Alright, i'm tired of writing Dear Princess Celestia at the top of my blog, so i'm not going to do that for this post. Anyway, so i'm watching "The Ticket Master" on youtube 'cause i'm bored, and then I realize something; what if Twilight never sent the tickets back? Who would she have given the ticket to?

Now, lets say your Twilight Sparkle. Who would you take to the Gala with you? I thought about this, and almost decided Rarity, but then I realised I would take Applejack. Not becuase shes one of my favourites, but becuase she didn't want to go to "party" or "become famouse", she wanted to go so that she could make money, and not for herself, but for her grandmother, her house and her brother. That seems like a great reason to me.

So, who would you take? Comment on this blog, please! :D

FlutterShy2000 13:52, October 2, 2011 (UTC)