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  • FlutterTheShy

    The Equestria Awards!

    January 31, 2012 by FlutterTheShy

    Heyyyyy everyone, and welcome to the Equestria Awards Show!!!!! We have 25 categories for you to vote in! Post in the comments who or what YOU think should win these titles:

    Prettiest Pony

    Cutest Pony

    Most Talented

    Best song

    Best episode

    Best name

    Coolest cutie mark

    Best pony type (earth,pegasus,unicorn)

    Best Element of Harmony

    Funniest Pony

    Weirdest Pony

    Most Evil Pony

    Coolest Pony Celebrity

    Hottest Stallion

    Cutest Pet

    Craziest Wild Animal

    Least Favorite Episode

    Best Lesson Learned

    Favorite place in Equestria

    Least favorite place in Equestria

    Scariest Place in Equestria

    Best Pony buisness

    Funniest Un-Edible Pony Food

    Coolest Social Event

    MVP ( Most Valuable Pony)

    Voting Opens February 1, 2012 and closes February 25,2012

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  • FlutterTheShy

    Hi everyone. Flutter here. Tommorow, January 28, my good friend, ConkerTSquirrel, will be competing in a talent show at his school. He's been practicing so much, he quotes he 'feels like he stuck a knife down his throat'. He will be singing four songs by Linkin Park for the talent show. The songs are, "My December", "Numb", "Breaking The Habit", and "With You". He's been rehearsing every waking moment tonight, as said during chat. I want to dedicate this blog post to him, and wish him good luck as the special time arrives.He has done a lot for me, so this is for you Conker.

    An original little song by me, FlutterTheShy.

    You've been rehearsing so hard,

    Every minute, you cough up more blood.

    I know you wanna try your best,

    To win.

    Going out for 'Be…

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  • FlutterTheShy

    Derp Muffin: Dad

    LittleMarioBigWorld: Mom

    Callofduty4: Older Brother

    ConkerTSquirrel: Little Brother

    FlutterAngel: Best Friend

    Princepony9: Boyfriend

    MunoSay: Pet Dog

    UglyTurtle: Pet Turtle

    Friendly Uncle: Jonny Manz

    "Interesting" Uncle Jopopo= JonBuddy1 (sorry if i got it wrong!)

    Relative Of Indeterminate Origin= YWNK

    Needle Mouse who lives in the attic= Zony514

    Neighbor who loves coconuts and korean soap operas= Kent101299

    Outgoing and funny cousin= PinkieLover

    Adopted Brother from India= Applejack the pony

    Neighbor/magic store assistant manager= CaveJohnson

    Pet Lizard named Mr.Kipling= LizardMaster178

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  • FlutterTheShy

    So, i was thinking about if the main six were muffins, what kinds they would be, and here's what i came up with.

    Twilight Sparkle: Cinnamon Spice. Cinnamon Spice muffins have a lot of spice to them. They are healthy and good for you, but have just the right amount of sweetness to get you satisfied.

    Rarity: Blueberry. Elegant, sweet, sharp, and juicy, like Rarity, Blueberry Muffins have a lot of flavor.They are sweet, but sour at the same time, and elegant as well.

    Fluttershy: Banana Nut. Bananas are sweet and soft, just like Fluttershy. Banana Nut muffins are great like that. The bananas are sweet, and resemble how shy and sweet she really is. The occasional nuts, show that even though she is usually banana-sweet, she can lash out when she n…

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  • FlutterTheShy

    Fluttershy in Wonderland copyright 2012

    Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole

    *(Fluttershy hops out of bed and comes face to face with her bunny, Angel.)

    Fluttershy: Oh hello Angel. What do you need?

    (Angel taps her foot. Then points at her wrist.)

    Fluttershy: I'm late?

    (Angel nods)

    Fluttershy: Oh my gosh! I am late! I'm late for Princess Celestia's annual tea! Oh I must get ready!

    (Fluttershy quickly changes into an ocean blue dress, white pinafore, and blue mary janes.She puts a Black Bow in her hair too.

    Angel puts on a white suit and red jacket, a blue tie, fancy brown shoes, and carries a pocket watch with him) (and they both run out the door)

    ***********In the Forest*************

    (Fluttershy spots a large hole around a tree.)

    Fluttershy: Curiouser a…

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