Well I was bored out of my gourd and decided to make a midi version of the sheet music from the episode The Fault in Our Cutie Marks. The music in question is the score Gabby writes for the unusual quartet that appears in the song Find the Purpose in Your Life during the lines "Write a piece for your quartet / Filling in on clarinet". Here's a link to the youtube video: Based on the layout of the music and the fact that she gives it to the singer, it can be assumed that the top line is meant to be the vocal part and the bottom two lines (given the grand staff) are a piano reduction for the singer's convenience. However, because Finale's built-in midi sound for voice is horrendous, and because the harp and clarinet parts could be represented with the staves indicated, I decided to orchestrate the final product for those instruments (note, I used Bb clarinet and applied the notes in concert pitch).

Gabby writing a musical piece S6E19