My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The Isle of Wonders:

--------------------------------------------------------------| S E A S O N 5 |----------------------------------------------------------------


Twilight Star: Daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Rainbow Flash: Daughter of Rainbow Dash and Soarin’. -------------------------------------------------------------------------Apple Kicker: Daughter of Applejack and Apple Fuji. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Peachie Pie: Daughter of Pinkie Pie and Brown Cake. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Ruby Star: Daughter of Rarity and Spotlight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lilyshy: Daughter of Fluttershy and Sky Breeze. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sprinkles: Daughter of Derpy and Rain Claude. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Episode 1: “A Tropical Relief”

It´s been five years since Twilight Star and her friends actually defeated Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling army and Twilight Star and her friends have now become young adults and are ready to explore the world since they all passed school with good grades two years ago. Twilight Star and her friends might not know this but they are about to experience yet another adventure, an adventure that will take them far away from Equestria. Our tale begins in Twilight Star´s and her parent’s house where an unexpected thing will happen that will change Twilight Star´s life. Twilight Sparkle says: Are you sure you want to do this honey? Twilight Star says: Mom, I´m almost an adult now and I actually want to see the world. Sun Star says: You´re not planning to travel the world on your own right? Twilight Star says: Of course not. My friends will be traveling with me. *The door bell rings* Twilight Star says: I´ll open the door! She opens the door and her friends are standing outside and Rainbow Flash says: So are you ready Twi, because today´s the day when we finally get to see the world! Twilight Star says: Sure, I´m just going to get my stuff in my room and I´ll be right back! *Twilight Star runs up to her room* Peachie Pie says: Hi Miss Twilight and Mr. Sun Star, how´s it hanging! Twilight Sparkle says: It´s fine girls, I´m just worried about both you six and Twilight Star. I don´t know if you´ll be able to take care of yourselves. Ruby Star says: Everything will be fine, I can promise you that, besides we´re all going to stick together while we´re traveling the world so you don´t have to worry about us. Twilight Star comes down again with her luggage and she says: Well good bye mom and dad, we´ll probably be back in about a month or so! Twilight Sparkle says: Wait honey, don´t you think this is a hasty thing to do in just a week’s planning. Sun Star please say something! Sun Star says: Our daughter is all grown up now Twilight, we need to give her more space, and I´m pretty sure they´ll be alright. Our daughter has become more responsible than she was last year so I think it´s time we let her do what she wants to do. Twilight Sparkle says: I guess you´re right Sun Star. Now remember to call us if you need help with something! Twilight Star says: I will mom, see you in a month! They all head outside and Apple Kicker says: Well Miss Twilight seemed to be a little bit overprotective! Twilight Star says: My mom just wants to protect me that´s all and I can understand why, but let´s not think about that since we´re going on vacation, that is if we´ll manage to make it to the boat before it leaves. They all manage to make it in time and they watch as Equestria disappears in the horizon and Sprinkles says: Well we´re finally on our way to see something different than just Equestria all the time! Lilyshy says: Where were we heading again?! Rainbow Flash says: Don´t tell me you´ve already forgot where we´re heading Lily! Apple Kicker says: We´re heading to the Apple Island, a tropical island with all different kinds of exotic things that doesn´t exist in Equestria. Lily says: Well technically my mom can create any tree that she wants, and she can also change the terrain to a tropical place if she wants to, that was basically the way she tried to make me stay in Equestria, but I still wanted to see the world. Ruby says: And I´m glad that you´re here Lily, because it wouldn´t be the same without you and to Rainbow and Apple Kicker, you two don´t have to be mean to Lily, nopony´s perfect you know! Rainbow says: Hey, I wasn´t being mean, I was just… Okay fine I got a bit annoyed that Lily didn´t remember where we were heading, I´m sorry! Apple Kicker says: I was just explaining where we were heading, but I´m sorry if I made you sad Lily. Lily says: I didn´t get sad, and no offense taken. After a few hours of traveling on the boat Peachie then notice something on the horizon and she says: Hey look girls I think that´s Apple Island in the distance! Twi says: Yeah, I believe you´re right Peachie! As they are approaching Apple Island, they don´t take notice of the periscope of a submarine behind them. Inside the submarine a pony says that is looking in the periscope: It looks like the ponies are heading to the island up ahead, but there´s still no sign of their friend, he must be hiding somewhere on the boat! Another pony says: I can´t believe we´re still chasing them around, because it´s been like five years since we saw their friend last time! A third pony says: And if we keep this up then we´ll probably reach the fifteen year mark like those creatures which I believe are called humans and their cat friend did just recently! The second pony says: Don´t tell me you´re still watching that TV series after all these years! The third pony says: Hey, I actually like that show, since I think they remind me of us! The first pony says: Quiet you two, they´ve reached the island. Let´s hide the submarine somewhere and start looking around on the island for their friend! Meanwhile Twilight Star and her friends have just reached the Harbor of Apple Island and they all head towards the hotel which they will be staying in. Once inside they head to the reception and Twi says: A room for seven please. The pony behind the counter says: That will be 300 bits please. Twi pays for the room and Ruby says as they´re walking to the elevator: That was complete madness, 300 bits for a hotel room, with all those bits I could easily buy some new clothes! Apple Kicker says: Well we are staying in the largest room in this hotel, at least according to my Ponyphone it should be the largest room they have here. They all take the elevator to the top floor and they all head to their room which is room 42 and they all enter it and Sprinkles says: Wow this is a really large room and it even have its own kitchen, which means I can bake muffins for all of us! Rainbow says: Dips on the master bedroom! Peachie says: Hey, that´s what I was going to say! They rush towards the room. After some arguing, they both decide to share the room. Everypony then chooses their rooms and they soon finishes with packing up all their stuff and they all decide to head to the balcony to watch the beautiful sunset and Twi says: Well girls, we´ve finally arrived to this tropical island. Rainbow says: Yeah it feels great to finally get some vacation! Ruby says: And I can´t argue about how beautiful this island truly is. It really suits me. Twi says: Well I think it´s time to go to bed girls, and tomorrow we´ll explore Apple Island. They all agree and they head inside to get some rest, but what they don´t know is that they were being watched from the building next to the hotel by somepony and this pony says: Well it seems like the kids of the Guardians of Equestria are here, at least I´m assuming it´s them. My ability to look into the past for information has not failed me yet so I´m almost certain that it is them, and if it is them, then I´ll be able to use them for my evil plan. The pony walks away with an evil grin on his face. Who could this pony be and what is he planning for Twilight Star and her friends? The answers will be revealed next time.

Episode 2: “Change of Trickery”

It´s in the middle of the night and Twilight Star can´t sleep, so she decides to head to the kitchen to get something to drink, maybe warm milk. As she is walking to the kitchen she hears some sound coming from the living room and she decides to check it out. As she enters the living room notice that the door to the balcony is open and she also sees a Changeling with red eyes and she says: Huh, I swear I´ve seen you from somewhere but I can´t put my hoof on it… Wait you´re Red, the Changeling I met five years ago. Do you remember me, I´m Twilight Star? Red just stands there and he doesn´t say anything and Twilight Star decides to get the others to the living room. By the time she and the others get to the living room they all notice that there´s nopony here and Rainbow says: So you woke us up so we could see how the living room looks at night. Twi says: No I promise, Red was standing here in the living room and the balcony was open! Ruby says: Twilight, you were probably just walking in your sleep and you thought that Red was actually standing here. Peachie says: Yeah, and if you remember Twilight, Red sacrificed himself so we could defeat Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling army. Apple Kicker says: Now go to sleep Twilight and we´ll start to explore Apple Island tomorrow. They all head back to their beds and as Twilight Star is in her bed she says: That couldn´t have been a dream right? It all felt so real. Twilight then falls asleep. The next morning they all head outside to start and exploring the island and Sprinkles says: So Twi, did you have any more dreams about Red? Twilight says: No, and you were probably all right, I probably were dreaming that he was back. Lily says: Well, let´s just try and have fun today, okay? Twi says: That sounds like a great idea Lilyshy. They all start to head towards the jungle behind the city, and as they are walking through this tropical forest Rainbow spots something between some trees and she says: Hey, hold up girls! I thought I saw something between the trees! Ruby says: It´s probably just a tropical animal and it probably saw us and decided to run away. They all continue further into the jungle and soon they all hear something in a bush in front of them and Peachie says: It´s probably that creature again. A creature jumps out from the bush and they all notice that the creature is a Changeling with red eyes and Twilight says: It´s Red! Red we´re your friends, don´t you remember us! Sprinkles says: This is a dream right? Because I´m pretty sure we´re day dreaming! Red then turns around and starts to run into the forest and Lilyshy says: Should we follow him? Twilight says: We won´t be able to find out if this is a dream or not unless we follow him! They all start to run after him and they soon notice that he heads up some stone steps and they all follow him. Once they reached the end of the stone steps they all notice that Red is standing in front of a came and that he´s staring at them. Red then decides to run into the cave and they all follow him. They walk for a few minutes until they reach a large room with water in it. They all notice that Red is standing on the water and then he disappears without a trace into the water. Twilight Star and her friends then notice something on the other side of the water pool. They all head to this place and they find a sign that says: “This is the Pond of Spirits, dead souls gather here and they are able to rise up from the pond to be able to walk among the living once again, but it comes with a punishment. If the soul don´t return to Pond of Spirits, they will within thirty minutes disappear for all eternity. There is one way to make the spirit return among the living once again. Throw a rock into the pond and if your heart is pure then you´ll be able to bring back a lost from the dead.” Rainbow says: Wait, so we can bring back Red from the dead!? Apple Kicker says: It sure seems like it! Ruby says: Then Twilight was probably not dreaming last night, she probably saw the soul of Red and that soul lead us to this place. Peachie says: And Red probably wants us to bring him back again! Sprinkles says: Well, that sounds really great, we´ll be able to see Red again. Lilyshy says: Do all think it´s safe to actually throw a rock into the pond?! Twilight says: I´m pretty sure it is, and besides it´s Red we´re talking about, he wouldn´t bring us to a dangerous place now would he! Twilight throws a rock into the pond and they all start to wish for the return of Red. They soon start to notice that the pond is giving of some sort of bright light all across the room, and when the light disappears they all notice that Red is standing there with Queen Chrysalis and the other Changelings, they also notice that a black large dragon is standing next to Chrysalis as well. Chrysalis says: Well it seems I´ve returned once again and I can thank you puny ponies for resurrecting me! The dragon says: I´ve returned as well and now I´ll be able to get my revenge on those puny dragons for sending me to the world of spirits! Now if you´ll all excuse me, I have to find some puny dragons and get my revenge! The dragon flies towards the exit and Twilight says: Why would you do this to us Red, I thought you were our friend?! Red says: Well let´s just say I fooled you all! Chrysalis says: I have to commend my minion for leading you to this place and setting me free once again, and for that I will grant you seven a quick death! As Chrysalis is about to charge up her beam they all notice that the Pond of Spirits starts to shine once again. The room fills up with a bright light once again and when the light disappears they notice that yet another Red stands in front of Twilight and her friends and he says: Sorry I took so long Twilight Star, I had a few problems in the spirit world! Chrysalis says: Well you´re too late to stop us and now we´ll be able to create destruction once again! Red says: Not as long as I´m around Chrysalis and Nocturne! Twilight says: What Nocturne, where´s he?! The other Red changes into Nocturne and he says: Well it´s a good thing I still know how to change into different creatures, otherwise I wouldn´t be able to fool you puny ponies! Now Chrysalis, if you´re able to stop seven ponies without them having the Elements of Harmony, then I´ll be on my way to find a solution to release our master! Nocturne heads out from the cave and Chrysalis says: Me and my Changelings will let you have your little reunion and the next time we meet I won´t hold anything back, since I´m still seeking my revenge on you! Chrysalis and the Changelings then fly towards the exit and then Rainbow says: So Red is that you?! Red says: Of course it is, even if I´ve been a spirit for over five years. Ruby says: Well it seems like you haven´t changed at all. Red says: Well I can see that you seven have become more mature since the last time I saw you! Apple Kicker says: Well of course we have! We´re young adults now! They all hug Red and he says: Okay, okay, it´s nice to see you all but do you really have to hug me! Peachie says: Of course we have to, it´s a tradition in my family, even if my mom is the one that loves to hug other ponies! Twilight says: I think we should all head back to the hotel again! Once back at the hotel, Red says: So this is your room, I can´t believe your parents let you stay here alone. Sprinkles says: Hey we´re old enough to have our own apartment now! Red says: I wasn´t meaning it in a bad way Sprinkles. I think it´s great that you all finally get to see the world, even if it means that Chrysalis, Nocturne and their dragon friend will be terrorizing the world once more! Lilyshy says: We can just stop Chrysalis and the others by using the… Oh I forgot, we don´t have the Elements of Harmony with us. Red says: And that is the reason why I´m back in this world, to protect you once again! Until you´re able to defend yourselves against evil, I will be here and act as a guardian for you seven. Twilight says: We´re really happy that you want to protect us Red, we really appreciate it. Red says: Yeah, it´s great to be back girls. Apple Kicker says: Maybe we should all head to bed, and find something else to do tomorrow other than resurrecting evil from the dead. Once back at the hotel room Red says: You should all get some sleep, and I´ll stay here and stand guard if Chrysalis and her minions decide to show up! Rainbow says: Don´t you need to sleep as well Red?! Red says: No, we Changelings have adapted to stay awake, even during the night, so you all head to bed while I stay guard out on the balcony. Lilyshy says: Okay, good night Red. Red says: Good night girls. Red heads out to the balcony and what he doesn´t know is that he´s being watched by three ponies from a rooftop and one of them says: Well, we´ve finally found the Changeling and our plan to use his powers for our evil deeds will soon begin! With Red back, it seems like everything might get better. But who could these three ponies be and will they be able to stop Chrysalis and her Changeling army? Everything will be revealed next time.

