Well, a little over three years ago I joined this wiki... and now I feel it's time to officially leave it. I've pretty much been gone for quite some time due to my ban from chat (for having a bad attitude, because no one else on there does ;^) ) and even before then I hadn't been as active on this site as I was before. However, this site, on many ocassions, felt like a second home; a place I could come to and just forget all the crap I dealt with in real life. A place to just chill. I met a lot of amazing people over this course of three years. People who would shape and change me, molding me into the person (or animal) I am today. I won't say every single one of these interactions were positive, but I will say they molded me. Just for old times sake, I'll make something along the lines of a "goodbye" post to everyone who's gone before me or still here today. This is my list of users and what they truly meant to me. It'll get long... Just ride through it or jump off before the ship sets sail...

I think the first slot should go to CallofDuty4. Now, CoD, before you remove this, I'm just going to let you know, this isn't a post bashing your choices. I understand what you did and why you did it- this is just me giving my thanks.

Well, anyways, when I first joined CoD seemed, and was, a good guy. He was honest, nice and a decent admin. Hell, I still think he is. I used to look up to the guy, ya know. I joined here w/o a lick of knowledge about the internet and the types of people on it, but he seemed like a good one. As time went on, I guess we just went our seperate ways. We ended up fighting a lot, and in the end, I think you beat me pretty well. Good job. But, even as we fought, you taught me, people aren't always going to see things eye to eye with you and sometimes, you're going to lose. Now, I still am an arrogant person. I won't deny that. But CoD really did help me lower myself a little closer to earth. :^)

Since it's Discord's birthday today, I guess I'll let the birthday boy go second. When you first gave out your age, I was estatic that I had finally found someone else who was about the same age as me. Honestly, I was a little jealous of both you and Jorge for being so close (don't worry, it didn't lead to any long term grudge). I'll be honest- you probably weren't the best role model for me x3. But you know, you were in terms of honesty. I don't think there's a single user here who was as up front and honest as you were. 

I think Madnessfan (though he's changed his name) deserves the next spot on this list simply because he was and probably is, my closest friend on this wiki. Nothing really got my hyped other than a call with him. The guy was and is amazing. He's funny, cool, talkative and outgoing. You can have any kind of conversation with him and enjoy it, be it anime or something philosophical. Besides, the two of us really hit it off and I've spoken to him a lot. There's no turning back now. :^)

Aphelion is another guy who I really wanted to get to know better. I mean, the two of us were friends, but I can't say we were really close. I know he really struck it off w/ Madness, but him and I never really got to talking privately as Madness was always there (smh). However, Aph, was one of my closer friends on this wiki and I spent a lot of time w/ him (partly due Madness and his inability to be seperated), making many fond memories. 

I think I'll go with Mistmane next. Since you probably won't ever read this and because I made it painstakingly obvious, I'll just come out with it. I harbored a crush on you for quite some time. Hell, I can't even say all traces of said feelings are gone. You did a lot for me. You were intelligent, talkative, friendly and, for the most part, open. We shared a lot of similar interests, especially anime. I actually remember the anime club you founded on skype (good times), and over a decent period of time, I felt my attachment to you grew from platonic to, er, how to say this w/o getting the post removed... more attached. You get what I'm saying. As time went on, I was more and more serious about those comedic jokes/flirty sayings I'd say but hey, things just didn't work out. 

Jorge also holds a special place on this list of people. Jorge was the guy I'd go to with my problems. At some point he stopped being a "friend" and became a "brother". I'd say the same for madness except our ages are apart a bit so, when I first joined, I found you unapproachable with certain issues (though I would come to you with them if I had them today). Anyways, Jorge was the guy who pulled all of us together; he was the link that really set this wiki ablaze. Sure we all knew eachother, but that was in name only. Jorge forced us to become friends; to become family. I know a lot of you didn't like him, but lets be honest here- the guy started groups and increased activity just in the nick of time. I'm not saying he's the only factor, but I'm saying he's a big one.

Chinchow is another cool guy I got to know over the course of about 2 years. You were probably the most down to earth guy around. You were smart, fun and already had a girlfriend irl (still pretty jelly). You knew how to hold a conversation and, honestly, I just felt gay being around you, whether in a group or not. You were the guy who'd I could go to to talk about anything be it my problems, politics or current events. You were my go to guy for a conversation for quite some time.

I think I hit all the big ones. I don't talk to most of these guys too often (though I still talk to some of them on ocassion w/ the exception of Madness. I just put him up here because a lot of people saw Madness, Aph and I as one being...). There are still other cool people like Fudge, Shad and Surprise that I still see on wikia. I also know I didn't cover everyone here- my hand's growing weary. So I'll make it quick from here on out.

List of people who are honorable mentions:

Iris- Welcome back!

Doov- Smh underaged mods. >:^(

PinkPizParty- Smh irl friends with underaged mods. >:^(

Goldwing/Suraj- Good job. I don't think either of us got PinkPizParty.

Bmon- How goes the making of games?

Rahima: How's aph :^)

Moonshine: Drink up~

Candle: First inactive mod who was gone for extended periods of time....

UP: I'm going down.

Natch: Sorry I couldn't join ya in a glorious return.

343: Always there to give a helping hand.

Nitz: Fight on. You were my role model before CoD :^)

Orc: You're still a good, hardoworking, honest guy.

This blog is getting awfully long so I'll cut the list here. Anyways guys, I hope you do fine in life and, if you're reading this, you can still find @ the same old places. Yes, there are others who deserve to be up here and no, I haven't forgotten you. I just can't go on... My hands won't move my man. I hope you forgive me.

For the last time (unless this gets deleted, then this won't be the last time, it won't count; only my previous one will), Flutterbutter out.

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Oh man, it felt good using that sig. one last time. ;3