church and heads far away out into the ocean. The wedding continues and after the wedding everypony thanks the girls. The girls head back to Ponyville with their swords and the knowledge of, thanks to Sweetie Belle, the original Guardians of Origin. Who they might be, may be revealed in either the future or the past.

The End

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The Isle of Wonders:

--------------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 5 |------------------------------------------------------------------------


Twilight Star: Her parents have vast knowledge of magic spells, so what more could you ask for. --------------------------- Rainbow Flash: Well, both her parents are Wonderbolts, so she´s trying to follow the same path. ------------------------- Apple Kicker: Her parents have taught her all she needs to know about apples and apple cider. ---------------------------- Peachie Pie: Peachie is just like her mother Pinkie Pie, in which she likes to throw parties. --------------------------------- Ruby Star: Fashion runs through the family and she joins her parents on fashion events all the time. --------------------- Lilyshy: She takes care of injured animals and helps Fluttershy if she sprouts new trees and bushes. ------------------- Sprinkles: Sprinkles helps her parents to make the most delicious muffins in the world. ---------------------------------------

Episode 1: “A Tropical Relief”

Twilight Star and her friends defeated Queen Chrysalis five years ago and now they´re teenagers, that wants to see the world. They decide to take a boat a tropical island known as Apple Island. Upon arriving to the island they notice have beautiful it is and there´s tons of stuff they could do here, but first they decide to check out their hotel room which is at the top of the hotel. They all pick one room each and then they head outside to take look at the beautiful view of this town and also the sunset. However some creature is spying on them from another rooftop and this creature seems to be able to read their minds and he finds some information about the girls past that might prove useful for him. The creature walks away from the rooftop and the girls head inside to get some rest.

Episode 2: “Change of Trickery”

Twilight Star wakes up during the night and decides to head to the kitchen to get some milk, however as she passes by the living room she notices some sort of creature. She heads towards this creature and she soon notice that it´s a Changeling with red eyes. Before she even gets to say its name it disappears out to the balcony and flies away. She tells the others about this but they think she was dreaming. The next morning they all head outside to explore the island and they soon encounter the red eyed Changeling who starts to run towards a mountain on the island. The girls follow the Changeling and they soon end up in a cave and they notice that the Changeling floats down into a water pool. The girls learn that this is the Pond of Spirits, in which dead souls gather here. The girls can revive spirits such as their friend Red who lead them here. Twilight Star throws a rock in the pond and a bright light covers the room. When the light disappears they notice that Chrysalis and the Changelings are there, and also a black dragon that flies out from the cave seeking revenge on some dragons. Chrysalis is soon joined by Red and he reveals himself to be Nocturne in disguise. He wanted to revive his masters’ minions and the girls fell for the trap. Nocturne takes his leave and Chrysalis is about to take out her anger on the girls when suddenly the real Red appears from the pond and makes Chrysalis and the Changelings retreat. The girls are happy that Red is back and they all head back to their hotel room to get some rest and Red stays guard if Chrysalis would try to attack them.

Episode 3: “The Party Crashers”

The girls and Red decides to head to the beach and Red is having déjà vu about what happened last time he was on a beach with the girls. The girls calm him down and they all have a fun time in the water. However, a submarine of some sorts arrives from the water out comes Team Equestria and they´re still after the power that exists within Red. They capture him in a net and they take off with their submarine. They celebrate a surprisingly easy capture of Red and they soon notice that the net has been torn apart. Red appears in front of the submarine and blasts it with his Plasma Beam and sends Team Equestria flying high into the sky. Red swims back to the girls who´s worried about him. When he returns the girls hug him and they continue to play in the water until the sun starts to go down.

Episode 4: “History across the Sea”

They all decide to visit a library on Apple Island and they find a book about some change shifting tribe that lived on this island two thousand years ago. The tribe got visited by seven ponies that bestowed them three orbs which could summon forth three unique change shifters that created a new home for the tribe. However this new land soon got attacked by some dark creature who corrupted the queen and some of the change shifters and also the change shifter with red eyes. The king of the change shifters ordered the two remaining special change shifters to sink the land to the bottom of the ocean to protect the rest of the tribe. The tribe was never seen again above sea level or on Apple Island. When Twilight Star has read the book they all notice that Red has disappeared. They soon find him on the beach and he´s thinking about what was written in that book. Could he be the red eyed change shifter and could his home exist beneath the sea, he doesn´t have any memory of this but perhaps there might be a way to find out if this is true or not. They all head back to the hotel to get some rest.