Episode 3: “The Party Crashers”

It´s a beautiful day on Apple Island and Twilight Star and her friends decides that they want to head to the beach but Red says: Do you think it´s a great idea to just head out into open area where Chrysalis and her minions can attack you more easily!? Twilight says: Red, why are you so stressed up? We´re just going to have some fun on the beach that´s all and I think you should join us! Peachie says: Yeah, I´m going to throw a huge party down at the beach! Rainbow says: Yeah, it´s not like anything bad will happen there! Sprinkles says: Please Red, it´s just a trip to the beach. Red says: I don´t know girls, it might be a bad idea. Apple Kicker: What are you talking about Red, nothing´s going to go wrong at the beach! Lilyshy says: Um… Please come along Red. Red says: Okay I´ll come along. Twilight says: Okay everypony let´s head down to the beach to have some fun. They all head down to the beach and Red says: Last time I was on a beach I had to save you from drowning out in the ocean! Ruby says: Yes, we all remember that and we were all grateful that you saved us. Peachie says: I´m pretty sure that won´t happen again since the ocean seems to be quite calm. Red says: The ocean was calm last time as well Peachie, but this time I won´t leave you alone, since I want to be more responsible than I was last time. Apple Kicker says: Lighten up sunshine. You need to have more fun like us. Twilight says: Yeah come on Red, let´s head into the water. Red says: Okay, fine. Let´s head into the water. After playing a little while in the water, Rainbow says: Isn´t this awesome Red! Red says: Yeah, I guess it´s kind of fun. A little further out into the sea they are being watched by the three ponies again from their submarine and one of them says: I think the perfect opportunity is to attack them right now when the Changeling is not aware of our presence! They start to head towards the beach and Red soon notices the submarine and he tells Twilight Star and the others to head back to the beach. The submarine emerges from the water and stops right in front of the beach and they notice that a hatch opens up on top and three ponies jump out from the submarine and they start to say: Prepare for trouble! Let´s make it a double! To gain the power from origins unknown! A history from the past, indeed well known! I´m Tess, and I´m Jamie. Team Equestria, stand against us and prepare to fight! Nopony can beat us, so don´t even try! Mark, that´s right! Tess says: We´ve been searching for you, for a very long time Changeling! Jamie says: Yeah, now the power that dwells inside of you will be ours for the taking! Mark says: And our boss will be really pleased that we´ve finally managed to gain that power! Twilight says: Have we met you ponies from somewhere, because I don´t seem to remember you at all? Tess says: We´re Team Equestria you little brat, and we´re here to catch one of the three legendary Changelings! Red says: What are you talking about!? Jamie says: So glad you asked Changeling! We found a really interesting history book on this island, a book that gave us information about three oddly looking Changelings, and one of them were you! Mark says: And when we´ve captured you, then we´ll begin to hunt for the other two Changelings which are said to hold great power as well! Red says: Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I´m not on your list! Tess says: Oh, but you are on our list Changeling, and we´re going to deliver you to our boss! Jamie fires away a net and traps Red. Red says: Don´t worry about me everypony, I´ll be alright! Team Equestria heads back into the submarine and starts to head back underwater again and Red is attached to the submarine. When Team Equestria has finally managed to get away with Red from the island they decide to stop and Mark says: Well that was really easy, the ponies’ didn´t even try to rescue the Changeling! Jamie says: Speaking of the Changeling, can Changelings breathe underwater?! Tess looks at Jamie and then she says: Oh boy, I don´t think they can breathe underwater, and that means we made a big mistake! They decide to take a look out the window where red is stuck at and they notice Red is missing since the net has been torn apart. They then notice that Red appears in front of the window and he says: Well guess what, I can swim and now I think it´s time for you three to get introduced to my beam once again. Red charges up his Plasma Beam and sends Team Equestria flying out from the water and into the air and Tess says: Well here we are again! A memory from the past! Jamie says: A past with a blast! Mark says: And speaking blast! Everypony shouts: It looks like Team Equestria is blasting off again!! Red swims back to Apple Island and it appears that Twilight Star and her friends are really worried about him. Red emerges from the water in front of Twilight Star and she gets freaked out. Red says: Hey, I thought you ponies wanted to have some fun here on the beach. Twilight says: Hey, we were worried that you wouldn´t return again! Red says: Well, I said that you didn´t have to worry about me. Lilyshy says: Well, we were worried, so try not to leave us again, you got that! Red says: Okay, I promise that I won´t disappear again Lilyshy. Now what do you say everypony, should we continue the fun on the beach! Peachie says: Yeah, let´s do this! They all continued to have fun on the beach again, and they all started to head back to the hotel once the sun started to go down. Well this has certainly been a very exciting day even if Team Equestria wanted to spoil the fun. Will Team Equestria return and what were they talking about when they said that there were three legendary Changelings in this world? Perhaps that mystery will be solved next time.

Episode 4: “History across the Sea”

Twilight Star and her friends decide that they want find out the truth about Red´s past, so they all head to the library that exists on Apple Island and Red decides to tag along as well. Twilight says: So what do think we´ll find at this library? Red says: Probably some history about Changelings I´m guessing. They soon arrive at the library and Apple Kicker says: Wow, this here is a large library I can tell you that! Rainbow says: I´ve seen larger things, let´s just head inside and find that history book! They all head inside and they all start to look for the history book about Changelings. Twilight Star soon finds the book and everypony gathers around her to hear what it is all about. Twilight starts to read the book and it says: “Two thousand years ago, a tribe of change shifting creatures lived on an island far away from the main land. These creatures were a peace living tribe and had no contact with creatures that lived on the main land. However, this island got visited by seven ponies with a power source that had something to do with harmony. These ponies bestowed the tribe with a power source that could create three different looking change shifting creatures. These creatures have the power to create: land, water and different kinds of weather elements. The creature with red eyes was bestowed the power to control the land mass, the creature with blue eyes was bestowed the power to control water and ice, and the creature with yellow eyes was bestowed the power to create different kinds of weather effects. The three change shifting creatures created a land mass with their powers combined, and this land would become their new home, a utopia with everlasting resources to survive for millions of years. This land was soon attacked by a dark creature and his shadow minions and this creature managed to corrupt the queen and the change shifting creature with red eyes. The queen gathered up the change shifting creatures that had been corrupted and they all disappeared from this land. The king of the change shifting creatures decided that the only way to protect the other change shifting creatures was to make the land disappear deep into the water depths, and as time went on this land would soon be a place where only a few creatures knows the location of. The change shifting creatures were never seen above the surface again except the yellow eyed creature that would still try to find the queen and the other change shifting creatures. The next page shows how the creatures looked like.” Twilight says: There´s no next page, just something that was ripped away from the book! Sprinkles says: Then Team Equestria must have taken the page out from the book, so they would know how the creatures looked like! Peachie says: Well, next time we meet Team Equestria, we could ask for that page! Ruby says: Peachie, do you really think they´ll just give us that page just like that! Rainbow says: Yeah, I don´t think they´re that stupid! Lilyshy says: We could always try, am I right? Twilight says: I don´t think it works that way to be honest, what do you think Red? Apple Kicker says: Hey Red´s not here, has anypony seen him! Peachie says: Oh yeah I forgot, Red left as soon as Twilight finished reading the book, he looked kind of upset about something! Ruby says: Then why didn´t you tell us that earlier?! Peachie says: I have no idea. They all head outside the library and they all start to look for Red. They all split up and Twilight Star soon finds him on the beach. She walks up to him and she says: What´s the matter Red? Red says: After you read that thing in the book it all started to sound like it was me that this book was all about and Chrysalis as well. That would also explain why I have no real memory of my past and my origins as well. Twilight says: I´m pretty sure you´ll find your origin someday in the future. Red says: Thanks Twilight Star, it seems you´re able to cheer up even a Changeling like me. Twilight says: So should we go and find the others? Red says: Yeah I think that´s a great idea. They head to look for the others and they soon find them and Rainbow says: Where did you go Red, we were worried about you! Red says: I needed some time to think about everything that I got to hear today, and I´m feeling much better now. They all decide to head back to the hotel since it´s about to turn night. Twilight and her friends decide to head to bed while Red stays on guard if Chrysalis and her Changelings would show up. Red says to himself: Is it true, could there exist a land underneath the sea and could I be able to find my origins there. Red just stares at the moon that starts to rise from the horizon. Will Red be able to find out about his origins and could this land be the secret behind his origins? The answers will be revealed next time.

