Applejack may not be my favorite pony, but she isn't my last. Applejack has her own charteristics and ways of doing stuff. I am going to go through each fact and counteract it. 1: About the tomboy thing. If she's "to" tomboyish, then why is Rainbowdash so high on the charts?

2: Applejacks so called "dawl" is an accent or her way of talking. It is part of her personality. That fact could actually be mean to those who do have a accent. Also, they could easily change her voice. I've heard Applejack and Rainbowdash have the same voice actor. (Not 200% sure on the last part)

3: Do looks really matter? I mean looks don't matter. What's in the heart does. Also, she has the same shape as all the other ponies. So what your saying is her hair is bad because it has a ponytail? Well you know something, "tomboys" don't normaly have them. Also couldn't I call any other pony ugly for their hair?

4: If Applejacks coat was white, how messy do you think it would get? Also if you think about it, almost nopony has the same colored coat or mane. Speaking of, what color would you want Rarity to be?

5: If Applejacks perfect, then why is Twilight so scared to brag? Hmm?

6: The hat is part of the personalty. Most people pick one hat or one hat desighn as their het that you can set them apart by.