Episode 5: “Sleepless in Sea-Apple”

Red´s standing guard on the balcony and he suddenly notices Twilight Star leaving the hotel room and heading to the beach. Red decides to follow her and he asks what´s the problem, and Twilight Star says that she´s having trouble sleeping. They both head to ice cream bar to eat some Apple ice cream. Red start to talk about that he wants to find out the truth about his past, so he and Twilight Star asks the ice cream bar owner and he mentions that underwater cave is said to exist underneath Apple Island but it´s only a myth. They both thank him and they head towards the beach and Twilight borrowed some scuba gear. As they are about to jump in to the water, the others show up and Twilight gets all nervous to why they are here. Red then looks at Twilight Star and he notices that it is a Changeling and not Twilight Star. The Changeling says that she´s at the Pond of Spirits, so Red and the others hurry towards the cave and inside they meet Chrysalis, and she explains that his real friends are trapped in the spirit world. He looks towards the others and notices that they´re also Changelings. Chrysalis opens up a rift to the spirit world and Red gets knocked inside. Red soon finds the real Twilight Star and her friends and they´re all really happy to see him again. Red confirms that it is them and then opens up a rift like Chrysalis did and they make it back to the cave. They all head back to the hotel since the girls could use a good night rest after this event in the spirit world.

Episode 6: “The Apple Cup Tournament”

There´s apparently a water scooter tournament on Apple Island and Rainbow, Apple Kicker, Peachie and Red decides to compete. The race goes in a full two lap circle of Apple Island. They all head to their start positions and the race soon begins. When everypony have it around one lap, Red gets trapped in a net and gets dragged to the island. Rainbow, Apple Kicker and Peachie heads towards the beach and they soon find out that it´s Team Equestria again, and they have trapped Red inside a cage and he can´t use his Plasma Beam to break free. Team Equestria is about to attack the girls when suddenly Red sends some of his powers to the girls and they launch of three Plasma Beams at Team Equestria and sends them flying. They then continue to finish the race but they end up at last place. They explain that they encountered Team Equestria and they explain that they used Red´s power to save Red. They continue to talk about this as they head back to the hotel.

Episode 7: “Artifacts of the Sea”

The girls and Red decides to find this underwater cave so they all dive deep into the ocean and they soon manage to find a path that opens up for them. They soon end up in a sanctuary underneath Apple Island and they head further in to explore. They soon come across seven orbs that hold tremendous power and are also the key of finding the land beneath the sea. The power can only be activated by one of the three change shifters with special powers. Red then sends some of his power into the orbs and they start to shine and they then merge with the girls. They girls now possess the power of the Elements of the Sea. Twilight has the Diamond Element, Rainbow, the Gold Element, Ruby Star, the Crystal Element, Apple Kicker, the Garnet Element, Peachie, the Ruby Element, Lilyshy, the Emerald Element and Sprinkles, the Sapphire Element. They all have special abilities inside of them which they have to figure out on their own. As they are about to leave they encounter Chrysalis and the Changelings and the girls use their new powers to launch an attack known as the “Hyper Beam” and it is filled with the colors of the rainbow. Chrysalis and the Changelings retreat and they destroyed the girls’ scuba gear as well. However they try to make it back to the water surface anyways and they notice that the Elements form an aura around them and they´re able to breathe normally in water. They head back to the hotel to get some rest and to continue their search for this underwater land some other day.

Episode 8: “The Apple Night Carnival”

A carnival has arrived to Apple Island and the girls and Red heads to this place and they soon encounter Pound and Pumpkin. Apparently they´re here on vacation and they wanted to get away from Equestria for a little while. They decide to join the girls and Red and ride some interesting attractions. After a few rides Pound and Pumpkin starts to talk about a festival which will be held in the town that the girls and Red are staying in. The festival is apparently a tribute towards the Change shifting tribe and the three special change shifters that saved the world from a natural disaster, and apparently Apple Islands elder will be there telling this story. The girls and Red finds this interesting and the festival is only a few weeks away, so they decide that they´re going to see what this festival is all about. The girls, Red, Pound and Pumpkin heads back to town and apparently they´re staying at the same hotel so they decide to have some more conversation about the myths on this island and the festival as well.

Episode 9: “Ghostly Scare at Sea”

Rumors have said that apparently a ghost ship sails around Apple Island during the night and is scaring everypony on the island. The girls and Red decides to find out if this is true or not and they soon end up finding the ship in a cove inside a large cave. They board the ship and they´re soon under attack by some ghosts and the girls reveal yet another power, shining gem shards that give off bright light which makes the ghosts disappear. They soon find a paint bucket with the same scary color as the ship, a tape recorder that plays scary sounds and a ghost hologram creator. They also notice a lot of video cameras on this ship meaning that somepony must be able to control this ship and everything onboard it. Red traces the source of power for the ship and they eventually find Dr. Scream, the pony that wanted to scare away everypony from Ponyville five years ago when it was Halloween. Red destroys his machinery that controls the ship and then he gets arrested by the island police. The next day in a newspaper they find out that Dr. Scream is once again behind bars where he belongs and this is all thanks to the girls and Red.