Episode 5: “Sleepless in Sea-Apple”

It´s in the middle of the night and Red is still standing guard on the balcony when he suddenly hears a noise from inside and he notices that Twilight Star is heading out from the hotel room. Red decides to follow her, and he soon notice that Twilight Star stops on the beach. Red walks up to her and says: Can´t sleep? Twilight says: Yeah, and I don´t know why? These last days must´ve been exhausting for me or something, maybe I´ve not gotten used to the tropical heat yet. Red says: Well since you´re up and running should we head and buy some Apple Ice Cream with sprinkles on them. Twilight says: Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. They both head to ice cream store which has over five hundred flavors but they decide to get the Apple flavor with sprinkles. They both sit down around a table and Twilight says: Thank you for taking me here, ice cream is probably the thing I need right now. Red says: No problem Twilight Star. Twilight says: What´s the matter? It seems like something is troubling you as well. Red says: I´ve been thinking about what we found at the library yesterday, I feel like I have to get to the bottom of this. Twilight says: So what are you planning to do? Red says: I want to know if I can find answers in this land that is suppose to exist underneath the sea, and if I truly have a connection to this land or not. Twilight says: Well if you´re going to find answers about all of this, then I want to help you find these answers! Red says: Thank you Twilight, I really appreciate the help. Twilight says: No problem. Hey maybe we should ask the owner of this store about this information that we´ll need! Red says: Yeah that´s an excellent idea Twilight. They head over to the store owner to ask him about this and he says: Well of course I know about that history, it´s probably the biggest myth on Apple Island and it always seem to draw tourists to search for this undersea utopia. I´m afraid I only know a few things about this undersea land. The rumors says that a cave exists underneath Apple Island but nopony has been able to find this cave, not others tourists that have been asking about it and not even us that have been living on this island for a very long time. This cave is said to hold information about the whereabouts of this land underneath the sea. Red says: Thank you for the information, maybe this will help us find this undersea utopia. The ice cream owner says: But don´t get your hopes up, others have failed to both find this cave and the undersea land. Twilight says: If they truly exist then we´ll be able to find them, I´m sure of this! The ice cream owner says: I wish you ponies’ good luck in this search. Red and Twilight decides to head back to the beach and Red says: Should we try and find this underwater cave? Twilight says: Yeah, it might give us the information we need. As they are about to head into the water the others arrive and Rainbow says: What are you two doing, we´ve been looking everywhere for you two! Twilight says: Why are you here, you should all be asleep in your beds! Ruby says: Twilight, are you feeling alright? Twilight says: Of course I am why are you asking? Apple Kicker says: Well you seem kind of nervous, I mean yer hooves are shaking! Peachie says: Are freezing Twilight? Twilight says: NO, I´m not stop asking me these stupid questions! Red says: I knew there were something fishy going on, first you said you were warm and now you feel like you´re freezing! Drop the act Changeling, where´s Twilight Star? Twilight changes into a Changeling and it says: It seems like your friends managed to stop us from reaching this underwater cave, and everything was working out really great until they arrived! Red says: I´m not going to ask this again, where´s Twilight Star! The Changeling says: If you want to see her then you´ll have to head the Pond of Spirits! Red says: If she´s there then I´ll be arriving there very shortly! The Changeling says: Well see you around! The Changeling flies towards the direction of Pond of Spirits and Lilyshy says: What are we going to do, what if the Changelings have hurt Twilight. Red says: They haven´t done anything to her, but I´m pretty sure she´s the bait and it´s probably a trap. I want you six to stay here while I head to save her! Sprinkles says: Hey she´s our friend as well and we´re not going to stay behind, we´re all going to come along to save her! Red says: Okay fine but we need to hurry! They all head to the Pond of Spirits and as they enter the room with the Pond of Spirits they all see Chrysalis at the end of the room. Red says: Where´s Twilight Star!? What have you done to her Chrysalis! Chrysalis says: Impatient as always, and you were so useful for me in the past, you helped me capture those ponies but in the end you turned against me! Red says: And for a good cause as well, I was not about to let you destroy Equestria! Now where´s Twilight!? Chrysalis says: Well I guess I could tell you since you´re asking so nicely! Have I mentioned a small detail about this pond? Red says: What detail is that!? Chrysalis says: The ones that want to free a soul from the Pond of Spirits will have to take this souls place as a punishment, and I do believe that the ones that were here when the pond released the spirits was your little pony friends! Red says: Wait if the thing you said is true then that means… Red turns towards the others and he notice that they all change into Changelings. Chrysalis says: Do you get it now. Your friends got trapped in Pond of Spirits as soon as it opened up and now I´m going to send you to the same place! Chrysalis makes a portal appear in front of Red and the Changelings knocks him into the portal. On the other side he notices that he´s back in the spirit world again. He then hears a voice that says: So Chrysalis caught you as well Red. Red turns around and he sees Twilight Star and the others and he says: Okay, if you´re also Changelings then I´ll introduce you to my Plasma Beam! Rainbow says: Wait Red, it is us, we´ve been trapped here for quite some time and we tried to warn you, since Chrysalis and her Changelings fooled you with fake versions of us! Red says: Well if you´re actually the real deal then you should all know where we first met! Twilight says: We met you at the school yard and I found you hiding in a bush. Ruby says: We then played on the swing set. Apple Kicker says: You also went to a meeting at school disguised as Twilight Star´s mother. Peachie says: We all went to the carnival and we all had fun times there. Sprinkles says: Well except you, since you got chased around by ponies all day. Lilyshy says: We also went to that scary factory and I got really scared. Rainbow says: And we stopped that mad Dr. Scream from scaring away everypony from Ponyville! Twilight says: Do you remember all of this Red? Red says: Of course I do, and now I know that it´s you. They all run towards Red and start to hug him and Twilight says: We´ve missed you Red, we haven´t seen you since the day when we defeated Chrysalis. Red says: It´s nice to see the real you. Now come on, let´s head back to the real world! Rainbow says: How are we supposed to do that?! Red says: Well I did manage to escape from this place, since I can open up a portal to the real world. Red opens up a portal and they soon end up back in the cave with the Pond of Spirits. Red says that Chrysalis and her Changelings might be after something that exists underneath Apple Island, but Red sees that they all need both food and some rest so they all head back to the hotel. With the real Twilight Star and her friends back, they might be able to stop Chrysalis and her Changelings from reaching this underwater cave. Will they be able to stop Chrysalis and what could exist within this cave that could be so important? The answers might be revealed next time.

Episode 6: “The Apple Cup Tournament”

