I'd like to make a blog about how I was banned. So, I was banned for 12 hours for accusing someone of being a sock. When banana was around, a whole bunch of people were banned for this and accused of being a sock. I simply accused someone and asked mods to check up on it and he blew up when mods said they would. We began to argue. Mods stepped in and told us to stop. I stopped. He didn't. He even went to the length to PM me. Now, he didn't stop. He kept making the same accusations that I should be banned when I had shut up. I started to say that this wasn't right and that he should be told to stop too and was kicked. I come back. The guy comments again. I once again repeat myself and was banned for 12 hours by a mod that openly does not like me. I'm not saying I'm not partly at fault, but I am saying that it would have stopped if the other party had stopped. Once we were told to stop, the other user contiuned the argument for quite some time and was even said it was ok by a mod as he continued to do this. After two or three comments from him I was done and said my share and was kicked for it. Why was I kicked/banned when he was the one who started up the argument? Where was my second kick? Why was this guy told "it would be ok" when he's clearly starting up an argument again? 

If you want to see this, you can check the logs, but I'm pretty sure that this would not have led to a ban if the other user had stopped when we were first told to.

Me + Other Guy: Argue

Mod: Stop

Me: Silent

Other Guy: This guy needs to stop. This guy is accusing me.

Me: Silent

Mod: It's ok.

Other Guy: Make him stop yeesh.

Me: Says situation.


Comes back to the guy complaining.

Says situation again.