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    EQD Exchange

    March 26, 2018 by Fluffbrain

    This was a discussion I had about a week ago in the comments section of one of Equestria Daily's Pony Community Soapbox posts. I'm posting it here for two reasons. First, though I don't consider it a particularly intense debate, I feel I articulated my thoughts well, something that (as per the first line on my "Miscellanous/About Me" profile section) fits the description of one of the main reasons I use this site. Second, it actually helped me understand what I think many other people's perspective on the show is - that people really do watch it for the fictional continuity, which... still does not compute for me.

    Here's the original piece I wrote that was featured: …

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    Title: Brushing is Awesome
    (sung to the tune of "Time to Be Awesome")

    I know you’re ready to go to bed
    It’s been a long day and you’re feeling blue
    But while you think that you’ve been eating lunch
    Turns out your lunch’s been eating you

    I see the plaque building up inside
    So do your teeth a favor and floss ‘em
    Then take your brush in hand and go to town
    And then you’ll find, yeah, brushing is awesome

    (Ah ah aaah, awesome
    It’s time to brush, so awesome!)

    You have no idea how much it costs
    Those shifty dentists I’ve been forced to pay
    Don’t let them rob you of all your dough
    So you can save it for a rainy day

    I feel the crumbs stuck between my teeth
    It’s like a meal still yet to be chewed
    And now it’s time to scrub those germs away
    And leave my mouth feeling fr…

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    All told, my desire to watch this movie falls into the category of 1+/5. Even with all the things I’m going to praise, the story is simply dragged too much through empty tropes and the writing quality consistently dips to pretty low levels. It’s easy to find Meghan McCarthy’s input as the moments that feel significant either in a comedic or dramatic sense, which are usually juxtaposed with dialogue and scenes that are exhaustingly predictable and/or needlessly over-the-top in much the same way that I style the show after season five. So in terms of the hard and fast conclusion on the writing, it certainly had its scenes and moments but the general affair (including the reliance on tropes) didn’t really impress.

    I mentioned earlier that this…

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    Ultimately the movie played out on the upper end of my expectations. Which is to say, it was actually alright. Not superb, not even great... but not bad.

    The issues I anticipated in my last blog - that the movie would of necessity be defined by corny and overused plot devices that would drain anticipation, much like what happened in The Perfect Pear - were present and did affect my enjoyment of the movie, but they ended up being quite a bit less prevalent than I had expected. The musical numbers didn't really do it for me but the atmospheric music was pretty solid most of the time.

    I'll finish up my thoughts on this later, but what I can say is this: I could tell the writers were trying to avoid the same things I was hoping they'd avoid, and I…

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    Preamble: this is not meant to be contrarian or reactionary to positive views on the movie, but since it's a big event on the timeline of a show I've spent so much time watching and thinking about I thought I'd be appropriate to analyze a point of significant consternation which has kept me from watching it, perhaps indefinitely.

    The reason I have no current plans to watch the MLP movie is because I don’t anticipate the materials fitting the medium. I recognize there are a lot of personal opinions and preferences going into this - namely that I really don’t watch movies in the first place and that I’ve lost basically all interest in the show’s current direction – but even setting those aside there is still an issue that sinks my anticipatio…

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