Okay before we start I want to tell you that these episodes will have a large amount of text, and the reason behind this amount of text is that I want to cover everything that happened in the earlier seasons in my series, I´m currently working on shortening down Season 5, so that the episodes won´t have the same amount of text as in this season. I hope you can still enjoy the episodes. Now without further ado, let the episodes begin.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The Cutie Mark Story – Part 1 of 2:

---------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 4 |----------------------------------------------------------------


Apple Bloom: Sibling of Applejack and Big Macintosh. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Sweetie Belle: Sibling of Rarity. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Scootaloo: Family not confirmed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 1: “Departing Into the Unknown“

Four years have passed since Twilight Sparkle and her friends defeated Nocturne, the being of darkness and they´ve all moved to different cities to start a new life and perhaps get married and get kids. This hasn´t put any effect on the town Ponyville at all, since Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are watching over Equestria now that Twilight and her friends doesn´t have any connection to the Elements of Harmony. But this is not where our story begins, the story begins in Sweet Apple Acres were Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom are working to keep Sweet Apple Acres going even if their sister Applejack has left Ponyville to see the world and sell apple cider. It is here in Sweet Apple Acres where a new adventure will have its beginning. Apple Bloom says: Do you think Applejack will ever come back to Sweet Apple Acres big brother?! Big Macintosh says: Eeyup, she´ll will come back some day Apple Bloom, and when she does she´ll probably have a lot of stories to tell us. Apple Bloom says: I wish I could go on adventures like Applejack, she gets to see the world, and I´m still here at home working, not that I think it´s bad big brother, but I would want to travel like Applejack! Big Macintosh says: Then perhaps you should Apple Bloom! Apple Bloom says: What do you me Big Mac?! Big Macintosh says: Apple Bloom, you´re a teenager now, and you will get more curious what actually exists beyond Equestria, and I think it´s time for you to have your own adventure! Apple Bloom says: But big brother, how will you be able to take care of Sweet Apple Acres on your own without somepony else here than Granny Smith!? Big Macintosh says: I will hire a few ponies to work here while you´re on your adventure. Apple Bloom says: Thank you big brother, thank you so much! Apple Bloom heads inside to pack her stuff that she´ll need on her adventure and then she heads outside and there´s Big Macintosh and Granny Smith waiting for her, and Granny Smith says: I want you to take care of yourself now, Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom promises and hugs Granny Smith. Big Macintosh says: Have a nice trip now Apple Bloom, and promise to send us a letter. Apple Bloom says: I promise big brother, I´ll send you a letter when I get the chance to write one. Apple Bloom then walks away and Big Macintosh and Granny Smith wave goodbye to her and Apple Bloom gets this idea that she should ask Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo if they want to tag along with her, she first heads to the Carousel Boutique where Sweetie Belle is working with dresses for the ponies in Ponyville since Rarity left in a haste and Sweetie Belle continued making dresses instead of Rarity. Apple Bloom walks into the Carousel Boutique and finds Sweetie Belle in the dress making room and Apple Bloom says: Hi Sweetie Belle, how´s it going with the dresses?! Sweetie Belle says: I´m kind of getting tired of making dresses Apple Bloom, since I´m more interested in singing if you do remember that I have microphone as a Cutie Mark. That is what is more me, than making these dresses! Apple Bloom says: I´m going on an adventure, do you want to tag along! Sweetie Belle says: When you say adventure do you mean far away from Ponyville?! Apple Bloom says: Eeyup! Sweetie Belle says: Well count me in. I´ve had enough with making dresses and it´s time for some vacation! Sweetie Belle packs her stuff and they head outside and a few ponies are waiting for their dresses and Sweetie Belle says: I´m going on vacation everypony, so you´ll have to wait until I get back to Ponyville again! Then Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle walk away and Sweetie Belle says: Well it´s nice to finally get away from the dress making! By the way Apple Bloom should we ask Scootaloo if she wants to tag along as well?! Apple Bloom says: I was thinking the same thing Sweetie Belle, let´s go and find Scootaloo! They soon find Scootaloo doing some tricks with both her scooter and her flight skills, and some colts and fillies are watching her and Apple Bloom says: Hey Scootaloo could we talk to you! Scootaloo says: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, how´s it been, I haven´t seen you in a while! Scootaloo then stops her performance and flies to talk to them and she says: What was it that you wanted, an autograph from your best friend in the world?! Sweetie Belle says: No we came here to ask you if you wanted to come along on our adventure. Scootaloo says: But I´m having so much fun showing off my skills in front of these colts and fillies, they all want my autograph, there´s really nothing more that I want girls! Apple Bloom says: But it won´t be the same without you Scootaloo. Scootaloo says: I´m sorry girls but I´m not coming along this time around, sorry! Sweetie Belle says: Maybe you could show your skills elsewhere in this world, if you know what I mean. Scootaloo says: Hey you´re right, maybe I could show my skills all around the world! Okay I´ll tag along with you then I´m just going to get my stuff back at home and I´ll be back soon! Scootaloo flies to her home to get her stuff and Sweetie Belle says: Well that was really easy to make her come along with us. As they´re all walking Scootaloo asks: So we´re we going Apple Bloom?! Apple Bloom says: We´re going to the land beyond the sea and we´ll take a boat to get there! Scootaloo says: Well that sounds like a plan if I say so myself! They all then jump on the boat to travel to the land beyond the ocean and they soon arrive to for them was a surprise a desert and Sweetie Belle says: Well this is certainly different since I´ve never seen a desert before, look at all that sand! They soon arrive to the main land and they decide to borrow a pony car to drive across the desert and they soon find a city in the middle of the desert and they decide to stay at a hotel in that city. Apple Bloom says: A room for three mares please. The pony at the reception says: Okay here´s the key, your room is 42. Sweetie Belle says: Okay thank you. They head to their room and Scootaloo says: This is our room!? It doesn´t look all that big to me! Apple Bloom says: We´re only staying for one night Scootaloo so you won´t have to worry about how big the room is! Sweetie Belle says: Hey look everypony there´s some ruins in the outskirts of the city! Scootaloo says: We could visit it and take a look what could be inside the ruins?! Apple Bloom says: We´ll wait until tomorrow and we could perhaps take a look inside the ruins before we continue our journey. They decide that´s a good idea and they all go to sleep to explore the ruins tomorrow and then continue on their adventure. What will they find in the ruins and will it be something incredible? They will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Episode 2: “Ruins of Time“

In the city surrounded by desert Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have been staying at the hotel of the city and they decide that they want to visit the ruins in the outskirts of the city, so they take their stuff and leave the hotel to finally head to the ruins. As they´re driving towards the ruins Scootaloo says: So what do you think will be inside the ruins, gold, or some really old vases worth some money!? Apple Bloom says: I don´t know Scootaloo but we´re not allowed to take anything from the ruins since it is a tourist attraction! Scootaloo says: I know, I know, but wouldn´t it would be cool if it were something valuable! Sweetie Belle says: It would be nice if I could find some gems for the dresses back in Ponyville but that´s not why I´m here. I´m here on vacation only! When they arrive they find that there´s nopony there except the ponies in charge of the tour guiding, they all pay the tour guides money and says that they want to go in on their own. The guides look at them all weird and Scootaloo says as they walk deep into the ruins: Wonder why they looked at us like that, it seems like they´ve seen us from somewhere! Apple Bloom says: Don´t you worry about that, let´s enjoy the stuff in the ruins instead. They soon find themselves in a huge room deep underground with different paintings on the walls and Sweetie Belle notice on the wall three ponies fighting some sort of monster and she says to the others to come and take a look and Scootaloo says: That looks like an epic battle, and that monster looks creepy! Sweetie Belle says: No take a look at the ponies, don´t they remind you of us! Apple Bloom says: Now that I think about it, they kind of do look like us, I wonder why?! Scootaloo says: Maybe they didn´t know how to make great pictures back in the day, because that looks nothing like me! As they are walking along they start to see something that is shining in the back of the room and Apple Bloom says: Hey it´s a crystal that is flashing! Sweetie Belle says: It´s really pretty, what do you think Scootaloo?! Scootaloo says: It´s just a crystal, it isn´t really something to get all happy about! The crystal then starts to send out a brighter light and it soon makes the room go all white and when it has stopped flashing they´ve all disappeared. They all wake up in a snowy type of forest and Apple Bloom says: Okay, how did we end up here from a warm hot ruins! Then somepony comes along and sees them and asks what they´re doing. Sweetie Belle says: Uh I´m guessing we traveled through time and we don´t know how we ended up in this place. The pony says: You traveled through time, could the legend be true after all! Apple Bloom says: What are you talking about?! The pony says: I think you should meet the elder of our village he probably knows more about this than anypony else! They all then walk along and the pony says: We´ve been having a hard time with this weather and it doesn´t seem to get any better anytime soon. They soon arrive to this village and the pony takes them to see the elder that lives in a house there. As they walk inside Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo notice that the elder is Star Swirl and the pony says to him: Star Swirl, these ponies has possibly traveled through time! Star Swirl says: That is incredible, that must mean that the legend must be true! Scootaloo says: Okay what legend are you talking about and what does it have to do with us! Star Swirl says: You all have to excuse my excitement, I was so happy to hear that the rumors might be true and that possibly you three could be the new heroes that have come to save this world! Then a voice says: Did you say the heroes?! Then somepony else walks in to the house and Sweetie Belle says: Twilight is that you?! Star Swirl says: Oh no, this is my apprentice Clover the Clever. Clover says: Nice to meet you all. I heard that my mentor called you the new heroes. Is that true?! Star Swirl says: Take it easy on them Clover the Clever, I didn´t say they were the new heroes, I just said they could be. Apple Bloom says: Can somepony explain to us who these heroes are! Star Swirl says: Over a thousand years ago, three ponies appeared just like you and saved this world from evil, after they´ve saved the world they disappeared and was never seen ever again. As they are talking a familiar face walks into the house and it´s Flame Star and Scootaloo says: Flame Star, what are you doing here?! Flame Star says: Do I know you from somewhere?! Apple Bloom says: It´s me Flame Star, Apple Bloom and this is Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, don´t you remember us!? Flame Star says: I´m sorry but I´ve never seen you before. I came here to tell you Star Swirl that we´re ready to head off to the new land that Princess Platinum, Chancellor Puddinghead and Commander Hurricane has found and I´m wondering if you and Clover the Clever are ready. Star Swirl says: We´ll be right with you in a few minutes. Flame Star says: Okay, we´ll wait until you are ready. Flame Star then leaves and Clover says: Do you know Flame Star? Sweetie Belle says: He kind of exists in our time, so I´m guessing we´re in the past?! Star Swirl says: That might be the answer to your question and if you don´t mind we have to head to this land which has just been discovered, you are all welcome to join us on this journey if you want. Scootaloo says: That might be a good idea, what do you say girls?! Apple Bloom says: We might get more answers if we come along with them, so count me in on this journey! Sweetie Belle says: I´m coming as well! Star Swirl says: Well, then it´s settled then. Okay Clover the Clever, let´s gather all of our stuff and get going. They all head outside to join the others and Flame Star says: Okay listen up everypony! We are about to travel to this new land and if you haven´t gathered all of your stuff do that now! They then head of north towards the new land, what will they find there and will it be a beautiful paradise? Those questions will get their answers next time.

