I've decided to hold a contest to see who can make the best poem on one of the main six. You will submit your poem through the comments, and only your poems. You can make it any kind of poem you like, as long as its a POEM. You may only submit one peom. You must tell (if it doesn't in the poem title or the poem itself) what pony in the main 6 it is about. Poems may be submitted any time up to July 20. On that day voting will comence. You will make a reply to the poem you like best (only one) and say something like "Yes" or "I vote this one". You may vote for your poem. If you vote more than once, your poem will be disqualified (if you have on) and you will not be able to vote again. The voting proccess will end on August 1st and the winner will be awarded with, well knowing they won. If you have and questions or ideas, give me a message on my talk page! Thanks and enjoy!