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Ok so before we go to Equestria, we must first start off in a land that is not named. Ok, so in the begging the land was ruled by the alicorn kingdom which also ruled everything else in time and space...) Well anyways the draquonesses (or whatever) were major rivals with the alicorns, which eventually led up to war. The war WAS lost by the Draquaneses (or whatever again). Delivering the final blow to the Dragonquess kind, Luna and Celestia's fahter had died as well, leaving no army on either side. The land was chaotic. But anyways away from that for now, the Draquanesses left one decendant, Discord and the alicorns left two Lulu and Tia. 

Now to learn a little about Alicorns and Draqueneses.


There are tow types of alicorns:Born alicorns, who are eternal, unless killed by an outside force. And transformed alicorns such as Twilight and Cadence, who will not live forever. Now Lulu and Tia are both Born alicorns and have more power than Twili and Cadence. 


These lil' meanies are actually born woth common sense, that eventually turns into crazy cucu which  they are at about the age of 15 or so, unless prevented by an outside force.

So back to the story:

Lulu and Tia were about 8 and 10 (Lulu being younger and Tia being older) and Discord was about 11 when the war was over and all adults were dead. The land in that region had become dark and evil (Later to be named the Everfree Forest) and all other life had fled the area. 

Now they all left thei castles and so on to find help or their family. Eventually they met up and became friends and throughout the time of about 1-4 years looked for their family or others, facing many dangers together.

Now some history of ponykind after the war:

During the time of the alicorn rule, all ponies of every kind lived in harmony and peace, but after the war, they were left in chaos and terror. This is now the time that racism appeared against other races of ponys each thinking they were best for these reasons:

Unicorns-They had magic and superior knowlege

Pegasi-They had speed and controled the air

Earth-They were strong and the orgion of all ponykind

Because of this, the ponies split into 3 tribes of earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi and hated eachother. 

Their deal was that earth ponies would feed all, pegais would take care of the weather, and the unicorns would take care of raising the sun and moon. Well, they still fought and the land became cold and harsh, so most left and traveled to a faraway place (soon to be Equestria). The tribes still fought and the place became cold again. Soon they realized what was going on and became peaceful twoards one another, runiting and forming new towns and cities. 

They held a congregation and came to the terms and agreements of the New Land along with naming it Equestria. They also came up with one other major idea: Every country needed a weapon, so they built the strongest weapon in pony history: The Elements of Harmony. 

Combghning their harmony, the ponies came together, and using their powers made 6 elements and so forth.

Well anyways, back to Lulu, Tia, and Discord. Discord knew he was going to turn crazy, and he feared it so (unlike most of his spieces) but he didn't tell Lulu or Tia. 

Soon Discord realized that, because of his great friends, he wasn't going to turn into the crazy creature he dreaded. Well soon, the small group came upon the unicorns as they moved the sun across the sky, working hard.

Now at this time, the ponies not wanting to put any blame on themselves, blamed Discords kind for all of this happening.

Lulu and TIa ran out of the bushes, overjoyed to see ponies and were soon made into Princeses. Discord, thinking he would be hated, stayed hidden in the bushes and crept away. 

This is the true sotry of Equestria!

Hope you enjoyed

Authors Note

This blog is a nice long response to UP's blog about Equestria's history. This is only part one out of 4 though (and yes I am writting a book on this junk... So please don't steal my ideas and thoughts). It was too long for any common person to put it in a comment so I did this... But anyways, yes, this goes with some things UP said and also goes against some things as well. 

Again, hope you enjoy,


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