Episode 3: “The Land of Paradise“

As they are walking along Star Swirl starts to talk about how their previous land went from a warm place to a cold winter land and he says: Everypony couldn´t come to an agreement and they all started to argue with each other and thus the snowstorm arrived caused by creatures known as Windigoes! Clover says: They feed on our hate and that caused the land to become inhabitable by ponies, and me and Princess Platinum set out to find a new land which in turn would become the land known as Equestria, but we weren´t the only ponies to arrive to this land, in fact the leaders of both the Earth Pony tribe and the Pegasus tribe came and found the land as well. The three leaders started to argue and that brought the Windigoes to this land as well, but me, Smart Cookie and Private Pansy managed to stop them with the power of friendship and the land turned green once again. After that I went back to see Star Swirl and that´s when you three arrived. Apple Bloom says: We have actually seen a play of the founding of Equestria in our own time so we do actually already know about all of this. Star Swirl says: That´s really interesting, I didn´t think you already knew about all of this. The all then soon arrive to the land and Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo soon recognize that this is indeed Equestria and hey see the mountain where Canterlot is suppose to be and Sweetie Belle says: This is truly Equestria, the mountain over there will be where Canterlot will be and in front of us on this field will be where Ponyville will be standing! Star Swirl says: That is two excellent names for two towns to be called. When they arrive they notice that there are a lot of ponies waiting on the field and when they arrive Commander Hurricane says: Did everything go well when you walked to this place Flame Star?! Flame Star says: Yes, I brought every single pony that was left in that land and everypony has now arrived to this land. Then Princess Platinum comes along and says: Well, should we get started on building this new kingdom! Chancellor Puddinghead says: I think it would be a good idea to do this as well. Scootaloo says: Wow they look like Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie. Clover says: You must be mistaken. These are the three tribe leaders. Apple Bloom says: Yeah we know, it´s just that they and you remind us of ponies from our time. Star Swirl says: It might take some time to get used to it but you´ll probably blend in with everypony else I´m sure of that! As they are talking a lightning bolt strikes down where Canterlot will be standing and Apple Bloom says: Don´t worry everypony we´ll check it out and we´ll be back soon! Flame Star says: You know it could be dangerous if you decide to head there! Sweetie Belle says: That is why we´re going to investigate it! Scootaloo says: See you all soon! They then run off and Hurricane says: I´ve never seen those ponies before, but if they are willing to check it I won´t stop them and neither should you Flame Star. Flame Star says: But… Clover says: I´m going after them, they might need my help! Clover runs after them and Flame Star decides to run after them as well to protect them. Apple Bloom and her friends soon arrive and they see Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and Princess Celestia says: What are you ponies doing here, you need to turn back! Then a voice says: No let them pass. Apple Bloom and her friends notice that Accord is there and he says: I´ve been waiting for you, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, the ones that has traveled through time. Apple Bloom says: How come you know our names when nopony else seems to know who we are! Accord says: I´ve had a vision of your arrival, and you three are the only ones that can save this land from an ancient disaster. Clover and Flame Star then shows up and Flame Star says: What are you talking about, what is so special with these three ponies! Accord says: You haven´t heard of the legend? Clover says: I have, three heroes saved this world from evil and they disappeared after they´ve saved everypony from this disaster! Accord says: Yes and these heroes got their name the Guardians of Time after saving this land from evil. I will explain more about this evil at a later date. Then Star Swirl comes along and says: It has been a long time since I saw you old friend. Accord says: Star Swirl is that you, last time I met you, you were just a colt but I still recognize you. Sweetie Belle says: So you two know each other, but how many years have gone by since you met?! Accord says: I haven´t seen Star Swirl in seventy years, but I still remember him. Now I have a mission for you, if you three choose to accept it that is. Scootaloo says: What is this mission you´re talking about?! Accord says: There is something that is called the Harmony Crystals, they lie within some ruins. With these Harmony Crystals we´ll be able to stop this evil from returning to this land. Flame Star says: Why are you sending these ponies, why can´t you go and get them yourself! Star Swirl says: Flame Star, please let my friend finish what he was going to say. Accord says: It´s okay Star Swirl. I understand that he wants to protect them from danger, but me myself won´t be able to enter the ruins since a barrier is set up around the ruins and only the chosen ones will be able to get through the barrier. Apple Bloom says: Okay, where can we find these ruins? Accord says: To the north of this mountain, within a forest. But be careful, because if you choose to head there you need to fight some monsters within those ruins! Scootaloo says: Sounds like an adventure to me! Okay I´m in on this quest! Sweetie Belle says: Well I guess I will come along as well! Accord says: While you three head off towards these ruins, I will inform Star Swirl and your two friends about something that you will have to do with the Harmony Crystals! Apple Bloom says: Okay, we´ll be back soon everypony! They then head off on a quest for these crystals. What will they find within these ruins and why is there a barrier around the ruins? They will probably get their answers when they arrive at the ruins.

Episode 4: “A Quest For Harmony – Part 1“

Apple Bloom and her friends head north from the mountain and they soon arrive to a forest with weird trees and flowers that they´ve never seen before. As they are walking along they soon see the barrier and the ruins behind it. They walk through the barrier and they head inside the ruins. Once inside Sweetie Belle says: Wow this place is really overgrown with plants. I´m pretty sure it didn´t look like this when it was actually built! Apple Bloom says: Yeah the ruins look to be in a really bad shape! Scootaloo says: Hey girls look what I found, it´s some sort of bags with nothing in them! Apple Bloom reads the text above the bags and it says: “ These are the Quest Bags, left here by the Guardians of Time. They have an endless space to put stuff in, and the only thing you will have to do is to think of the item that you have put in this bag and you will receive it from the Quest Bag. Use them wisely Guardians of Time. “ Sweetie Belle says: Do think it is okay just to take someponies Quest Bags just like that! Scootaloo says: I think they´re kind of cool! Apple Bloom says: Maybe they´ll come to use for us while we head through these ruins, plus Accord did say that we were chosen to do this mission. They all put on one bag each and then they head through a door that´s next to them. In the next room they find a switch on the floor and a locked door. They try to stand on the switch and they notice that the door opens up, but when they try to get to the door it closes again. Sweetie Belle says: Maybe we can push that block on top of the switch and it will make the door stay open for us! Apple Bloom says: That´s a great idea Sweetie Belle! They all push the block onto the switch and the door stays open and they head through the door. In the next room they find that the room has a river that is heading towards a waterfall, there are rock platforms in the stream and they decide to jump over them while Scootaloo flies over. Once on the other side they head through the next door. They enter a large room with light shining down from the roof and they see three different colored glowing swords in the middle of room in the light. They head over to them and Sweetie Belle reads the text that is behind the swords and it says: “ These swords used to belong to the Guardians of Time when they saved this land from a demon lord and his army a thousand years ago. These swords contain magical and strong power and can only be used by the ones chosen by the swords. The only way to tell if you are chosen or not, is to touch the sword and the sword will then make a connection to you and you will then be able to use your mind to control the swords every movement as you please. Use these swords to protect this land from danger. “ Scootaloo says: Wow, that´s so awesome. A magical sword that can be controlled by using you mind, I want one! Sweetie Belle says: These swords could be dangerous, I don´t think we should touch them. Besides, I don´t think we are chosen by the swords anyway! Apple Bloom says: I agree with Sweetie Belle on this one, we shouldn´t touch the swords! Scootaloo says: Well if you two don´t then I´m going to touch one myself, and I want the green glowing sword! Scootaloo touches the green sword but nothing happens. Apple Bloom says: I guess you weren´t chosen by it Scootaloo! The sword then starts to react and starts to float in front of Scootaloo and she says: What should I do with it?! Sweetie Belle says: Do like it said in the text and use your mind to control the sword! Scootaloo focuses on the sword and Scootaloo sends it slash down a vine in roof and then she says: That´s so awesome, I can use the sword to slash down vines! Scootaloo starts to focus some more on the sword and she makes it swing around for a little bit. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle then decide to touch a sword as well and Sweetie Belle says: I want the blue sword, since I like its glowing color! Apple Bloom says: Well I guess I´ll take the red sword then, I kind of like red anyway! They both touch the swords and they also react towards them and start to float in front of them. They both focus on their swords and they too slash down some vines in the ceiling and Scootaloo says: Aren´t these swords awesome! Sweetie Belle says: Well I guess they´re kind of interesting! Apple Bloom says: Just remember girls, they´re not toys, they´re weapons and we need to be careful with them and only use them if we need to! Scootaloo says: You always have to ruins the fun don´t you, this is the most awesome sword I´ve ever had! Sweetie Belle says: This is the only sword you´ve ever had Scootaloo, unless you´re planning to join the royal guard in Canterlot to use a sword. Scootaloo says: Haha, very funny, Sweetie Belle you almost made me laugh. They then head to the opposite side of the room and they find a large door with a lock with three slots in it. Sweetie Belle says: Maybe we can put our swords in these slots and the door might open! They put their swords in the slots and they turn the slots a little bit and the door opens up. They then notice that something appeared on their backs and that they can put their swords in these things. They do this and they then head through the large door and they end up in a new large room with light coming into this room from the ceiling as well. The light hits an altar with crystals on it and Sweetie Belle says: That must be the Harmony Crystals! Scootaloo says: Is that it!? The way Accord described this place it sounded like there was going to be a lot of monsters here! Apple Bloom says: There might still be monsters here, so we need to stay on guard for monsters in this room! Could there be an evil presence here and is it watching their every move in the shadows? The only way to find out is to approach the Harmony Crystals to see if this is true or not. To Be Continued.

