I don´t know what has happened, I can´t post comments on my own blogs or other blogs for that matter. I think this is an issue and I think it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Edit: Nevermind I think I know why I´ve been having problems with this today, I´ve probably been limited so i can´t make any comments here because of some penalty that I´ve gained. I´ve been editing some text here on wiki and undoing the change, it´s a faster and easier way to get the article badge, since I´m not good at editing my own stuff and writing my own articles to add to the wiki that´s probably the reason why I can´t post comments here.

So if you´re still reading this I want to say that I´m sorry for that, I can´t know everything about this wiki. No more editing for me in the articles. :(

New Edit: If you want to block me then I´m fine with that, I deserve it after all the mess I´ve done. If I´m still able to use this account I will only use it to answer other peoples question if I have knowledge of those questions. This is my last response to this blog.