Episode 10: “A Festival Revealing the Past”

The girls and Red are heading to the festival and along the way they meet up Diamond Tiara, their teacher back in Ponyville. Apparently she´s come for the festival as well, so she joins them as well as Pound and Pumpkin and they soon arrive to the festival and the elder of Apple Island start to talk about that his ancestor, Clover the Clever, met the change shifting tribe along with her friends. They gave the tribe three orbs that summoned forth three change shifters, one with red eyes, one with dark blue eyes and one with yellow eyes. They created a new land for the tribe with unlimited resources. This land got attacked by a dark creature and the elders ancestor and her friends tried to help but the queen, some change shifters and the special change shifter with red eyes got corrupted and fled this utopia. The king ordered the dark blue eyed and the yellow eyed change shifter to lower the land into the water, the tribe took farewell of the Clover and her friends and tribe was never seen above the water ever again. The elder hopes he´ll get to meet a change shifter before he passes away. Red decides to reveal his true self and everypony first get shocked but then they all calm down and the elder says that it´s an honor to meet the change shifter known in the legend as Crimson Red, the guardian of the this utopia. The elder encourages Red to find this utopia and reveal his true past and with the girls help the pathway to this utopia will be revealed.

Episode 11: “Marelantis and the White Sinisteeds”

The girls and Red or rather Crimson are trying to find the underwater utopia and soon enough the girls Elements reveals the land and it was hidden away by a barrier that made the land invisible. They manage to find an entrance and they soon encounter what appear to be white Changelings. They take the girls and Crimson to meet with the dark blue eyed Changeling named Cobalt Blue, and he´s so happy to see Crimson again but Crimson doesn´t seem to recognize him. Cobalt realizes that Crimson must have lost his memory. They all head to king of the tribe and he´s happy that Crimson has returned. The king introduces himself as King Chrystalos, king of the Sinisteed tribe and he looks like a white Sinisteed. The king receives the bad news from Cobalt and the king realizes that Crimson needs to regain his memory again. They gain access to a room containing three orbs and the red one belongs to Crimson. As soon as Crimson touches the orb he regains his memory of the past. They head back to the king and he´s happy that Crimson has regained his memory, and Crimson asks where Amber Yellow is and the king replies that she´s been searching for the queen, the other half of the tribe and Crimson for over two thousand years and she has yet to return. Crimson realizes that this bad since without Amber they can´t stop the disaster that happens every two thousand year, and a tidal wave will rage across the world above the sea and drown everything in its path. Will they be able to find Amber and stop this disaster before it´s too late?

Episode 12: “Reunion of an Origin Disaster”

The king mentions that there is a way to transport Amber back to Marelantis but the girls are to only ones who can do this with the help of their Elements of the Sea. They need to focus their power on Amber´s yellow orb and she´ll return here once again. Before they even get to do this, Chrysalis and her Sinisteeds drop by and Chrysalis says that it is too late for them to save the world above and then she and her Sinisteeds take their leave to help Nocturne to revive their master. The girls then heads to the yellow orb and sends some of their power into the orb and soon enough a white Sinisteed with Yellow eyes appears. Apparently all the black Sinisteeds are boys and all the white Sinisteeds are girls, with the exception of the king and queen of course. Amber gets really happy to see Crimson and she gets updated on the situation about the disaster. Crimson´s, Cobalt´s and Amber´s orbs merge with them and they head back to Apple Island only to notice that really dark clouds have appeared in the sky. They soon encounter Team Equestria that seems to want to help them. The girls and Crimson being skeptical still trusts them and they use Team Equestria´s really fast motor boat to reach a sanctuary that lies to the east of Apple Island above sea level. Apparently this sanctuary is the only thing that can stop the tidal wave so they need to hurry to the sanctuary before it´s too late.

Episode 13: “A Climax of Different Paths”

The girls, Crimson, Cobalt, Amber and even Team Equestria are heading to a sanctuary out in the middle of the sea to stop a colossal tidal wave from destroying the world. As they approach the sanctuary a maelstrom appears around the sanctuary, but luckily the sanctuary is not connected to the sea since it is actually floating above the water. Team Equestria stops the boat and the others fly over to the sanctuary by riding on the three Sinisteeds. Once inside, the three Sinisteeds stands on three spots around a giant crystal and they ask the girls to use their Elements help the Sinisteeds to power the crystal. After the crystal has received enough power the weather outside calms down and the crystal will protect the world for yet another two thousand years. Once outside, Crimson is about to say goodbye to the girls when he, Cobalt and Amber gets trapped in a net. Team Equestria have betrayed them and they want the power of the three Sinisteeds for themselves. However Twilight Star and her friends launch their gem shards at the net and free the Sinisteeds. Crimson uses his Plasma Beam, Cobalt uses his Aqua Beam and Amber uses her Spazer Beam. The three attacks sends Team Equestria flying and then Crimson, Cobalt and Amber says goodbye to girls because they have to get back to Marelantis, since it is their job to guard their land from evil. Crimson however promise that they´re going to meet each other again sometime in the future. The Sinisteeds takes their leave and the girls take the motorboat back to Apple Island and they pack their stuff and then they head back to Equestria to tell their parents about their adventure. Meanwhile back on the sanctuary the Gods of Origin appears and says that the Guardians of the Sea and Guardians of Marelantis managed to stop this disaster, but will they be able to stop the threat that will appear in future that will attempt to destroy the entire universe.

The End

Final Thoughts/Words:

I´m sorry that I couldn´t make these shorter since these seasons had much more information than the previous seasons. I´m going to post one season each post next time since these were kind of big. I hope you´ll still enjoy them.

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