Episode 5: “A Quest For Harmony – Part 2“

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have reached the room with the Harmony Crystals and they decide to approach them, and as soon as they are about to grab the Harmony Crystals the altar sinks into the sand underneath it and they hear a sound coming from the shadows. Out from the shadows comes a giant centipede and it tries to attack them by using its body to crush them and Scootaloo says: Is it okay to use the swords now! Apple Bloom says: Yes I think now is a good time to use the swords. They all start to slash away at the centipede and Sweetie Belle says: I don´t think we´re doing anything to the centipede other than making it angrier than it already is! Scootaloo flies above the centipede and she sees a bug on it and says: Hey girls, I see a bug on it maybe that´s why it´s angry! Apple Bloom says: Well try to hit it Scootaloo! Scootaloo flies in and slashes with her sword and the bug gets destroyed. Then another one appears on the side of the centipede’s body and Apple Bloom runs in to slash it and destroys it as well, and another one appears on the other side of its body and Sweetie Belle runs in and destroys it. The centipede then calms down and decides to dig away into the sand and Sweetie Belle says: I guess the bugs did make it angry and it decided to leave after we destroyed them! Apple Bloom says: I´m pretty sure it didn´t mean to hurt us and it decided to leave! They then notice that the altar with the Harmony Crystals then rises up from the sand and Scootaloo says: Well I guess we better take the Harmony Crystals back to Accord! Apple Bloom puts the Harmony Crystals in her Quest Bag and as they are about to leave the room, the middle of the room starts give of a lot of light and they can see some creature in the light. When the light then disappears they notice that the creature is Discord and Apple Bloom says: Discord what are you doing here?! Discord turns towards them and says: I´m guessing you three released me from my prison that the gods put me in and for that I thank you. Now if you´ll excuse me I´m going to go and get my revenge on the gods and create some chaos that my master wished for me to do. See you around! Sweetie Belle says: Please tell me we didn´t release Discord again, the first time we released him was because we were arguing! Scootaloo says: Well it seems like we did release him and he´s going to create chaos again, but you have to remember that Twilight and the others released him as well, and they too were arguing! Apple Bloom says: Whatever just happened we need to head back to Accord and tell him about all of this and I also want answers why Discord was here in the first place! They all then head back to the mountain and when they arrive Accord says: Did it go well, and did you find the Harmony Crystals? Apple Bloom says: Yes I have them here in my Quest Bag but I just want to know why didn´t you tell us that Discord was being kept prison in those ruins and that if we took the Harmony Crystals we would lift the seal on his prison! Accord says: I didn´t want to tell you about this because I wanted to meet my brother again! Star Swirl says: Why didn´t you tell us about this earlier Accord. Discord will now continue to create chaos like he did in the past! Sweetie Belle says: What are you two talking about! Accord says: I guess I better tell you the truth. A thousand years ago an evil demon lord created an evil army and they spread destruction everywhere in this land. The demon lord created me and Discord as well. The demon lord said that we were created to this land but I refused to do it so he used his magic powers and send me far away from this land. When I finally managed to make it back to the land I noticed that the gods had already sealed away the demon lord´s army and the guardians used a powerful attack to seal away the demon lord in a prison that he would never be able to break free from. The only one that was left was Discord and I watched as they sealed my brother away into the ruins where you found the Harmony Crystals. After they had sealed away my brother the gods and the guardians then turned towards me and one of the gods said to me: “ We will spare you minion of the demon lord but should you ever try to destroy this land then we´ll seal you away like the demon lords other minions! “ They all then left and I was all alone, I watched all the destruction that the demon lord and his army had caused and I decided to help and rebuild the land again. The gods noticed how dedicated I was to make things right again that they gave me some of the Harmony Crystals powers and they also made me immortal, I was unable to die. I had to watch as the guardians placed their equipment and the Harmony Crystals in the ruins and one of the gods said to me: “ We will put a barrier around this place and nopony will be able to get in, they will only be able to get out from the barrier, but we will make it so the guardians can walk in and out to be able to watch over each prison in this land. “ Some time later after they had sealed away the demon lord and his army I got visited by one of the demon lords minions that apparently managed to escape being captured and he said to me that he had a vision of three ponies that would show up in about thousand years and that they would be my chance to get to meet my brother again. He then left and I never saw him again. I continued to wait and now finally you arrived and I used you to release my brother from his prison because I wanted to make things right between us. I hope you all can forgive for all of this. Apple Bloom says: Well Discord didn´t seem so excited to meet you after we released him, since he was after revenge on the gods for doing this to him! Accord says: If this is true then you will have to follow Star Swirl to this place that we spoke while you were gone, and if my idea to make peace with him doesn´t work then you will need to use the Harmony Crystals at this place since that will be the only way to stop him! Celestia says: We´re not going to let you do this on your own! Luna says: Yeah we want to help you Accord even after all the mistakes that happened since you didn´t tell us about this! Accord says: I appreciate the help Celestia and Luna, but I need you two to wait here for my return. I also want you all head to this place with Harmony Crystals. Star Swirl knows where this place is! Star Swirl says: I understand Accord! Accord then flies away to find Discord and Star Swirl takes the others to this place while Celestia and Luna wait for Accords return. Will Accord be able to calm down his enraged brother and what could it be that the Harmony Crystals could be used for in this special place that Accord mentioned? The questions will get their answers next time.

Episode 6: “The Sacred Temple“

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are heading to place that Star Swirl is taking them to and Clover and Flame Star decides to come along as well. Apple Bloom says: Where are we heading to Star Swirl? Star Swirl says: We´re heading to a place called The Sacred Temple, this place was used by the gods to travel to different worlds and travel through time. It is also here where we will be able to do something with the Harmony Crystals to help us stop Discord if Accord fails with his plan to calm him down. Star Swirl says: I don´t know why I´m coming along with you since everypony down at the field could get attacked by this Discord any second now! Star Swirl says: Maybe you want to know what this place holds and that might be why you want to come along with us. Flame Star says: I guess you could be right on that one, but it still feels strange just leaving everypony with nopony to protect them. Luna then flies and lands in front of them and says: Discord is attacking the ponies down on the field and he´s making them split up into going different directions! Flame Star says: I knew it. I have to head down there and stop Discord! Star Swirl says: You won´t be able to stop Discord with your powers, he´s too powerful for you to face alone! You will just have to trust that Accord will be able to stop him! Flame Star says: But I have to help somehow, my family is on that field! Clover says: Please Flame Star. You will only get yourself killed if you do this, just trust in Accord! Flame Star says: Okay fine, I´ll come along with you to protect you but I really don´t know if this is my purpose or not! Star Swirl says: Everypony has a purpose, even you Flame Star. You will just have to realize what that purpose could be. Luna then says: I need to head back to Celestia and keep an eye on the ponies on the field, I´ll see later everypony! Luna flies away and they all start to run to the temple. Meanwhile Discord is making chaos on the field and he says: I will get my revenge on the gods and those pesky guardians for sealing me and my master in a prison! Accord then shows up and says: Stop with your chaos brother these ponies never did anything to you! Discord turns around and says: Accord, have you too been sealed away in a prison and managed to escape?! Accord says: No, the gods spared me and they gave me some of the power from the Harmony Crystals and they also made me immortal for helping to restore this land from destruction. Discord says: WHAT!? The gods gave you more power and made you immortal while I had to be sealed away in a prison! The gods are really starting to make me angry! Accord says: Brother, it has been a thousand years since you, the demon lord and his army got sealed away and I want to set things right between you and me! Can we start over like true brothers and friends? Discord says: No I don´t think so Accord since I will now take out my thousand year old rage on you, instead on focusing on those puny ponies! Discord shoots a dark looking beam but it misses Accord and he starts to fly away with Discord right behind him. Meanwhile the ponies reaches The Sacred Temple and Star Swirl puts six of the seven Harmony Crystals in six different slots on a door to the temple and the door opens up. Once inside Star Swirl says: This is The Sacred Temple and that over there is the machine that is able to transport and send ponies through time! Scootaloo says: Uh Star Swirl, that´s just an arch. Not a time or a transport machine! Star Swirl says: Let me show you what I mean. The machine is set to travel to a different world by using this panel to choose your destination, but if I pull this switch then the machine will change to travel through time and you can use this panel that shows up to travel to any year, day or time you want! Sweetie Belle says: What is it that gives power to this machine?! Star Swirl says: I´m glad you asked Sweetie Belle. Accord told me about this machine when I was a colt and he told me that this machine is powered by crystals known as the Time and Space Crystals! The Time Crystals, the blues ones, are used to travel through time and the Space Crystals, the pink ones, are used to transport to different worlds. You can all see that there is already a Time and Space Crystal placed in theses slots on the side of the arch but where could the other Time and Space Crystals be?! Flame Star finds one and says: Hey look everypony, I found a blue crystal. Star Swirl says: No Flame Star. Put down the crystal before something happens! But it is too late and the Time Crystal starts to fill the room with light and everypony runs out from the temple except Flame Star who just looks at the crystal. When the light has finally disappeared, they all enter the room and Flame Star is gone and Clover says: Where´s Flame Star!? Where did he disappear to!? Apple Bloom says: I think I know where he is, he´s probably in our time, since the same thing happened to us and we got transported to your time! Star Swirl says: Then we´ll just have to hope that he is safe! Now, we have to find a way to turn the Harmony Crystals into this power that Accord spoke of! Scootaloo says: Hey could this water in this bowl be used for anything?! Star Swirl says: Yes perhaps that is the solution! Star Swirl puts the Harmony Crystals in the water without noticing that he drops the 7th crystal into a crack in the ground and it falls into a cave underneath the temple. Nopony else noticed that he dropped the crystal either. When he puts the crystals in the water they transforms into some orb looking things with Cutie Marks on them and Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo recognizes those Cutie Marks but they don´t know where they have seen these before. They all then head back to Celestia and Luna with the orbs and at the same time Accord is being chased by Discord, and Discord is still trying to shoot dark beams at Accord. Accord flies towards the mountain where Celestia and Luna are waiting and they notice that Accord is being chased by Discord. Celestia shoots a beam towards Discord and he stops flying and Celestia says: I don´t know who you are Discord, but you ´re not hurting my friend Accord! Discord says: So Accord, are you going to hide behind these winged unicorns, and rely on their protection. You´re a more of a coward than I thought you would be! Discord shoots a dark beam towards Celestia but Luna jumps in front of the beam and ends up on the ground with pain inside of her and Celestia shouts: No Luna! Luna says: I´m fine Celestia just don´t let Discord harm Accord! Discord says: So Celestia and Luna are your names, the sun and the moon gods! I didn´t know the sun and moon gods passed on their powers to you winged unicorns! Celestia says: Well they did and you´re going to pay for what you did to my sister! Discord says: Oh what are you going to do Celestia, shoot your beam at me! Celestia says: Exactly! Celestia shoots her beam and Discord counters with his beam and he soon notice that Celestia´s beam is stronger than his and he ends up getting hit by it. Discord says: It seems like I have found a worthy opponent and that makes me want to use my full power against you! He shoots a stronger beam and both Celestia and Luna counter with their beams and that pierces through Discords beam and hits him! Apple Bloom and the others soon arrive back to the mountain and they notice that Celestia and Luna are fighting Discord. Accord flies down to them and says: I see you have been able to create the Elements of Harmony, the only power that can stop my brother, but where´s the 7th Element of Harmony! Star Swirl says: I must have dropped it in the temple. I can go back and get it! Accord says: No, there´s no time for that, these six Elements of Harmony will have to do! Accord bestows them with some of his power and then he says: Star Swirl you will have to give the Elements of Harmony to Celestia and Luna so they can stop Discord! Star Swirl runs to Celestia and Luna and Accord tells Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Clover to hide somewhere. They all hide behind a rock and they watch as Star Swirl tells Celestia and Luna to use the Elements of Harmony on Discord. Celestia and Luna uses the Elements of Harmony to turn him into stone, and while he´s being turned into stone he laughs like he has already won. They then notice that Twilight and her friends runs up to Celestia and Luna and they start to talk to each other and soon Star Swirl appears and talks to them. After Twilight and her friends have talked to Star Swirl they start to head towards the direction of The Sacred Temple and Clover says: Is that purple pony Twilight cause she does look like me?! Sweetie Belle says: Yes that was Twilight, and the others were Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Flutteshy. I wonder why they are here in this time?! Apple Bloom says: They must´ve used the Time machine in The Sacred Temple to get here, and that must mean that the machine is still working in our time! They all move closer and hide behind another rock a bit closer to Celestia, Luna and Star Swirl to listen what they are talking about and they son see Twilight and her friends again, but this time Derpy and Flame Star are with them and Scootaloo says: Okay this is just weird, they just left for the temple and now they´re back again but this time with Derpy and Flame Star! What´s going on here!? Apple Bloom says: They must be using the time machine to get here. That is the only way I can explain why they are here! They all watch as they are talking with each other and Accord appears and talks to them as well. They also soon notice that something is happening to Luna. Luna transforms into Nightmare Moon and Accord tells Celestia to use the Elements of Harmony on Luna. Celestia uses them and seals Luna away inside of the moon. Twilight and the others decide to leave and Accord seems to want to come along with them. Flame Star decides to stay here and Clover notices that Twilight starts to cry and then Twilight uses a spell and they all disappear. Apple Bloom and the others start to head to Flame Star, Star Swirl and Celestia to get some answers about this. What will they find out and what happened to Luna, and what could have possibly made Accord want to come along with Twilight and the others and why did Flame Star decide to stay here? Everything will get their answers next time.