Today is a special day. Apparently there´s a water scooter tournament called The Apple Cup Tournament, which is being held on Apple Island. Twilight Star and her friends decide to head down to the beach to take a look at this special event. Once at the beach they run into the ice cream owner and he says: So did you have any luck in finding this underwater cave? Twilight says: Uh what are you talking about, and do I know you from somewhere? The ice cream owner says: Uh, we met last night at my ice cream store don´t you remember? Twilight says: We did? Red says: Let me handle this Twilight. I´m sorry, my friend was kind of tired last night, and when she´s tired, she sometimes forgets that she´s met new ponies. The ice cream owner says: Oh, well that´s rather unfortunate, well let me introduce myself, my name´s Typhoon, nice to meet you again. Red says: My name´s Red and these are my friends Twilight Star, Rainbow Flash, Apple Kicker, Ruby Star, Peachie Pie, Lilyshy and Sprinkles. Typhoon says: Well nice to meet you everypony, have you all come to participate in the tournament? Rainbow says: We can participate as well? I thought only ponies that lived on Apple Island were allowed to participate! Typhoon says: No you got that wrong, this tournament is for everypony, even tourists that arrives to Apple Island! Peachie says: Well if that´s true, then I want to participate! Apple Kicker says: Well count me in, I´m always in for a competition! Rainbow says: I´m going to participate as well, I´m pretty sure it will be really easy to win! Red says: I might tag along on this as well. It might give me a good view of Apple Island. Typhoon says: Well then you all need to hurry cause the tournament is about to start! Peachie, Rainbow, Apple Kicker and Red heads to their starting positions and then the announcer starts to count down: 3… 2… 1… Go!! They all drive away on their water scooters. It´s a race around Apple Island, and as they are going along around the island three ponies spots Red and one of them says: That must be the Changeling! The second pony says: Then let´s wait until the Changeling has made it back here again and then we´ll catch him! The third pony says: And when we finally have the Changeling, we´ll take him to our boss! Red and the others manage to make it around the island once and now only two laps remain. As Red is driving the scooter, he doesn´t take notice of the net that starts fly in his direction. Red gets captured and he gets dragged to the island. The others notice this and they head a spot where they can sneak up on the place where Red got dragged to. They soon hear some voices within the trees and they soon find that Red is stuck in a cage. Peachie says: Hey, nopony does that to Red and gets away with it! They all jump out from a bush and Rainbow says: Okay, whoever did this Red better release him right the way! They soon hear three voices laughing and then they start to say: Prepare for trouble! Let´s make it a double! To gain the power from origins unknown! A history from the past, indeed well known! I´m Tess, and I´m Jamie. Team Equestria, stand against us and prepare to fight! Nopony can beat us, so don´t even try! Mark, that´s right! Apple Kicker says: What are you three doing here! Tess says: Well we´re here to capture your Changeling friend, but now it seems like we´ll have to take care you meddling ponies as well! Jamie says: And when we´re done with you, we´ll be heading back to Equestria to deliver your Changeling friend to our boss, and he´ll be very pleased with our success of capturing one of the three legendary Changelings! Mark says: So you three better prepare for pain! Red says: No, you three better leave them alone! Red charges up his Plasma Beam to destroy the bars, but cage just absorbs his beam and Team Equestria starts to laugh. Tess says: We learned from last time we encountered you Changeling, and we made this cage impervious to your little beam attack, so no escape this time! Peachie says: Let him go or things will get messy! Jamie says: You three think you can defeat us, you´re either fools or really brave! Mark says: Truth is, we really don´t like brave ponies and we´ll show you why! Red says: You better not lay a scratch on them or I´ll get really angry! Tess says: You´re in no position tell us what to do, we´ll take care of these ponies and then we´ll deliver you to our boss! Red then starts to focus and he sends away a shockwave of his energy and this energy gets absorbed by Rainbow, Peachie and Apple Kicker. Rainbow says: I´m feeling a bit different, like I have more power inside of me! Apple Kicker says: Yeah I can feel it as well! Red says: Use my power to send Team Equestria flying! Jamie says: Wait, what did you say!? Team Equestria turns towards the ponies and they notice that they´re all glowing red. Mark says: Oh crap, this is going to hurt! Rainbow, Apple Kicker and Peachie launches off three Plasma Beams and sends Team Equestria flying. As they are flying through the sky Tess says: Once again we weren´t prepared for a surprise attack, and from those pesky ponies for that matter! Jamie says: It seems like the Changeling can transfer some of his powers to other ponies, and that makes him even more valuable for us! Mark says: We will get that Changeling and deliver him to our boss, but I guess for now… Everypony shouts: It looks like Team Equestria is blasting off again!! Rainbow frees Red from his cage and she says: What did you do to us Red? We were able to shoot your beam! Red says: I bestowed you some of my power so you could use my Plasma Beam. Apple Kicker says: It was good that you did because we were really in a pinch back there! Peachie says: Yeah, it was kind of fun using that Plasma Beam against Team Equestria! Red says: Well I think it´s for the best that I´ll absorb the power again because otherwise you might cause damage to other ponies. Red absorbs the power and then they head back to their scooters to finish the race. Once at the finish line Twilight and the others run up to them and Lilyshy says: Where were you?! We´ve been worried about you! Red says: Let´s just say we ran into a couple of friends. Ruby says: What friends are we talking about? Rainbow says: Well let´s just say we sent them packing back to Equestria again! Sprinkles says: Who are these friends you´re talking about?! Peachie says: We´ll talk about it when we all get back to the hotel room again. Twilight says: Okay then, but you better tell us all the details! Apple Kicker says: We promise! They all head back to the hotel room since the sun is going down. Well today has been a really exciting day even if Team Equestria almost got away with Red, but tomorrow Twilight and her friends will start to search for this underwater cave in hopes of finding this information before Chrysalis and her Changelings. Will they be able to find this cave before Chrysalis and will Team Equestria return once again? The answers will be revealed next time.

Episode 7: “Artifacts of the Sea”

Twilight and her friends are heading to the beach to prepare to dive down to the bottom of the ocean floor and when they arrive to the beach Red says: So are you all prepared for this, once underneath the water surface we´ll begin the search for this cave, and it will get dangerous for you since you can´t breathe underwater like I can. Twilight says: We didn´t borrow these scuba gears for nothing Red! We all want to help you search for this cave! Red says: Yeah I know, but it will get dangerous! Rainbow says: I´m not afraid of water, and I´m not about to let my friend do this alone! Red says: Well then. If you´re all ready for it then let´s head into the water! They all put on their scuba gear and then they head underneath the water surface to begin the search for this cave. As they are swimming along Peachie notice something on a wall at the bottom of the ocean. She swims towards this direction and everypony else follows her. Red says: Good job Peachie, this might be what we´ve been searching for. They all notice that the wall starts to give off a bright light and when the light disappears they all notice that a cave appears. They all start to swim into this cave and they soon get to a place where they can get to the surface. When they´ve reached the surface they notice that they´ve ended up in a cave with a wall made of crystals in different colors and also some sort of temple. They leave their scuba gear near the water and then they head inside the temple. As they are walking along in a huge hallway they all notice some text on the walls written in a language which they can´t read, but apparently Red can read it and it says: “This is a sacred temple which is guarded by a seal which can only be broken if the ones chosen by our tribe finds this sacred place. This temple contains information about the whereabouts of our utopia underneath the sea. Only the chosen ones will be able to find our utopia.” They all head further into the temple until they finally reach a large room with an altar at the end of the room. This altar contains seven different orbs and it also has a text above it with the same language as before. Red starts to read the text and it says: “These orbs are the key of finding our utopia, these orbs will choose the ones chosen by them and then lead them to our utopia, however the orbs can only be activated by one of the three chosen of our tribe. If the chosen ones want to be able to gain the power of these orbs then they´ll have to find one of the three chosen ones to acquire the orbs power.” As Twilight and her friends are about to approach the orbs they hear a voice saying: Those orbs are rightfully mine and I won´t let you take them away from me! They all turn towards the voice and they see Chrysalis and her Changelings. Twilight says: How did you manage to get here Chrysalis!? Chrysalis says: Well if you want to know, we just swam to this place and we followed you without any of you noticing! Red says: So I´m guessing you´re already familiar with these orbs! Chrysalis says: Of course I am, since I was the one that brought them here a thousand years ago! Rainbow says: What are you talking about Chrysalis! Chrysalis says: I brought these orbs here in case if I wanted to find this undersea utopia and I also casted the spell that could only be broken by the chosen ones, but back then I didn´t realize that these orbs could come in good use for me if I ever wanted to find this utopia again. So I had to wait until finally the chosen ones would arrive to this place and it seems like it was you meddling ponies that was the key of reentering this place! Apple Kicker says: Well we´re not going to let you take these orbs! Chrysalis says: These orbs are rightfully mine and I won´t let anypony stand in my way of acquiring them! Red says: Well if the legend is indeed true then I´ll be able to activate these orbs for the chosen ones! Chrysalis says: I won´t allow you to do that! Red doesn´t listen and he starts to send some of his powers into the orbs and they all start to float in front of Twilight and the others. A bright light occurs and after the light disappears they all notice that the orbs have merged with Twilight and her friends and they are now glowing in seven different colors. Chrysalis says: NO this can´t be!! The Elements of the Sea has chosen them as their wielders!! Twilight says: And I think for a good cause as well! The Elements must have felt that we needed them and they then chose us to wield their power, a power that I´m sure we all feel dwelling inside of us! Rainbow says: Well I sure feel this power and it feels awesome! Apple Kicker says: Yeah I can feel some sort of power inside of me as well! Peachie says: This power feels weird but I kind of like it in a weird sort of way, it feels really great! Ruby says: This power does however feel similar to when we used the Elements of Harmony! Lilyshy says: I kind of feel stronger than I usually do! Sprinkles says: Yeah I feel like the power is flowing through my entire body! Twilight says: And we´re going to use this power to stop you Chrysalis! They all start to focus on the power of their Elements and they all shout: Hyper Beam!! They fire off a rainbow colored beam towards Chrysalis and her Changelings and a bright light occurs. When the light has disappeared they all notice that Chrysalis and the Changelings are gone. Twilight says: Did we defeat Chrysalis?! Red says: No, I can still sense her presence in this world! She probably fled while the light was going on and we´ll probably bump into her again someday! They soon notice that the walls around them have changed and they can see pictures of Twilight Star and the others. They also notice that a new text has appeared and Red starts to read it: “The ones chosen by the Element of Diamond, the Element of Gold, the Element of Crystal, the Element of Garnet, the Element of Ruby, the Element of Emerald and the Element of Sapphire, now possess a tremendous amount of power and they all have hidden abilities that they can use on their enemies. The Elements of the Sea is also the key of finding the underwater utopia. Use the Elements of the Sea wisely chosen ones of our tribe“ Red then says: Well it looks like you´ve all been chosen by these Elements of the Sea and I´m pretty sure you were chosen more than just the reason to find this underwater utopia! Twilight says: I´m guessing you´re right Red, but I think we should get some rest before we try to find this utopia! They all head back towards the entrance of temple and they soon notice that their scuba gear is gone. Chrysalis and the Changelings probably took them. However they all decide to try to swim to the surface of the ocean without the gear, and once in the water they notice that some sort of aura appears around them and they can breathe and talk normally in water. This is probably because they´ve bonded with the Elements of the Sea. They all swim back to the surface of the ocean and then they head back to the hotel to get some rest before they start to search for this utopia. What will they find in this utopia and what connection could Red have to this place? The answers might be revealed next time.

Episode 8: “The Apple Night Carnival”

