My Little Dragon – Spike´s Adventure:

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Spike: Former assistant of Twilight Sparkle. He is now Twilight´s “Little brother“. ------------------------------------------------- Buffy: A female, fire breathing dragon. She´s a highly educational dragon and she´s like a dictionary. ------------------- Frost: A male, ice breathing dragon that has a crush on Buffy, but Buffy never takes notice of him. ----------------------- Spark: A female, lightning breathing dragon. She likes to sleep a lot, when others need her help. ------------------------- Ace: A male, wind breathing dragon. He´s recognized as one of the most skilled flyers at his age. ------------------------ Splash: A female, water breathing dragon. She can swim really fast through water. --------------------------------------------- Terra: A male, earth tremor dragon. He´s the kind of dragon you don´t want to make angry. ---------------------------------


Episode 1: “The Valley of Dragons”

Twilight Sparkle and her friends managed to defeat Nocturne and Spike got to know that Twilight wanted him to be happy and find a girlfriend dragon. Spike left Ponyville with a promise to return to Twilight´s and Sun Star´s wedding. Spike traveled far beyond the land of Equestria and he soon found himself in valley underneath a mountain filled with plant life and water sources. The light source in this valley appears to be some large crystals in the ceiling which apparently are connected to the sun in some strange way. Spike meets some dragons in the same age as him, Buffy, Frost, Spark, Ace, Splash and Terra. They all seem to want to become friends with Spike except Frost who doesn´t like that he´s from the outside and that he´s talking to Buffy, since Frost likes her. They all decide to show Spike around in Draco Valley, so they show him their favorite spot known as Draco Falls, it´s a large lake with water and a waterfall. Then they head to Draco Village and they show Spike a house he can stay in while he´s here. Everything seems to be really great here but Frost still don´t seem to like Spike, but perhaps that will change in the future.

Episode 2: “Ember of Mt. Draco”

Buffy knocks on Spike´s door in the middle of the night and asks for his help. Apparently her little sister, Ember, haven´t returned and she usually returns when it turns dark outside. Spike and Buffy head off to find Ember and apparently Frost noticed them and decides to follow them. Buffy says that her sister usually likes to play around Draco Mountain so they decide to head there. As soon as they arrive to the mountain, Frost catches up to them and asks why Buffy brought along Spike but not him and she replies that Spike probably has more experience of finding dragons since he´s been traveling the world. Frost still decides to join them even if he doesn´t like Spike. They soon find a cave that Ember might be hiding in to avoid the evil creatures that run around in Draco Valley. As they´re heading through the cave they come across two paths, so they head to the left path and then a rumble occurs and rocks falls down and separates Spike from Buffy and Frost. Spike takes the other path and he eventually finds Ember, who´s stuck behind a boulder, but Spike manages to set her free and she thanks Spike by kissing him on his cheek. They then continue through a path until the eventually come across a ravine with needle sharp rocks at the bottom, and they also come across Buffy and Frost. Ember flies over to them and Frost thinks that they should leave Spike where he is, but both Ember and Buffy tells him to make an ice bridge for Spike. Frost soon enough makes a bridge and then they head back to the village and Buffy´s and Ember´s parents thanks Spike and Frost for helping them getting their daughter back. Frost still don´t seem to like Spike so he heads back to his house and Spike heads back to his house to get some rest.

Episode 3: “Ready Set Garble”

Spike and the others are playing around at Draco Falls when suddenly Spike hears a familiar voice and it´s Garble and his companions Fum and Drum, and they seem to be angry at Spike for what he did to them last time they met.  Garble starts to talk about Spike´s pony friends and Buffy and the others start to react, especially Frost. They didn´t know Spike came from a pony family. Frost thinks it´s really sad that he´s a pony as well as an outsider. Garble says that his friend doesn´t seem to like him and Frost replies that Spike´s not his friend and gets angry. Garble teases Frost with the name Snowflake and he gets really angry. Garble says that he should save his anger if he decides to go to the geyser field within the valley. Garble, Fum and Drum flies towards the geyser field and Frost flies after them. Spike and the others decide to follow him, and along the way Spike explains everything to the others and they don´t seem to mind that Spike has lived his whole life with ponies. They soon find the geyser field and Frost is facing Garble, Fum and Drum at the same time, however the others joins him and Spike says that he´s here to help his friend. Frost soon understands that Spike actually wants to help him even after Frost was mean towards him. They all use their breaths to send Garble and his pals flying to the other side of the valley. Spike and the others head back to the village and now it seems like Spike and Frost can finally get along, and perhaps this friendship can continue to grow.