Episode 7: “Building the Land“

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Clover the Clever, runs up to Star Swirl, Celestia and Flame Star, and Apple Bloom says: Okay can somepony tell us what just happened because I´m a bit confused about all of this?! Star Swirl says: What you all just saw was Twilight Sparkle and her friends, which you had already mentioned, and they were looking for a way to stop an evil force in their time, I told them that I made the time machine and I also mentioned the 7th Element of Harmony which I haven´t been able to create yet. I did however not tell them that I dropped the 7th Element of Harmony, but I told them that they needed to find somepony in their time that has a connection to the Element and then they left. Clover says: Then why did they return and why was somepony else and Flame Star with them?! Flame Star says: That pony was Derpy, and we came here to ask for help to restore the power of the Elements of Harmony which Discord had stolen from Twilight and her friends and I decided to stay here after the power was restored. Accord however wanted to stop Discord, who´s on the loose in their time for a second time apparently. So Accord decided to travel into the future and I decided to stay here because I wanted to know what my purpose could be. Celestia says: You may have seen my sister Luna turn into a corrupted form of herself. That was because Discord hit Luna with his dark beam, and that was the reason she transformed. But before she got transformed we managed to stop Discord by using the Elements of Harmony to turn him into stone. I was also forced to seal away my sister into the moon so she wouldn´t cause any damage in this corrupted form! Sweetie Belle says: In our time Luna was known as Nightmare Moon, but Twilight and her friends managed to free her from the corruption thus she became her normal self. Celestia says: Wow that is really good news when will this occur! Scootaloo says: Twilight and her friends will manage to save Luna from her corruption, but this won´t happen until a thousand years have passed and when she gets released from her seal inside the moon! Celestia says: Well if I have to wait a thousand years then I guess I have to wait for that moment! Apple Bloom says: Flame Star, may I ask, but do you know who we are now? Flame Star says: Yes Apple Bloom I now know who you three are since I met you when you were just fillies, and when I see you three here after six months I realize how much you´ve grown and how much more dependant you´ve become! Scootaloo says: Six months!? It´s only been like an half hour since you disappeared! Sweetie Belle says: Time might work differently if you´re in a completely different timeline, so that might be the reason why it´s been six months in the future and only a half hour here! Star Swirl says: I think you might be right in that Sweetie Belle, time is sometimes a bit strange. Speaking of time I might have to head back to the Sacred Temple to find that last Harmony Crystal and turn it into an Element as well since Twilight and her friends seemed to need the 7th Element in the future. Star Swirl heads for the temple and Flame Star says: I´ve seen the future and I think I want to build both Canterlot and Ponyville now. But I won´t be able to do this on my own! Apple Bloom says: We´ll help you Flame Star! Flame Star says: Thank you girls, but I think we´ll need more ponies than just us five to build Canterlot and Ponyville. Clover says: I´m guessing you´re going to ask everypony down at the field if they want to help you with this. Flame Star says: Yes, that is exactly what I´m going to do. Flame Star and Clover head down to the field to talk to everypony and Sweetie Belle says to Celestia: Are you coming Celestia? Celestia says: I need to think about my sister for a little bit and I´ll be there as soon as Star Swirl comes back from the temple, so you three go on ahead and me and Star Swirl will be joining you as soon as possible. Apple Bloom and her friends head down to the field. Star Swirl has just arrived at the Sacred Temple and he starts to look around for the Harmony Crystal. He finds the crack in the floor and he sees the crystal, he uses his magic to pick it up and he also notice something else and teleports it to him and he says: I wonder how this yellow looking crystal got down there, maybe Celestia knows what this is. He takes it back to Celestia after he has turned final crystal into an Element of Harmony. Celestia however has never seen this orb before, so they both decide to head down to the field as well. Meanwhile on the field Flame Star explains that he wants to build Canterlot and Ponyville, and he wants to start build Canterlot first and Princess Platinum says: If you haven´t noticed Flame Star, we were just attacked by some sort of monster and you can´t demand that we´re going to build these cities for you, you´re not royalty remember! Flame Star says: I´m not demanding that you have to build these cities, I´m just asking if somepony wants to help. Flame Stars dad says: Well I´m going to help my son in this project! Flame Stars mom says: I´m going to help as well! Then Commander Hurricane says: You have me and my tribe of Pegasi on your side for this building project, since we all want to see how these cities will look like! Chancellor Puddinghead says: Me and the Earth Pony tribe have also agreed to help with this project! Princess Platinum says: Well I´m not going to get my hooves dirty just to build two cities, I would rather watch you all build it! Then one of the Unicorns from the Unicorn tribe says: Well excuse us princess while we actually want to accomplish something rather than just sitting around and doing nothing. Celestia and Star Swirl comes along and Star Swirl says: What is all the commotion about?! Princess Platinum says: The commotion is that I don´t want to get my hooves dirty since I´m actually royalty! Celestia says: Then I will be taking away your title as princess! Princess Platinum says: And who might you be!? Apple Bloom says: Celestia is the sun god and her sister is the moon god. Princess Platinum says: Any proof of this! Celestia then makes it night and everypony just stares at the sky and then she makes it day again. Celestia says: I will have to take on the role as both sun and moon god while my sister is away, and I said before, I will be removing your title Platinum and your titles as well Puddinghead and Hurricane! Hurricane says: I don´t mind that my title is gone. It just makes me feel like I´m actually on the same level as the other Pegasi. Puddinghead says: I don´t mind it either. I now feel like I´m a normal Earth Pony like everypony else. Flame Star says: So Platinum will you help us build these cities or not?! Platinum says: Fine I´ll help with all of this as long as we get to take breaks in between work! They all then got started on building Canterlot first, they all worked hard and by the end of the day they finally finished all the houses in Canterlot. The only thing that is left to build is Canterlot castle and the garden around it. Flame Star says: I want to thank everypony that participated in this, and you all deserve a good rest! We will continue to build the castle another day, but for now you all deserve rest. Thank you everypony! They all then head inside the houses to sleep and Flame Stars dad says: I´m so proud of you my son, this is probably the biggest project I´ve ever seen, and you´re making this the beginning of this land by building this city, I´m so proud of you! Flame Stars mom says: I´m proud of you as well Flame Star, I bet everypony is! Flame Star says: You don´t have to think of me like I´m better than everypony else. We are all an important part in this project and I´m just a normal Unicorn trying to do my best for this land known as Equestria. Flame Stars mom and dad then decides to find a house to sleep in and Flame Star decides to come with them and Clover says: I can´t believe we managed to build all of this in just one day! Apple Bloom says: That was because we all worked together! Clover says: I guess you´re right Apple Bloom. Clover then head to find a house to sleep in, and Star Swirl says that he should probably find a place to sleep in as well. Sweetie Belle says: Aren´t you going to go to sleep Celestia? Celestia says: No I will stay awake and guard everypony while they´re all sleeping. Scootaloo says: Okay see you tomorrow Celestia. Celestia says: See you tomorrow my little ponies. Apple Bloom and her friends then head to a house to get some rest. What exciting things will happen tomorrow? That is only something that Apple Bloom and her friends know about.

Episode 8: “A Lovely Picnic“

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are helping with the construction of Canterlot castle when suddenly Clover the Clever comes to them and asks if she could have a word with them. They head a bit away from the construction site and Clover says: Will you promise to not tell anypony about something that I´m about to tell you three?! Apple Bloom says: We promise, Clover. Clover says: I kind of have a crush on Flame Star, but I haven´t been able to tell him about this, I don´t know if you could help me with this situation. Sweetie Belle says: You have come to the right ponies, we actually managed to make Apple Blooms brother and our teacher, when we actually went in school, to like each other, so this will be a piece of cake! Clover says: How did you manage to get these two ponies together?! Scootaloo says: Have you ever had a picnic with Flame Star? Clover says: No, is that the solution? Sweetie Belle says: Yep, you only have to have a romantic picnic, and we can prepare everything for you two. Flame Star will fall in love with you in an instant, and the only thing you will have to do is go and ask him if he wants to have a picnic and we´ll take care of the rest with all the romantic stuff! Clover says: Okay thank you girls I´ll go and ask him right now! As Clover is walking away Apple Bloom says: How could you two tell Clover about that, you do remember that the picnic turned into a disaster right, and that this love potion which in fact was a love poison made it worse and we had to make things right again! Sweetie Belle says: Details, details. We have more experience now that we´re older, we were only fillies back then so mistakes were bound to happen! They then head off to find a nice spot for the picnic and Clover head to the construction site and she finds Flame Star and asks him: Would you like to have a picnic with me Flame Star? Flame Star says: I´m in the middle of this construction, I can´t just leave while everypony else work on this project, I´m needed here! Flame Stars dad says: I think you could use some time away from the construction Flame Star. You´ve been working non-stop on this, you deserve some rest from this! Flame Star says: You´re sure you´ll be able to handle this without me dad! Flame Stars dad says: I may be old but I can still work in my age! Flame Star says: Okay, whatever you say dad. I guess I´m available for this picnic after all Clover! Clover says: That´s really great! Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have prepared the picnic for us! Flame Star says: They have?! Okay uh… Let´s get going then. They both head off to this picnic. Meanwhile Apple Bloom and her friends have just finished the romantic picnic near a river and Apple Bloom says: I don´t think this will work. It will probably end like last time we tried this! Sweetie Belle says: Stop being so negative Apple Bloom, this will work… This time! Scootaloo says: Hey they´re coming girls, act normal! Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo whistles and Flame Star says: Is there something wrong Apple Bloom? Apple Bloom says: Uh… No, we were just waiting for you two to arrive. Clover says: That´s very nice of you girls. Sweetie Belle says: Yeah I think so too. We have prepared the food, some champagne and music as well. Scootaloo says: I hope everything will do, we tried our best to make this picnic perfect! Flame Star says: Everything seems to be great girls, thank you?! Sweetie Belle says: Wow, look at the time. We have to meet up with Star Swirl back in Canterlot, We´ll see you later! They head off into the forest and they then hide inside a bush and Flame Star says: Do think they´re acting a little bit weird, or is it just me?! Clover says: No thought they acted normal, should we dig in on the food and champagne?! Flame Star says: Sure, let´s eat some food. Meanwhile in the bush Sweetie Belle says: I think it´s going to work this time! Apple Bloom says: Don´t get your hopes up, Sweetie Belle! Scootaloo says: Let´s just see who´s right about this! Flame Star and Clover start to eat the food, and Flame Star says: Clover? Clover says: Yes Flame Star, what is it? Flame Star says: You have something in your teeth. Sweetie Belle sticks her head out of the bush and shouts: Oh come on! Scootaloo pulls Sweetie Belle back into the bush before Flame Star sees her and he says: Did you hear something Clover? It sounded like Sweetie Belle. Clover says: Nope, I didn´t hear anything. They continue to eat and Apple Bloom says to Sweetie Belle: I told you it wouldn´t work! Sweetie Belle says: Well we´ll just have to go to plan B! Apple Bloom says: And what is that if I may ask?! Sweetie Belle says: We will build a tunnel of love and that will surely work! They all get started building the tunnel of love further down the river and when they´re finally finished Scootaloo flies and floats above Flame Star and Clover and she says with a quiet voice: The tunnel of love is ready further down the river. Clover hears this and says: Flame Star would you like to go on a boat ride with me. Flame Star says: I really have to head back to work now Clover, maybe some other time. Clover says: I promise that it will be fun. It will only take a few minutes. Flame Star says: Okay fine, but after the boat ride I have to get back to work! They both head to the tunnel of love and Flame Star says: Why does this boat have hearts on it and why does the boat ride lead into a tunnel with more hearts?! Clover says: I don´t know but it might be fun to try it. They both jump in and start heading into the tunnel and Sweetie Belle says a bit away from the tunnel: This time it´s going to work, I just know it, and you can build stuff really fast Apple Bloom, since this would´ve taken a full day to finish! Apple Bloom says: Well my Cutie Mark is a hammer with a wooden plank, plus my brother says I´m really fast at building stuff, and the things I build always turn out great in the end, but I still don´t think this love between them is going work! Scootaloo says: Don´t be so negative about this, let´s follow them and see how it goes. Meanwhile in the tunnel of love Flame Star is feeling something weird about this and the picnic and then Clover says: Aren´t these colors absolutely beautiful and the hearts as well. Flame Star says: Yeah I guess they´re kind of nice, I really love the colors on the walls and the ceiling! Clover says: Is there something else that you love, like something special? Flame Star says: Uh… What are you talking about? Clover says: No, I mean if you like somepony nearby. Flame Star says: Oh that´s what you´re talking about, well then I have to say my parents! My dad and mom are the most awesome parents in the world and I love them both! They are now heading towards the exit of the tunnel of love and Clover says: No not that either! Flame Star says: Did I say something wrong? Clover says: You´re unbelievable, I can´t believe you haven´t noticed it yet! The boat starts to move faster and Flame Star says: Well I do notice that the boat is picking up speed, I wonder why?! Clover notice this as well and as they come out of the tunnel and continue a bit further down the river they soon notice a waterfall and Clover screams: No we´re going fall off a huge waterfall! Apple Bloom and her friends hear this and Apple Bloom and Scootaloo look at Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom says: All of this was your fault, because now they´re heading off a waterfall! Scootaloo says: Yeah and now we´ll have to rescue them! Sweetie Belle says: I´m sorry girls, I didn´t know that this was going to happen! Apple Bloom says: Well we better do something to help them! They run off to help them and Clover screams: We´re not going to make it Flame Star! Flame Star says: Just stay calm Clover, everything will be alright! They both fall off the edge while still in the boat and Apple Bloom and her friends sees this and screams: NO! They then notice that the boat starts to fly up into the air and Apple Bloom and her friends get happy again. Meanwhile on the boat Flame Star says: See, I told you we would be fine Clover. Clover says: How did you manage to lift both us and the boat. Flame Star says: It takes years of practice to make your magic stronger, but when you have learned to control your magic better, you will be able to lift things that are ten times the size of yourself. Clover says: That´s amazing, you´re amazing Flame Star! Flame Star says: I´m nothing special. Now let´s land this boat on the ground. Apple Bloom and her friends run up to them and Apple Bloom says with tears in her eyes: We´re so sorry for all of this, we built the tunnel of love because we wanted to get you two together! Flame Star says: You made the tunnel and the boat ride, we could´ve died if I didn´t use my magic to save us! Scootaloo says with tears in her eyes: We know, but we weren´t aware of the waterfall when we made the tunnel! Clover says: I have to agree with Flame Star on this, if all the effort you made to make us fall in love was in a good place, we still wouldn´t be standing here if it wasn´t for Flame Star! Sweetie Belle says with tears in her eyes: We promise that we won´t do this anymore and we´ll do anything to make up for all of this! Flame Star says: Anything!? Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo says: Yes anything! Flame Star says: Well I got the perfect thing. You have to work non-stop on the construction of Canterlot castle for the rest of the day! Does that sound like a fair punishment to you Clover? Clover says: Yes I think that will be a great way to make things right again. They all head back to Canterlot and Apple Bloom and her friends get to work non-stop for the rest of the day. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo have learned not to try and make ponies fall in love with each other and they will not be doing anything like this ever again. Tomorrow waits a new day in Equestria and what will be in store for Apple Bloom and her friends? Hopefully it will be something that will not endanger other ponies.