Twilight Star and her friends are taking a boat to the other side of Apple Island, apparently there´s a big carnival there and it might be a good way for Twilight and the others to get some real vacation feeling. Peachie says: I´m so excited for this, it´s probably going to be the best carnival ever! Red says: I have some really bad memories of the carnival back in Equestria. Twilight says: Red, I don´t think it´s going to be the same as last time. Apple Kicker says: You just had some bad luck last time! Rainbow says: Yeah, and back then we were fillies, I´m pretty sure it won´t be the same again! Ruby says: Yes let´s just focus on having fun, since you´re on vacation as well Red. Sprinkles says: Yes just relax and have fun Red! Lilyshy says: So… Um, relax. Red says: Okay fine, but remember that we still have to find this underwater utopia before Chrysalis! Twilight says: We know Red, but Chrysalis won´t be able to find the utopia without us heading there first, so I don´t think we´ll have to rush in finding the utopia. They soon notice the attractions in the distant and Peachie says: Well, we´re finally here and now it´s time to have some fun! They all leave the boat and they soon hear an announcer saying: Welcome everypony, to the largest carnival in the sea! We hope you´ll enjoy everything that exists here at Apple Night Carnival! Twilight and her friends head into the carnival and they soon notice that this place has more attractions than the one back in Equestria. They decide to take a ride on the Ferris wheel first, and the get to see a great view of Apple Island. When they decide to leave the Ferris wheel they soon hear two voices that says: Hey Peachie over here! Peachie looks towards the voices and she sees Pound and Pumpkin. Peachie says: Pound, Pumpkin! What are you two doing here? Pound says: We´re on vacation and we decided to have our vacation here on Apple Island! Pumpkin says: Yeah we kind of wanted to see something different than Ponyville. We wanted to bring along mom and dad, but they´re always busy making cakes and other things for special celebrations or festivals. Peachie says: Yeah I know how it is. My mom and dad always seem to be busy making cakes and other stuff as well. Apple Kicker says: So when did you two arrive here? Pound says: We actually arrived here two days, so we´ve only just now began to explore Apple Island. Rainbow says: Do want to hang out with us, we´ve seen most of the stuff that Apple Island has to offer! Pumpkin says: Sure why not. They all head to the rollercoaster ride and they all have a blast. When they all leave the rollercoaster ride Pound says: I remember when we first went to a carnival, and that was when we we´re still kids and Pinkie Pie was with us as well. We actually got rollercoaster sick back then! Peachie says: Yeah, my mom actually told me about that and I really thought it was funny but at the same time sad that you couldn´t enjoy the rides. Pumpkin says: Well we´re adults now, so I don´t think that will happen again. Sprinkles says: Hey I know, let´s get some cotton candy. They all head to the cotton candy shop and then they all sit down around a table and Twilight says: So have you heard the rumors on Apple Island. Pound says: You mean the rumors about this undersea cave and about these three change shifting creatures with special powers? Then yes we have. Pumpkin says: We´ve also heard rumors about an undersea utopia. Rainbow says: Yeah, we´re kind of trying to find out if these rumors are true or not, thus far without any luck of finding any clues! Pound says: Have you heard that they´re going to have a festival in a few days honoring this tribe and the three change shifters, it´s apparently because they saved Apple Island from a disaster. Pumpkin says: What this disaster could be, we really don´t know. But I´m pretty sure it was something terrifying that would have changed the world. Ruby says: Well, if there´s going to be a festival, then we might get more answers when that time arrives. Peachie says: Well should we head on some more rides?! Pound says: I think it´s time for me and Pumpkin to head back to our hotel. Pumpkin says: Yeah it´s almost 3 AM in the morning and we´re going to ride water scooters to a coral reef tomorrow. Sprinkles says: Okay, maybe we´ll see you tomorrow. Pound says: Yeah, see you tomorrow! Pumpkin says: Later girls. They both leave and Red says: Well if there´s going to be festival honoring this tribe and the three Changelings then I don´t see any reason why we should rush in finding the underwater utopia when I might be able find out about my past at this festival! Twilight says: Yeah, it might be worth heading to this festival in a few days to get some answers, plus we can also have some fun while we´re there! Lilyshy says: I´m sorry to be annoying everypony, but I´m kind of tired and I would like to go to sleep right now. Rainbow says: Yeah, we should probably get some rest since it is kind of late. Twilight says: Well, let´s head back to the hotel. Once back at the hotel they all head to their beds while Red stays guard on the balcony. What exciting things will Twilight Star and her friends encounter tomorrow and will Red regain his memory about his past? That and many other things might get their answers tomorrow.

Episode 9: “Ghostly Scare at Sea”

It´s early in the morning and Twilight Star and her friends are at the ice cream store eating some Apple flavored ice cream with sprinkles on them. They are discussing what they should do today when suddenly Typhoon, the store owner comes to their table and says: Well, are you enjoying the ice cream. Twilight says: Yes it´s delicious. Thank you for opening the store earlier than you usually would open the store. Typhoon says: It´s me who should be thanking you, my friends. Thanks to you all my store has become more popular than it was before. Ruby says: Well we´re happy that we can help your store grow in popularity. Peachie says: Yeah, I bet nopony can resist coming to your ice cream store, since you have about 500 flavors to choose between! Typhoon says: Well I´m happy that you all like this store and apparently other ponies as well. By the way, have you had any good leads in finding this underwater cave? Rainbow says: Not yet, but we´re working on it! Typhoon says: I see, but perhaps a newspaper I got a few days ago could be a clue towards finding this cave. Typhoon heads to the back of his store and then he gives the newspaper to Twilight and he says: The thing I was talking about is on page 8. Twilight starts to read and it says: “Apple Daily News have recently been getting reports about a ship that sails during the night around Apple Island. The ponies reporting this to us have heard some weird noises on this ship and yet they can´t see anypony on board. Please notify Apple Daily News if you have some more information about this mysterious ship.” Apple Kicker says: I really don´t see any problem with this. It´s probably just some ponies partying on the ship, possibly below deck. Typhoon says: That might be true, but I have seen the ship myself and what the ponies in the newspaper forgot to say was that the boat was glowing in a blue color and also some blue lightning bolts kept on firing away towards the sky. Sprinkles says: Well that doesn´t seem to be normal for a ship to be doing. Typhoon says: Yes a ship glowing blue with blue lightning bolts is certainly not normal. I´d like to think that this ship might be haunted and that there´s restless spirits on that ship as well and they´ve been terrorizing ponies on Apple Island! Lilyshy says: No not ghosts again, last time I got so scared that I didn´t want to leave my house for a whole week! Rainbow says: Lilyshy, for the hundred times, there´s no such things as ghosts and I´m going to prove it when night comes around! Later when night falls, they all start to look for this ship along the beach when Lilyshy says: Can we go home now. I bet there´s something really interesting on TV. Red says: Lily, you do realize when Rainbow Flash wants to prove that this ghost ship is not real, she won´t leave until she has found out the truth about this gossip and sources from the ponies that has seen this ghost ship. Lilyshy says: But still, I´m really scared and I want to go home. Red says: If you´re scared Lilyshy, then you can just stick close to me and I´ll protect you from the evil ghosts. Lilyshy says: Thank you Red that makes me feel a little bit better than before. As they are walking along the beach they notice a large cave with water flowing into it. They decide to check what could be a perfect spot to hide this ghost ship. After walking for a little while through the cave they come across a large room with some moonlight shining down from the ceiling and they also notice the ghost ship in the middle of the lake that exists here. Rainbow says: Aha, there´s the ship, now to prove everypony wrong with the whole ghost ship shenanigans! They all swim out to the ship and then they all climb up the net that is hanging down from the ship. Once on board the ship Rainbow says: Okay everypony let´s split up and look for clues, Ruby Star and I will look for clues on prow of the ship, Twilight Star, you and Peachie Pie look for clues in the captains quarters, Apple Kicker, you and Sprinkles look for clues at the stern of the ship and Lilyshy and Red look for clues below deck! They all split up and Rainbow and Ruby heads to the prow of the ship and they find a bucket with paint inside and a brush as well and before they even get to look what color it is, they both see a ghost pony floating up from the water and Rainbow says: Aha, let´s see whose behind that mask of yours! Rainbow just flies right through the ghost and she gets shocked that she couldn´t grab on to the ghost as well. Rainbow says: Okay what´s going on here, I can´t even touch the ghost! Then suddenly the Element of Gold starts to react inside of Rainbow and she launches away needle sharp spears made out gold at the ghost, which causes it to disappear. Ruby says: What was it that you did to the ghost Rainbow Flash?! Rainbow says: I´m guessing it was my Element of Gold, and it caused the ghost to disappear, I assume ghosts hate daylight, which could explain why the ship only appears at night out at the sea! Twilight and Peachie have just reached the captain’s quarters and they soon a radio of some sorts and when they turn it on they hear a lot of creepy sounds, it´s probably the sound which ponies have hearing from the ship while it has been sailing around on the sea. As they are about to leave the room they notice that two ghosts appear from the ground and Peachie says: What are we going to do Twilight?! Twilight says: I don´t know Peachie, I´m too scared to move! Soon both Twilight´s Element of Diamond and Peachies´ Element of Ruby start to react and they both launch needle sharp spears made out of diamond and ruby at the ghosts which causes them to disappear. Peachie says: Uh what just happened?! Twilight says: I don´t know but we better go and tell the others! Meanwhile Apple Kicker and Sprinkles find something interesting on the stern of the ship and it´s a camera stuck on backer ship mast. Apple Kicker says: Why would ghosts need a video camera on a ship, or rather, how can ghosts use a camera in the first place!? Sprinkles says: I don´t know but maybe we should tell the others! As they are about to walk back to where they all split of to look for clues two ghosts appear from the ground and Sprinkles says: There really are ghosts on this ship! Apple Kicker says: Ghosts or not, I won´t let them scare me like that! Soon both Apple Kicker´s Element of Garnet and Sprinkles Element of Sapphire start to react and they both launch needle sharp spears made out of garnet and sapphire at the ghosts which makes them disappear. Apple Kicker says: Did we just launch of some kind power from our bodies!? Sprinkles says: It must´ve been our Elements, but we can´t think about that now! We need to find the others! Meanwhile beneath deck Lilyshy and Red comes across a lot of rooms with cameras on the walls but the biggest surprise is in a room at the very back of a long corridor, inside they find some sort of pressure plate in the middle of the room with machinery surrounding the pressure plate. Lilyshy says: What do you think all of this machinery could be used for Red? Red says: I don´t know, but this certainly reminds of something we´ve encountered before! They soon notice blue lightning bolts bursting out from the plate and up through the roof and when the lightning disappears they see a ghost on the plate and Lilyshy starts to scream but Red says: There´s nothing to be afraid of Lilyshy, this ghost isn´t real, because I realized what this machinery is for, but let´s save that for when we meet the others! They all soon meet up on the deck again and Ruby says: We found some blue glowing paint at the prow of the ship! Peachie says: Well we found a radio that had some creepy noises recorded on a tape! Sprinkles says: We found a camera facing the direction of the ship deck! Red says: We found a lot of cameras below deck and also perhaps the biggest clue on this ship! A generator that creates blue lighting and holographic ghosts which aren´t real! Twilight says: But who would want to use all this equipment to scare everypony! Rainbow says: I don´t know but the pony doing this must be nearby this ship! Red says: I´m sensing a presence somewhere in deeper part of this cave! They all head further into the cave when they suddenly see a house made out of wooden planks and other stuff. Rainbow says: So who wants to go first! Red says: I think Ruby should go first since did feel a presence of your Elements of the Sea aboard the ship, and perhaps Ruby Star can summon forth a power inside of her! Ruby concentrates on her Element of Crystal and she soon disappears. Peachie says: Uh where did Ruby disappear to?! Ruby says: I´m right here Peachie, don´t tell me you can´t see me! Apple Kicker says: Actually none of us can since you´re invisible! Ruby says: If I´m truly invisible then perhaps I can sneak up to the house to see if there´s anypony there! As she approaches the house she can hear a voice saying: Now where did those blasted ponies disappear to, I can´t find them anywhere on my TV screens! Ruby returns to the others and says that there´s somepony inside. Red uses his Plasma Beam to break open the locked door and inside they find Dr. Scream. Rainbow says: Hey, that´s Dr Scream, what´s he doing here!? Dr. Scream says: Well, well, well. If it isn´t the meddling ponies and their Changeling friend! Peachie says: Weren´t you locked up in prison! Dr. Scream says: I WAS locked up in prison but I managed to escape and I decided to create chaos on Apple Island and there´s nothing none of you can do to stop me! Lilyshy says: NOW listen to what I have to say! When you start scare everypony on Apple Island then that really starts to get on my nerve, but when start scaring my friends and me, then you´ve gone too FAR!! Dr. Scream says: I´m so scared, what are you going to about this situation, start crying! Hahahahaha!! Lilyshy says: No I´m going to do THIS!! She shouts: Shining Emerald Spear!! Lilyshy launches away needle sharp emerald spears at all the machinery in the house and Dr. Scream shouts: No what have you DONE!! Rainbow says: She has ruined your plans to scare everypony! Dr. Scream says: Once again, you have destroyed my chance of scaring away everypony from this Island, since my machinery was the thing that could control everything aboard my ghost ship! Twilight says: That´s what we´re good at, stopping evil ponies like you! Dr. Scream says: I would´ve gotten away with it all if it weren´t for you meddling ponies and that dumb Changeling! Red says: Save that for the police on this Island! The next morning Twilight and her friends are ice cream store again, eating ice cream when Typhoon comes up to them and says: Apparently they´ve caught the pony that was using the ghost ship to scare ponies on Apple Island! Peachie says: Yes we heard about that before we arrived here this morning. Typhoon says: Well it´s good to know that the ponies that took Dr. Scream to the police got rewarded for their work, the only thing they didn´t mention was who the ponies were that solved this mystery. Lilyshy says: I´m pretty sure the ponies that solved this mystery are really close by. Then they all start to laugh and Typhoon says: Did I miss something? They all just continue to laugh while Typhoon looks confused. Well with the help from Twilight Star and her friends, Apple Island is once again a peaceful place now that Dr. Scream is behind bars once again. Tomorrow waits a new exciting adventure for Twilight Star and her friends, which will probably be magical to say the least.

