You probally believe that comic-con is already over, but in my state, its not even over yet! So, I got to go for the first time today, and decided to blog about my awesome exsperience.

I was determined when I got there to find at least one person in a pony costume. Sadly, all I saw was a guy in a shirt with Big Macintoshs cutie mark. Oh well, as the show gets more popular, I guess we will get more cosplaying bronies :D

The best part was going into the art sale rooming and finding lots of MLP FiM merchandise. One bronie had a human drawing of Celestia, a human Fluttershy taming a dragon, and a human Twilight fighting a human Trixie. I bought the Twilight fighting Trixie poster, and my wall has never looked better :P If you want to see this guys art, I believe he told me his deviantart username is 123hamster. I also got a custom made applejack card, a DJ Pon3 sticker and 4 pony cards, each in a plastic case. One of Rainbow Dash, one of Applejack, one of Twilight, and one of Derpy!! :D *insert derp face*

So, anyway, it was a great exsperience that was worth the blisters on my feet from walking to the ends of lines. I can't wait to go again next year :D