This is my first comment on Equestria Girls. In one of the last scenes in the human world, Sunset Shimmer says she going to break the mirrior with the hammer. I have a few comments about this, so read carefully:

1: It would take hours the destroy the mirror out of granite. Granite is a rock and would take hours to destroy something of that size.

2: If Sunset Shimmer hit the mirror while it was still open, wouldn't the hammer just go through the mirror? It has proven through the crown that not only ponies, but any solid object can go through the mirror as long as it is open. We know that the crown didn't have a spell to let it pass through because the mirror was supposed to be hidden, from the looks of it, and why on earth would you do that?

3: If Sunset Shimmer did break the mirror, couldn't the princesses on the other side use their magic to fix it, like the magic used to create it?

4: If Sunset Shimmer did break the mirror, what would the school do to her for punishment fro breaking school property? She would most likely be expelled or at least suspended. Twilight would've then won the crown, because she was the only other girl entered into the competition.

So yeah, if you have any reasons that would falter these four reasons, please tell me. Leave a comment and tell me if I should do more blogs like this one!