Episode 4: “A Tail to Rem-Ember”

Spike gets to “babysit” Ember while Buffy and her parents travel to another village in Draco Valley. Spike and Ember decides to find the others to see what they´re doing, and they´re hanging out at Draco Falls. They talk about that Spike was a perfect choice as a babysitter since Ember seems to like him. However Ember don´t seem to like that they refer to her as a baby dragon since she´s highly educational like her sister. They tell Ember that if she continues to study, then she might become the smartest dragon in entire Draco Valley. Ember doesn´t seem to like the compliments so she decides to walk away and Spike runs after her. Ember explains that she wants more out of her life than just study books, she wants to be useful for Draco Valley and the world outside even if she haven´t seen the world herself. As they continue walking they run into Garble and his pals, and they want their revenge on Spike. They knock Ember out of the way and then they walk up to Spike and they´re ready to hit him when suddenly Ember yells: If you lay a scratch on Spike, then I´m going to get really mad! Garble and his friends decide to pick on Ember instead, and as they approach her they notice that a pink aura forms around Ember and then she shouts: Shining Flame!! She shoots a burst of fire filled light, and sends Garble and his pals flying to the other side of the valley. Spike wondering what just happened walks over to Ember and says that she did a great job. They both head back to the village and Buffy and her parents are back from their trip and they thank Spike for babysitting Ember. Buffy promises that she´ll repay Spike someday.

Episode 5: “The Night of Necrobane”

Spike and his friends have gathered at Draco Falls and Frost starts to talk about that his parents have had some strange visions lately during the night and the same with the others parents as well. Apparently these visions fill dragons with joy and fear. There have also been visions of things that will happen in the future. They decide that they´re going to find out tonight what truly is making these visions appear. When night falls they head off into the forest next to the village and they soon lose each other within the thick mist that covers the forest. Spike encounters an illusion of Ponyville burning down and Twilight blames Spike for that their friends are gone forever. Buffy sees an illusion of her sister Ember dying in front of her eyes and Ember blames it on her. Frost sees illusion of Spike and Buffy being together holding claws and telling him to disappear. Spark sees an illusion of the most comfortable place she´s ever seen. Ace finds himself outside Draco Valley with the sky above his head and he starts to fly around with joy. Splash finds the largest lake she´s ever seen and takes a swim in the lake and Terra finds a lot of giant boulders that he can practice with his earth tremor powers. Frost soon bumps into the real Spike and Frost asks why he and Buffy were holding claws and Spike replies: How did you get to Ponyville Frost? Frost soon realize that it´s the illusions so he hits Spike so he snaps out his illusion, then they head off and manages to free the others from the illusions and soon they´re confronted by a giant bat known as Necrobane. Apparently, Necrobane has been causing misery to every dragon in the village. Necrobane disappears, but he promises to return to create more misery. It´s starting to become day so Spike and his friends decide to head back to the village before their parents notice that they´ve been gone.

Episode 6: “Blazing Friendship”

Spike and his friends are relaxing at Draco Falls when they suddenly see a Phoenix flying above their heads and Spike says: Peewee, is that you? The Phoenix lands on the ground next to Spike and it turns out that it is Peewee and he has a letter from Twilight. Spike reads the letter and the others listen. Apparently Twilight and the others have split up to travel the world and Peewee seemed to have missed Spike, so Twilight gave Peewee this letter and he flew off to find Spike. They decide to show Peewee around in Draco Valley. Peewee gets to meet the other dragons and they show him Spike´s house where he lives, and when they exit the house they encounter Garble, Fum and Drum. They apparently don´t want to cause any trouble since they know that they aren´t any match against Spike and his friends, so they ask if they could be friends instead, and Spike and the others thinks that´s a great idea. They all decide to relax at Draco Falls and when night falls they all head inside their homes, and Spike lets Garble, Fum and Drum stay in his house until they can find their own house in the village. They thank Spike for letting them stay at his house, and they soon head to bed and Peewee sits at the top of Spike´s house to guard over the village.

