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May people ask, "Who is Starswirl the Bearded?" Of course they know the basics but this goes into more depth and charachter of this key player of Equestrian history.

Starswirl the Bearded was, at the time and still is, one of the most magical unicorns of all time, even possibly stronger than some alicorns that weren't born alicorns. Being the most magical pony, he elected a assembly of about 15-20 mares and stallions who were hoofpicked by himself as some of the strongest magical ponies in all of the land. 

His assembly were a peaceful group who were mainly into researching things for the good of others, and were the only major group who wanted peace throughout the tribes at the time, but got no support for it. 

Once the tribes had come together and formed a council, he, along with his assembly helped write a majority of the Treaty of Canterlot. 

After the creation of the Treaty of Canterlot, his group was assigned to make one fo the six elemnts of harmony, the only one to be made by one type of pony alone. The element of magic.

The Element of Magic is the strongest and most important element out of the six. It is the one that will be, after the other 5 were brought to it, so it was sure that the strongest element would not fall into the wrong hoofs. 

The second, but one of the most crucial parts of Equestrian history is when hundreds of migrant zebras came down south to live in pony cities. This upset many ponies, and caused much more racism than ever before. The zebras, who came there hoping to find peace and safety from thew warring tribes up north found racism and murder in the places they thought to be perfect. 

Soon the border was closed and the zebras in the lands were trapped, forced to live in poverty and racism for several genreations, until and improvment in the Treaty of Canterlot made by the princesses when they saw the poverty the zebras had been living in.

Authors Note

Well, this is officially a canon.... Some interesting views here. I am finding it really fun to write the history for a great place and so forth. I hope you guys enjoy and continue to read. I've planned to write 8 parts, this being the 3rd of the 8 and plan to be done by the end of November and have this book published (with a few corrections of course) and make it my first completed MLP book! I hope you've enjoyed!