Heyyyyy everyone, and welcome to the Equestria Awards Show!!!!! We have 25 categories for you to vote in! Post in the comments who or what YOU think should win these titles:

Prettiest Pony

Cutest Pony

Most Talented

Best song

Best episode

Best name

Coolest cutie mark

Best pony type (earth,pegasus,unicorn)

Best Element of Harmony

Funniest Pony

Weirdest Pony

Most Evil Pony

Coolest Pony Celebrity

Hottest Stallion

Cutest Pet

Craziest Wild Animal

Least Favorite Episode

Best Lesson Learned

Favorite place in Equestria

Least favorite place in Equestria

Scariest Place in Equestria

Best Pony buisness

Funniest Un-Edible Pony Food

Coolest Social Event

MVP ( Most Valuable Pony)

Voting Opens February 1, 2012 and closes February 25,2012