Episode 10: “A Festival Revealing the Past”

The ponies on Apple Island are preparing for the festival which will finally take place tonight on the beach. Twilight Star and her friends are also preparing for the festival by helping with the decorations and the food as well. Peachie says: I can´t believe that the festival will be tonight and that we have the honor of making the food for it as well! Sprinkles says: Yeah I know what you mean Peachie, and I´m happy that I can put my muffin skills to good use for the festival! Meanwhile Twilight, Rainbow, Apple Kicker, Ruby, Lilyshy and Red are helping Typhoon with the decorations on the beach. Twilight says: So is there anything special that will be happening during this festival, Typhoon? Typhoon says: Well, the elder of Apple Island will be arriving to join in on this festival since his family has told the story about the tribe of change shifting creatures throughout many generations and the story gets told every hundred years on a specific day which happens to be today. Ruby says: Well, we´re all happy that we get to be a part of this festival since it is basically only once in a lifetime. Rainbow says: Yeah, I´m pretty sure this elder has a lot of awesome stuff to tell everypony on this Island! Apple Kicker says: Hey, maybe we should go and check on Peachie and Sprinkles to see how the food is coming along! Lilyshy says: Perhaps we should, will you be able to finish the decorations yourself Typhoon. Typhoon says: Yes I´m sure everything will turn out great. Go and check on your friends while I finish the rest of the decorations. Once back at the hotel they all take the elevator to the top floor and when they exit the elevator they encounter a familiar face. Twilight says: Huh, Miss Diamond Tiara?! What are you doing here? Diamond Tiara says: Twilight Star, Ruby Star, Rainbow Flash, Apple Kicker and Lilyshy is that you? Oh how wonderful it is to meet my top students after all these years! Rainbow says: Uh, Miss Diamond Tiara, we talked to you, like three months ago. Diamond Tiara says: We did?! Perhaps I was in a rush that day, but anyways it´s so nice to see you all again! Is Peachie Pie and Sprinkles here as well?! Apple Kicker says: They sure are and they´re making the food for tonight’s festival! Diamond Tiara says: Well what a coincidence, I´m actually here on vacation to get to hear what this elder has passed down from his family. It will give me something that I can tell my new class back in Ponyville. Lilyshy says: We have to check on Peachie and Sprinkles, Miss Diamond Tiara, so we´re all sorry that we have to leave so soon. Diamond Tiara says: It´s okay girls, see you at the festival tonight, by the way, who might you be, are you perhaps friends with the girls? Red says: Yes and my name´s Red, we all met each other five years ago in Ponyville. Diamond Tiara says: Then how come I haven´t seen you in Ponyville before? Red says: I actually moved out from Ponyville two months after meeting the girls, but I still stayed in touch with them. Twilight says: I´m sorry Miss Diamond Tiara but we really need to check on Peachie and Sprinkles. Diamond Tiara says: I´m sorry girls, I´ll see you later and it was nice meeting you Red. Red says: Like whys. Once inside their room they notice that Peachie and Sprinkles have finished with food and Peachie says: So how did the decorations turn out! Twilight says: We actually left to see how the food was coming along. Sprinkles says: Well the food is all finished, the only thing missing is the apple cider. Apple Kicker says: Well let me take care of that, since my mom and dad taught me how to make apple cider! Oh by the way, we met Miss Diamond Tiara outside our room, apparently she´s our room neighbor. Peachie says: Well did you say hi from Sprinkles and me! Rainbow says: We did and she thought it was nice seeing us again! Lilyshy says: So I´m guessing when the apple cider is finished, we all head back down to the beach again. Twilight says: Yep! When night starts to fall they all head down to the beach and they notice that a lot of ponies have gathered there and they also notice that Typhoon has managed get all the decorations finished in time for the festival. They all notice that Pound, Pumpkin and Diamond Tiara are here at the festival as well as the elder of Apple Island. They all gather around the elder and he then starts to tell the story: Over two thousand years ago, a tribe of change shifting creatures lived on this very Island and they got visited by seven ponies that bestowed the tribe with power to summon forth change shifters with special powers that none of the tribe members had except for the king and queen of the change shifters. The change shifters with special powers created a new home for the tribe which was filled endless supply of food and infinite water sources, but this land would soon be under attack by some dark creatures which managed to corrupt some of the change shifters, the queen and the change shifter with red eyes. The dark creatures then disappeared along with the queen and the corrupted change shifters. The king got frustrated and he ordered the remaining change shifters with special powers to sink their new home into the ocean and the seven ponies stood on this very Island, watching as this land sank into the ocean. As time went on only the ponies that met these change shifters remembered the location of this land but they never told anypony about this location, so this land would become a myth that ponies would tell their kids. Twilight says: Excuse me elder, but has the change shifters ever shown up above the sea level again? The elder says: Not that I know of and neither does my family or any of my ancestors. Rainbow says: May I ask who these ponies was that met these change shifters? The elder says: Well my ancestor Clover the Clever and her friends were the only ones that has seen the change shift tribe in real life but that was over a thousand years ago. Ruby says: Wait, how was Clover the Clever and friends able to meet the change shifters a thousand years ago when this land sank into the ocean two thousand years ago?! The elder says: My ancestor apparently found a way to travel through time and in that way meet the change shifters two thousand years ago. Now if all the questions have been answered, how bout we all sit down and eat some food and drink some apple cider. They all sit down around the tables to eat the food and it seems like they really like both the food and apple cider that Peachie, Sprinkles and Apple Kicker made. Meanwhile a bit further away from the festival in some bushes three ponies are spying on the ponies at the festival and the first one says: Well, it seems like the ponies are having some kind of party and the Changeling appears to be there as well! The second one says: How dare they not invite us to this party! The third pony says: I say we invite ourselves to this party since we were left out from the list! While the party is going on everypony soon notice a lot of smoke on the beach and when the smoke clears they can see three ponies there and they start to say: Prepare for trouble! Let´s make it a double! To gain the power from origins unknown! A history from the past, indeed well known! I´m Tess, and I´m Jamie. Team Equestria, stand against us and prepare to fight! Nopony can beat us, so don´t even try! Mark, that´s right! Twilight says: Team Equestria, what are you three doing here! Tess says: What do you think we´re here for! We come for the Changeling of course! Jamie says: Yeah, so you better come along with us Changeling before we start to destroy everything on this Island! Red jumps up into the air and lands in front of Team Equestria and Mark starts to say: So you are willing to come with us after all just to save everypony else, how nice of you! Red transforms into his Changeling form and everypony gets shocked and the elder says: It… It´s the legendary red eyed change shifter, I can´t believe that I´ve finally gotten to see a change shifter with my own eyes! Tess says: Well look what you did Changeling, everypony is now afraid of you! Red says: That doesn´t matter, I won´t let you three harm either these ponies or this Island! Red fires his Plasma Beam and he notice how it just bounces of Team Equestria and Jamie says: We came prepared for your little attack Changeling! Mark says: Yeah and this time we won´t be flying away into the sky! Twilight Star and her friends then join Red in battle and Twilight says: Well I´m pretty sure your shield is not pony proof! Twilight and her friends then focuses on their Elements and they all launch of seven different kind of gem spears at Team Equestria and that breaks the shield and sends Team Equestria flying. Tess says: Once again we weren´t prepared for another surprise attack, and from those ponies for that matter! Jamie says: We will gain that Changelings power to make our boss happy at our success! Mark says: We will be back but until then… Everypony shouts: It looks like Team Equestria is blasting off again!! The elder then steps closer to Red and he says: I knew you would be back to save this Island from disaster once again and I´m happy that I got to see you with my own eyes. Red says: Have I started up a Changeling hunt on this Island! The elder says: No, it´s actually the opposite, everypony respects you for your effort in trying to save this Island from disaster and I believe you and your pony friends will be able to find your home beneath the sea since all of you seem to possess a power source that might be the key of finding this land once again. Red says: Thank you for the information elder, we all appreciate it. The elder says: I´m, no all of us should be the ones thanking you red eyed change shifter. They all start to clap their hooves for Twilight Star and her friends. Well it seems like everypony took it better than expected when they saw Red´s true form and maybe tomorrow the search for the underwater utopia will finally begin.

