Hi everyone

Well, today is special day, since it´s the day when I made my account, FlameStar101. So, I was thinking I would talk about what´s happened with me since I first arrived to the wiki. Also, take note that this blog will contain a lot of text so it might get a bit boring to read all of this.

Anyway, my first exposure of MLP FiM was in year 2011, December 17th. I was scrolling through some YouTube videos when I came across a review of MLP FiM; someone had seen Friendship is Magic – Part 1 and 2. He said that he actually liked those episodes, and he thought others should give those episodes a chance as well. I decided to take a look at those episodes and I was caught by surprise how funny this series actually was; despite never watching the previous generations of MLP.

I believe I came across this wiki the day after I´ve watched all the episodes up to Hearth´s Warming Eve. I decided to take a look around on the wiki and if I recall correctly the first comment I posted (while still being an anon) on this wiki was on Twilight´s page and I think I said something like this: “So Twilight´s the librarian of Ponyville, but why doesn´t ponies borrow books from her, except for her friends and the CMC?  Are other ponies there off screen or something? “I don´t recall what answer I got from the person who replied to my comment, but I believe he/she explained the situation.

Anyway, time passed and little by little I posted more comments on this wiki until finally, 2012, April 9th I decided to make my account. Ironically, I probably typed the wrong username since it was probably meant to be “Flamestar101” instead “FlameStar101”. There wasn´t supposed to be a big “S” in the word “star”, but it was a bit too late to change that since I´ve already registered everything. So, now I finally had my real account and basically the first thing I did was to share some of my fan made episodes that I made when I was still an anon. The first one to comment on my blog post was somebody that felt like there was too much text to read, so I decided to redo all the episodes that I made; they all got shortened down quite a lot. When it was time to post them I had only had my blog posted for a few minutes when the first person posted her comment on my blog which was Leaf Shade. She asked if I made these episodes myself and I said yes. A few days went by and I stumbled across one of Leaf Shade´s blogs about Applejack and I decided to post a comment. I believe the day after I came across an anon on Leaf Shade´s blog that apparently had problems with using her account. I tried my best to help and I was eventually able to help her with the problem. This anon turned out to be PowerStar89; she was grateful that I helped her and asked if she could help me in any way. I said that I was happy I could help and that she didn´t have to repay me.

Days went by, and I was waiting for season 3 of MLP FiM. When it eventually arrived I came across a person on the Magic Duel episode of season 3, named Prince Doopliss, he was talking about how Trixie would behave like in that episode and I decided to reply to his comment. We had a long conversation with others jumping in as well to talk to us. When the New Year was arriving, I had slowly gotten more comfortable with talking with others and I asked if PowerStar89 and Prince Doopliss wanted to be friends with me, since we´ve all had conversations with each other quite a lot. I was happy when they said that they wanted to be friends with me; so Power and Doopliss became my first two friends on this wiki. Some time went by and I had slowly started to talk with other users such as Dashgirl126, Filly Please, Dragon Theology (still an anon at this point) and a few others as well. At this point I felt really sad, and I felt like I didn´t want to be on the wiki anymore. However, Power, Doopliss and Filly Please tried to convince me a lot of times that they still wanted me around. That motivated me to keep trying to stay on the wiki.

Soon enough, the finale of season 3 arrived and you already know what happened there, so won´t go into detail about that. It was around this point that Doopliss decided to take a break from the wiki and Power and me were worried where he could be and also Leaf Shade, Dashgirl126, Dragon Theology (with account) Filly Please and Roadside Picnic as well. A few days went by and I started to talk to Nihi The Brony on one of my blogs, and he seemed like a really funny guy. We talked about a few things and I even took a look at his profile page and got surprised to see it filled with a lot of Pinkie Pies. At that point I knew he was a Pinkie fan. XD I believe a few days went by and I started to talk to a girl known as Applejack88. She was new to the wiki and she seemed like a really nice girl and she posted some funny and interesting comments as well. A few days after that, I asked if Dragon Theology, Nihi The Brony and Applejack88 wanted to be my friends as well, since I´ve gotten to know them a bit more thanks to our conversations. They all said yes, I got even more friends to talk to. When Equestria Girls got announced we all talked about that series, and how it would turn out. I started to talk a bit more with Dashgirl126 on the Equestria Girls page, and I asked if she wanted to be my friend as well. She also said yes and gained yet another awesome friend to talk to. As time went by I became friends with Leaf Shade, Filly Please, PinkiePie12345, Roadside Picnic and MusicalCupcake.

So, here we are now. I´ve met really awesome friends I couldn´t have asked for anything better than all of you. All of you mean a lot to me and I´m happy that you all consider me a friend even if most of the time I don´t get to have full conversations with two of you, like: Dashgirl126 and Leaf Shade. Just to let you two know, you both still mean a lot to me even if we don´t talk all that much with each other. :)

Anyway, I want to say that I´ve grown a lot while being a part of this wiki, and I believe it´s my friends that have made me more social again; since that´s what I set out to do first when I arrived to this wiki. I wanted to become more social again after being without real life friends since 2008.

So once again, I wanted to thank all the people on this wiki for putting up with me for over a year and I especially wanted to thank my friends for being there to support me and just being the awesome people that you are:

PowerStar89 ¤ Prince Doopliss ¤ Dragon Theology ¤ Nihi The Brony ¤ Applejack88 ¤ Dashgirl126 ¤ Leaf Shade ¤ Filly Please ¤ PinkiePie12345 ¤ Roadside Picnic ¤ MusicalCupcake

Also, I wanted to say thank you to three more people as well, even though you aren´t officially my friends yet, but I´m hoping you want to be: Rarity101 ¤ Crazzi ¤ BubbleMuffin

Anyway, this is all I had to say and I hope this blog was somewhat interesting, and sorry if I forgot to mention a few things, or if I said something wrong. All in all, this has been a really good year and it can only get better from here.

This has been FlameStar101 signing out!