Episode 9: “City of Dreams“

Star Swirl is organizing his house and he notices the yellow crystal on one of his bookshelves and he says: I really do wonder what this yellow crystal could be. He then continues to work on cleaning the house when suddenly the yellow crystal starts to shine and he then hear a voice coming from the yellow crystal and it says: This is Light Crystal, we the gods of old created this Light Crystal so it could be used to give a pony, chosen by the Light Crystal, power beyond anything else. This Light Crystal is filled with pure light and in order to obtain the power, the chosen pony will have to reside inside of the Light Crystal and when the land is truly in desperate need of assistance from this pony, only then will the pony gain the power of the Light Crystal. The pony must be set free to gain the power. Use the Light Crystal wisely and do realize that the consequence is that this pony could be stuck in the Light Crystal forever. The message then ends and Star Swirl says: So it is called the Light Crystal, and it seems it holds a lot of power. I do wonder who this pony could be and what purpose could this pony could have when he gets fused together with the Light Crystal! Meanwhile the construction of Canterlot castle gets finished and Flame Star says to everypony: I would like to thank you everypony, with your help we have finally finished building Canterlot, and the castle was the last part of this construction, I thank you all! Hurricane says: We´re all happy to help Flame Star, so what is the next project?! Flame Star says: For now you all deserve some really good rest, you´ve all worked hard on building Canterlot and I don´t think we´ll have to rush the making of Ponyville, everypony just relax and have fun and we´ll start building Ponyville in probably a week! You all are welcome to help build Ponyville as well, but don´t feel like I´m forcing you to do this, you can all help if you want. Platinum says: I really enjoyed this construction of Canterlot, so you can count on me in on this project as well Flame Star! Flame Star says: Thank you Platinum, now head home and get some rest and we´ll see each other later! The ponies head to their homes and Apple Bloom says: I really loved your speech Flame Star, and you can count on me, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo to help you build Ponyville! Flame Star says: Thank you girls, I really appreciate it. Clover comes to them and says: That was a really well preformed speech Flame Star, you almost feel like the leader of the group! Flame Star says: I´m nothing special, Clover, I´m just a normal Unicorn. Flame Stars dad and mom comes to them and Flame Stars dad says: Well you should know that I´m really proud of you my son, I would´ve not imagined that you would lead the construction of an entire city, I´m really proud of you! Flame Stars mom says: I too am proud of you my son, you have made an entirely new city in the most beautiful place. Flame Star says: Mom, dad. I know that you´re proud of me but there´s really nothing special about me, and by the way have you introduced yourselves to Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Flame Stars mom says: Wow now that you say that we haven´t introduced ourselves. Hi girls, my name is Fire Spark, nice to meet you girls, and sorry that we didn´t introduce ourselves earlier when we first met. Flame Stars dad says: And I´m Inferno, nice to meet you girls! Sweetie Belle says: Nice to meet you too Fire Spark and Inferno. Scootaloo says: Yeah the same with me, nice to meet you two! Flame Star says: Well I think I´m going to make the blueprints for Ponyville, so I´ll head down to the field where Ponyville will be standing. I´ll see you later everypony! Flame Star heads down to the field and Clover decides that she wants to go there as well. Flame Star sits down on the field and starts drawing the blueprints for Ponyville when suddenly Clover comes along and says: Do mind if I sit down here with you? Flame Star says: No of course not, take a seat Clover, it´s always nice with some company. Clover sits down and looks as Flame Star is drawing the blueprints of Ponyville and Clover says: The town looks really beautiful, and you´re good at making drawings as well! Flame Star says: Thank you Clover, you´re probably the first pony to say that. Clover says: You seem to have a problem that you haven´t told anypony about, may I ask what this could be? Flame Star says: Well… I kind of feel like I´m meant to do something else, like my purpose is somewhere else. Clover says: When did you realize this? Flame Star says: It was when I got sent into the future that I started to feel something different inside of me, like I finally realized that I had a purpose! Clover says: Is there some way to find out what this purpose could? Flame Star says: I think there actually could be, and I´m going to head there right now! Clover, could you take care of the blueprints, they´re all finished and ready to get built for next week. Clover says: Of course. May I ask where you are going? Flame Star says: I´m heading to Star Swirl, I think he might have the answer to my problems! See you later Clover! Clover says: Uh… Bye… Flame Star. Flame Star then heads to Canterlot to see Star Swirl. He heads to Star Swirls house and he heads inside and Star Swirl says: Flame Star, I didn´t know that you were coming, is there something you need, a book or something. Flame Star says: No, I actually came here to ask what you meant when you said that I had a purpose, what could this purpose be? Star Swirl says: Everypony has a purpose, even you Flame Star, you will just have to find that purpose. Flame Star says: That´s the thing, I don´t know what it is? Star Swirl says: Then why don´t you tell me how you feel right now and perhaps I can help you in that way. Flame Star says: Okay, I feel like I´m needed in the future, it´s like the future is calling for me and I feel I can be more useful in the future as well! The Light Crystal starts to react and Star Swirl says: I think I just found what your purpose could be and it is this Light Crystal. Flame Star says: What does this Light Crystal do? Star Swirl says: I has the ability to give a pony power beyond imagine, but it also comes with a downside, you will have to stay in deep sleep within this crystal and when the world is truly in danger you will be released from the Light Crystal and gain its full power of pure light that will be able to stop evil! Flame Star says: Then I´m prepared to get fused together with the Light Crystal! Star Swirl says: Maybe we should tell everypony that you will no longer be around here to help them because you have found your purpose. Flame Star says: Yeah that might be a good idea to do first! Flame Star gathers everypony near Canterlot castle and he says: Everypony listen up, I´m not going to be around here anymore! I have found my purpose, and my purpose is in the future! Hurricane says: You found out about this right now? Flame Star says: Yes, and I want you all to take care of each other, and Celestia I want you to make sure that everypony is safe while I´m gone! Celestia says: You can count on me Flame Star. Flame Star says: Thank you Celestia. Now is there somepony that want to say something to me before I leave this world to be able to save the future. Inferno comes up to Flame Star and says: I want you to take care of yourself and all that stuff, my son! Flame Star says: I promise dad, I also promise that I will protect the future from evil! Flame Spark says: I´m really proud of you Flame Star, make sure the future stays peaceful and help everypony with their problems! Inferno says: Just like your mother said. Mah boi, this peace is what all ponies strive for! Flame Star says: Yeah I know dad. See you around everypony, and I hope everything turns out great! Star Swirl says: Should we begin with fusing you with the Light Crystal? Flame Star says: Yes. I think it´s time. Flame Star starts to focus on the Light Crystal and he soon gets sent into the Light Crystal and Apple Bloom says: I´ll see you in the future Flame Star. Sweetie Belle says: You mean WE will see him in the future. Scootaloo says: Yeah don´t forget about us! Apple Bloom says: Of course I won´t forget about you, you´re my best friends. Star Swirl says: Well is there anypony that want to keep the Light Crystal safe, maybe Flame Stars parents? Clover says: I can take care of the Light Crystal if that is okay with Fire Spark and Inferno. Fire Spark says: I don´t mind that you take care of our son. Inferno says: Me neither, just promise that you will take good care of our son! Clover says: I promise. Star Swirl says: Well now when that is over I think we all should get a good night rest, because this will probably be something that is hard to understand since Flame Star is no longer here! Everypony then head to their homes to get some rest and as Clover is walking back to her house she says: I never got the chance to tell Flame Star that I loved him. Flame Star can hear this as he begins to fall into deep slumber in the Light Crystal but it is too late for them to be together. Clover heads inside her house to get some sleep. Today they lost a friend that will be in a deep sleep until he is needed again and when will his return be, nopony can really tell at this point, but Flame Star will surely return to the world again. As for Apple Bloom and her friends, their adventure in this timeline has only just begun and tomorrow waits a new adventure.

Episode 10: “A Dark Vision“

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are on their way to see Star Swirl about something very important thing, and Star Swirl needs them to hear what he has to say. They walk into his house and Star Swirl says: It´s good to see you three, I was using my crystal ball when I suddenly saw a vision inside of it! Apple Bloom asks: What was this vision about? Star Swirl says: I saw a world in great danger. This world will or have already been invaded by evil and without a power source to help them, they won´t be able to survive this attack! Sweetie Belle asks: Is there something we can do to help this world? Star Swirl says: I once heard from Accord when I was a colt that there existed a power source somewhere in this land, but he didn´t mention the whereabouts of this power! Scootaloo asks: Is there a way to locate this power source? Star Swirl says: There might be one thing! Star Swirl takes out a map from his bookshelf and he says: Accord didn´t mention where this power resided but he told me that this map could lead the way to this power but I haven´t seen anything particular with map, it´s just a map of this land. Maybe you three can find a solution to this map! He gives the map to Apple Bloom and the map starts to shine and when the light disappears they all notice that an area of the map is now colored and Star Swirl says: That´s why I couldn´t find anything particular on this map, it needed to be touched by the chosen ponies, and from the looks of it the area that is colored is a large mountain that goes beyond the clouds. Maybe the answer where the power source lies could be there! Sweetie Belle says: So I guess we´re heading out for a new quest! Star Swirl says: Yes, that is if you three choose to head to this place and that you want to save this other world from evil. Apple Bloom says: If this world will truly be in danger then we won´t say no in helping this world! Scootaloo says: Awesome, that means I get to use my sword again, I´m pretty sure we´ll run into some monsters when we arrive to the top of that mountain! Star Swirl says: You three should probably get going if you wish to save that world from evil! Apple Bloom says: Okay Star Swirl we´re on our way to this mountain, and if you don´t mind could we borrow the map it might come to use for us. Star Swirl says: Of course, and I´m sure the map will be more useful for you then me anyway. Apple Bloom and her friends then head of in the direction of this mountain and they soon see it in a distant and Sweetie Belle says: I´m pretty sure that mountain does not exist in our time, since I´ve never seen that mountain here before! Scootaloo says: Maybe the mountain collapsed and it was never seen ever again and never got rebuilt since it is made out of rock instead of a grassy mountain that exists all around Equestria! Apple Bloom says: Yeah that could be the reason. Maybe the mountain became instable and collapsed on its own considering it´s such a tall mountain! They soon arrived to the base of the mountain and they all started to climb it, they had to walk for quite some time before they finally reached the top. Once at the top they notice a ruin that has a barrier around it and Scootaloo says: Another one of these ruins surrounded by a barrier, did the gods seal some other evil away in these ruins like they did to Discord! Sweetie Belle says: I don´t know, but I don´t like the fact that this place also has a barrier, it makes me feel like the gods sealed away some really terrible evil within this ruin! Apple Bloom says: Well, we´ll just have to stay guard for what could happen inside! They all head inside the ruins, and once inside they soon get attacked by some shadow looking ponies and they are forced to fight them. They use their swords to defeat these shadow ponies and they all disappear and Scootaloo says: That was so awesome. It was really fun to be able to use the sword again, and we made all these shadow creatures disappear! Sweetie Belle says: I´m pretty sure there´s more creatures like these in this ruin, I think we all have to be careful as we head further into the ruins! Apple Bloom says: Yeah I think so too Sweetie Belle. Let´s be careful girls! They head through the door in front of them and they notice another block puzzle just like the one in the Harmony Crystal ruins. There´s one switch on the floor and a block, they all push the block onto the switch and they notice that the door opens up that is on the opposite side of the door they just entered. They head through the door and then the door locks behind them and they notice a lizard standing on two legs with a sword in its hand. The lizard notices them and starts to run towards them to try and hit them with its sword. They then try to fight the lizard with one of them focusing on attacking it from the front while the other two focuses on hitting it in the back. They soon manage to defeat the lizard and they notice that this lizard was made out of some dark energy just like the shadow ponies from earlier when they entered the ruins. They notice a bright light in the middle of the room and they then notice that a big chest appeared. Sweetie Belle opens the chest and she finds a bow but without arrows and Scootaloo says: What use is a bow without arrows! They soon here a voice coming from the bow and it says: This is the Sacred Bow, It was left here by the Guardians of Time after they saved this land from disaster. The one chosen by the Sacred Bow will be able to use his or her mind to control the Sacred Bow and shoot arrows out of thin air. Use your mind to aim the Sacred Bow at the direction you want to shoot arrows and they will fly away hit the place chosen by the chosen pony. Use it to hit certain targets that look like eyes and something will happen within the area. Use it wisely Guardians of Time. Apple Bloom says: So I guess this Sacred Bow has chosen you Sweetie Belle. Sweetie Belle says: Yeah I guess so and I do see an eye switch on that wall. Sweetie Belle uses her mind to take control over the Sacred Bow and she shoots an arrow at the eye switch and a door opens up and Scootaloo says: Wow, that´s so awesome, I hope I´ll get something cool as well! Apple Bloom says: Yeah I´m pretty sure you´ll get something as well Scootaloo. Sweetie Belle puts the Sacred Bow in her Quest Bag and they head through the door. On the other side of the door they notice some bats and they seem to be composed by the same dark energy as the lizard the fought and the shadow ponies. The bats start to attack them, but the bats are soon defeated. They head trough the next door and they find two lizards this time and they are forced to fight them. After some trouble they manage to defeat them and yet another big chest appears and Scootaloo opens it and find another bag with nothing in it. Apple Bloom says: It´s weird that nothing is inside it. They soon here a voice coming from the bag and it says: This bag contains a sacred weapon used by the Guardians of Time, and it is called the Seeker Bombs. The one chosen by this powerful weapon will be able to summon forth infinite amount of Seeker Bombs from this bag. You your mind to steer the Seeker Bombs in the direction you want them to go. Use the Seeker Bombs to blow up cracks on the walls, ceiling or floor to reveal hidden switches or passages. Use the Seeker Bombs wisely Guardians of Time. Scootaloo says: That´s so cool, I can use bombs to destroy things! Scootaloo notices a crack in the wall and sends a Seeker Bomb in that direction. The Seeker Bomb flies to the crack and destroys the wall and reveals a door behind the wall. Scootaloo says: Wow. That was a lot of power just from one Seeker Bomb, and I really liked it! Sweetie Belle says: They´re not toys Scootaloo, you´ll have to be careful when you use them so nopony gets hurt! Apple Bloom says: Yes avoid using them unless we need to use them for something! Scootaloo says: Yeah I understand, but these bombs are so cool! They then head through the door and at the end of a long hallway they find a door with three slots in it just like the one in the Harmony Crystal ruins. They all place their swords in each slot and the door opens up. They head inside and they find themselves in a large room and as they are walking towards the middle of room they hear a voice and it says: Who are you and what is your purpose here!? They all look up towards the wall where the voice came from and they see a giant statue head with two stone hands next to it. The giant statue head and hands are placed in some sort of slots on the wall and the giant statue says: What is your purpose here, answer now! Apple Bloom says: We came here to find knowledge of a power that exists in this land. Sweetie Belle says: We need this power to save a world from evil. The giant statue head opens its eyes and starts to float out of its slot and so does the hands which also has an eye on them. The giant statue head and the hands float down to Apple Bloom and her friends and says: I can see you three are wearing the equipment of the Guardians of Time but you don´t appear to be them which I speak of, and yet I sense the same power within your bodies, could it be that you are the new Guardians of Time! Scootaloo says: If you mean that we got here to this world by time traveling then I guess you´re right! Apple Bloom asks: Is it possible for you to tell us who you are and what evil that resides in these ruins? The giant statue head says: I am known as Ghodra, the guardian of the Sky Temple. The gods created me to guard this sacred place from intruders, and prevent them from gaining the knowledge which you spoke of, the location of this power that is kept safe somewhere in this land! Sweetie Belle says: Is it possible for us to gain that knowledge, because we need that power to save a world from disaster! Ghodra says: I think I know which world you´re talking about but I can´t just give the information to you. If you want the information then I have to test your skills in a battle to determine if you truly are the new Guardians of Time, only then will I give you the information! Scootaloo says: If it´s a battle you want then I´m ready for it! Ghodra says: Good, now prepare for battle! Ghodra tries to hit with his hands and Apple Bloom says: Sweetie Belle use your Sacred Bow to shoot the eyes on the hands! Sweetie Belle shoot one arrow on each eye and the hands falls to the ground and then Ghodra starts to shoot some beam from his mouth and Sweetie Belle shoots the eyes on Ghodra´s head as well and the head falls to the ground with its mouth open. Apple Bloom says: Scootaloo, send a Seeker Bomb into Ghodra´s mouth! Scootaloo sends a Seeker Bomb into Ghodra´s mouth and it explodes. The head and hands start to float again with their eyes open again. They repeat the same process again and Scootaloo sends yet another Seeker Bomb into Ghodra´s mouth and then Ghodra says: It´s enough! You three have proven yourselves to be the new Guardians of Time and I will give you the information or rather show the information! Do you perhaps have a map that you used to find the Sky Temple! Apple Bloom takes out the map from her Quest Bag and says: Yes I have it right here! Ghodra says: Then I will mark out the direction of where you need go! Ghodra uses some power to make a green, a red and a blue dot appear in three different locations on the map and then he says: You will find the information you need about this power in these three locations! Sweetie Belle says: Thank you Ghodra, now we might be able to save the world we were talking about from this disaster! Ghodra says: I´m glad that I could help you Guardians of Time and I will grant you a fast way to get to the bottom of this mountain! Ghodra makes a circle with blue light appear in middle of the room and he says: Stand in the circle to get to the bottom of the mountain! Scootaloo says: Thank you Ghodra for helping us. Ghodra says: No problem, now go Guardians of Time. Find the power and save this world from evil. Ghodra then floats back into the slot and his hands as well. Apple Bloom and her friends step into the blue light and they get transported to the bottom of the mountain. They head to Star Swirl to tell him about all of this and he soon realizes that they need to head to these locations to find information about the power source. What will they find at these different spots, and what dangerous creatures will they find there? The answers will be revealed next time.

