Well I want to start my first ever fanfic that I plan to finish. I need help picking which one of these fanific's I'm going to right. Now I don't know how to make the voting polls, so can you please put your vote in the comments please. Thanks!

When the Sun Sets- Sunset Shimmer has had a life long goal to become Princess Celestia's star student. When she achives this goal everything goes fine. Then all of a sudden the earth starts to shake, Celestia disapears and Sunset's magic is needed more than ever. As she fights her way through evil trying to resue her leader, she stumbles apon a dark truth. Celestia locked Luna up in the moon. When she discovers this, she feels more freely about how she acts, turning her into a whole new pony. When she discovers this she fights herself trying to regain control until. As she realizes she's losing she makes one last sacrifice.

Reuniting Harmony-The Elements of Harmony have been locked away for a million years and Equestria's days of friendship and peace are over. Hated and evil rule the land, claiming many as their victims. No one could imagine what friendship would be like and almost no one wants to. Dusk Sparkle, Twilights great, great grnadaughter remebers reading Twilights journals. About friendship and peace. One day she comes across the Element of Magic and starts on a quest to find the other elements.

A Lost Cause-War rages all around a small earth pony colt named Jupiter. Celestias reighn has ended due to protesting. Twilight and Cadence are dead from an explosion inside the Crystal Empires Castle. As Jupiter tries to run and hide from the uneding revolts and fights, he finds Fluttershy. The mare bearing the Element of Kindness is the only hope to saving Equestria and bringing Luna and Celestia back to the land.

Thanks for helping me pick! I'd really appreciate a vote down in the comments!