My good friends of the MLP Wiki, I gave our problems a thought from every angle and have come up with a solution that requires maximum participation.

What has been happening on the wiki is unacceptable in many ways, and I’m disappointed in all of you as well as myself.

Look, if people are mean to one another, we can fix that by just being nicer and more courteous. We have to look out for each other and tell others not to be so rude or mean. If you notice someone doing it, report it to a mod or admin.

We need to be kind and friendly to all old users and new, saying hi and goodbye as necessary. Most of us can do that, I’ve seen you.

Look, people who blame Ozank, I did at one point to, and for that I apologize, but if you think about it, we’re all at fault. We took his effort and made it look bad to others. This is putting one another down, which helps no one. If you still want to hold a grudge, take it someplace else, not to our PM’s.

Candlekeepers game Hurt/Heal was meant to be fun, and it is, but people took it the wrong way. It’s just a game, don’t take things so seriously.

Admins and mods, the reason I created the blog series, “Wiki Wasteland” is because all of you don’t keep the public informed. If you read most of it, you’ll find it true. The chat does have a chance of being shut down and we were at one point one of the friendliest MLP community’s.  Look, the truth has to get out some way.

I’m sorry I’ve been so mean lately, that’s my fault. I haven’t been getting much sleep and my family has never been good irl, but now things are getting worse out here. I’m sorry for any harm I’ve caused.

Look, if we want this wiki fixed, we have to work together and try our hardest! Good luck!

Thank you all for being such great friends. I’ll miss you all who are leaving and hope to meet you one day, again.


Until next time, Flutter-on