• Flowerbud27

    MLP:FIM Fanfiction YAY!

    January 20, 2015 by Flowerbud27

    Hi guys! I am writing a fan fiction about MLP:FIM. Of course, I had to throw my OC, Flowerbud, in there! So yeah! Have fun reading it! Also it is not done yet, so don't judge. (P.S. Please do not rewrite, copy, or anything like that out of it, unless you ask me for permission. If you would like to use it, pretty please ask me on my talk/chat tab thingy.)

    The fanfiction:

    Introduction- My name is Flowerbud. I have a light pink body, blue mane and tail, and purple eyes. I’m an earth pony, remember that, it’s important. I like reading books, flowers, and nature overall. I also like doing things that aren’t really important. Even though I have many interests, I still haven’t gotten my cutie mark yet. I pretend I don’t really care, but in the insi…

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