Hey, my friends, I wanted to let you all know I won't be on the wiki much for the next couple of weeks. I'm starting to stufdy for High School Exams (I overreact on this type of stuff). There's 3 high schools I'm trying to get into; Troy, Ocea, and Foot Hill. Tryo is a HUGE math school and is hard to get into, Ocea's a school for kids with talent in things such a writting, dancing, music, etc. I've found out quite recently that all writtings you submit to get in have to be from this year, and Foot Hill another good acedemic high school. All of these schools our out of my district so I have to do an interdistrict transport (or whatever you call them) and a lot of other people are trying to get into them. The other good high schools are all private and cost the amount of money for college, so those are WAY out of the picture. You'll see me these next couple of weeks doing a lot of short stories about myself or other topics to

A:Improve my writting so I can go and make stories I'm currently working on better or help me with the stories I'll write in the near future.

B:So I can use them ON my portfolios.

I'm really getting stressed for this. Me getting into a good hgi school pretty much determines my future so this is a BIG thing. So yeah, after High School Exams, I should be on more often.