Episode 11: “Marelantis and the White Sinisteeds”

Twilight Star and her friends are heading down to the beach to finally begin the search of this utopia and as they´re about to head into the water, they hear a voice saying: Wait, we want to something to you all before you leave! They all turn around and they see Typhoon, Pound, Pumpkin and Diamond Tiara walking towards them and then Pound says: So you´re leaving on yet another adventure. Apple Kicker says: Yes, we have to find land beneath the sea! It´s the only way we can find out about Red´s true past! Pumpkin says: I always found it funny that you all had a Changeling as a friend. Ruby says: We became friends with Red because he showed a side of a Changeling that we had never seen before! Rainbow says: He´s kind towards us and looks after us like a guardian, plus he´s an awesome fighter as well! Diamond Tiara says: So I´m guessing it was you that were in the classroom with Twilight Star five years ago. Red says: Yes and I didn´t mean any harm towards you, Twilight Star or her mother. Diamond Tiara says: I understand that now. I can see that you´ve all built up a special bond with each other. Peachie says: You could say we´re all best of friends, now and forever! Typhoon says: I have to say that I got surprised to know that you´re one of the three change shifting creatures spoken of in the legend and I can see that your task isn´t over yet since you want to find your home once again. Red says: I want to thank you everypony for understanding this situation but we really need to find this place and reveal the secrets within that place. They all understand and then Twilight and her friends jump into the water to begin the search for the utopia. After swimming around Twilight and her friends’ notice that their Elements start to react towards something nearby. As they continue to swim around they notice that their bodies are starting to change into seven different kinds of colors and then they notice a barrier in front of them. The barrier starts to disappear to reveal city of some sorts and they begin to swim towards it. Once at the underwater city they manage to find an entrance that they can enter the city through. When they arrive inside the bubble that is apparently keeping water from drowning they are welcomed by a not so friendly creatures and one of them says: Halt intruders! You´re all trespassing in Marelantis and it is our job to take care of intruders! Red walks forward and says: If you want to stop us then you´ll have to get past me first! One of the guards says: Uh… Is that you Crimson?! Red says: Okay what are you talking! The guard says: You disappeared two thousand years ago and we haven´t seen you ever since Marelantis was under attack by that dark creature and his minions. Twilight says: What´s going on here and why do you all look like white Changelings?! The guard says: You trespassers better… Red says: That is enough, if you have any problems with my friends’ then you´ll have to get past me first! The guard says: I wasn´t aware that these ponies were your friends master Crimson, please forgive me. Red says: I suppose that will do. Now what is this place we´re standing in? The guard says: I think you all need to come along with us because I think a friend of yours might be able to answer everything you need to know. They all start to walk through this city until they arrive to a building and the guard says: Inside waits a friend that you might recognize master Crimson. They all head inside and they notice a Changeling and Red says: So apparently I know you from somewhere. The Changeling turns towards them and he says: Crimson is that you?! I can´t believe it´s you! Red says: I´m sorry but who are you? The Changeling says: Crimson it´s me, Cobalt Blue, don´t you remember me? Red says: No, sorry I´ve never seen you before. Cobalt says: I think I know what might have happened to you and I think it´s best that you speak with King Chrystalos about this. They all head to the big palace up ahead and Cobalt says: So are these ponies your friends? Red says: Yes, is there any problem with that! Cobalt says: No, not at all, it´s just that I haven´t seen ponies in over two thousand years so it feels kind of weird to me. They soon end up in a large room within the palace and Cobalt says: My king, I have good news that might interest you. The king says: Cobalt Blue, whatever the news could be it can´t be… By god, Crimson Red is that you!? Red says: Why is everypony calling me Crimson! Cobalt says: My king, I believe Crimson may have lost his memory but he doesn´t appear to be corrupted anymore and perhaps viewing what was a part of him might bring his memory back. The king says: Hum… Perhaps you´re right Cobalt. I grant you all access to the vault of Marelantis. They notice that a large door appears on the wall behind the throne. They all head inside and they notice a room with three pedestals holding an orb each and Cobalt says: The red orb belongs to you Crimson and you might be able to regain your memory if you touch the orb. Red approaches the orb and a soon as he touches the orb he starts to regain everything he forgot from his past. After he´s regained his memory they all notice that the orb merges with Red and Twilight says: Red are you okay? Red says: I´m okay Twilight Star, I´ve regained my memory and my true name is Crimson Red, guardian of Marelantis. Cobalt says: So I´m assuming you remember me as well? Crimson says: Of course I remember you Cobalt, how´s it been around here? Cobalt says: Well you know, other than guarding Marelantis for like two thousand years, it´s been rather okay. But it feels much better knowing that you´re back. Crimson says: Yes, it feels nice being back where I actually belong, by the way, where´s Amber? Cobalt says: She left Marelantis to try and find you, the queen and the other Sinisteeds and she has yet to return to Marelantis. Rainbow says: Okay time out, what are you two talking about and what´s a Sinisteed?! Crimson says: I´m sorry Rainbow Flash, I was so happy that I got my memory back that I forgot that you all were standing here. You all knew me as a Changeling but in fact I´m actually a creature known as a Sinisteed and the one called Amber is if you want to call it our sister and we need to find her before everything above sea level disappears! Apple Kicker says: What are you talking about?! Cobalt says: Each two thousand year, a storm occurs above sea level which could wipe out every single Island or continent if Crimson, Amber and I don´t stop this disaster, however we need the Elements of the Sea to gain access to this place where we can stop this disaster, but the queen stole them and hid them somewhere! Peachie says: Well Cobalt, you´re in luck because the Elements of the Sea chose us as their wielders! Cobalt says: Is this true Crimson! Crimson says: Every word Peachie said is true and I used my power to make the Elements return to their true forms once again. Cobalt says: Then perhaps there´s still a chance of saving the world above the sea level, if you ponies are willing to help us with this. Sprinkles says: You can count on us Cobalt! Lilyshy says: Yes, we want to help as much as we can! Cobalt says: Good, it seems that your new friends are indeed brave and trust worthy. Crimson says: Believe me. They have been through a lot of hectic stuff these past five years. Cobalt says: Then perhaps we should speak to the king about what we are planning to do! Crimson says: Yes, let´s head back to the king! Well it seems like Red or rather Crimson Red has regained his memory and that they´ve to set out on a quest to save the world above the water surface. Will they be able to stop this disaster and perhaps find this Amber which Cobalt and Crimson was talking about? Everything might be revealed next time.

Episode 12: “Reunion of an Origin Disaster”

Twilight Star and her friends have reached the underwater utopia which is also known as Marelantis and Red has regained his memory of his past and he´s known as Crimson Red, guardian of Marelantis. They all head back to the throne room to speak with King Chrystalos and Crimson says: My King, I have returned to Marelantis to once again protect it from evil. The king says: Crimson Red, I´m assuming you´ve regained your memory. Crimson says: Yes and it´s all thanks to my new friends Twilight Star, Rainbow Flash, Ruby Star, Apple Kicker, Peachie Pie, Lilyshy and Sprinkles. They were the reason why I could once again return to Marelantis and I´m grateful that I got to meet them. The king says: Then I want to thank you for returning Crimson Red to Marelantis. Rainbow says: No problem King Chrystalos. The king says: I should probably introduce myself, I´m called King Chrystalos. I´m the king of the Sinisteed tribe and it has been quite some time since I saw any ponies in this kingdom, I´m assuming you´re related to the ponies that first found our tribe. Twilight says: I believe we are, our ancestors were Clover the Clever and her friends. Chrystalos says: Clover the Clever you say, that name seems familiar and now that I think about it, you all seem to resemble the ponies that found our tribe two thousand years ago. Ruby says: Perhaps we have the same traits as our ancestors. Chrystalos says: That might be the reason why I feel that I´ve seen you ponies before even if your appearances are not the same as your ancestors and I do feel that you all share the aura inside of you as your ancestors did in the past. Crimson says: I hate to interrupt you my king, but if you remember the disaster is approaching and we need to find a way to get Amber back to us. Chrystalos says: Yes I remember the disaster and you will indeed need Amber Yellow to stop this disaster like you did two thousand years ago, but back then there weren´t any seal protecting the sanctuary above sea level. They only way you´ll be able to gain access is if you´re able to find the Elements of the Sea creates from your orbs and unfortunately Queen Chrysalis stole them when she got corrupted by that dark creature. Crimson says: My king, the Elements of the Sea have merged together with my new friends and they all have full control over them. Chrystalos says: If this is true then perhaps there´s still time to save the world above the water surface, but only if you can find Amber Yellow, otherwise everything will cease to exist in the world above. They then hear a voice that says: Then perhaps that is what the gods want it to be, a world filled only with water and creatures that can exist in that environment. They all turn towards the entrance of the palace and they see Chrysalis and her Sinisteed army. Twilight says: Chrysalis how did you manage to find this place! Chrysalis says: Well let´s just say that you left the door open for me and my Changeling army! Crimson says: Have you come here to destroy Marelantis! Chrysalis says: Of course not Crimson Red, since I now know that you´ve regained your memory I have no further need of you or Marelantis and I´ll be on my way to try and find the whereabouts of my master, Daemon Prime. So I bid you and the world above farewell, because there´s no way you´ll be able to save without Amber Yellow, which I believe has disappeared to who knows where! Farewell everypony!! Then Chrysalis and her army disappear and Crimson says: The queen is still not back to normal and we still need to find Amber! Chrystalos says: There might be a way for you to find Amber Yellow but I won´t guarantee it will work since we´ve never tried this before, but Amber Yellow left her orb which was once a part of her in the vault and you might be able to call her back if you all use your powers on the orb and she´ll probably respond and return back here once again. They all head to the vault again to send their powers into the yellow orb. They all start to focus on their Elements and the yellow orb soon starts to shine and they notice that a light pillar appears in front of the three pedestals and a white Sinisteed with yellow eyes walks out from the light pillar and says: What is the meaning of this, who summoned me while I´ve been searching for… Crimson says: Welcome back Amber, we´ve all missed you. Amber says: Crimson Red, you´re back?! But how can this be possible, I´ve searched for you all over the world without any sight of you! Crimson says: I was freed from my corruption thanks to my new pony friends, and we all found Marelantis so I could regain my memory. Cobalt says: Isn´t it great Amber, Crimson is finally back in Marelantis! Amber says: Crimson how dare you disappear like that, I´ve been really worried sick about you, don´t you ever leave without any explanation ever again! Crimson says: I´ll try Amber. Now, we all need your help, the disaster is approaching and you, Cobalt and I have to stop this disaster like we did two thousand years! Amber says: Has it really been that long since the disaster occurred and who might these ponies be?! Cobalt says: They´re Crimson´s new friends and the Elements of the Sea have chosen them as their wielders. Amber says: Well it´s nice to meet you and all, but if the disaster is about to return then we need to hurry to the sanctuary above the sea level before it´s too late! They all head towards the entrance that Twilight Star and her friends used to enter Marelantis and they all head to Apple Island and Cobalt says: I haven´t been above sea level in forever, I´ve forgot how pretty it is. Crimson says: Yes it truly is beautiful, but if we don´t do anything fast then this beautiful place will disappear! Twilight says: So in which direction can we find this sanctuary. Amber says: The sanctuary lies to the north of this island and if we can´t make it there in time then everything will disappear! They then hear a voice saying: Did you say that this world would disappear! They all turn towards the voice and they see Team Equestria and Cobalt says: Who might you ponies be?! Crimson says: They´re bad trouble, they´re after the power that exists inside our bodies! Amber says: If they´re bad trouble then I´ll introduce to my beam! Tess says: No we come in peace! Jamie says: We heard what you were all talking about and we don´t want this world to disappear! Mark says: So what we´re saying is that we want to turn over a new leaf and start over from the beginning! Apple Kicker says: Are you saying that you want to help us with this disaster! Tess says: Yes, we´re here to help you to prevent the destruction of the world! Peachie says: Why should we believe you, you´ve done a lot of bad stuff towards us in the past! Jamie says: What we did is in the past and we´re here to help you! Sprinkles says: If you don´t have a something that can go really fast on water then you won´t be able to help us! Mark says: Funny that you should ask, we just happen to have motorboat that happens to be really fast. Lilyshy says: Am I the only one that thinks it´s a bad idea to trust in Team Equestria´s words! Crimson says: I´m thinking the same thing Lilyshy but we have no other option what to do about this situation. Tess says: So do you want our help or not! Twilight says: I guess we have to trust you even if I don´t like it! Jamie says: Well if we´re all done talking then perhaps we should head to the Harbor where the boat is waiting! They all start to run towards the boat to get this sanctuary before it´s too late. Well it seems like Twilight Star and her friends will have to cooperate with Team Equestria which might be for the good or the bad, but the only thing they seem to agree on is that they need to stop this disaster. Will they be able to stop this disaster and return the world back to normal? The answer will be revealed next time.

