Well, it’s been exactly a year since I watched my first episode of MLP:FiM, which calls for a candid and wistful recollection. I was going to couple this with my thoughts on season six, but that’s been taking longer than I anticipated (mostly from the effort to make it short enough while covering everything in mind) and also I’ve been much busier this last week than normal, so it seems they will be separate.

 I watched season five first, starting with Castle Sweet Castle; I remember being fairly unimpressed until Spike’s line “man, this place looks terrible!” which, though not a particularly strong joke, took me somewhat off guard (I had fairly low expectations) and landed enough interest to keep me watching. I remember earlier that day deciding to find out if there was any cause for all the “brony” commotion by sampling an episode, my interest having just been mildly piqued by a video posted on the youtube channel Lemmino about the show. I also remember taking off classes for the next several days on account of being *sick* for the sake of binge watching the entire series twice over. I don’t watch TV shows or movies or Netflix, nor am I particularly keen on children’s entertainment in general, but there was something about this show that really scratched an itch in a way I hadn’t felt for some time – the satisfying feeling of knowing there were other people who shared the same appreciation of that niche of humor. Admittedly, watching it has been a stark outlier in my list of preferred activities and would be fully outside the realm of interest of anyone else in my social circles… which has been a matter I’ve very regularly brought to attention in my personal thoughts. That is to say, over the last year, the question “Fluffbrain, what are you doing?” in reference to me happily watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has occurred to me with extreme frequency. Quite honestly, however, the thought I’ve put into that internal discussion has been incredibly interesting and insightful for me, and I feel that even if one day I were to decide that all the time I spent watching this show were a waste, I wouldn’t be able to deny the personal growth I’ve experienced from the many analyses and concept explorations I’ve done in the name of answering my own mildly worried questions.

Well anyway, there’s my anniversary speech. I really hope season seven pulls it together so that I have reason to stick around in the fandom for another next year. I kind of like it.