It had been thunder storming in ponyville* for weeks. Princess Twilight Sparkle tried to command rainbow dash to change the weather. Strangly, the pegasus found it beyond her power. The two ponies enter the castle to talk about what they can do. They send a letter to princess celestia notifing her of a storm they can't remove. Twilight is quick to recieve a reply which says that canterlot is sunny, and that their view of ponyville is also sunny.  Twilight attempts to use her magic to stop the storm, but it doesn't work. Instead, she makes it worse when purple lightning emerges from the clouds and circles them. Rainbow Dash goes to clouds dale to ask the pegasus for advice. They say that stopping the storm is out of their control and that they should consider seeing the wonderbolts. Rainbow dash zooms to where the wonderbolts are located. They tell her that this storm isn't normal, and there is nothing they can do about it. Meanwhile, Twilight tries to persuade the princesses to come to pony ville but they refuse, saying they are busy and that Twilight should be able to handle it on her own. It then begins to rain, but not any rain, purple rain, which corrupts anything it touches. Luckily Twilight is quick enough to use her magic to put a force field over every residence in ponyville so they can't be corrupted. To be continued 10 comments for part 2

update; not getting alot of comments here. I WILL NOT continue until I get 10 constructive comments, and mine do not count.