Episode 13: “A Climax of Different Paths”

Twilight star and her friends are forced to trust in Team Equestria´s words, because that seems to be the only way for them to reach the sanctuary out in the middle of the sea. As they´re heading towards the direction of the sanctuary Twilight start to say: So how do we know we can trust you three, since you haven´t tried to be nice before. Mark says: Hey we actually want to be nice for once and we´ve even made a new motto for this occasion assuming you all want to hear it. Rainbow says: Sure why not, it´s not like we have anything else to do on this boat! Team Equestria start to say: An ever changing wind, a double encounter it may seem. To protect Equestria from disaster! A thing that only we can master! I´m Tess, and I´m Jamie. Team Equestria, blasting off at the speed of light! Today´s a change and we´ll make things bright! Mark, that´s right! Peachie says: Well that was a nice motivating speech you said there. Jamie says: We´ve been practicing a lot on our new motto. Tess says: Yes, our new motto is basically stuck in our heads now, which is actually a nice thing considering we´re trying to save the world. Apple Kicker says: Well, let´s just hope you don´t try to fool us, since the world is at stake. After traveling for a while, they notice a huge storm up head and Crimson says: It seems like the storm has already begun and the sanctuary might be in the middle of the storm! As they continue further into the storm they come across both whirlpools and cyclones, but they manage to dodge all of the obstacles. They soon notice something in the distant and Cobalt says: There up a head, it´s the sanctuary! Sprinkles says: Then that means we´ve finally made it! Ruby says: Yes, it appears that we might be able to save the world after all! As they approach the sanctuary they notice that a giant maelstrom appears underneath it and they are forced to stop the boat. Amber says: So what do we do now! We can´t approach the sanctuary without being sucked into the maelstrom! Rainbow says: Then we fly towards the sanctuary! Lilyshy says: Um… Do we really have to fly it seems kind of dangerous. Crimson says: There´s no other way Lilyshy, we have to fly to the sanctuary otherwise the world will cease to exist! They all start to fly and Ruby gets to ride on Crimson, Peachie gets to ride on Cobalt and Apple Kicker and Twilight gets to ride on Amber. As they are flying over the maelstrom Twilight loses her grip on Amber and starts to fall down into the maelstrom and everypony shouts: Twilight!! They soon notice that something´s happening to Twilight and she gets an aura around her and she starts to fly up to the others and she says: A good thing my dad taught me how to use my magic to make my entire body levitate in the air. Crimson says: Your dad must be a really powerful unicorn to be able to teach you how to do that. Twilight says: Well he once wielded the Element of Light, so you could say he was a guardian just like us. Cobalt says: I hate to interrupt, but we really need to get to the sanctuary before it´s too late! They soon arrive at the sanctuary and Crimson says: Well, here we are, the Sanctuary of Balance! They all approach the sanctuary and they notice that a barrier appears in front of them and Amber says: Now ponies, use the Elements of the Sea to break the barrier! They start to focus on their Elements and they soon launch off a beam with breaks the barrier. They all head inside and they notice three pedestals with some text written in stone in front of them. Crimson, Cobalt and Amber places their orbs on the pedestal and then they start to read the text: “Gods from the past hear our call, stop this storm that inhabits this world. Bestow us your power in our hour of need, so that peace returns to the world once more.” They soon notice that the orbs start give off a bright light and a pillar of light shoots up into the air and clear the sky. As they walk outside they notice that the storm is breaking up and Crimson says: Well, it´s finally over. Twilight says: So did we save the world? Cobalt says: Yes the world is now safe and it will remain like this for two more millenniums. Rainbow says: So what do we do now, I mean we saved the world and all! Amber says: We all go back to our ordinary lives, like this never happened. Apple Kicker says: So that means… Crimson says: I have to return to Marelantis to protect it from evil along with Cobalt and Amber. Twilight says: No you can´t leave! We want you to stay with us Crimson, you´re like our closes friend! Crimson says: I want you to remember me as Red, the Sinisteed you met five years ago, because that´s how I remember our first meeting. Lilyshy says: Please don´t leave us Red! Crimson says: My destiny lies within Marelantis and I have to protect it from disaster. Then a voice says: Your destiny lies in our hooves Changeling! They all notice a net surrounding Crimson, Cobalt and Amber and then they turn towards the voices and they see Team Equestria. Twilight says: Why are you doing this, aren´t you supposed to have turned over a new leaf! Tess says: Actually when we said that, we were lying! Jamie says: And now we have all three legendary Changelings, and they will be delivered to our boss! Rainbow says: Not if we have anything to say about that! The ponies launch their gem spears towards Team Equestria and they notice that they have a shield around them again. Mark says: We prepared ourselves for this moment and we´re pony proof and the net is Changeling proof, so this time we won´t fail! Then all of the sudden they notice that King Chrystalos and the white Sinisteeds rises up from the water and Chrystalos says: What you three ponies are doing is a thing that I can´t allow! Chrystalos launches a green looking beam and destroys the net and Tess says: Hey not fair! Jamie says: Yeah our net is supposed to be Changeling proof! Mark says: Yeah what gives! Crimson says: You designed the net to withstand our power but not the power of our king, which means you lose Team Equestria! Crimson launches his Plasma Beam, Cobalt launches his Ice Beam and Amber launches a beam with three lasers and it´s known as the Spazer Beam. All three beams hit Team Equestria which sends them flying and Tess says: Why is it that we can´t win! Jamie says: It´s probably because of all the surprise attacks! Mark says: Those Changelings will be ours one day, but until then… Everypony shouts: It looks like Team Equestria is blasting off again!! Twilight says: Red… I mean Crimson if you truly have to leave, then I will be more understanding than I were before. I just hope that we´ll meet you again someday! Crimson says: I´m pretty sure we´ll meet again Twilight Star. For now everypony, this is where our paths split up, but I´m pretty sure destiny will bring us together again. Good bye my friends. Cobalt says: It was nice meeting you everypony. Amber says: Yeah I hope we get to meet again! Chrystalos says: Take good care of the power inside you, Guardians of the Sea. Then all the Sinisteeds return back to Marelantis and Peachie says: Did the king just refer us to as Guardians of the Sea? Apple Kicker says: He sure did and I´m guessing it´s because we helped to save the sea from disaster. Sprinkles says: So what do we do now? Twilight says: I guess it´s time for us to head back to Equestria! They all start to swim back to Apple Island and as they´re swimming away from the Sanctuary of Balance three creatures appears outside the sanctuary and the first one says: The guardians have saved the world from disaster once again. The second one says: However their task is not yet fulfilled, a danger awaits them all in the future. The third one says: And this will cause their paths to cross again. The first one says: Let us hope they´ll be prepared when this disaster arrives, because the world’s fate lies in their hooves. Then they all disappear. Twilight Star and her friends make it back to Apple Island and they say goodbye to everypony they´ve met on the island and they jump on the boat. Once back in Equestria they all walk back to Ponyville and they arrive at their homes again. Twilight Star opens the front door and says: Mom, dad, I´m home! Twilight Sparkle and Sun Star comes along and Twilight Sparkle says: We´ve missed you so much pumpkin, how was your trip? Twilight Star says: Oh, I had tons of fun and we got to go on a really cool adventure. Sun Star says: Well it´s great to know that you´ve had fun while you´ve been on this vacation. Twilight Star says: So what have you two been up to while I´ve been gone? Twilight Sparkle says: Let´s just say we´ve had our own adventure here at home! Sun Star says: Yeah, it was indeed a great adventure. Twilight Star says: May I ask what this adventure could be? Twilight Sparkle says: We can talk about that adventure some other day pumpkin. Sun Star says: Yeah and you probably want to get some rest because you seem to be really tired. Twilight Star says: Yeah I feel kind of tired, so yeah I´ll see tomorrow. Goodnight mom and dad. Once in her room she heads to her bed and then she says: I really hope I´ll get to meet you again someday Red, because I´m going to miss you. Twilight Star then falls asleep, and as night falls over Ponyville Twilight Star and her friends all know that they´ve managed to save the world from a terrible disaster. It is here that this adventure comes to an end, but perhaps in the future there will be yet another adventure. What this adventure will be all about is unsure, but whatever it is I´m sure it´s going to be magical.

The End

Some fact about this season:

This season reintroduces Twilight Star and her friends in yet another adventure to save the world from disaster. The Sinisteed known as Crimson Red returned to have a big part in the plotline showing his true past and his destiny. This season has borrowed a few things from different kinds of sources so that I would be able to make these episodes. There will be more seasons in the future but for now this will be the latest one in my series.

I hope you all enjoyed this season and leave a comment if you feel like it.