Hi everyone. Flutter here. Tommorow, January 28, my good friend, ConkerTSquirrel, will be competing in a talent show at his school. He's been practicing so much, he quotes he 'feels like he stuck a knife down his throat'. He will be singing four songs by Linkin Park for the talent show. The songs are, "My December", "Numb", "Breaking The Habit", and "With You". He's been rehearsing every waking moment tonight, as said during chat. I want to dedicate this blog post to him, and wish him good luck as the special time arrives.He has done a lot for me, so this is for you Conker.

An original little song by me, FlutterTheShy.

You've been rehearsing so hard,

Every minute, you cough up more blood.

I know you wanna try your best,

To win.

Going out for 'Best Lungs' can be,

Pretty hard to do.

But i know that you can make it through.

Because, everything you have done,

For me.

Will all be repayed right now,


Im gonna help you on through,

Just keep on walking that path.

Try your hardest, but don't make

Your throat go blue.

With all you've done for me,

I wish you luck.

Go ahead and scream it out,

This was meant for me.

Good Luck,Conker! Break a leg! (NOT literally!) ~FlutterTheShy