I'd been planning to make one of these for a bit but avoided it because I didn't want any subconscious bias to influence my enjoyment of the show - as in, I didn't want to have an arbitrary pre-set expectation looming over me every time I sat down to watch an episode. I think at this point, however, I feel pretty comfortable and consistent about what I think of each one.

Just as a disclaimer: these aren’t necessarily ratings on quality. Since "quality" is often both complex and subjective, my rating scale is based only on the likelihood of me watching that specific episode when I sit down to watch one, all other things being equal. This means not everything is exactly “best to worst” as you’ll notice from some of my notes. That might be confusing but it makes the show so much easier to rate since it's only based on one intuitive variable, as opposed to the many that I would normally apply.

5 - About as good as I could possibly expect the episode to be; accomplishes its potential pretty fully
4 - Superb episode; easily enjoyed all the way through
3 - Solid episode, average for the show; reliably watchable at any given time
2 - Lackluster but not bad; may be skipped depending on the situation, but still watched on a regular basis
1 - Poor episode, missing a lot of the qualities that drew me into the show originally; difficult to watch more than once every great while
0 - Terrible episode; not worth watching even once

[-] = close to lower number
[+] = close to higher number

Chronological Order

Season One

Episode number Episode title Rating Notes
01+02Friendship is Magic (both parts)4+Honestly I relate more with the Twilight shown in these two episodes than with any other character at any other time... save for, perhaps, Pinkie Pie
03The Ticket Master4
04Applebuck Season3
05Griffon the Brush Off3The resolution scene is very well done
06Boast Busters2+
08Look Before You Sleep4
09Bridle Gossip3+
10Swarm of the Century3
11Winter Wrap Up4
12Call of the Cutie3+
13Fall Weather Friends3
14Suited For Success3
15Feeling Pinkie Keen3
16Sonic Rainboom3
17Stare Master3
18The Show Stoppers4-
19A Dog and Pony Show2
20Green Isn't Your Color3
21Over a Barrel2+
22A Bird in the Hoof3-
23The Cutie Mark Chronicles3+
24Owl's Well That Ends Well3-
25Party of One5Member of Fluffbrain's 5/5 Allstar League
26The Best Night Ever4

Season Two

Episode number Episode title Rating Notes
01+02The Return of Harmony (both parts)4Some of the best material in the series in my opinion; effectively surreal to the point where it's almost difficult to watch
03Lesson Zero4A solid step up from the previous season in terms of storytelling
04Luna Eclipsed4
05Sisterhooves Social4+May be inducted into the 5/5 Allstar League at some point
06The Cutie Pox4
07May the Best Pet Win3
08The Mysterious Mare Do Well4Really top-notch humor in some scenes, great animation work
09Sweet And Elite4-
10Secret of My Excess3
11Hearth's Warming Eve3
12Family Appreciation Day4-
13Baby Cakes2
14The Last Roundup3+
15The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 60003
16Read It and Weep5Member of Fluffbrain's 5/5 Allstar League
17Hearts and Hooves Day4
18A Friend in Deed3+Hits home a bit
19Putting Your Hoof Down3
20It's About Time3+It's a bit slow in the latter half but the humor here is absolutely some of my favorite in the series. Also the music in the disaster-proof montage is so wonderful I've added it as a separate entry on my MLP music playlist.
21Dragon Quest2
22Hurricane Fluttershy4-
23Ponyville Confidential5Member of Fluffbrain's 5/5 Allstar League
24MMMystery on the Friendship Express3
25+26A Canterlot Wedding (both parts)4+Similar level of quality as The Return of Harmony, except less depressing

Season Three

Episode number Episode title Rating Notes
01+02The Crystal Empire (both parts)3
03Too Many Pinkie Pies2+
04One Bad Apple3
05Magic Duel3
06Sleepless in Ponyville4+Really one of the best "serious" episodes, misses 5/5 for very minor reasons
07Wonderbolts Academy3
08Apple Family Reunion3
09Spike at Your Service3
10Keep Calm and Flutter On4The story's climax is very well done
11Just for Sidekicks3+
12Games Ponies Play4+Again, misses 5/5 for minor reasons
13Magical Mystery Cure44 because of the music

Season Four

Episode number Episode title Rating Notes
01+02Princess Twilight Sparkle (both parts)2+Easily the weakest two-parter up to this point, but ultimately not that terrible
03Castle Mane-ia4Evidence that Josh Haber **used** to be cool
04Daring Don't3
05Flight to the Finish4Evidence that Ed Valentine **used** to be cool
06Power Ponies2
08Rarity Takes Manehattan3
09Pinkie Apple Pie2
10Rainbow Falls3
11Three's a Crowd3
12Pinkie Pride2+This one keeps growing on me, used to be a 1
13Simple Ways4
14Filli Vanilli3+
15Twilight Time3
16It Ain't Easy Being Breezies2+Solid humor, story gets a bit drawn-out
17Somepony to Watch Over Me2
18Maud Pie2+I actually really like Maud's character
19For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils4
20Leap of Faith2
21Testing, Testing 1, 2, 33-Similar to Princess Spike, a solid episode let down heavily by its resolution scene
22Trade Ya!4
23Inspiration Manifestation4-
24Equestria Games3
25+26Twilight's Kingdom (both parts)3Not bad, I even thought the "Dragon Ball Z" scene worked well enough. Less humor than most other episodes, and the story, though well-told, isn't **that** compelling.

