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    Luna's Descent

    August 3, 2011 by FluttershyOakley

    I thought I may as well put this here, it's as good a place as any! So for my first (and hopefully not last) post I include my first ever fan-fiction: Luna's Descent. It's a short, sad story of the final steps of transformation from Luna to Nightmare Moon. I hope you enjoy it!

    By Fluttershy Oakley

    “Don’t fret Lu, they love you too. They need your night as much as my day, they sleep through it only as they have to, please do not begrudge them that. Look there! A few early stargazers are celebrating you as we speak. I understand how you might feel unwanted, but it’s not so. With time you’ll come to see it as it is, but until then I’ll do what I can to ease your suffering. Just let me help.” Luna looks up into Celestia’s eyes and sees no disho…

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