Hi guys! I am writing a fan fiction about MLP:FIM. Of course, I had to throw my OC, Flowerbud, in there! So yeah! Have fun reading it! Also it is not done yet, so don't judge. (P.S. Please do not rewrite, copy, or anything like that out of it, unless you ask me for permission. If you would like to use it, pretty please ask me on my talk/chat tab thingy.)

The fanfiction:

Introduction- My name is Flowerbud. I have a light pink body, blue mane and tail, and purple eyes. I’m an earth pony, remember that, it’s important. I like reading books, flowers, and nature overall. I also like doing things that aren’t really important. Even though I have many interests, I still haven’t gotten my cutie mark yet. I pretend I don’t really care, but in the inside, I’m super-duper, epically confused, on why I haven’t gotten my mark yet. BLAH! I shouldn’t think about it too much should I? I can’t help it. I’m gonna die. GARRRRR! Phooey… Ok…… But I feel like I should tell you what I think my cutie mark should be… A stack of books. Cool, huh? What? It’s nerdy? Well, I like it, so there. Deal with it… Pickin’ up on my attitude/personality? Huh. Cool. So, yeah.

Chapter 1| Home-Sweet-Tree I galloped fiercely into the Everfree forest, towards my “house”, if you can even call it that. I live under a tree with branches that hang way down to the ground. The branches are pretty dense, so I’m fine with it. My back hurt from the weight of my pack. It’s filled with books, seeds, and flowerbuds. I love planting flowerbuds, since my name is Flowerbud. I push through the heavy branches and tossed my pack onto the dirt. I don’t need to be clean, I don’t get many visitors. I have friends, but everyone’s scared of the Everfree forest. I guess it can be scary once in a while, but a visit won’t kill anyone. Unless the manticore decides to visit. I use my hoof to dig holes in the dirt and throw seeds into them. I throw a glance at my watering well and find that it is empty. Great, just great. I throw my pack back on and start trotting towards Froggy Bottom Bog.

Chapter 2|Frogs aren’t pesks By the time I reach Froggy Bottom Bog, I’m out of breath. Sure, this place doesn’t have the best drinkable water, but it has so many minerals, it’s like a protein shake for plants. Plus, if you boil it for like 5 minutes, the water tastes great. I see Pinkie Pie at the edge of the water. “Hey! Pinkie Pie!” I holler. “WHAT!” Pinkie responds. I reply, “What are you doing?” Pinkie skips towards me. I see a pack on her back. “I’m looking for a frog,” Pinkie says, ”Why else would I be here?”

“Well, yeah, I can see that,” I snap, “ but why are you looking for a frog?” 

“Rarity says that she can make anything, and anyone look perfectly perfect.” “You must be crazy.