Well I love the show and this wiki so much that I'm gonna edit as much as I can. I just felt like saying this. I'm so happy to be here. I wouldn't like to be anywhere else, well, Ponyville would be better but can't go there. 1st UPDATE This is now my home wiki. I left two wikis due to the death of a friendship, something that I hope will someday be reparied. Anyways, even if we become friends again this will still be my home wiki, nothing will ever change that unless people start hating me here with at that point I will disable my account. I would not be able to handle the loss of my favorite wiki, but this wiki is pretty friendly so I think that will never happen. Anyways, MLP wiki will remain my home and nothing is gonna change that. Thank you all for being so kind, no one has been mean to me here. Thanks. 2nd UPDATE Well, that friendship that I lost is back again but like I said MLP will remain my home wiki and nothing is gonna change that. I made a new friend here in MLP, Jonbuddy, a MOD. He is really cool and awesome. 3rd UPDATE I'll be in Mexico this Saturday and most of Sunday. That means I'll be inactive for s short period of time. Hmm, what do say... I got it. I have really gotten into editing the wiki. Acquired Image Control rights by working for them. Yeah... this concludes my third update. 4th UPDATE After spending much time in chat, I have acquired moderator rights in the wiki. Well, from Wednesday, April 24 to the 29th I will be at the High School Senior Trip to Florida (Disney World to be exact) so I will have little or no contact to the wiki. Just a heads up. This concludes my 4th update. 5th UPDATE Well, today, May 9, 2013, is my Wikiversary. One year ago today, I joined the Adventure Time wiki (on a different account) which is the first wiki I joined. That is all. 6th UPDATE My editing has nearly stopped for no real reason. I am heading to college in a few months and I shall be staying at the dorms most of the year. All I need to do right now is find some incentive to edit. I love the wiki and I want to help, just gotta find that inspiration to get back in action. Well, again heading to Mexico this weekend (mostly likely) which means I'm going to miss the Equestria Girls movie with no chance of seeing it until July 13. Let's just hope I survive the trip. That is all for roday.