So, I'm going to make a blog post such as this one when something comes up on the wiki that I find unacceptable. These are my opinions based on what I know and how I see it. So no user feels angry at another, I will not mention names, but I'm sure the users involved will reocgnize who they are.

So I've noticed that a user is being talked about behind her back, which happens a lot on this wiki, and has actually been used as blakcmail. Anyways, the people that stand up for or are friends with this user are also being discrinated for liking the user. This is unacceptable. We've had problems with people talking about others behind peoples backs before and those never ended well. Users who are doing it also support trying to stop this junk from happening, so then why are you doing it. You cannot complain or try to stop something you yourself do. People are getting hurt (as in mentaly) because of this, and talking about another user rudely or meanly is not acceptable. This must not go unnoticed in the furture and, as users of this wiki, it's our job to try and prevent it from occuring. These are small problems, but they bring us down greatly when we have many of them going on at the same time. Please, you know who you are, don't talk about the user carelessly and rudely and don't hate others for their opinion that this user is an okay person. No one is the same, thus no one will act perfectly in your opinion.

Excuse my spelling, 

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