Season Five

Episode number Episode title Rating Notes
01+02The Cutie Map (both parts)3-Starlight is actually somewhat intriguing as a villain in these episodes. Aside from The Cutie Remark, her subsequent appearances are just below average at best.
03Castle Sweet Castle3The first episode of MLP I ever watched
04Bloom and Gloom4Not perfect but nails certain themes really well, also I really like Applejack's lullaby
05Tanks for the Memories4+Really superb pacing, effective portrayal of the "loss" theme, wonderful song
06Appleoosa's Most Wanted2Troubleshoes' dialogue could have portrayed his "simple" character in a more varied manner, as it is his lines are a bit dull.
07Make New Friends but Keep Discord4-At first Tree Hugger rubbed me the wrong way, but taking all the context into account her character actually works pretty well.
08The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone2Could have done a lot better characterizing the griffons/Griffonstone.
09Slice of Life2+I like a lot of the finished product, but I can't shake the feeling that several scenes were trying too hard to be "cool"
10Princess Spike2+The ending feels very ham-handed to me, but I actually think the rest of the episode is pretty good overall.
11Party Pooped3-Another episode where some scenes feel like they're trying too hard, but otherwise pretty enjoyable.
12Amending Fences2+Didn't really feel the resolution scene
13Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep4Good Luna characterization, great use of the dream scenes
14Canterlot Boutique3I can't find much to complain about with this one
15Rarity Investigaes4Has some minor let-downs but otherwise great theme and stylistic references.
16Made in Manehattan2
17Brotherhooves Social4I'd say 3+/4- for most of the episode, 5 for ending.
18Crusaders of the Lost Mark5Member of Fluffbrain's 5/5 Allstar League
19The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows2+The first "new" episode I watched
20Hearthbreakers1+Nothing really novel in the way the plot plays out
21Scare Master2
22What About Discord?12- for most of the episode, 0+ for the ending
23The Hooffields and McColts1The new characters are pretty uninspiring. The cold open, however, is one of my favorites in the series.
24The Mane Attraction1+
25+26The Cutie Re-Mark (both episodes)2For a "serious" episode, one that tends to trade off humor for story, I don't find it terribly compelling. Not bad though.

Season Six

Episode number Episode title Rating Notes
01+02The Crystalling (both parts)0
03The Gift of the Maud Pie0
04On Your Marks1
05Gauntlet of Fire0-
06No Second Prances0-
07Newbie Dash1
08A Hearth's Warming Tale0+You can tell it had some production quality gone into it
09The Saddle Row Review0
10Applejack's "Day" Off0-
11Flutter Brutter0
12Spice Up Your Life0+
13Stranger Than Fan Fiction0+
14The Cart Before the Ponies0-
1528 Pranks Later0
16The Times They Are A Changeling0
17Dungeons & Discords0
18Buckball Season0-Bordering on 0- and 0
19The Fault in Our Cutie Marks0
20Viva Las Pegasus0
21Every Little Thing She Does0
22P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)0
23Where the Apple Lies1-
24Top Bolt1-
25+26To Where and Back Again (both parts)0-

Season Seven

Episode number Episode title Rating Notes
01Celestial Advice1-
02All Bottled Up0
03A Flurry of Emotions1Some scenes are pretty decent and/or affect me personally
04Rock Solid FriendshipN/AWatched intro only
05Fluttershy Leans InN/AWatched intro only
06Forever FillyN/A
07Parental Glideance0
08Hard to Say Anything0The title reminds me of "Neigh Anything", which I actually enjoyed quite a bit. Sadly this doesn't affect the episode's rating.
09Honest Apple1+Gah... for the first time since I started watching the show (after The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows), I actually legitimately enjoyed myself for stretches at a time. I really want to give this a 3+, but it spoils itself with the standard post-S05 issues too many times.
10A Royal ProblemN/AWatched intro only
11Not Asking for Trouble0+The first half had some laughs
12Discordant HarmonyN/AWatched up to Discord talking with himself on the park bench. Lots of wacky antics but nothing really clever.
13The Perfect Pear0Unceremonious presentation of a well-trod plot line with every point spelled out a second time by the Apple siblings. Also the VA work was oddly uninspiring.
14Fame and Misfortune0I don't think there was a single interaction that didn't prompt me to think "who acts like this?"
15Triple Threat1-Thorax in the first half was decent. Otherwise predictable and dull.
16Campfire TalesN/AWatched intro only. A minute of needless, soulless self-referencing doesn't exactly stoke me up to keep watching.
17To Change a ChangelingN/A
18Daring DoneN/AWatched intro only. The jokes had potential but the punchlines were delivered too deliberately.
19It Isn't the Mane Thing About YouN/A
20A Health of InformationN/A
21Marks and RecreationN/A
22Once Upon a ZeppelinN/A
23Secrets and PiesN/A
24Uncommon BondN/A
25+26Shadow Play (both parts)N/A