Episode 11: “The Forest Ruins“

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are deciding which place they should head to first out of the three choices and Star Swirl says: Maybe it would be a good idea to head to the green dot first. Apple Bloom says: It looks like the green dot is within Everfree Forest. So I guess it´s off to that place! Scootaloo says: Everfree Forest, here we come! They say goodbye to Star Swirl and they head off to Everfree Forest. Once at the beginning of the forest Sweetie Belle says: So we´re really heading into Everfree Forest, despite the danger within it! Apple Bloom says: Yes, we have to if we want to save the other world from evil! They head into Everfree Forest and after walking for some time they find a barrier surrounding yet another ruin, they head through the barrier and into the ruins. Once inside they notice that the ruins have plants growing inside of it and Sweetie Belle says: Wow this place is really out of shape because of all plant life that exists within the ruins! Scootaloo says: Yeah it feels more like a jungle in here! Apple Bloom says: It sure feels like it´s overgrown here! They head through a door in front of them and on the other side they find some shadow ponies that start to attack them and Apple Bloom and her friends defeat them all and the next door opens up and Apple Bloom says: Well I kind of had a feeling that we would see shadow creatures within these ruins and that doesn´t give a good vibe of this place! They head through the door that opened up and on the other side they find another block puzzle, but this time with two switches and two blocks. They push both blocks onto each switch and the next door opens up. They head through the door and on the other side they find some shadow spiders and the spiders are trying to shoot dark webs at them but they avoid the attacks and start slashing away at them. The spiders soon get defeated and another big chest appears in the middle of the room and Apple Bloom opens the chest and finds a necklace and Scootaloo says: Okay I´m not taking the necklace either you or Sweetie Belle take the necklace! Sweetie Belle says: I´d love to take the necklace but it isn´t really my favorite color, so you take it Apple Bloom! Apple Bloom says: Well like I said about the sword, I like the color red so I can take it if you two don´t want it! Apple Bloom puts on the necklace on her neck and then they hear a voice coming from the necklace and it says: This is the Power Necklace. It was left here by the Guardians of Time. The one that puts on the necklace will be able to lift things that are both twenty times heavier and twenty times the size of him or her. Use the Power Necklace wisely Guardians of Time. Scootaloo says: Wow that´s awesome now you´ll be able to lift heavy things like possibly that giant statue over there! Apple Bloom heads over and lifts up the statue with her front hooves and throws it away, and behind the statue is a crack in the wall and Scootaloo uses a Seeker Bomb to destroy the wall and behind the wall is a locked door with an eye switch above it. Sweetie Belle shoots the eye switch with her Sacred Bow and door opens up and Apple Bloom says: That was the best teamwork I´ve ever seen between us! Sweetie Belle says: Yeah I think so too! Scootaloo says: Well it´s quite easy to use these items, so it´s logical that we´re a good team since we know how to control the weapons! They then head through the door and find a room filled with Shadow bats. They defeat all of the shadow bats and they continue through the door that just opened up after they´ve defeated the bats and they find a large vertical room with a path that leads to the bottom of the room. They all start heading down to the bottom and after some walking the finally reach the bottom, they head through the door down at the bottom and they notice a door with a lock on it and two shadow lizards. They defeat the shadow lizards and a small chest appears and Sweetie Belle opens the chest and finds a key inside of it. Sweetie Belle uses the key on door with a lock on it and they head through. On the other side they find a big chest and Scootaloo opens it and finds a boomerang and Scootaloo says: A boomerang?! Is that really a weapon! They soon hear a voice coming from the boomerang and it says: This is the Blazing Boomerang and it was left here by the Guardians of Time. With the Blazing Boomerang the chosen one will be able to throw it towards plant life that is impossible to destroy by using swords. The Blazing Boomerang will be able to burn away the plant life and reveal hidden paths behind them. Use the Blazing Boomerang wisely Guardians of Time. Scootaloo uses her mind to take control over the Blazing Boomerang and sends it towards some roots in the back of the room and they soon burn away and reveal a door behind it and they all head through the door. They come across a long hallway just like the one in the Sky Temple, and at the end of the hallway is a large door with three slots for their swords to be placed in. The door opens up and they head inside and they notice that is a large room with light coming down from the roof. They all walk towards the door that is on the other side and when they approach the door it locks and they hear a sound behind them. They look towards the middle of the room and they notice that the light is gone and they look up towards the ceiling and they see a large spider that is in the way of the light. The spider falls down to the ground and it starts to make screeching sound and Apple Bloom and her friends notice a bug looking thing inside its mouth and Sweetie Belle says: The same thing must have happened here to spider like it did to the centipede in the Harmony Crystal ruins, since it too had bugs on it and that made it angry and it appears to be the same with this spider! The spider starts to shoot spider webs at them but they avoid the attacks and start to slash away at its mouth but it just closes its mouth and continues to try and crush them with its body. Scootaloo says: There has to be a way for us to hit that bug inside its mouth! The spider decides to return to the ceiling to be able to shoot them with spider webs from there, and it manages to trap Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle in the net and Apple Bloom says: Scootaloo use your Blazing Boomerang to cut the string which the spider is attached from the ceiling. Scootaloo uses her Blazing Boomerang and that makes the spider fall on its back with its mouth open. Scootaloo flies towards its mouth and destroys the bug inside of it. The spider then changes color from black to a more blue color and it says: You no longer have to attack me. You freed me from the corruption which was put on me. It made me evil! Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle manage to get free from the web and Apple Bloom says: Did you see who did this to you? The spider says: No, I only saw the shadow of the creature that did this to me! Sweetie Belle says: Well you´re okay now and that is all that matters! The spider says: I still want to say thank you for saving me from the corruption! Apple Bloom says: No problem! Also may we ask who you are? The spider says: Of course. I´m known as Gohmina, the guardian of the Forest Root Temple, the gods created me to protect this place from evil and to guard a power within this temple. Scootaloo says: We need this power to save a world from evil! Gohmina says: So I´m guessing you´re the new Guardians of Time, the last I saw of the original guardians was when they decided to go back to their own time after they had defeated the demon lord and his minions, but that was a long time ago. By the way how long has it been since that battle? Sweetie Belle says: It´s been a thousand years since that battle occurred. Gohmina says: A thousand years, and I´m still stuck within this temple, but I may still be able to help if evil is truly back again! Gohmina makes a door open and says: Behind that door lies a power which will be needed to access a power source within the Sacred Temple, that power source is your only hope to safe this world which you´re speaking of! Apple Bloom says: Are you saying that the power behind that door is some sort of key to open the way to the power source in the Sacred Temple! Gohmina says: Yes! Head inside to gain this power, you don´t have much time to be able to save that world from disaster! Scootaloo says: Okay we understand Gohmina, thank you for helping us! Gohmina says: I´m the one who should be thanking you Guardians of Time! They head to the next room and they notice a huge green flame with text beneath it and it says: “ To the guardian that wields the Green God Sword, raise your sword skyward to gain the power of the green flame. Use the power of the green flame to unlock useful information in the Sacred Temple that will help you on your quest. “ Apple Bloom says: Do what the text says Scootaloo and raise your sword skyward! Scootaloo does this and the sword starts to absorb the green flame. After the green flame is absorbed the sword changes form and also gets a more darker green in the color and they notice that Scootaloo´s Cutie Mark appears on both her swords blade part and on her right hoof and they´re both shining with green light and Sweetie Belle says: Are you now truly chosen by the sword, and sword seems to be more powerful?! Scootaloo tries the sword out and when she holds it upward it charges up and when she swings with the sword she shoots away a green beam from the sword and Scootaloo says: That´s so awesome, did you see that girls, I shoot a beam from the sword! Apple Bloom says: Yeah we noticed Scootaloo but we have no time to talk about that we need to head back to the Sacred Temple! They find another one of those blue rings of light on the floor, they step inside of the ring and they get teleported outside of the Forest Root Temple and they all head back to Canterlot to tell the news to Star Swirl, and he says that they should probably wait to do this until tomorrow since it is beginning to get dark outside. Apple Bloom and her friends decide to wait until tomorrow to head to the Sacred Sanctuary. What will they find in the temple and how will this information help them on their quest? The answers will come tomorrow.

Episode 12: “Melody From the Past“

Apple Bloom and her friends have decided to head to the Sacred Temple after their visit in the Forest Root Temple yesterday, and Star Swirl and Clover decides to come along as well. As they are walking along to the Sacred Temple Clover says: So is there something special you need from the temple? Apple Bloom says: We actually don´t know what this thing could be ourselves but we do know that Scootaloo´s sword is needed to get this thing. Scootaloo says: Because my sword is now twice as strong, and to quote Rainbow Dash: “ It´s 20% cooler “ than it was before! They soon arrive to the Sacred Temple and they see that centipede that was in the Harmony Crystal ruins. They walk up to the centipede and Sweetie Belle says: I´m guessing you´re mad at us for letting Discord get free from the seal that was put on him. The centipede says: No, I noticed that you managed to stop Discord by using the Harmony Crystals in their new forms, for that I can´t be mad at you! Apple Bloom says: May we ask of your name? The centipede says: I´m known as Moldorma, the guardian of the Harmony Temple, the gods created me to guard over both Discord and the Harmony Crystals, but I got corrupted by something that I couldn´t see. This creature must have been Invisible and that´s probably why I couldn´t see this creature! But you three saved me from the corruption, and for that I thank you! Scootaloo says: No problem Moldorma, we´re happy that we could help you get free from the corruption! Moldorma says: Now that I think about it, I see that you three have the equipment of the Guardians of Time, is it possible that you´re the new Guardians of Time! Sweetie Belle says: Gohmina said the same thing as you. She said that we could be the new Guardians of Time, so I guess we are the new Guardians of Time! Moldorma says: I do sense that you have a connection to the first Guardians of Time, and speaking of the Guardians of Time, I used to guard their equipment, the Harmony Crystal and Discord but now nothing is left in the Harmony Temple, and I don´t know what to do anymore! Apple Bloom says: If you want you could guard the Sacred Temple from evil. We´re currently on a quest to find three different power sources to be able to get the power source within the Sacred Temple! Moldorma says: I do believe you mean the power source that the gods left behind in the Sacred Temple, and if that is the case then I´ll guard the Sacred Temple while you, the Guardians of Time try to find the other power sources spread across this land! Sweetie Belle says: Thank you for wanting to help us Moldorma, we appreciate the help! They then head inside the Sacred Temple and they all notice three slots in the back of the sanctuary and they are different colored! Scootaloo puts her sword in the green slot and then suddenly a text appears above the slots on the wall and it says: “ We the gods have left a message to the Guardians of Time and the message is: The temples across this land holds the other two keys, and once all three keys have been acquired, return here and open up the path to the power source which we have left here within this temple for safe keeping. To gain access to the other two temples you will need this melody to get further into the temples and it goes like this: “ Through time, through time. We travel far through time and place over again. “ This is the Aria of Time, use this melody to travel through time and to make blocks with an hourglass on them to disappear if the blocks are blocking your path. The two temples lies both north and south of this land. Good luck Guardians of Time and may you find the two keys that still remain in this land. “ Apple Bloom says: So who should sing this melody?! Scootaloo says: Hey don´t look at me, Sweetie Belle is the one that has the best singing voice out of us three! Sweetie Belle says: Okay, fine I´ll sing the song, since you two don´t want to do it! Sweetie Belle starts to sing the melody, and they soon get transported into the future. They find themselves in Apple Blooms and her friends time line and they decide to head to Canterlot and Star Swirl says: Wow there´s so many ponies here, and they´re looking at us! Apple Bloom says: I think they´re looking at you and Clover, since you two are kind of famous in our time! They decide to head to Canterlot castle to see Princess Celestia and she says: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo how nice to see you… three. Star Swirl says: Hello Celestia, I´m guessing it´s been quite some time since you saw me and Clover the Clever. Celestia says: Star Swirl… How is it possible that you and Clover the Clever are here?! Sweetie Belle says: We kind of traveled back in time Princess Celestia and we got to meet them. Star Swirl says: So you´re actually Princess in this time line and is Luna okay? Princess Luna comes along and says: Did somepony mention my… name. Star Swirl says: Hello Luna, nice to see that Twilight and her friends managed to save you from that corruption that was put on you by Discord. Princess Luna says: Star Swirl, Clover the Clever you´re here! Scootaloo says: Yeah, we traveled through time and we brought Star Swirl and Clover with us! Princess Celestia says: Well it´s nice to see you all and will you be staying in this time line?! Apple Bloom says: We´re just showing them around and we need to head back to the past soon, and if you remember we have to save the past from evil! Princess Celestia says: I forgot about that for a second, but that was because I was so happy to see you again! Star Swirl says: I understand Celestia, but we should be heading back now. They say good bye to Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and they head outside and they take a look at Ponyville and Clover says: Wow that town is so beautiful! Now I see what Flame Star meant about the beauty of both Canterlot and Ponyville! They all head back to the destroyed ruins of the Sacred Temple and Sweetie Belle sings the Aria of Time and they all get sent back into the past again and when they walk outside Moldorma says: What was that beautiful song I heard, it sounded so familiar. Scootaloo says: That was the Aria of Time and Sweetie Belle was the one who was singing the melody! Moldorma says: The Aria of Time, the song that the gods left behind in this land. Sweetie Belle I must say you have the most beautiful singing voice I´ve ever heard, and I think you beat the first Guardian of Time when she sang this song, but only by a notch! Sweetie Belle says: Thank you Moldorma, my friends always say that I have a beautiful singing voice and do have to agree with them that I am quite good at singing songs. Apple Bloom says: Moldorma, do you perhaps know the names of the first Guardians of Time? Moldorma says: Sadly no. I wasn´t around when the guardians saved this land from the demon lord and his minions. The gods created me, Ghomina and the other three guardians after the Guardians of Time left to get back to their own time line. I do however remember the gods saying that one of them had a lyre as a Cutie Mark. The second one had an hourglass as a Cutie Mark and the third one had three blue stars as a Cutie Mark, that is all I know, I´m sorry if it didn´t help that much. Sweetie Belle says: Don´t worry Moldorma, we´re happy that you could tell us something about the first Guardians of Time. They all head back to Canterlot and Apple Bloom and her friends say good bye to Star Swirl and Clover and then they began to walk back to their house to get some rest and Scootaloo says: So did you figure out who the first Guardians of Time could be?! Sweetie Belle says: Yes I did. Apple Bloom says: Then who are they? Sweetie Belle says: I´ll tell you or better yet I´ll show you when we get back home to our own time after we´ve saved this mysterious world from evil and probably Equestria as well. They all head to their beds to get some rest so they can head out to the next temple tomorrow. Who could the first Guardians of Time be, and who could be the one that is corrupting both Gohmina and Moldorma? Everything might get their answers tomorrow or some other day.

