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So after the majority of the ponies left that land once it had become cold, the small population remaining there were mainly earth ponies, continued to fight amongst themselves, making it grow colder and colder.Soon the ponies had seperated into many small tribes that fought amongst themselves. Like any other animals the ponies adapted, creating zebas and over time, became only land animals, as the pegasia dn unicorn ones died off.

As time went on, the tribes defeated eachother formning one major tribe and peace soon returned to the land. They made a new country and named it Zezaska, which was located north of Canterlot. Soon this place became another major place in pony history, but again racism came into view with the ponies who had left, and most zebras stayed in their homeland, but a few (such as Zecora) traveled into Equestria and made their home mostly in seculded areas (such as the Everfree Forest) or small community's of mostly other zebras. 

The Elements of Harmony were formed right after the creation of Equestria right after the sighning of the Treaty of Canterlot.

The Treaty of Canterlot is the major peace treaty, ending all hostilities between the tribes, but, even with hostilities gone, the tribes continued to live apart from eachother for another few hindred years. 

Now, when forming a new country, the ponies realized that they had, from fighting eachother for land, and the freezing tempatures, had no major military force and were vuneralbe. To protect themselves they decided to make a mega weapon to replace all of their main military, made out of theit friendship and love to also help keep them together. The elements could only be used by one type of pony (other than aliconrs who had the power to use all of them since they contained the power of every kind of ppony) such as: Generosity and Magic-Unicorns   Kindness and Loyalty- Pegasi    Honesty and Laughter- Earth

This helped the tribes lose the thought of the other tribes using all the elements against eachother, and since there were no alicorns at the time, that they couldn't get them.

Now each of the elements were formed in a very specific way using magic gems found in Equestria:

Kindness: Many ponies gathered and hugged each other, saying helpful things, and help each other until the gem was full of kindness.

Loyalty: Many ponies came together and did things such  as the trust fall until the gem was full of loyalty.

Generosity: The ponies brought gifts that were things that they had all cared for and gave them to one another, filling the gem wiht generosity. 

Magic: Starswirl the Beardeds handpicked assembly of magicially strong unicorns drained almost all of their maginc into the gem giving it major magical power for eternity.

Honesty: Many ponies gathered and told secrets about themselves to complete strangers, nopony lying until the gem was full of honesty.

Laughter: Hundreds of ponies from all tribes gathered together and told jokes untill it's jem was full of laughter to last eternity.

Once the gems were formed, they were given to ponies picked by the council, whom were trusted amongst their tribes.

Authors Note

So, yeah this is a lot of typing... I guess this is turning into a canon. :P Oh well.