Ordered by Rating

5/5 – Fluffbrain's Allstar League

Ponyville Confidential -S2
Read It and Weep -S2
Crusaders of the Lost Mark [*on account of music] -S5
Party of One [*honorary member, don’t ask me what that means] -S1


Season 1

Friendship is Magic [+, *lots of very personally meaningful content]
The Ticket Master
Look Before You Sleep
Winter Wrap-Up
The Show Stoppers [-]
The Best Night Ever

Season 2

The Return of Harmony [*5 in quality but mildly depressing to watch]
Lesson Zero
Luna Eclipsed
Sisterhooves Social [+]
The Cutie Pox
The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well
Sweet and Elite [-]
Family Appreciation Day [-]
Hearts and Hooves Day [*brought down slightly near the end]
Hurricane Fluttershy [-]
A Canterlot Wedding [+]

Season 3

Sleepless in Ponyville [+]
Keep Calm and Flutter On
Games Ponies Play [+]
Magical Mystery Cure [*4 because of music]

Season 4

Simple Ways
Inspiration Manifestation [-]
Flight to the Finish
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
Trade Ya!

Season 5

Bloom and Gloom
Tanks for the Memories [+]
Make New Friends but Keep Discord [-]
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep
Rarity Investigates! [*boosted by theme, let down by resolution scene]
Brotherhooves Social


Season 1

Applebuck Season
Griffon the Brush Off [+]
Bridle Gossip [+]
Swarm of the Century
Call of the Cutie [+]
Fall Weather Friends
Suited for Success
Feeling Pinkie Keen
Sonic Rainboom
Stare Master
Green Isn’t Your Color
A Bird in the Hoof [-]
The Cutie Mark Chronicles [+]
Owl’s Well That Ends Well [-]

Season 2

May the Best Pet Win!
Secret of My Excess
Hearth’s Warming Eve [+]
The Last Roundup [+]
The Super Speed Cider Squeezy 6000
A Friend in Deed
Putting Your Hoof Down
It’s About Time [+]
MMMystery on the Friendship Express [*quality is 4]

Season 3

The Crystal Empire
One Bad Apple
Magic Duel
Wonderbolts Academy
Apple Family Reunion
Spike at Your Service
Just for Sidekicks [+]

Season 4

Castle Mane-ia
Daring Don’t
Bats! [-]
Rarity Takes Manehattan
Rainbow Falls
Three’s a Crowd
Filli Vanilli [+]
Twilight Time
Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 [-, *great episode in many ways but ruined by ending]
Equestria Games
Twilight's Kingdom

Season 5

The Cutie Map [-]
Castle Sweet Castle
Party Pooped [-]
Canterlot Boutique


Season 1

Boast Busters [+]
A Dog and Pony Show
Over a Barrel [+]

Season 2

Baby Cakes
Dragon Quest [*superb cold open award]

Season 3

Too Many Pinkie Pies [+]

Season 4

Princess Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Apple Pie
Power Ponies
Pinkie Pride [+]
It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies [+]
Somepony to Watch Over Me
Maud Pie [+]
Leap of Faith

Season 5

Appleoosa’s Most Wanted
The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone
Slice of Life [*quality of 3]
Princess Spike [*ruined by ending, otherwise 3+]
The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows [+]
Scare Master
Amending Fences [+]
Made in Manehattan
The Cutie Re-Mark


Season 5

The Hooffields and McColts [*superb cold open award]
What About Discord
Hearthbreakers [+]
The Mane Attraction [+]

Season 6

On Your Marks
Newbie Dash
Where the Apple Lies [-]
Top Bolt [-]

Season 7

Celestial Advice [-]
A Flurry of Emotions
Honest Apple [+, *strange mix of 3 and 0]
Triple Threat [-]


Season 6

The Crystalling
The Gift of the Maud Pie
Gauntlet of Fire [-]
No Second Prances [-]
A Hearth's Warming Tale [+]
The Saddle Row Review
Applejack's "Day" Off [-]
Flutter Brutter
Spice Up Your Life [+]
Stranger Than Fan Fiction [+]
The Cart Before the Ponies [-]
28 Pranks Later
The Times They Are A-Changling
Dungeons and Discords
Buckball Season [-]
The Fault in Our Cutie Marks
Viva Las Pegasus
Every Little Thing She Does
P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)
To Where and Back Again [-]

Season 7

All Bottled Up
Parental Glideance
Hard to Say Anything
Not Asking for Trouble [+]
The Perfect Pear
Fame and Misfortune

Aired but not watched

Season 7

Rock Solid Friendship [*watched intro]
Fluttershy Leans In [*watched intro]
Forever Filly
A Royal Problem [*watched intro]
Discordant Harmony [*watched just past intro]
Campfire Tales [*watched intro]
To Change a Changeling
Daring Done? [*watched intro]
It Isn't the Mane Thing About You
A Health of Information
Marks and Recreation
Once Upon a Zeppelin
Secrets and Pies
Uncommon Bond
Shadow Play