Derp Muffin: Dad

LittleMarioBigWorld: Mom

Callofduty4: Older Brother

ConkerTSquirrel: Little Brother

FlutterAngel: Best Friend

Princepony9: Boyfriend

MunoSay: Pet Dog

UglyTurtle: Pet Turtle

Friendly Uncle: Jonny Manz

"Interesting" Uncle Jopopo= JonBuddy1 (sorry if i got it wrong!)

Relative Of Indeterminate Origin= YWNK

Needle Mouse who lives in the attic= Zony514

Neighbor who loves coconuts and korean soap operas= Kent101299

Outgoing and funny cousin= PinkieLover

Adopted Brother from India= Applejack the pony

Neighbor/magic store assistant manager= CaveJohnson

Pet Lizard named Mr.Kipling= LizardMaster178