What this is.

This is a group for filly's game. Since in Filly's game, all you do is make a charachter, I've decided to make a way to play in a chat. The blog for it will be posted here:!

How to play.

The game follows Filly's storyline using the characters you made.


1:You may not attack someone whos AFK.

2:You must give the other player a chance once you attack them

3:If you want to make a group, you may do so by making ablog on the wiki

4:If you die, you may

a:Make a new charachter and post it as a blog on the site

b:Respawn as the charachter that died with nothing

5:You may earn mana from doing your job and/or trading.

6:You may spend your mana in the shop (on the wiki) for new items.

7:If someone is cheating, you may report them to a mod.

How to request stuff.

You may request new rules or items in the shop by posting a blog or messaging an admin on the wiki.

The wiki for the game

The wiki for this amazing game filly has just been released!

If you would like to be an admin on the wiki, request it here in the blogs. I will chose 3 admins. (Filly, if he wants can be the 4th) and if Filly says no, than it's up for grabs.