About this

So I've decided to make a blog about trues stories that have happened to me to improve my writting skills. All these stories are true and are NOT exagerated.

The Grasshopper

When I was about 5 we caught a grasshopper in our backyard. Since my mom actually had time back then to take of the plants she was going to kill it. My sister and I in the 5 minuetes we had with it grew "attached" and begged my mom not to kill it. She finally agreed to let it go at the resturant we were eating at that night down in Laguna Beach. So we drive down to the restuanrant and we all get out of our van, bringing the grasshopper with us in one of those "I'm an explorer!" bug kit (cage of doom). My dad opened the lid and the grasshopper flew out. As he saored up into the air a bird swooped down and ate him. My parents stood there in horror and my sister said, "Where'd he go?"