Episode 7: “A Black Winged Plague”

It´s a peaceful day in Draco Valley and every dragon seems to be minding their own business when suddenly the protector of the valley, Drake Blackwing, shows up in the village. Drake has heard news about Spike´s arrival in Draco Valley and grabs him and flies off to his lair. Spike´s friends decide that they have to rescue Spike from a very different behaving Drake Blackwing. When Drake finally arrives at his lair, he says that Spike holds the key of finding a power source that is hidden in Draco Valley. Spike has no idea what Drake is talking about, and this makes Drake angry. He´s about to hit Spike with his claw, when suddenly his claw gets frozen by Frost, who, along with Buffy and the others arrived to save Spike. Buffy asks why Drake is behaving like this and he replies that he´s grown tired of protecting Draco Valley and that he now seeks to conquer the entire valley. But in order to do this he requires the power that is hidden within this valley and apparently only a dragon wielding power of light can open up the pathway. Spike starts to think that Ember might be this key that Drake is searching for. Drake agrees to let them all go, but he promises to return to the village one day to find the key and he won´t be as merciful as this time. On their way back to the village Spike explains to his friends that Ember might be the key which Drake is looking for. Buffy will do everything she can to protect her sister from Drake, and the others agree to help her.

Episode 8: “The Dragon Legacy”

Spike and his friends decide to go and meet the elder dragon that lives outside village to get more knowledge why Drake Blackwing is behaving differently. The dragon elder shares his knowledge of the past when Drake was a young dragon, much like Spike and his friends, and he protected both this valley and the world outside from disaster alongside with six other dragons who possessed elemental powers of fire, ice, thunder, wind, water and earth. Drake and the six dragons used a power source to stop an evil creature from drawing the world into darkness, and sealed away this creature’s true power within a realm filled with light. However, this apparently effected Drake in some way, since his personality changed and he lost hope of this world´s existence. Drake´s friends were never seen after this event but some believe that the six dragons passed away and that their souls were passed on to a new generation of dragons. Spike and his friends’ thanks the elder for the information and as they head back to village they start to connect all the pieces and they soon realize that Drake must have gotten corrupted by this evil creature and this changed his personality. They all wonder if it´s possible to restore Drake to his original self and possibly prevent a new disaster from happening just like it did those many years ago.

Episode 9: “Starry Night Wishes”

Spike wants to show his friends how the world looks outside, so he, his friends and even Ember decides to camp outside Draco Valley. Spike´s friends have never been outside the valley before, so when they suddenly see the beautiful daylight they all just stand there and look up towards the sky. They then continue to walk until they reach a lake within a forest and they decide that this is the perfect spot to camp. They play around in the lake and do a lot of other stuff as well, and as soon as night falls they set up a tent that Spike brought along and then they just sit outside looking up towards the starry sky. They all notice a shooting star and Ember asks what´s happening with the star, and Spike explains that you´re suppose to make a wish without telling anyone about it. Ember makes a wish and hopes that it will come true. They all then decide to go to bed and the next morning, they start to head back to the valley and they all agree that this has probably been the best thing they´ve ever done, and that Spike´s friends want to return to the surface again someday. Spike thinks that´s an excellent idea, but that will probably have to wait until they´ve solved this problem with Drake Blackwing.

Episode 10: “The Forgotten Kingdom”

Spike, Garble, Fum and Drum are eating some breakfast in Spike´s house when suddenly Frost runs into the house and tells them that something weird is happening with Ember. They all head over to Buffy´s house and Spike notices that Ember is glowing in the same pink aura she did when she launched that giant fire breath filled with light. Ember says that she can hear a voice speaking inside her head. The voice says that she´s required in stopping a disaster from happening. Ember then starts to walk to Draco Falls with Spike and the others behind her. Once at Draco Falls, Ember approaches the large waterfall which suddenly disappears and a giant golden looking door appears where the waterfall used to be. Ember touches the door and it reacts towards Ember and opens up. Ember stops glowing pink and the others ask if she´s okay and she replies yes. They all head down a long spiral staircase, and soon at the bottom they see a bright light at the end of a tunnel. Once out in the light, they notice that they´ve reached a city beneath Draco Valley. Buffy realizes that this must be the realm that the elder dragon was talking about, and if so, then they need to prevent the true power of the dark creature from escaping. They all head down into the city to find answers about this place.

