So today, 9/15/14, 8 users have left the My Little Pony Chat asking themselves to be banned. This isn't some blog of outrage, but instead one that remebers those users, most of which were close friends of mine. Since they're not banned from the wiki, they should be able to view this post.

Jorge "Button Mash" Esquivel- Jorge, you're one of my olderst wiki friends and one of the coolest guys I know. You've been through a lot here over the course of 1 1/2 years. It was a good run man and I had a lot of fun with you during it. I'm going to miss you dearly and I feel without you, this wiki won't be as fun.

Maddness- Madden, you are by far one of my closest online friends. I'm going to miss you A LOT and hope we can remain in contact with each other. I don't know why you didn't tell me earlier you were going to do this, whether it be you didn't want to worry me or upset me, but just know, you're still my friend. It was your choice not mine. It was a great run, though you only became active here a few weeks ago.

UP- Gosh, UP... You were a great friend, though I haven't spoken much with you recently. I'd quietly been expecting you to go along with this as you haven't been on wiki much and when you are you're silent. I had a great time with you and I hope to make at least a few more good memories with you as time progresses.

Bmon- Gosh... Bmon, you were hilarious. You could always put a grin on my face. I know you'd done something like this before but now I fear you're gone for good. continue to put smiles on people's faces as you did with me. You'll be missed.

Discord- Discord, I don't know why you were banned, but it must have been a pretty dumb reason if it triggered this much of a reaction... I've been on this wiki for 1 1/2 of a year, maybe a little longer and I've seen reactions to events before, but never one on this scale. You were a friend and I hope you continue to be one. I salute you.

Seven- Man, I wonder why you did this. I mean, no offense but I think you did this just so you'd have an excuse not to come here. x3 You were a friend, I guess. Mostly just a guy I talked with from time to time but still. You were gone for quite some time and never really active so I never really got time to know you.

Chinchow- Yeesh. I don't even know your proper username, just this one. I guess I knew who you were from that one brief skype call but, you'll be missed by someone. I'm sure.

Quick Shout-out

Hey, I just wanted to point something out about this to those of you involved with this. You've done things wrong before. Small mistakes and normally a few people noticed but the incidents would get cleared up pretty fast. This is the biggest push against the admins as a way of saying you did something wrong that I've ever seen. And trust me, I've seen big. So I want you to just think, "Did we do something wrong or did we not?". I'm not trying to be biased here, but I'd like to say that A) You did something terribly wrong or B) These guys did something terribly wrong. I don't know the exact facts, but what I do know is that a user who joined this wiki late 2012 was banned for socking and that a large number of people grew upset about this. I personally don't agree with this and hope you don't either. If something is making people ban themselves then I think the decision needs to be thought over again, thought it's too late to do that now. But just because it's too late to do it now doesn't mean it's not too late to fix problems that occur in the future.

Thank you for your time and to all those who left, you'll be missed.