Hey everyone, so we pretty much all have seen the Season 3 fanale, Twilight became a princess and they had to make her an Alicorn blah blah blah, so i found out somthing about 3 days ago

since Cadence AND Twilight are now Princesses........this could make them the New Celestia and Luna


Luna was Concerned about Twilight at Season 3 episode 1, the Special Attention between them can mean that Twilight is the New Luna

Celestia in Season 2, episode 26, she said Miomore Cadenza, as Cadence Replied saying that Cadence was fine, Celestia might've said her Royal name because she knew that she is going to take-over her job

Twilight and Cadence have Similar Coat, and Mane Color's to both Princesses

Twilight has Studied alot, which can prove that she knows all about Equestria, and is ready to be a Princess, there are unkown reasons for Cadence though

Luna and Twilight have Special Attention also in Luna Eclipsed

well, that all i can think of, thanks everyone!

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