Hello! This is my second blog and I have a question for everypony. Do you like the main 6, actualy no, all the ponies as ponies(their origional form) or as humans(as in Equestria Girls)? I would like you to post a comment on what you think and why.

What I think...

I personally don't like the idea of people so I'd say I perfer the ponies. Why you might ask. Well for starters, I hate the skin color. I mean it looks weird when you think about it. I mean sure they're trying to make it look like the real pony one, but instead it looks weird. Secondly, I think that the point that they're so skinny could offend people(minaly older bronies. No offence). Thirdly, I just don't like the idea. It doesn't seem natural. Fouthly Spike as a dog. Fithly, I think that some people will get mad because the ponies don't look like what they though and drew that they would. And finally I don't like that they're still in high scool. Now thats just weird. I mean the good thing is that they still have the same voice and so on, but personally the movie doesn't sound interesting to me. (I'd like to thank PinkLady for some of these ideas and pointing them out to me.) I mean the sighns are clear and Hasbro should've asked people what they though before making this movie...
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So what I say:No, not a good idea. And since you might be mad about the movie:

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