Dear Fellow MLP FiM Wiki User here, and I wanted to point a few things out.

Now, everything I say here is not all true, but my OPINION. This does not mean I am spreading rumors (for rumors are created by few and kept secret for a long time) but saying this PUBLICIALLY.

Ok for starters, this wiki is sorta a deomcracy, which means the users pretty much run everything through voting. Which means, they cannot delete this blog because we have the freedom of speech as long as there is no cussing. So I personally don't see why admins find it right to delete blog posts saying things that are against them, decisions they made, or things they are trying to hide. I find it insulting that they do this, and that they then post things that are insulting regualar users right to their face.

Secondly, people tell me when I mope about other users leaving, "Real life is more important than the wiki." Yes this is true, but 90% of the users I mope about leaving now adays  are users who left for one reason: The "drama" on the chat. This issue occured quite a while ago and SHOULD be fixed right now.

My ideas on how we can fix it: Simply one thing- Care about how others feel. This means show empathy and symapathy for one another. Lige struck a few users down, and no one cared until it struck all of the wiki. This problem may have not grown to the size it is now, if ALL of us had cared and worked together to fix it.

Another thing brinnging this wiki down is the amount of rudeness shown between users. Users now bully and hurt other users, which brings us down as a whole. Once again no one cares till it get them as well. People don't need to be so mean and rude to one another.

One of the biggest things I'm worried about is Ozank.

Look, whatever Ozank did, I'd like to know what was so bad about it. I unfairly misjudged him for things I thought he did, and for that I am once again very sorry. But my one problem I still have with Ozank is the unjust deranking of Nitz.

We were told we had freedom of speech (other than cussing and so on) which means that we can try to convince others what to, and not do. Nitz was suposedly telling others why not to vote for something. Apparently he was "forcing them not to vote" (I don't know how this is possible, since they are on their own PC) and was had a quick Demotion from chat mod. Without a vote.

This wiki, as I said earlier is run by a vote for leaders and the demotions of leaders. Nitz never got the vote, which had a 80% chance of keeping him as a mod. The vote was supposedly going to come out (might've been another rumor, but how should I know) but it never appeared.

So yeah... This wiki used to be the happiest place when I joined it nearly half a year ago. The place I would come to be cheered up by the happy smiles and postive looks on things. Now, now I don't know how to put this wiki.... I'm just going to say, it's changed dramaticially.

~Your friend, Flutter-on....