Please be advised, this is not a favorable opinion of the episode. In fact I'd say it's quite unfavorable. But that shouldn't necessarily affect your opinion if you disagree. It's also very short; I don't go into too much detail because I've already done so in earlier posts and comments, but if there's something I bring up that isn't clear feel free to ask about it.

I, uh... I didn't like it. For me it was little more than a straightforward presentation of a fairly simple and predictable story, where the takeaways of each flashback were plainly and unnecessarily repeated by the Apple siblings immediately afterward. The writing took no risks and offered no surprises. The rushed pace made much of the dialogue feel artificial and as a result I could barely get into any of the emotion, which as a side note the writers seemed to be pushing harder here than in any other episode in the whole series.

There was a lot of screen time spent on things that didn't need it, such as the various montages and the aforementioned Apple siblings' repetition of plot points. They could have used that screentime to allow a more natural rhythm to the character interactions. They could have presented the growing fondness of the two parents in ways that weren't so trite, and offered more impactful examples of why the families didn't like each other other than selling different types of fruit (really, that 'conflict' is pretty contrived). The special VA work didn't do anything for me beyond make it particularly obvious that they came up with the idea long before they considered how much actual utility it would offer the episode. Speaking of voice acting, the scene where the toddler versions of the parents start talking to each other in normal voices literally brought me to close the tab; the only reason I went back was because I wanted to write a review on what I'd seen, which meant I had to watch the whole episode to ensure fairness.

I wouldn't say it's one of the worst episodes; the main offense was boring me to tears rather than outright annoying me, like with Flutter Brutter. And it did have its moments - the line "Are you makin' me choose?" actually did move me somewhat, and the bit where Goldie Delicious is dissuaded by a cougar made me laugh. Overall though the experience was like reading an astonishingly uninspiring children's book.