I really didn´t want to post this blog to be honest, but if I don´t speak up about how I got treated about the conflict between me and PowerStar89 last year, then the admins of this site are just going to simply ignore it´s existance and PowerStar89 will just get away without any sort of warnings whatsoever (I have already recieved enough warnings as it is from both this site and MLP forums).

You (the admins) have already read what you needed to know about what I had done towards PowerStar89 (and yes, I do regret what I did back then, but it doesn´t change the fact how PowerStar89 behaved during that point against me), but did it ever cross your mind (Callofduty4, Imperfect, Rallinale) to ask what PowerStar89 had done towards me, because you obviously won´t take my word for what she did. Take you for example, Rallinale; you said that I needed to improve, but did you tell anything to PowerStar89 to improve her attitude and personality? No, because you only went straight to the first problem that you could see visible (me), while PowerStar89 was being passive-aggressive in the background telling admins information that was inaccurate.

I think most of you owe me a proper apology, unlike the one I got from PowerStar89, because that was an apology she wasn´t even interested in posting away, since she just wanted to post the inaccurate information to Imperfect and basically make me even more upset with her. I really don´t understand how a person can undergo a complete transformation of attitude within just a few months, but she definitely made my life feel bad during that point and let´s not talk about everyone else I used to talk to, because they apparently changed as well, but not as bad as PowerStar89.

Anyway, if most of you people are still ignoring the things I´ve mentioned at this point, then there´s really no way for me to make probably any of you understand what I had to feel for these 8 months in how people aren´t even trying to pay more attention to what is actually going on. I´ve done all that I could now, and this will be the point where I just continue to rate episodes and movies of MLP until the series ends. After that point, I´ll be leaving this place with more bad memories than good memories unfortunately. One more thing: PowerStar89 will most likely want to get rid of this blog, because that´s just the way she works, but sometimes you actually have to tell the truth even if you don´t want to, and I´m looking at you, PowerStar89; because we both know how you are about telling the truth.