Episode 11: “Hall of Dragons”

As Spike and his friends are walking through this kingdom beneath Draco Valley, they soon encounter a large sanctuary with dragon statues in front of it. They decide to enter the sanctuary and soon they find themselves in a hallway filled with statues of different kinds of dragons. As they head further in, they find themselves in a large circular room with seven dragon statues in the middle of the room that apparently is guarding some sort of armor, helmets and gauntlets. There is also a sign in front of the statues which says that this is a place where they honor dragons that helped during a battle against an evil creature with powers far beyond any creature within kingdom. As they approach the dragon armor, Spike, Buffy, Frost, Spark, Ace, Splash and Terra start to feel a connection the armor. The dragon armor starts to float in front of them and soon a bright light occurs. When the light has disappeared Garble, Fum, Drum and Ember notice that Spike and the others are wearing the dragon armor. However the armor looks really thorn out, as if it´s about to fall apart. Spike says that this must be the power source which Drake and the six dragons used against this dark creature. They then hear a voice that says: “Indeed it is, the legendary dragon armors, hidden within this kingdom.” They all look towards the voice and they see Drake flying above their heads. Drake swoops down and grabs Ember, knowing that she is the key of unlocking a power that is far superior to the seven dragon armors. He then takes his leave and flies to a large tower located on the opposite side of the kingdom. Spike and the others run after Drake to both save Ember and to prevent the disaster from happening like it did thousand years ago.

Episode 12: “The Legend of Ember”

Spike and his friends soon arrive to the tower and they notice how far they have to travel to reach the top. They encounter a lot of traps along the way, and the traps are probably there to keep dragons away from the danger that exists at the top. Spike and the others soon reaches the top of the tower and they notice that Ember is trapped inside some kind of barrier and Drake says that Spike and the others are too late since the seal that guards the power is broken. They all notice some dark energy flying out from a stone in the middle of the room. The dark energy is about to merge with Drake when it suddenly flies away to the entrance of this large room. Necrobane is waiting at the entrance and he says:”I have finally been reunited with my true power, and now I have no further need of you Drake Blackwing!” Drake is suddenly turned back to normal and he realizes what he´s done. Necrobane´s attention then turns towards Ember, the only thing that can take away his powers again. He launches a beam towards Ember, but Drake jumps in front of the beam to prevent any damage on her. Drake is now passing away, but with his last words he says:”Save Draco Valley, Guardians of Dragons.” Drake then disappears out of thin air and Necrobane starts to laugh. Ember is set free thanks to a yellow looking crystal that appears in front of her. Spike seems to recognize this crystal since Twilight got a crystal that looked just like this one. Why did this crystal appear in front of Ember, and will they be able to defeat Necrobane? This will be revealed next time.

Episode 13: “Dawn of the Guardian Dragons”

Spike and his friends now have to stand up against Necrobane, who´s powers have been restored. It looks like Necrobane is about to win when suddenly both Ember and the yellow crystal starts to shine. Power is drawn from Spike, his friends, Ember and the yellow crystal. The power gathers around one spot and forms what appears to be a cube with different colors within it. Necrobane soon realizes that this is the long lost artifact, The Cube of Seasons. It disappeared thousand years ago when a creature known as Emperor Void got his army sealed away by six ponies using its power. Ember says that Spike and the others will have to use its power to defeat Necrobane once and for all. They start to focus on the cube, and soon enough the Dragon Armor regains their powers again. Spike and his friends launch off an attack seals away Necrobane within the yellow crystal. It appears that Spike and his friends managed to prevent a new disaster from happening. However, it seems like Ember used up so much of her power that she´s starting to disappear. Buffy starts to cry, but Ember tells her big sister that this is something she wanted. Ember wanted to be able to save the world from disaster. As Ember is about to disappear, the yellow crystal reacts towards her and she gets fused with crystal. They all get sad because Ember disappeared but Spike says that he´s seen this type of crystal before and explains that Ember might return someday in the future. They all head back to Draco Village to show Buffy´s parents the crystal. Four years later, everything seems to be better and Spike has gotten an invitation to Twilight´s wedding, and Spike did make a promise that he would return when this happened. He leaves Draco Valley knowing that his friends will keep this place safe, but he also left Draco Valley with a promise to return, and to help his friends maintain peace within the valley.


The End



I think it was about time that I finished this fanfic, seeing as it has been a really long time since I started this project. I´m not expecting this to be best story I´ve created, since it did feel kind of rushed even if I tried to make it interesting. I should probably explain why I haven´t posted these on a fanfic page. The reason is because I have no idea how that place works, so posting this as a blog is probably the easiest way for me give out my content. I hope this isn´t a bad thing. Anyways, I´m going to take a little bit of a break from making fanfics since I´m pretty much thorn out from making five fanfics in a row, one after another.


Hope you guys enjoyed this fanfic, and leave a comment if you feel like it.

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