O.K. I know there are lots of these(i know about 3), so, if you do those, you can tell that some names are really random and sometimes lame. You can do this with your username or first name(or full name if you want-I don't care) Just take the first and last letter of the one you choose and use this chart for finding your name.

First Letter:

A: Feather B: Thunder C: Twilight D: Sweetie E: Pinkie F: Diamond G: Love H: Derpy I: Vanilla J: Summer K: Starlight L: Rainbow M: Moon N: Princess O: Mayor P: Peach Q: Queen R: Luna S: Rich T: Filthy U: Doctor V: Daring W: Nurse X: Hope Y: Mist Z: Cloud

Last Letter:

A: Dash B: Writer C: Jitter D: Chaser E: Sparkle F: Spoon G: Fire H: Nightwatch I: Bloom J: Cream K: Heart L: Seed M: Rain N: Pie O: Hail P: Quill Q: Jam R: Bloom S: Candy T: Clap U: Weight V: Weather W: Sky X: Shy Y: (W)Hooves Z: Mind

For my first name: Rainbow Pie

For my username: Luna Nightwatch

What's yours?