Episode 13: “Festival of Origins“

Apple Bloom and her friends wake up to a lot of noises outside and they decide to take a look what´s going on. Once they get outside they notice that everypony is heading to Canterlot castle and Hurricane comes to them and says: How long have you three been sleeping, we all have to head to the castle, apparently Star Swirl and Clover has something important to say! They all head to the castle and once they´re there Star Swirl says: I want to thank everypony for coming because Clover the Clever has something Important to say! Clover says: Thank Star Swirl. I want arrange a festival here within the castle of Canterlot and I would love if everypony could come this festival. Platinum says: When will this festival be held and what is the purpose of this festival? Clover says: It will be held tomorrow at night and the purpose of this festival is to have fun and I also want this to be a festival to show everypony across the world, even your father, Platinum, that we´re finally building the kingdom of Canterlot. Smart Cookie says: If I may ask, how are you going to prepare for this festival if it´s just you putting up all the decorations and making all the food and drinks for everypony? Clover says: I was hoping that somepony wanted to help me with all of this. Apple Bloom says: Me, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo will help you, Clover! Clover says: Thank you girls. Is there anypony else that wants to help? Smart Cookie says: I´ll help you Clover, I can help with the food and drinks! Pansy says: I can help with the decorations… If you want that is. Clover says: I appreciate the help Smart Cookie and Pansy. Everypony else head back to their homes and Celestia walks up to Clover and says: I will help you with everything that needs to be fixed. Clover says: Thank you Princess Celestia… Eh… I mean Celestia! Celestia says: I´m no princess Clover the Clever but everypony can make their mistakes. As they are all talking to each other, Hurricane, Puddinghead and Platinum comes back and Hurricane says: I want to help with the arrangement of this festival. I think it´s a better thing to do than just sitting around and doing nothing! Puddinghead says: Yeah I feel the same way as Hurricane, so I have decided to help with the party part of this festival! Platinum says: I kind of want to see how great this party will turn out in the end, so I want to help as much as I can, and I´m pretty sure my father would be proud of me because I want to help you with all of this. They all split up into different groups: Sweetie Belle decides to help Star Swirl with the plate placements on the different tables. Puddinghead and Pansy will be preparing for the music, and Puddinghead wants a bit more enjoyable music than just the ordinary classic music. Scootaloo and Hurricane will be preparing for the fireworks. Clover, Platinum and Celestia will be making the invitation letters and Apple Bloom and Smart Cookie will be making the food and drinks for everypony. They all head to work and Apple Bloom and Smart Cookie start making the food and Smart Cookie says: You´re really good at making food Apple Bloom! Apple Bloom says: Thank you Applejack… Eh… I mean Smart Cookie! Smart Cookie says: Clover has already told me that I look like this Applejack, and I understand why you said Applejack to me. Apple Bloom says: I´m happy that you didn´t get angry at me, because that sometimes happen between me and Applejack. Smart Cookie says: Apple Bloom, I´m not angry at you. But I do see that something is troubling you. Apple Bloom says: Applejack is my sister. I haven´t seen her in four years and I´m starting to wonder if I´ll ever get to see her again. Apple Bloom starts to cry and Smart Cookie comes up to her and hugs Apple Bloom and says: If you want, I can be your sister while you´re in our time line. Apple Bloom says: Do you really mean that Smart Cookie. Smart Cookie says: Of course I do. Now let´s get back and make the food and drinks for the festival. Apple Bloom says: Okay, big sister! Puddinghead and Pansy are making the music for the festival and Puddinghead says: We have to find a way to make really interesting music for everypony. Pansy says: Maybe we could check around in the castle for some instruments. Puddinghead says: That´s a great idea Pansy. The walk around in the castle until the finally find some guitars with amplifiers attached to them, they also find a drum set and Puddinghead says: Now this is what I´m talking about. Pansy says: Don´t you think these instruments will make it unbearable to listen to. Puddinghead says: It will only be unbearable if the ponies that play with these instruments don´t know what they´re doing! Pansy says: Um… Okay then, if you say so. Puddinghead says: Okay let´s take everything back down to the festival room and while we´re at it. Let´s take this microphone so we can sing as well. Scootaloo and Hurricane are preparing the fireworks which they found in the basement of the castle and Scootaloo says: Do you know that you remind me of Rainbow Dash from my time line! Hurricane says: Yeah, Clover has told me about that! Scootaloo says: Both you and Rainbow Dash have almost the same personality. Hurricane says: Is that a bad thing. Scootaloo says: No, I like Rainbow Dash´s personality, it is what makes Rainbow Dash into the pony that me and everypony loves. She´s loyal and she most of the time help her friends if they´re ever in trouble. Hurricane says: Sounds like she´s a really cool pony! Scootaloo says: For me she´s 20% cooler than most Pegasi I know in my time line! Hurricane says: Whatever you say Scootaloo, should we take the fireworks up to the garden. That will probably be the best place to use the fireworks in my opinion. Scootaloo says: Yeah I think that´s an excellent spot to shoot fireworks. Clover, Platinum and Celestia are writing the invitations to everypony in Canterlot when Celestia says to Clover: Why did you call me Princess Celestia, Clover the Clever? Clover says: Because I was in the future and I got to know that you´re called Princess Celestia in Apple Bloom and her friends time line. Platinum says: What they call Celestia princess in their time, what could be the reason behind this? Clover says: I´m guessing Celestia did something really great so the ponies decided to call her princess. Celestia says: I really wonder why I got that title in the first place. Perhaps I saved everypony from something evil in the future. Platinum says: Yes, that might be the reason for them calling you Princess Celestia. Then they all continued to write letters for the festival. Sweetie Belle and Star Swirl are putting table-cloths on the tables and placing the plates and the tables as well. They also decide to place some candles on the tables just to make it look more decorative. Sweetie Belle says to Star Swirl while they´re preparing for the festival: We usually have these festivals all the time in Canterlot, but when Twilight and her friends moved away from Equestria it started to slow down a bit with the festivals and galas and all those kind of things. Star Swirl says: It sounds like it´s always festivals in your time line, not that I think it´s a bad idea or anything but all the time seems a bit too much don´t you think. Sweetie Belle says: Okay, maybe three times the year. Star Swirl says: That sounds a little bit more logical. I don´t think you need a festival each weekend. Sweetie Belle says: Yeah that would probably get a bit repetitive after a while. They then continue to finish up everything on the tables and when the day comes to an end they all manage to finish everything and they all decide to go to bed. The next morning Apple Bloom and her friends decide to give the invitations to everypony and then they head off to Canterlot castle to take a look at all the preparations and Hurricane says: Well we all managed to make everything complete for tonight and I have to say that it looks really awesome! Clover says: I want to thank everypony for helping with the festival, and you all deserve credit for all of this. I also want to tell everypony about something special, but I´ll wait until everypony has arrived to the festival. Hurricane then decides to head outside when Scootaloo says to her: Hurricane may I try and teach you a really awesome trick performance that you can do when we´re shooting fireworks! Hurricane says: Okay Scootaloo, where do you want to practice. Scootaloo says: I think we´ll need a lot of space so let´s head down to the field! They both head down to the field and Scootaloo says: Have you ever heard of this special trick called the Sonic Rainboom? Hurricane says: Uh… No. Scootaloo says: This is a trick that Rainbow Dash knows how to do and I figured since you both look the same that must mean that you two must have a connection to each other, so you should be able to learn the Sonic Rainboom trick, So I´m asking you this, are you willing to learn the Sonic Rainboom! Hurricane says: Yes. Scootaloo says: Louder! Hurricane says: Yes! Scootaloo says: Louder!! Hurricane says: Yes!! Scootaloo screams: LOUDER!!! Hurricane screams: HECK YEAH!!! Hurricane then starts to practice and Scootaloo says: You need to fly really fast to be able to do a Sonic Rainboom! Hurricane starts to fly and she soon flies back to Scootaloo and Scootaloo screams: YOU CALL THAT FLAPPING!!! You need to fly faster than that! Hurricane gets even more motivated to learn how to do a Sonic Rainboom, so she continues to train. Soon it becomes night and everypony are heading to the castle and they start by sitting down around the tables while Smart Cookie and Apple Bloom serve food to everypony, and they are talking to each other as well. Then Puddinghead and Pansy decides to start up the music by playing on the instruments. They´ve been practicing with two other ponies for this and Puddinghead says: Okay everypony, let´s get this party started!! Puddinghead starts to sing and everypony seems to enjoy the music as well. Then they all head outside to see the fireworks and Scootaloo says to Hurricane as she starts shooting the fireworks: Okay Hurricane, that´s your cue! Hurricane then flies really fast up into the sky and performs a Sonic Rainboom. Hurricane says as she´s flying around: Best… Festival… Ever!! Everypony just looks at the beauty of the Sonic Rainboom and then they all head inside and Clover says to everypony: Listen up everypony, I want to continue where Flame Star left off and continue to build the town known as Ponyville, and I hope everypony wants to be a part of this project even if Flame Star isn´t around to tell everypony that he wanted this to happen! Everypony agrees that it is a good idea and then they all continue with the festival. Outside of Canterlot, in the forest stands a dark creature. He´s watching as they are celebrating the beginning of this land and the dark creature says: Celebrate all you want puny ponies, because tomorrow everything will change and this land will become the land that my master always wanted it to be, a corrupt and dark land, and my master will reign over it! The dark creature then walks away while laughing. Who could this creature be and who is this master he´s talking about? The answers might come tomorrow.

Some fact about these episodes:

What can I say about these episodes or rather this season for that matter, this might be obvious but this a big The Legend of Zelda reference, we have swords, we have temples, we have the boomerang, the bow, the bombs and an item to be able to lift heavy things. We also have Ghodra – Ghodan, Gohmina – Gohma, Moldorma – Moldorm as bosses from the Zelda series, except they´re actually good in this series. The Aria of Time is the Song of Time which originated from Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You can try to sing the text like as if you heard the Song of Time in your head and this text will make more sense: “ Through time, through time. We travel far through time and place over again. “ You will notice if keep the same speed as the Song of Time, you will notice that the text matches almost perfectly with the music of either the Song of Time or if you´re in the Temple of Time in either Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess. This season with the exception of the huge Zelda series reference also fills in a few gaps of what happened in my earlier series that I made, like how the Elements of Harmony came to be, or how Canterlot got built and that some gods left behind artifacts (Harmony Crystals, Time and Space Crystals and the equipment used by the Guardians of Time) that Apple Bloom and her friends will have to use on their journey. Now to why I chose to make Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo teenagers, that was because I wanted it to go along fine with what happened in the earlier series plus I wanted to have them in the story and be a big part of it as well, this was also my chance to make Apple Bloom and her friends the main cast of this series. The second part will explain more about a few other things that are yet to be approached on in the actual MLP: FIM series, like for instance where did all evil originate from and other stuff as well.

I hope you enjoyed this part of a bit different approach of MLP: FiM and leave a comment if you liked it.