What happened

The season 4 preview has come out today! I saw it and coldn't belive my eyes. The 5 minuete preview gave us so mnay answers. I, as many other fans, am overexcited for it to come out!


Even though I'm excited I still have some questions.

1:How long is season 4 going to be?

2:When does it come out?

If you have any more questions, please ask them  and other users will try to answer them as I will be.

What Do I think?

I think the video was AMAZING. I am, as I said extremely happy for season 4 to be coming out! I am in awe with their ideas and so on. The plots of the story seem really good too! So yay!

Here is the link to the video!


I'm sorry it's sloppy. I mean sure I only live about an hours drive from comic con, but I couldn't go to see the preview. D: